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  1. You know what i did when i got frustrated with other peoples sessions? I made my own... And it took maybe 2 or e days till we got the trophy...
  2. Never understood that argument. Yes, you are paying your internet provider, so what? Every service using the internet should be free because of that? Netflix, Disney+, hulu, pornhub or whatever else you can think of should be free because you pay already for your internet? There is much you can argue. It's too expensive, you don't like the games they offer, you don't play online so you don't need it,... But saying you pay already for internet doesn't make much sense.
  3. Whats the mileage per hour with this method? Or what distance did you do during a 10 hour session?
  4. This! Although I have no problem with Xbox, and I don't hate to go to an achievement guide, for a long time I just didn't need to and didn't do it, because I can't be 100% sure if there are any differences (and be it just with glitches etc. that are present on one platform and not the other), however lately I've been going more and more to TA especially, because of the tips system... Often its for single trophies that are misleading or whatever in an otherwise simple list. So there isn't really a reason to write a whole guide. Tips are perfect for those cases... Edit: don't know what happened with the quote...
  5. Game #217 together with Plat #112 Game #218 I would like to get the Plat on this too, but the drift events are just tedious and boring in my opinion, so I grew tired of it for the time. Maybe at a later time, I will get back and get the rest... Game #219 I got this actually at release I think, but it never really clicked with me, although the previous Killzone titles were among my favourite shooters and Multiplayer games... I finally got myself to complete the story, although I have no motivation to do more trophies, especially not the Multiplayer ones. Plat #113 After completing this game ages ago, I continued to do the daily/weekly challenges for the Awesomeness Trophy on and off, and finally got it. Game #220 I really like the BF games, but at first, BF 1 just wasn't for me. Having tried it again some time ago, I actually quite like it now! I have completed the Campaign and got all the MP trophies, and I will get the remaining trophies at the Plat at some point! Game #221 with Plat #114
  6. Wait, you cant reach the end without DLC? I mean i have all the DLC, so it doesnt really affect me, but that sounds like a real dick move!
  7. Read the description of the skill. It will say Insta-kill on enemies below 10 Health (or something like that), for example, depending on the level of the skill. And in the level, if you hold o, you see how much health every enemy has, so you can plan in advance. In later levels, when I would kill most enemies with one hit I had something equipped that did poison damage, so I poisoned the enemies and waited till the poison got them below the threshold - you may have to waste some turns for this... And yes, enemies below the threshold have a red crosshair on them!
  8. Played 3 games yesterday, all as humans. In the first, we were only 2 against the predator and he killed us, which didn't surprise me, as we only had half a team... The other 2 games the human team won. In the first we split up, two fought the predator and me and a buddy went for the objectives, shortly before we did the objective the others were able to kill the predator, and in the third game, we were able to complete our objectives and escaped... So in my limited experience, the balancing was ok. Maybe we ended up with very low skilled predators... But performance-wise the game is very weird. I can't tell what the problem is, but when I move the camera, the picture gets so blurry that I can't really make out any details anymore, it all becomes one big green blurry mess...
  9. As far is a know, even if it wasnt delisted, you wouldnt be able to buy it, becausr PSN says you already own it. You would have to let your PS+ run out and only then would you be able to buy it. It seems to be the same with EA acces. If you download a game from there, you cant buy it anymore (for example if you plan to discontinue your subscription but want to keep a game, and you want to buy it now because its for sale right now...) Or is there a way around that?
  10. As the title says... Does anybody know of a site, wiki, thread or whatever that maintains a list of which games are leaving PS NOW and when? I just saw they apparently added the info "game will no longer be available in 160 days", surely somebody somewhere is keeping track of which games leave and when they leave? Thanks!
  11. This gets blown WAY out of proportion, in my opinion. As long as this isn't implemented all anybody can speculate about it is just that. Speculation! This could just be a stat that tells you for example 75% who beat this boss did it with the shotgun or waterbased spells or whatever. Yes, this stat could say hey, 45% per cent who beat this boss used the weapon instaslay9000, which is paid DLC. However, this system only tells you about DLC that's in the games now as well, it doesn't put new DLC in the games... This could be a way to implement it. Will it be this way? none of us can tell... However, in my opinion, it is far more likely than buying runs of other players and let the game beat itself. As far as I know, there is nothing indicating that will be what they'll do...
  12. Simply copy the image link of the game icons from the trophy lists here on this site, insert the link in your post and it will automatically insert the picture. then arrange them as you see fit without spaces or empty lines and they will fit snuggly together - I use rows of ten, and then a line break. The only slightly tricky part is that some game and trophy icons use a transparent background which on PSN and here is then filled with a certain shade of grey. if you just paste those you will have a white background instead, what I do with them is download them, convert them to jpeg with the correct shade of grey as background, upload them to imgur and then use that link. hope that helps!
  13. Game #214 Plat #109 Game #215 Plat #110 Game #216 Plat #111
  14. In the EU Stack some people have the Platinum - not here on psnprofiles, but on PSN in general, anybody knows if there has been a patch in the meantime?
  15. Id like to join too, will generate my card later, as im commuting right now