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  1. I'm just starting a general thread for bugged trophies. So far I've noticed quite a few to be bugged, which is unfortunate because this is actually a really great game! Here's a list: Sidequest - This trophy should unlock as part of the story at the start of the game, but nobody has unlocked it yet. How Embarrassing - This should unlock when using Pull on a Boomling to expose its weak spot. I have done this countless times and the trophy isn't unlocking. However, some users have been able to unlock it, so I'm not sure what the issue is there. Gotta Go Slow - This trophy should unlock when you use a "Slow" puddle to trip up a charging Engine Grub, but it doesn't seem to unlock for me or anyone else for that matter. Magnetic Personality - This trophy should unlock when using "Pull" on 20 enemies at one time. However, it unlocked for me when using Pull on a Boomling. My theory is that the unlock requirements have been mixed up and so you actually need to do the requirements for this trophy in order to unlock How Embarrassing. That's all I have for now, but I'm working on a guide and will update if anything else comes up. If you have any info on how to overcome any of these bugs and unlock the trophies please share them below, or if you have any trouble with a trophy not listed please also share this. UPDATE: I've now earned every possible trophy and completed the game. The guide I was preparing is also ready: So, it turns out that a lot of the trophies have been attributed to the wrong unlock conditions. Completing the requirements for Gotta Go Slow unlocks Un-Break My Heart, but there are no other unlock conditions that will unlock Gotta Go Slow at this time. Completing the requirements for Un-Break My Heart will unlock How Embarassing. Completing the requirements for How Embarassing will unlock Magnetic Personality. Currently, the unlock requirements for Magnetic Personality don't unlock any trophy. I was hoping it would be a loop and they would unlock Gotta Go Slow but sadly this is not the case. The only two that absolutely cannot be unlocked at the moment are Sidequest and Gotta Go Slow. Fortunately, they would be fairly easy to acquire quickly in a brand new save whenever the developers release a patch. SECOND UPDATE: Flight school have patched the game and the trophies now work perfectly! Got my Platinum this morning
  2. Just to rule out another possibility for everyone; I went and collected 5/5 of every Old World Gadget, including the glitched Pling-Plong Booths but the trophy didn't unlock on v2.01. Hopefully, that stops people from wasting 2 hours of their life getting them all, like I did!
  3. I found that Gill's shack at Burblebottom spawns them quite frequently. I was testing it this morning and it seemed as though if I waited for about 10 minutes and then fast-traveled back, there would be another Glittermoth. I got three in a row this way but then I had to leave for work so I couldn't test it more. I'll be trying again this afternoon while I finish up my trophy guide, and I'll report back if it works. I noticed they didn't seem to spawn when it was raining, though. Something to consider. Update: Seems it was just a coincidence. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up! I haven't been able to replicate my luck at Burblebottom this afternoon.
  4. I believe I know why this trophy is bugged, though it isn't going to help in any way. When you collect the Pling-Plong-Booth Old World Gadget, it goes up by 2. So the first one says 2/5, the second is 4/5 and then by collecting your third you finish the side quest. But actually, there are 2 more. I think the trophy tracks when each gadget reaches 1/5 collected but because the Pling-Plong-Booth cannot ever be 1/5 it isn't registering. I don't think this could be patched on a save that's experienced this issue, either. I think if they fix the Pling-Plong-Booth then we'll all need to make New Game Plus saves to get all 15 gadgets again. Unless they change how it is tracked, of course. It's unlikely, but maybe if someone can find all 5 it may cause the trophy to unlock? This is no easy feat because the tracking disappears after you collect your third, so you'd need to take screenshots of all the waypoints before collecting your third pling-plong-booth. This is all conjecture at the moment but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. Wish they'd hurry up and patch the damn thing already.
  5. @DeAdIBoLTs As @Shorah- said, you need to have seen the first 5 house sequences. By beating the final boss you will have all five available to you, you just need to trigger them. You can only experience one house sequence at a time I believe. The first 3 are only viewable in the Overgrown Ruins area, and the last two are only available in the Echoing Ruins area. Once you've seen all 5, the sunface fragments will start spawning. Once you have all 6 of them, take them to the house and you'll get to see the sixth House Sequence and hopefully get the Sins of the Mother trophy @CrazyAce842 Really? They're displaying fine for me so I'm not sure what the problem is there! Try clearing your cache and reloading the page? Might fix it for you
  6. I just wanted to drop these here in case anyone finds them useful. I made a Trophy Guide for Returnal with as much info as I could put into words, including the many bugs, where to expect them, and how to overcome them if possible. Additionally, I made a little extra guide for Scout Log 009 and Scout Log 010 since they're pretty notorious: I hope they're helpful! Have a great weekend
  7. Hey! 1) I've had this question before, and I do feel bad because obviously I'm sharing it here, but I struggle to scrape together time to do this. I'm working on a few guides at the moment and also have a full-time job. I'd be happy to assist anyone who wants to do this, though I'm not sure how the walkthrough-esque format would work in the structure of a PSNProfiles guide. 2) Wow, thanks for raising this! I've never seen that before. I fiddled with a few things and cleared some caches and it's all working again now. You might need to clear your browser cache if it's still happening for you.
  8. My buddy @MrZhangetsu and I got this platinum together yesterday in a single 12-hour sitting. We had planned on having a break in-between and finishing it today but we were just hooked. The game is incredible, it really is. While we played through the game, I was working on a full trophy guide that will chronologically walk you through the locations of all 25 minigames and the 18 optional trophies, I'm fairly excited about it as it's a pretty good guide if I may say so myself! With it, you can play the game with confidence that you won't miss anything along the way. I hope you find it useful! Also, if you're not sold on the game just yet, then my Platinum Review might twist your arm: Have a great rest of your weekend
  9. @realm722 Wow, thanks for the shoutout, man! I do not miss the days when I was working on this plat. I just remember sitting on the carpet in front of my TV, trying to get as close as I can to the point I was focusing on, so I couldn't possibly mess up the timing. I spent hours on end getting redder and redder until finally pulling it off. I'm glad my trophy guide at least helped to ease the pain for you in your run at it!
  10. Hey, good looking out! Thank you! To confirm this is real, I found mention of it in the official patch notes for the game's Steam version: Seems the developers explicitly wanted us to have access to this hidden feature!
  11. It's just like that sometimes, sadly. Other times you'll get 2 every time for a few turns. RNG strikes again. Once your drones are powerful enough to plow through the stage in a few seconds you can just stick something on YouTube or Netflix and select the stage again every time it ends. You'll probably have to do it for a few hours, I know I did.
  12. Yeah, this is how I did it, too That Proving Grounds stage takes 30 seconds with 4-gun drones (I timed it) and can easily get as quick as 20 seconds depending on how long you end up having to farm it. It helps to know that every 10 times you run it, that's 60 cars which converts into 6 diamonds, so keep an eye on how many cars you've destroyed too. I had 1,250 destroyed cars and 310 diamonds when I did my final reset, giving me the 435 diamonds needed.
  13. Yeah, every time you beat a boss you have a chance of 1-3 diamonds. In my experience farming them, it was more common that you'd get 2 than anything else, but there were some really long stints where I wouldn't get any at all for a few runs.
  14. Completely agree. My platinum journey was about 5 hours longer than it should have been because I had no idea how many Diamonds I would need at the start of my run.