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  1. June: - Project Cars 2 - Styx: Shards of Darkness
  2. This game has also been included with the Playstation VR itself. So, I think that many people just played it once or twice and never touched it again especially non-trophy hunters.
  3. I only need my crossing, long pass and aggression stats to increase to reach the stats from the OP. I was wondering if you get these stats faster if you do those specific things (so in my case give a lot of long passes and crosses) or does it not matter at all and should I just finish my matches fast? And goes it faster if I am a midfielder for this?
  4. May 2020: - Batman: The Enemy Within - Jurassic World Evolution
  5. April: - God of War - Resident Evil 7
  6. March 2020: Resident Evil 7 Dying Light
  7. February 2020 predictions: - Rise of the Tomb Raider - Horizon Zero Dawn
  8. January 2020 PS Plus Predictions: 1. Prey 2. The Witcher 3
  9. The bonfire from Dark Souls so i can save before making a mistake😂
  10. December: 1. Killzone: Shadow Fall 2. Watch Dogs 2
  11. I just started this game while following the trophy guide on and finished the first championship. The second step was to get the 'Born to Run' Trophy in which you will need to win a championship on master difficulty. The guide said that this was the easiest in the Hillclimb championship but on some forums, some people said that the Rallycross championships are easier. So my question: What is the easiest way to obtain this trophy?
  12. I think RISK (PS4) can be added to this list. In my time playing this game, I played many online games and got kicked almost every game which made it hard to earn points to get in a higher division. And one time my game crashed in an online game and all my progress was gone. So definitely watch out when trying to go for this 100%. Make Backup saves!
  13. Oh that is great, thank you!😁
  14. Before I started this DLC I watched a trophy guide on and the guide said their were no missable trophies. So I just played the DLC without worrying about trophies and after I completed all main missions and side missions I looked at the missing trophies. Then I saw you earn a trophy by getting an amulet from Mr. Miz but when I was playing I punched him because I didn't feel like listening to some old guy. In conclusion is their a way to get Mr. Miz to spawn again after completing the mission without having to start the DLC all over again?
  15. - Age of Empires Series One of the best strategy games I've ever played in my life and because I used to play this as a kid. - The Witcher 1 & 2 Loved The Witcher 3 and would like to learn more about the lore and the world. - Pokémon Series Pokémon series was always fun to play on the Nintendo DS and would like to see these games with trophies because back in the day I always got lost on what to do next.