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  1. Thank you The guide's complete now, I just added the last screenshots! Huge shoutouts to @Archavia - Thanks for your help and congrats on being the first to earn the Platinum!
  2. Sorry for the delay, guys, it was getting late here in the UK and I ran out of time. I'd been working on it most of the day. Glad to hear the guide's been working for some folks! I'll get that screenshot put in this morning, hopefully. Trophy Guide should be done soon too!
  3. Thanks so much! I'll update it now. Can't believe I missed that one! Just need to get there and grab the screenshots. Shouldn't take long!
  4. My guide is now up here: It's a bit more detailed than those other ones and has plenty of screenshots of the route to each one. It also has the new locations for the ones in Chapters 5 and 6. There's a big red warning at the top to say that I don't know where the last Weapon Upgrade Point is, but I'll obviously update it once I find it. If you happen to find it, please let me know!
  5. You're completely right. I've just been double-checking them and those two didn't show up either. That being said, I did find where they were moved to - as you suspected! So I think you're correct and that the game is not bugged (I'll correct my earlier comment with an edit) and that the final Weapon Upgrade Point I couldn't find must be hidden in Chapter 7 somewhere... I'll have a poke around in there and see if I can find it. God I wish there was Chapter select!
  6. Do you remember which two didn't show for you?
  7. Sadly not, I got all three of those :/
  8. When I cross-referenced my guide with those PC guides, I was able to find all of theirs except one. I got screenshots and stuff. I'll link the guide here when it's ready in a little while To answer your Q, though... Chapter 2: 3 Chapter 3: 1 Chapter 4: 3 Chapter 5: 2 Chapter 6: 2 Chapter 7: 2 Chapter 8: 2 Chapter 9: 2 Chapter 10: 1 Chapter 11: 1
  9. I assumed the same and did some digging around too but wasn't able to uncover anything. Please do let me know if you find it and where it is! The bugged one is the one at the base of the Buddha statue. It's one of the ones on the main path so you'll know
  10. So I am working on a guide for this game and have managed to find every single Upgrade Point except one Weapon Upgrade Point. Looking at the guides mentioned in this thread, which were made using the PC version of the game, there's one in Chapter 7 which doesn't spawn on the PS4 version. I'm therefore led to believe that it is impossible to collect every Upgrade Point at this point in time. Do not attempt to Platinum the game until the developers fix this issue. EDIT: As it turns out, they're not bugged, they've just been moved. The final one that I can't find should be in Chapter 7 somewhere but I'll check to confirm as soon as I can.
  11. So, after everything, I gave up for a bit and went to finish my Archery Challenges for the Pride of Ishikawa trophy, and then the trophy unlocked. Turns out it was an Unwritten Tale. I did this on a backup save where I had not returned Sugi's hat, been ambushed by Hotoke, spoke to Kenji, or anything like that. So I was able to determine the 6 specific things you need to do to get this trophy. I've documented it all here: TL;DR version: Bury the Ship Captain Save Hachibee's bees Help Kodama at the burnt-down house Save the peasants from the Mongols at the Buddha's Footprint lake Speak to Uta after having played the 9th story mission in Legends Mode Complete the Archery Challenge at the Raider Memorial on the south coast I hope it proves useful!
  12. So you definitely didn't need to get ambushed by Hotoke for the trophy?
  13. If you found a note on a stump you must have done the mini-quest. She leaves the note there along with some supplies as a reward after you've helped her.
  14. Ah, very helpful. I won't do any of that until I've done the Side Tales so we can be 100% sure what's required and what isn't
  15. Incredibly insightful! Thank you, this will surely be a huge help! I'll complete all of the side quests now and if the trophy unlocks I will know that they're required for it.