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  1. What he said. If you go for it, play completely solo. And find a good podcast you enjoy or a Netflix series you can binge while you grind for the last 30ish hours of the platinum journey. The difficulty when solo varies wildly, somewhat randomly. It will be easy at first but once you transition into the "Avengers Initiative" post-game mode, it becomes stupidly difficult for a short while until you have decent gear and abilities, at which point it becomes easy again... just boring. For me, I think it took around 70 hours, but you could do it faster I reckon if you follow my guide and don't do anything which doesn't benefit a trophy.
  2. I don't blame you at all. It's such a shame they decided to try and make a multiplayer RPG out of it because it has so much potential.
  3. After what feels like a gruelling past week, I'm so happy to say I'm finally done with Avengers. I loved it so much at the start but the endgame grind was just awful. If I didn't have some decent podcasts to watch while I played I would have actually gone insane. If you want to know more about my experience and thoughts on the game, I've done a Platinum Trophy Review you can read here: But let's be honest, if you're here it's probably for the trophy guide, and I can't blame you because the game's a mess and the trophies aren't too clear either. I've put together a full Trophy Guide in a Road Map format which is hopefully convenient to follow in your efforts to plat the game, should you wish to treat yourself so poorly: I hope it helps!
  4. Just platted this one because I simp for my one-piece-fan gf but she simps for Crocodile. It's a hell of a lot easier to plat than Pirate Warriors 3, I'll tell you that! If you're interested to know more about the plat itself you can check out my One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 Trophy Review. But if your mind's made up and you're ready to get to platting it, then you can use this One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 Trophy Guide I put together! I hope it helps! Have a good rest of your Sunday
  5. I was very pleasantly surprised by this game. I heard about it on the Trophies subreddit where someone recommended it to me so I picked it up on the store a few months back but it took a while to finish because I hit a bit of a difficulty spike and dropped it in favour of my second Horizon playthrough. Regardless, I picked it back up again this week and saw myself through to the plat. It's a really great game just in terms of gameplay as well as art style, I really recommend it. If you want to know more about the gameplay you can check out my Creature in the Well Platinum Trophy Review right here. And if you fancy earning the platinum trophy for yourself, I also put together a Creature in the Well Trophy Guide you can find here. Thanks for checking them out if you do, have a great week!
  6. My guy... Thank you for your kind words about our site as always! We do work very hard maintaining the site alongside full-time work but we love what we're doing and even though growth is small, it's still the greatest feeling to see "Oh, 100 more people used our guides this week" and then to receive compliments like this is the cherry on top that makes it all worth it! The site redesign was a long time coming, I got my Graphic Designer girlfriend to do the redesign and then I took a week off work to rebuild it and re-upload all our content on the new format. The key idea was to have a better-looking site with more info available at the top of the page, including a pretty nifty navigation system on the sidebar which should help provide a better experience getting around our massive trophy guides! The only downside to the rebrand and redesign is that now I think we look too professional. I stopped getting nice comments like yours from people who like what we're doing as just two average bros working on guides together and people now seem to think I'm some company or publisher like a smaller IGN and reactions are a lot more negative, especially on Reddit. It's a difficult balance! I put our M.O. on the About Us to try and combat this perception but who even reads an About Us page? haha Anyway, thanks again for all the love, guy! Hope to see you around some more in the future Good luck with your JFO Platinum!
  7. This is my latest plat. I have to say, though, I didn't actually enjoy the game all that much. The last few hours of the story were pretty fun and the Secret Ending actually has me a little invested in a sequel, but there were a lot of unnecessarily drawn-out side-stories which didn't seem to go anywhere or really even matter, the way Deacon was constantly talking to himself was very strange and unnatural and I'm personally just sick of zombie-related stuff in general. Nevertheless, I stuck with it and am still glad to have the platinum! If that doesn't put you off, I took the opportunity to write a guide while I worked through the game: There's already a great guide on here so, by all means, use that. However, if the format we use for our guides, as well as the maps I put together for my Key Locations Guide and the Collectables Guide suits you a little better then the option is there. I have had many people let us know that they prefer our way of formatting a guide so I thought I'd put it out there as an option. Have fun either way, I hope you have a great weekend! Next on my list is platting Horizon Zero Dawn (for the second time)!
  8. As I always do nowadays, I've put together a Platinum Trophy Review for my latest plat, which this time is Borderlands 3: If you're on the fence about giving this Platinum a go, it might help you decide. Plus, I'm really happy with how that review turned out, cynicism makes me write better I think. As a little added bonus, I know there are already guides out there, but consider checking out the Borderlands 3 guide I put together to accompany my review: The format might suit you better than others, who knows! Have a dope weekend!
  9. Yeah, I started platting the other two and never finished them, but I saw some gameplay of this version and really wanted to play it due to how good it looks! As soon as I found out that it has a unique trophy list from the ported version I decided to just go for it and plat this one.
  10. Congratulations! I remember it feeling incredible when I finally pulled it off! I wish there was such a wide range of song choices back when I was doing it, though, I got real sick of hearing "Legend".
  11. The first few moments in this remake blew me away a bit with how much effort had gone into giving it a good new lick of paint. I suppose with PS2 games that have tiny maps it's pretty easy to have a billion-trillion blades of grass, but still, it looks really good on the Pro! I just got the plat and while I enjoyed like 90% of the game, the last few challenges in Capitol City were a nightmare, that Abduction challenge had me pulling my hair out. While I was working on the game, I was also putting together a Destroy All Humans Remake Trophy Guide which I hope will prove useful for anyone who's looking to earn the plat too. And if you're interested in my impressions on the game and my experience earning the Platinum Trophy, I also just finished a Platinum Trophy Review for Destroy All Humans, which I tend to write for every new Platinum I earn. Thanks for stopping by if you decide to look at any of those, have a great weekend!
  12. A lot of responses here! I agree with the general consensus that they just didn't try as hard before and if they are going to continue to rip off the Smash Bros style gameplay then they're going to need to make it more exciting in some way. And @NordicSaiyan you're completely on-point about the art style, they absolutely need to unify it somehow there's no way having Parappa the Rapper fighting Kratos isn't going to look bizarre as all hell in super hi-res on PS5.
  13. I got to thinking about PlayStation All-Stars 2 recently after seeing an article about it potentially being developed for PlayStation 5. I'd be pretty excited to see them do it considering the PlayStation family has so many excellent characters now who could all join the fray, but I gotta say, they'd have to make some serious changes to the gameplay for me to consider seeing it through to the Platinum Trophy. I made some mock-ups of what I think a realistic (but pretty minimal) roster might look like and discussed what I'd prefer the gameplay to be like, which you can see here: What about you guys? Who are your All-Star must-haves? Are there any third party characters you think Sony should fight tooth and nail to get into the game? Would you want to keep the Smash Bros gameplay or go for something different? I'm genuinely interested to know!
  14. Sometimes the genies will ask you to draw something, but you simply pick a shape from the selection of shapes you have and then draw them however you want, as long as you put at least one of that object down, they are happy. Even when they're asking for something more complex, it's really just as simple as that. IT's completely up to you if you want to be super creative and actually draw a pleasant scene, or if you want to just do the bare minimum and get the trophies. It's super simple, really, and the game does a great job of teaching you what to do. As blu3st4rdust305 said, it's targetted at a younger audience - hence the message about bullying - and as such is simple to understand once you get into it.
  15. You essentially just place shapes but the brush-stroke nature of the placement dictates length and scale. Like a sticker-book but every wall is a page if that makes sense? But then the "stickers" are used to interact with "Genies" which you create by placing different body-parts. It's really fun!