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  1. Only ultimate team carries over from ps5 to ps4 and vice versa. If you complete one version you can almost auto-pop all the trophies again by doing a specific requirement just 1 time. So for example if you complete 10 wins with a coop partner on the PS5 version, you only need to do it once on the PS4 version. Pro Club players do not carry over, so you will need to do everything twice if you want all the trophies on both versions.
  2. Hey Xeno, so fun that you are doing this interview.😄 These are some extra questions for you: Are you thinking of buying a Playstation 5 in the future? What is the most memorable gaming experience you had when gaming with someone else? And what is the most memorable gaming session you had with other trophy hunter? Is there any aspect of trophy hunting that should be improved by Sony? Which game in your opinion has the best video game story?
  3. Yeah you're definitely right, there have indeed been a lot of patents of products and services that never see the light of day. I am also still a bit skeptical about it. I just hope that this one is going to be used. 😄
  4. There was a patent filed by Sony last year for an ability to add trophies to older games. So maybe they will use that to add trophies to these ps classics. I really hope so, it would be a lot of fun to play these older games again but with trophies.😀 Source: PlayStation Patents the Ability to Add Trophies to Older ... - IGN › articles › playstation-patents-the-...
  5. I also bought the season pass on a different account from my main account. I kind of agree with the original post that you should buy the season pass on your main account because you will be missing out on lots of money (This makes a few trophies easier to grind in the main game) and the option to buy a kit car. You can, however, access all the DLC content from a separate account, so all trophies expect one which is to buy a kit car are obtainable if you bought the season pass/DLC on a separate account. I only had to buy one extra kit car to get that trophy which sucked but it was only €1.50.
  6. Ah that is unfortunate.😓 Fortunately it doesn't take that long to get the trophies in the tutorial world.
  7. Sad news to see all these established franchises being taken away from Playstation in all likelihood. Especially the Call of Duty and Overwatch franchise for me personally. The only positive thing about this for Playstation is that maybe a studio like Deviation Games can debut strong on the Playstation console with their new FPS game since people will probably look for an alternative to Overwatch and Call of Duty. I also think that maybe an established FPS franchise like Battlefield is going to be more popular on Playstation consoles going forward.
  8. Just like what the others already mentioned in this thread I would test out Ps now with the free trial and see if the lag is not too bad. Ps now is also just a great way to play some games cheaper since some ps3 games can be somewhat expensive physically nowadays. If you are a completionist I would also suggest playing natively on a ps3 since many Ps now games don't include the DLC and no option to buy them. Personally I prefer to play natively on a ps3 but ps now is definitely a viable option to consider since it includes many games for a relatively low price. 😄
  9. I am currently playing Minecraft Playstation 3 Edition and I was wondering if there still is a creative to survival glitch that allows you to take stuff from creative to survival without it disabling trophies?
  10. I did not even know it was developed by Treyarc. 😅 Now I have the feeling that Vanguard zombies was more a leftover of the Outbreak mode in Cold War. Yes, I agree with you that especially multiplayer DLC should just be free because many of these new maps become almost unplayable a year after launch since nobody is playing them anymore. I had this problem a lot when going for the trophies in for example Battlefield. That is why I also find it nice that these multiplayer maps have at least become free but for the zombies mode in Call of Duty it does not really matter for me since I play most of these DLC with a set group of friends and not really with randoms online and I think a lot of people do that when they are going for Easter eggs. It is definitely a shame that some content becomes almost unplayable because it dies out pretty quick. 😓
  11. Yeah true Treyarc maps are often the most fun. I also found the Infinite Warfare one to pretty good because it build upon the formula created by Treyarc and Infinity Ward added like their own creativity to it. Yeah if it is the same as this I am also good.😄
  12. I agree with you because it also seems like now they get money from things like the battle pass and skins, the DLC are becoming an after thought. And there are definitely games that use free DLC in a better way. I also found the Cold War DLC pretty good but yeah it was definitely a bit different from the 'normal' zombie maps. I also have the feeling that they are not going to put much effort into Vanguard since people already do not seem to like it (including me). I also hope that this means that Treyarc are going to put in their best effort to make a somewhat good and memorable zombies map😅
  13. So I came across this video and I wondered what everybody else thinks about this new way in which Call of Duty now releases DLC and the future of for example Call of Duty: Vanguard. Personally, I was a bit disappointed with the zombies mode in Call of Duty this year as it seems that not much effort was put into it because it recycles some older maps and that there is not any Easter egg of sorts. This made me kind of think about this new model that Call of Duty seems to adapt with regards to their DLC and micro-transaction models. I find it really nice that we now have DLC for free but I also have this feeling that now the DLCs are becoming relatively of lower quality since they are free and the developers are less forced to make something really good because we are not paying for it. I wonder what they will do with Vanguard since this year's zombies was kind of disappointing and if they will improve it. I hope they will return to the quality of DLC from previous installments but then again those DLCs are pretty expensive. What do you guys think about this? Here is the video:
  14. I found the 2 and 3 player ones to not be that much harder. You just have to be slow and patient and it won't really be a trouble achieving them. I think the time to complete one run is about 10 hours, so if you would do both the 2 and the 3 player run, you are looking at approximately 20 hours of gameplay maybe a few hours less if everything goes quickly and well in 2 to 3 days.😄
  15. I was just playing a co-op match in division rivals and the trophy of playing 200 matches with one player popped for me while I was playing with my friends team. So, it maybe seems that you can get this trophy in co-op if your friend already has a player with 200 matches played. I don't know if anyone already knew this but this definitely saves a lot of time. 😄 Edit: Sorry for the extra post, looked through the forum and found somebody else already mentioning it. Maybe it could be added to the trophy guide.😅