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  1. Sometimes the genies will ask you to draw something, but you simply pick a shape from the selection of shapes you have and then draw them however you want, as long as you put at least one of that object down, they are happy. Even when they're asking for something more complex, it's really just as simple as that. IT's completely up to you if you want to be super creative and actually draw a pleasant scene, or if you want to just do the bare minimum and get the trophies. It's super simple, really, and the game does a great job of teaching you what to do. As blu3st4rdust305 said, it's targetted at a younger audience - hence the message about bullying - and as such is simple to understand once you get into it.
  2. You essentially just place shapes but the brush-stroke nature of the placement dictates length and scale. Like a sticker-book but every wall is a page if that makes sense? But then the "stickers" are used to interact with "Genies" which you create by placing different body-parts. It's really fun!
  3. Just platted this game and I was in awe at the mechanics from a technical standpoint, but then fell in love with the wholesome fun to be found not much further in! Highly recommend it! As usual, I've written a Platinum trophy review to give newcomers an idea of what the game and trophy journey are like: As an added bonus I've also written a Trophy Guide to help out those who want to go for the plat:
  4. One of the better more trophy-hunter-friendly PS Plus games we've had recently, but it was an absolute chore to plat towards the end. Check out my full Platinum Trophy Review here: It might help you decided whether or not to bother platting it, but I also know a lot of people like to read about other hunter's trophy experiences. Either way, I hope you enjoy!
  5. Ah, well keep them in mind because there are lots of them in the Day version.
  6. Bite your way up the pie-cam things which are in a spiral in-front of where you spawn. When you reach the top don't press anything, don't move, just press circle until you're at the top. Ty will drop down onto an invisible platform at the top. You can glide over from there!
  7. Yeah, the Night version is much easier. I did it first on my playthrough so that I wouldn't have to work my way all the way up the waterfall again, I could just drop down to the Day version.
  8. Hey, I struggled with that one too and the answer is gonna drive you mad! When you spawn, look directly above you and there is a platform waayyyy up in the sky. You'll need to use your Zoomerang to hit the button underneath it and it will move the platform with the last 5 picture frames in front of you. I think I mentioned it in my guide just because of how much of a pain it was to find out. Note that if you smash the boxes, the picture frames won't move with the platform, so you will need to move the platform before you smash the boxes. I went mad with a Kaboomerang on my first run at it and then I couldn't get the frames and had to restart! I hope it helps, best of luck!
  9. Excellent advice from both of you! I've updated the guide accordingly and provided appropriate credit with a link to each of your comments. Let me know if you'd like these removing for any reason! Thank you!
  10. Ahaha See, I wasn't sure. I'd always thought it was with a C but then I guess my TV speakers aren't great because I couldn't hear the "C" this time around. Just for you, mate, I've added a C haha
  11. That would be great! I tried to find time over the weekend but I had a mental one. Let me know if I can help at all and I'll do what I can!
  12. I already stretch myself pretty thin between my full-time job and maintaining my site, but I see your point and - while I can't promise anything - I will see if I can make time to convert my guide if nobody gets one up before me. I hope it's clear that I'm not some corporation or business who has any nefarious intent in posting here. Our site makes around 6p per day in ads on a good day, which only exist to aid in paying for expensive hosting at this stage and I am careful to keep them minimal. While we do have a Patreon it doesn't make any money at this stage. The website is a hobby for me and something I love doing, I only post my reviews and guides here because I genuinely hope they are helpful for people and this is the best way to reach my audience and put them in a convenient place for Trophy Hunters to find them. If you want to know more about my M.O. as it were, you can read that here.
  13. The formats aren't entirely compatible so I'd need to do additional work to reformat it, which seems unnecessary when my guide is already up on the site which I work very hard to maintain and it can easily be found from the game's PSNProfiles page. Sorry to disappoint!
  14. Right you are! In that case, I'm insanely glad they added a tracker in, it's no wonder I never collected them all before! And yeah it hasn't aged as poorly as I expected either. You can still tell it's an old game and it has some irksome relics of the past in its control scheme and various mechanics, but it's just as fun as I remember it being. A little less frustrating though since I'm more competent than I was when I was 10... I hope!
  15. You are correct, nothing is missable! Technically, if you do a phenomenal and indomitable job on every single Time Attack and then can't beat your own time when going for the "Time Attack Slowdown" trophy, then that's missable. But I don't see it happening to anybody. I do actually remember the Picture Frame counter being in the original game but it could just be my memory fooling me...? They also don't count towards the percentage counter so it is totally possible to be at 100% completion without having any Picture Frames.