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  1. So, apparently im one of 4 people playing this game, so i dont know how much sense making this post makes, but whatever... It seems the trophy "Time is on my side" is glitched. This trophy is for completing a mission without using time compression, but it seems units dont start to move if you dont use time compression... I tried on the first 3 missions, and restarted several times, so i have tried more than 10 times in total, and each and every time the units dont move, although i gave them a move order, they aknowledge it, and they report they are moving, but they report always the same current position. I let the game idle once for over an hour, and they still reported the same position, however, when i use time compression, they suddenly start to move and reach their destination with no problem whatsoever... So if there is a bug or whatever and the units really never move before using time compression, this trophy and therefore the Platinum is unobtainable...
  2. Maybe take a look at "Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs"
  3. Really a nice site you have going there! Two suggestions I would make: 1.) When looking at screenshots, at the moment it opens the screenshot in a new tab, if you want to look at the next one, you have to close and open the next one... Would it be possible (or should I say easy? 😬) to make the screenshots open either in a pop-up or new tab with kind of scrolling arrows with which you could just switch to the next/previous screenshot without closing an opening a new tab? - just a little quality of life improvement, that screenshots are even displayed is a big plus either way! 2.) "new releases" only shows 6 games, and if I browse all games sorted by release date, it includes pre-orders, so to see all new releases, you have to open all games and then manually look for the first actually released game. My suggestion: at new releases, add a button "show more" which shows all new releases (of the week/month or whatever), or add a filter in browse all games which excludes pre-orders. - Also only a quality of life improvement, but i think it would be quite easy to implement Edit: I should add, I didn't read all 7 pages of this topic, so it's possible this has been mentioned already! If so, ignore this posting!
  4. So? The only way to know who earned a trophy legitimately by themselves is if you sit next to them when they do it... Otherwise, it could have been their neighbour, their father, their kid or whoever else. The account could be a team account or they could have paid somebody to do it via shareplay or whatever... So collecting trophies for anyone else but yourself and comparing trophy lists with strangers on the internet just doesn't make sense. And if you only collect them for yourself, it is enough if you know which of them are legitimate and which not.
  5. Yeah, i meant to write something like that also... If you happen to pick mine, i doubt i will be available to talk to, having two kids and rarely having a quiet room to talk undisturbed into a microphone 🤣 But if you provide a questionnaire or would want to send individual questions via mail or whatever, i would be up for it!
  6. if you are also interested in looking at more casual profiles, feel free to take mine! If you are only after Hardcore trophy hunters, better ignore mine... 😅
  7. So, im planning on getting a PS5, but missed the first preorder batch, so it will take a while... In the meantime ive been thinking of what to do with my PS4 when i get the 5... Initially i just thought of hooking it up with only power and ethernet, and use it via remote play in case some of my backlog doesnt run on the 5. But then a thought occured to me... Theoretically it should be possible to do just that, and use it to self boost MP trophies, right? I will keep my main account on the PS4, that means any alt account on it can play any game. I then could play with an alt account on my 4 via remote play on my laptop and with my main account on the 5 via backwards compatibilty. Also, as far as i know if my main account on the 4 has PS+, my alt account should be able to play online without having PS+ itself, right? So this way it should be possible to self boost any MP trophies than can be done with 2 players... Which would be pretty convenient for those dead MP modes... Anything i missed that would keep this from working?
  8. Those 2 Requirements arent a problem. I have a headset, and im from austria, so i speak kinda german 🤣 I will send you a PM and a PSN friend request. Some general questions though... Do you have a minimal attendance or whatever? Are you focused on specific games or do you just post somewhere what you want to boost and if somebody is up for it, they respond? We can talk about that via PM or party though!
  9. Are you accepting new members? 😆
  10. Thats why i always insist on taking turns when boosting... I help you one match or whatever, you help me one match. That way the worst that can happen is that i helped for a short time and got nothing in return. But helping the other one half a day and only then getting something in return? No chance! If somebody wants to boost that way, i reckon they plan from the beginning to disappear when its their turn to help...
  11. Yeah, i did. Also the description for one trophy reads "Kill 3 enemies at once witah a falling Drone", so they did a sloppy job with these... I hope thats no indication for overall quality control...
  12. Generally, I really liked the game and was positively surprised by it. I really liked the setting and most of the story, but the end got a little... Sill, a good game and I don't regret getting it.
  13. Hey there! Does anybody know if I can use PS Now on my PC while playing with the same user on my PS4? I know it has to work if I go offline with my PS4, but can I do it while being online? I was thinking about playing on my PS4 while queueing for some less populated MP modes for getting the affiliated trophies...
  14. All i can say is that it cant be a general problem, because it unlocked correctly for me just about a week ago...
  15. I mean... They are based on the same license... If they didnt look & sound alike, at least one of them would not have hit the template of the movies... Of course Ties look and sound like Ties and Xwings look and sound like Xwings and so forth...