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  1. Glad I noticed this soon enough. I immediately bought the physical Winter Games edition before that one goes out of sale.πŸ˜… So unfortunate that these DLCs can just disappear without any notice.
  2. I wanted to start this game, so I was just looking up the prices of the DLC but I cannot find the Road To The Olympics DLC on the EU store. Is it delisted or is it maybe renamed? Does anyone know if it is included in the X-games season pass or the regular season pass?
  3. I don't think that there is cross-play for The Division, so all the players are probably PS4 & PS5 players. I also had a hard time playing against other people. They all had really good weapons and were just really good at the game which indeed made the trophies for killing a rogue agent very difficult. It is definitely easier to just boost those trophies.πŸ˜…
  4. I got every secret, but the trophy didn't pop. Does someone know what to do, because I don't want to play the game againπŸ˜“
  5. I only started trophy hunting from the PS4 era and this has left me with many unfinished games on the PS3. I wanted to finish them but many of them are impossible because of server closures. For instance I would have liked to finish all the Uncharted games, the Killzone franchise and all the older FIFAs. Also wanted to complete some Rockstar games like Max Payne 3 & GTA V (PS3) but those servers are also going down. I hope that in the future Playstation or the game developers themselves find a way to make these games possible to complete. That would be really nice but it is probably never going to happen.πŸ˜“
  6. I finished this game in April and for me in Europe there were still many players occupying the dark zone. My gear was just above 256 and in that dark zone bracket it was very easy to find people but to actually kill them was very hard because these were players that are really invested in the game and have the best gear and setups to kill people easily even if you have good gear. The easiest way to get this trophy in my opinion is to boost it with another account or player. Do make sure that your alternate account or friend is in the same dark zone bracket as you because if you have gear that is too high you cannot play with people that have low gear scores.
  7. Yeah I also assume that all the online trophies are going to be unobtainable after the shutdown. Looking at their respective trophy guides this includes: - Need for Speed Undercover (9 trophies) - Need for Speed Shift (1 DLC trophy) - Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed (8 trophies + 1 trophy for each DLC) - Need for Speed The Run (8 trophies) [There was already one trophy unobtainable before the shutdown]
  8. I always like it when they add DLC to a game because its always fun to revisit some of these games after not playing them for a long time. Its a bit unfortunate that it is a €20 priced DLC, probably just going to wait for a sale and then buy it for a few bucks. The most annoying thing now is that you need more than 100gb free spaceπŸ˜….
  9. I don't know how hard the challenges were at the launch of the game but for me personally the challenges weren't that hard to complete. There were a few annoying challenges but with a YouTube guide and some repetition they are not that bad. The challenges just take some time and were not that interesting in my opinion, except for the Dead Don't Ride challenge that one had a pretty funny concept.
  10. Yes, both draft trophies are still possible. 😁
  11. I don't think that EA is going to fix this problem seeing that they mostly tend to ignore these issues on older games. You can of course try contacting them via their support page to maybe fix the problem. πŸ˜…
  12. Okay so i played this game last year got 4 gold medals on spikes events and i'm now going back to it starting with 'Torque of the Town', which is a pain the ass, but i was wondering what are the hardest races to get the gold medals on so i can mentally prepare myself?πŸ˜…
  13. For ARK: Survival Evolved you needed one of the dlcs to get the 'Maximum Survivor' trophy. (In 2019 don't know if they've fixed itπŸ˜…) The 'Maximum Survivor' trophy requires you to be maximum level and the dlcs increased the level cap. So, to reach max level now you will need one dlc to be able to even reach max level. If you don't own the dlc you're max level isn't high enough anymore to pop the trophy anymore which is really annoying and does not really makes senseπŸ˜…
  14. Another thing to maybe keep in mind is that Ultimate team is for some reason not accessible on the PS5. So if you try to get ultimate team trophies you have to be on PS4.
  15. I have recently earned this and I can confirm that there is an other solution for EU players. If you host on a PS5 with the account you want the trophy on and then join with an other account on a PS4 you can get the trophy. Still really annoying that you have to own a ps5 to play coop and get one simple trophy. πŸ˜…
  16. Thanks for the reply! This doesn't sound that hard, looking forward to start playing it😁
  17. I just bought this game and I was wondering what the difficulty would be and the time to plat? πŸ˜„
  18. Okay, will definitely try this ones I get my hands on a PS5! Thanks mate 😁
  19. I'm going to get a Playstation 5 if I can get my hands on it but how do you exactly get the trophy while doing this with a ps4 and a ps5?
  20. Bonus Question: Favorite Christmas movie is definitely Home Alone because it was always so fun to watch as a kid and is still fun to watch today.
  21. I have almost done all the Easter eggs and played most of the zombie maps and I also think that this zombies mode was the most fun. Most of the maps have such a dark tone and atmosphere which is fun but gets kind of boring after a while. That is why IW zombies was just so much fun because the maps were so much different than every map before. Hope they will bring these kinds of maps back in future COD games.
  22. Also happend to me with 2 controllers over the past 5 years and it is really annoying. In GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 I wasn't able to shoot properly and in most racing games I could not get to full speed. I just bought new controllers because I'm not really good at replacing all these things. Hopefully this doesn't happen with the Dualsense controllers.
  23. Another pretty fast method to gain xp is to become a collector. Just watch the videos by 'gta series video' on where to find the collectables and look on this site ( to know which cycle it is. I always chose to pick up all the tarot cards and the flowers in one run (once a day) because they are not randomized given to you. This is around 150xp every time you pick up a collectable and once you grabbed every collectable in one category you will get even more (I think it was 1500xp) if you give it to the collector woman. This is maybe not the fastest method but I found that it wasn't that tedious.
  24. I was thinking about picking up some new games and I really wanted to play a game with a really good story. So, I was wondering what you guys think are some of the best stories in gaming? The stories that stayed with you long after the credits had roll. These were some of my favorites over the last years: - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare series - Everybody's Gone To The Rapture - Detroit: Become Human - Judgment/Yakuza series - SOMA - Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Life is Strange
  25. Thanks Edinhon for keeping this tread alive. Always nice to know when trophies become unobtainable.