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  1. Do you know what the minimum number of players for a private lobby is? Can you do 1v1 or do you need more?
  2. I also got it in my first match. My guess is, this trophy isnt about the persistent demon level, but your in match level, i think its called threat level? So if you do alright and the Match is reasonable long, you will reach level 20 and pop this trophy.
  3. Switching? No, in general, I prefer the PlayStation exclusives and it would hurt me more if I missed those - although with recent acquisitions, not getting some future Xbox exclusives hurts more and more ... Getting one additional? Well, that would just double my backlog which I even now will never really finish, so it would be a big waste of money. What I would consider is a semi-cheap streaming solution for Gamepass and then never traditionally buying a game for it... Like a streaming-only mini-Xbox without a real HD, or SMart-TV integration (or god forbid - gamepass on Playstation 😅) Oh, and I would absolutely need to get a controller with symmetrical sticks...
  4. if the last colour doesnt work, i bet you dont have a free slot for it... so either you didnt drink from an enemy player or an entity soldier, or you took a colour twice.
  5. Some games continue to count gametime if you dont quit the game and put the console in rest mode, some games i played have 500 hundred or more hours of gametime recorded even though i played maybe 80 hours. Has anybody tried putting the console in rest mode while the game is running (on a tuesday)?
  6. maybe you should read my answer...
  7. Just a guess, but because its a licensed game, im pretty sure the license was time-limited and ran out...
  8. You can drink blood from civilians on the map. Some civilians have a coloured "aura" of sorts if you scan with R3. Those give you different buffs depending on the colour. You need to drink from 4 different civilians and get the 4 different colours for this trophy. BUT at the start of the round you only have 3 slots unlocked. You gain more slots each time you drink from an enemy player or an entity soldier (the AI soldiers that are on the map). So, you have to: drink from at least one enemy player or Entity soldier Find 4 differently coloured civilians and drink from them Also, when going for this trophy, make sure you dont drink from a civilian with a colour you already have. If you do, you waste a slot and have to get another one. Thats because you can increase the buff by getting the same colour up to three times. Dont know what you want to know about the "skill stuff"...
  9. Everybody discussing the big bad H like its a religion all the while ignoring that the site is broken and displaying it even if you don't have hidden trophies at all is just hilarious... (just with one specific game as far as i know, but still...)
  10. If you think that blue H is so important, than at least you should fix the site so it works correctly... I have this ugly blue H Now, not because i have hidden trophies, but because this site cant read/understand/display my earned and unhidden trophies from the newer DLCs for Train Sim World 2!
  11. Ha! This game tested me, and i passed! Due to this thread i again thought about finally buying it, and just two days ago i almost did it. But i stayed strong, and lo and behold, it is finally on sale! For the first time ever, and for 70% off too! 😂
  12. I had my eyes on this game since it was first released on steam... But it was never a "must have now" thing for me, and it was literally never on sale so far. And judging from past experiences, i just know if i buy it at full price it will be included in the next sale, so i will just wait a bit longer..
  13. why one session? you could break it up into 2 hour qualifying sessions and then just not participate in the race if you are only grinding for the distance and dont want to lose any time.
  14. depends. if distance covered in qualifying counts for the trophy you could just grind the miles there...
  15. So id like to self boost the coop-career trophies and just wanted to ask if anybody knows if you have to take precautions not to get kicked from the races for idling as your second player? Do you get kicked from the race if you idle? If so, can you just rejoin the next race and it still counts for your player one?