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  1. I found Navigation a lot easier with the signs in the game world, you dont even need to look at the map in my opinion.
  2. The elite faction missions have a green symbol and it says elite in the description, the red icon just shows that you are underleveled for the mission.
  3. There are (at least) two different types of faction activities, one type is called missions and one is called support. I think you have to do 8 of the mission type, support types probably dont count.
  4. as far as i can say from the beta, factions are offline, the raid isnt in the beta yet, but judging from other games, the raid will be the hardest PvE content which will either be coop only or very hard solo. And the only PvP trophies are win one game and get one kill as every class as far as i can tell.
  5. Great, thanks for the info!
  6. Anybody able and willing to write a short quick guide as to what to do to make the most of the remaining days if one is to start the game now? Like can i start those online wars right away? Do i have to reach a certain point in the story, or some level? Do i need a strong unit to get those flags? Or do i need leveled up heroes? Do i need to win battles/wars, or just participate? Also as far as i know this game is cross buy between VITA an PS4, right? Is it cross save too? Thanks!
  7. actualy saw this on the store earlier today, but it seems to have been removed again...
  8. If you shoot at an enemy and miss the shot doesnt just diappear but has a chance to hit something else. So position your units around an enemy and shoot at the enemy but make sure you have a low hit chance, so shoot from a distance or whatever. If you miss, there is a chance you hit one of your units. Make sure they have low health before so you actually kill them... Could be boosted in MP, so the enemy doesnt shoot back and you can take more tries.
  9. That couldnt have been the problem in my case. I had it installed for the first time, never played before, so i also had no save. I started the game for the first time ever but it didnt work. Only when i installed the DLC, the game started. So no plausible reason in my opinion, just bad coding... I should be able to launch the game, just not have access to DLC content... Or at the very least, there should be an error message telling me i have to install the DLC, not just freeze without obvious reason.
  10. Wait, they put in a baseball cap and its Kennys, not Clementines? Also, the nesting dools are a really cool idea, showing clementine growing up
  11. Yeah, patch 1.004 is only out for PC, they are still working on it for console!
  12. Anybody played MP already? Do you have to do a match in one sitting? Can yoi suspend games? Or is it even like play per mail? So you can get offline, and when the other player takes a turn you have like 24 hours to take your turn? Id be interested to at least try to get this legitimately, but i can see matches going for many hours...
  13. Just had the same Problem, i had to download all the DLC i owned, then it worked! Although in my case it was the first time i tried starting it, it didnt work and then stopped working in my case...
  14. First update in a long time. Have been playing a lot of Battlefield V Multiplayer with a semi-regular squad of a few friends of mine for the last few months, so single-player games go a bit less playtime than usual, there still have been some though So, the big one. Completed this and have been playing hundreds of hours in MP, as mentioned. Still missing two MP trophies, but I think I will get the plat sooner or later. I'm not in a hurry... I got this one out of curiosity and finished it, but was a bit disappointed. I like Visual novels if they have a good story and a minimum of gameplay - doesn't even have to be minigames or something like that, if there are decisions to make, it can be enough for me. This one has neither. The story is weak (or non-existent), and there is literally no gameplay at all. The only appeal is the catgirls which also are portrayed as sister-like for the protagonist which made it only weirder... so, not really my cup of tea... Finished the last part of the Chronicles trilogy. Definitely not going for the plat with those, they already outstayed their welcome by the time I finished them... Nice little game with a few puzzles and a bittersweet story. Also got the Plat Another Far Cry. not much else to say Got the plat, heard the DLC wasn't worth the time, so I won't play it... Finally finished Yakuza 0! This was my third attempt or so, I always got distracted halfway through and then couldn't continue because I had no clue what was going on. Really loved it, but not going for the Plat, sounds ridiculously hard and tedious to me... Finished and platted. An ok game with an interesting premise that gets a bit repetitive along the way and the story takes a turn it didn't need in my opinion. A bit like Yakuza 0, I started this game ages ago and got distracted, now I finally finished it and got the plat. only two easy DLC trophies to go for the 100%. I really liked this one, it only takes about 2 hours to complete, but some of the trophy requirements sound way ridiculous, so I'm not quite sure if I will go for the plat... So, this makes it 199* Games and 96 Plats (* I changed the count a bit, because, with the AC chronicles trilogy, I count that as three games, even when they have been combined into one trophy list with the collection - that doesn't change the fact that its three games in my opinion...)
  15. Well as i said, if he has insight into traffic and therefore can say if an app would generate enough traffic, then thats something else. still, i have no clue as the anti cheat brigade is in such a position...