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  1. I just looked at the trophy guide for this game and saw 6/10 difficulty and 15 hours, oh that isn't bad, but after a update this game is now much more grinding then first. The time isn't 15 hours anymore, it is like 100 hours now. So i was wondering if someone could update the guide so less people get tricked like me.
  2. I only got €10 which games should i choose?
  3. Do you know the definition of Insanity - Vaas Montenegro, Far Cry 3 Entry #1
  4. If you're playing this game and you're going for the general league be sure to have a save file on the playstation plus cloud or on a USB. You will get many crashes in this game and my save file got corrupted after and i have to start all over again. So be warned.
  5. No i don't think so. It has been removed from the store.
  6. Yeah, why EA always have to do this to their customers. Finally Got Torque of the Town done, hopefully it will be easier from now on. "probably not"😬
  7. Yeah the AI is so annoying but they probably won't fix it, It is f*cking EA. 😤 The time you need is 1:44 and i got 1:44;05 and 1:44;09. It is so unfair😓 You are a lucky man.
  8. Okay so i played this game last year got 4 gold medals on spikes events and i'm now going back to it starting with 'Torque of the Town', which is a pain the ass, but i was wondering what are the hardest races to get the gold medals on so i can mentally prepare myself?😅
  9. Oh never mind, I got it. If other people get this, just replay the first level and get the secret and the trophy will pop.
  10. I got every secret, but the trophy didn't pop. Does someone know what to do, because I don't want to play the game again😓
  11. I really hope they gonna do this someday. Its so annoying you got a game on your profile while you can't even play it anymore, because of a online shutdown or a glitched trophy.
  12. Thanks for the help mate. I will definitely try this.😁
  13. Thanks this helps a lot. But do you also know how to boost, because I haven't played the game yet and I don't want another game that isn't 100% on my profile. 😅
  14. Does someone, who is not trying to be funny, really know the answer.😅
  15. Is it possible to boost this game for these trophies? - Spelling Bee Champ - Globe Trotter - Classic Style If so how can you boost these?