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  1. Oh that is great, thank you!😁
  2. Before I started this DLC I watched a trophy guide on and the guide said their were no missable trophies. So I just played the DLC without worrying about trophies and after I completed all main missions and side missions I looked at the missing trophies. Then I saw you earn a trophy by getting an amulet from Mr. Miz but when I was playing I punched him because I didn't feel like listening to some old guy. In conclusion is their a way to get Mr. Miz to spawn again after completing the mission without having to start the DLC all over again?
  3. - Age of Empires Series One of the best strategy games I've ever played in my life and because I used to play this as a kid. - The Witcher 1 & 2 Loved The Witcher 3 and would like to learn more about the lore and the world. - Pokémon Series Pokémon series was always fun to play on the Nintendo DS and would like to see these games with trophies because back in the day I always got lost on what to do next.
  4. I got 19 games way more than I expected. Flame Over - 7 Nom Nom Galaxy - 7 Tricky Tower - 6 Overwatch - 4 Fifa 12 - 4 Tomorrow Children - 3 Call of Duty: WW2 - 3 Dying Light - 2 Helldivers - 2 Dead Star - 2 Mighty No.9 - 2 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - 1 Fifa 15 - 1 Galak-Z - 1 Neon Chrome - 1 Battlefield 4 - 1 RISK - 1 Ark: Survival Evolved - 1
  5. Thank you. Guess I will wait for an update to roll out to maybe fix the problem.
  6. I just started playing ARK and tried to get the 'Maximum Survivor' trophy. I tried every guide and every solution but it still won't pop. I got the digital version without Aberration. Does anybody know a working solution for this trophy?
  7. The Witcher 3😍
  8. Gold Plated in Need For Speed These races are just impossible.
  9. 1. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt 2. Overwatch 3. Red Dead Redemption 2 4. Yakuza 0 5. Dying Light Honourable mentions: Horizon Zero Dawn, Rocket League, Titanfall 2, Unravel, Firewatch
  10. I looked at my stats after the update and saw I had 22/100 and i have bought until level 2 for 20 heroes and 2 I already had at level 8 so that brings 22 cards. So I don't think we got the default cards for free. Is there a glitch or something like that in the stats tracker or do the default cards don't count towards this?
  11. I got so many games and I only want them gone because they got glitched trophies and online trophies that can't be achieved because of server closures. My list: PS3: - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Glitched trophy) - Fifa 13 (Server closure) - Fifa 14 (Server closure) - Need for Speed: The Run (Glitched trophy) - Killzone 2 (Server closure) - Killzone 3 (Server closure) PS4: - NBA 2K16 (Server closure and really difficult online trophies) - Dead Star (Server closure) I really hope Sony is going to let us remove some trophies or just let us be able to remove trophies from games where trophies are bugged or the online service went down. It would be really appreciated
  12. Parasite of Kamurocho Only got the Yakuza 0 plat, but will go for kiwami
  13. I would like to start Mad Max, but after seeing this I'm really thinking not to do it. I got the digital version and when it starts downloading should I just stop downloading when it reaches 'Ready to Play' so no updates are downloaded. Would that work?
  14. I just looked at the trophy guide for this game and saw 6/10 difficulty and 15 hours, oh that isn't bad, but after a update this game is now much more grinding then first. The time isn't 15 hours anymore, it is like 100 hours now. So i was wondering if someone could update the guide so less people get tricked like me.
  15. I only got €10 which games should i choose?