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  1. Does someone have a strategy for this trophy without using the save exploit? Because i keep dying and then you have to do it all from the start again which really sucks.😤
  2. Okay so i was playing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition and it is the exact same game but you get the DLC for free, but it got a different list. So i was wondering if you can just copy a guide from the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor list, because you always need to search the guide and it is really annoying?
  3. Far Cry 3 GTA IV Assassin's Creed Rogue
  4. This looks really good. Why did they stop? I was thinking maybe an completion leaderboard would be nice as well. I know (URL not allowed) got these already.
  5. Almost every trophy hunter has a game that took many hours and a bunch of dedication and where he is very proud, but we don't have really get anything for achieving a hard platinum. What if the site would make a leaderboard for the amount of rare trophies. If the site does this we can have more a kind of progression if we play hard games and we can try to get to the top. This way you would also have less problems with people that buy many easy plats, cause those won't get many points for these games. I hope the site takes notes from this and that we maybe will see something like this in the future. Tell me what you guys thinks.
  6. Max Payne 3 -------> 60 hours of boring grinding. NO thanks. Fifa 13 ------> Servers Closed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 -----> Glitched Trophy Grand Theft Auto V ------> Glitched Trophy Need for Speed: The Run -----> Glitched Trophy Probably Killzone 2 & 3 ------> Servers closure on 31 march 2018. So unfortunate all those PS3 games with server closures and glitched trophies. 😓
  7. I really want to get 100% on these games before the servers go off, but i don't wanna pay $25 for DLC's that are 8 & 6 years old and i can only play for 2 months. So i was wondering if anyone knows if there is a sale somewhere for the DLC's or if there are any upcoming sales?
  8. Rapid Discord and the Cratered trophy for Doomfist, but i finally got them all.😁
  9. I'm in, love to get some new games with some trophies😁
  10. They really ask $12 for a Minecraft ripoff, damn😆 Thanks mate
  11. Which version is this game? I can't find it in the EU store.
  12. Okay thanks😁
  13. So i played The Walking Dead for ps3 on Playstation Now, but then i realized the dlc wasn't included and i have seen that the dlc is on sale now. In the description of the game it says you only need to have the free episode 1: The New Days to play this. So i want to ask if someone can confirm this.
  14. Yeah so i heard, but I don't really know how to begin the game without missing some things.
  15. Would like to see a guide for Stardew Valley. Hope someone does it😁