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  1. Rapid Discord and the Cratered trophy for Doomfist, but i finally got them all.😁
  2. I'm in, love to get some new games with some trophies😁
  3. They really ask $12 for a Minecraft ripoff, damn😆 Thanks mate
  4. Which version is this game? I can't find it in the EU store.
  5. Okay thanks😁
  6. So i played The Walking Dead for ps3 on Playstation Now, but then i realized the dlc wasn't included and i have seen that the dlc is on sale now. In the description of the game it says you only need to have the free episode 1: The New Days to play this. So i want to ask if someone can confirm this.
  7. Yeah so i heard, but I don't really know how to begin the game without missing some things.
  8. Would like to see a guide for Stardew Valley. Hope someone does it😁
  9. Some times you got a glitch when playing this game and you get like infinite money. I played this game with 2 friends and they got the glitch and finished it within one hour and I didn't got the glitch so it toke me over a week to complete this.
  10. I wonder what the thing with zombies is going to be. they all say it has to be completed in 'The Final Reich' except for the one where you have to survive 20 waves that has to be done in the 'Prologue'😕 but the rest of the game just looks like a pretty standerd Call of Duty platinum.
  11. Hello I just want to say something about the boosting session on this site. Always when i create a new boosting session people join, but some people who join the session don't react to anything. I had a session for Battlefield 4 with 40 people, but like 4 people reacted to their messages and i also had this problem with the Tomorrow Children. Why do people join a session when their not going to play or help. Is there any solution for these people so they don't join the session.
  12. Thanks guys. I think i will give it another shot.😅
  13. I start playing this game a year ago, but i always quit this game because of the nonhuman enemy's. I thought everything was good in the game except the parts where the nonhuman beast start showing and after 30 minutes i pretty bored by the game. What do you guys think of this game and why I should give it another shot.
  14. haha i thought you were going to give a free Playstation Vita😌
  15. At the time i got. It was almost impossible to get the trophies without boosting because no one played the DLC maps.