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  1. Did you check the trophy area of the hub too? For me that's where the "undismissable notification icon" issue was stemming from
  2. Yup, just did that a few seconds ago right after completing the basic playthrough (and only getting like, 5 cards lol)
  3. Just to be clear, there are two different trophies for killing enemies with boxes: one from dropping the box on them (description says "throw"), and one for pushing a box into an enemy (this one, Sandwich Time). It confused me at first because the description says crush, and dropping a box on an enemy definitely "crushes" them, but that's actually a different trophy.
  4. A whole lot of golds AND a Platinum? Juicy Steam reviews point out the game isn't very Zelda-like despite the Link's Awakening GB graphics, one hit always kills you, kinda hard.
  5. Pretty glad I realized trophies were glitched just an hour into my first attempt at this game, made restarting relatively painless. Easy platinum with minimal grinding.
  6. Some more info: no patch yet (although maybee fixing trophy requirements could be server-side); @Carnage1979 seems to have been able to unlock a few early game trophies. I have as well, I started a new game and best the Spider King, just to test, and got the trophy. Then exited, loaded my save back, and no trophies are unlocking. The first time around I did not beat the Spider King on my initial play session and did not unlock trophy. So from this experiment it would seem that you can only earn trophies in the initial play session and not after loading your saved game?
  7. Acknowledged by the dev
  8. I got the prologue trophy but all others will not unlock. In fact, looking at First Step, Bargainer and Unus pro Omnibus, which are all early game trophies that should have unlocked for me, no player has earned them for several days at all since patch 1.07
  9. To get both "bad endings" trophies, just kill Gebel (1) before getting Zangetsuto and (2) after getting Zangetsuto (don't slash the moon). You don't even literally have to use Zangetsuto to kill any boss at all other than cut the moon twice on the true ending path.
  10. I have a full trophy guide drafted already, it needs some minor final tweaking before approval and I don't know if/when I'll get to it (lemme know if anyone wants to be added as co-author to finalize it) but in the meantime here's how to unlock all Vessels, since that's the info I had a hard time finding online: _____________________________________________________________________________ Blighted Host Unlock the Blighted Host character vessel! To unlock the Blighted Host vessel, play either the Lich or Daemon Hunt modes. One of the random events you can trigger between levels is a big skull-like cave which you can enter and find a blob-like egg or heart inside a small room. Attack it a few times and a wave of hard enemies will spawn in the confined space, defeat them, then finish destroying the egg. Several rewards will pop out, and the first time you complete this event successfully will also unlock the Blighted Host. Nascent Cherub Unlock the Nascent Cherub character vessel! The Nascent Cherub is unlocked by playing Clashful Cards. When you first start playing Cards you'll notice matches start with a card already in the middle. Simply surround the middle tile with blue cards once and you will unlock the Nascent Cherub vessel and clear the middle of the board for all future matches. Forsaken Headless Unlock the Forsaken Headless character vessel! The Forsaken Headless is one of the trickier Vessels to unlock. First, you must be playing the Lich Hunt game mode. When you get to the Lich Hunt boss fight, one of the little enemies that spawn in the boss arena will be blue. Note that you will need to face the Red or Green Lich variant, because in the Blue Lich's arena, all the enemies are blue. Which variant you get is random, so just keep replaying Lich Hunt until you get a Red or Green Lich. You must defeat the Lich without defeating the blue enemy. This is a lot harder than it sounds! You will want to avoid some items which make it harder to focus your attacks: axe shockwave, soul bomb ammo, homing ammo, spinning soul shields, the item that hurts enemies when you get hit, etc. will all make it much harder, and familiars make it almost impossible since they'll attack enemies indiscriminately. On the other hand, the item that makes you deal extra damage to the Lich is very good! You will want to CAREFULLY clear all the red minions (or most of them at least) right away, then run loops from the bottom of the arena to behind the boss constantly, baiting the blue enemy to go down then quickly dash back up, hit or shoot the boss a few times (careful not to miss and hit the blue minion), then run back down to bait the blue minion back away from the boss. It's very easy to accidentally kill the blue minion while slashing at the boss since the axe hitbox is so big, so patience and carefulness are essential. Sinned Animus Unlock the Sinned Animus character vessel! To unlock the Sinned Animus, you must be playing the Dungeon Pilgrimage game mode. Once you get the key from the Lich, instead of going to open the Daemon boss door, you will need to find another locked door tucked away in another room of the dungeon. It is not hidden or invisible, but it is sometimes in corners of rooms and easy to miss. Just explore every room and you'll find it on one of the walls. Once inside, attack the chains a few times each to break them and unlock the Sinned Animus.*Because this requires you to attack the chains with the axe, this unlock cannot be performed by the Blighted Host vessel. Exalt Husk Unlock the Exalt Husk character vessel! The Exalt Husk is the most complicated vessel to unlock. You must find four pieces of the husk vessel across four different game modes. You can see on the menu screen which games modes you've gotten a husk piece in as they'll have a floating bubble in the lower right-hand corner.All four husk pieces are found in levels with the blue color theme: Lich Hunt: The first piece is found in a back corner of the Blue Lich boss arena at the end of the Lich Hunt. Since it can only be found in the blue arena and which boss variant you face is random, you may have to replay Lich Hunt a few times to get the Blue Lich. Daemon Hunt: Found laying around in the first level of the third zone, the blue zone. Colosseum: Found instead of an item during Wave 6, but only in the blue-themed Colosseum; which of the three color you play on is random so simply restart the Colosseum at the very beginning until you start in the blue theme. Dungeon Pilgrimage: You can normally find an Anointed Trap room in the Dungeon, which contains a big chest protected by anointed enemies. This room can be in one of the three color-themed area, and if you find it in the blue theme, it will contain the husk piece. If you find it in another color theme, simply restart the Dungeon Pilgrimage until you find the room in the blue color zone. As soon as you collect the fourth husk piece, a cutscene will play of the pieces assembling like Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Exodia and the Exalt Husk will unlock. Accursed Haunt Unlock the Accursed Haunt character vessel! The Accursed Hunt can be unlocked in the Lich or Daemon Hunts. One of the events that can occur between levels is called "Malevolent Bestowal"; it requires you to have a curse equipped (one of the three purple items that come from purple skull chests and have a chance for a good/bad effect), then walk in the middle pond and it will take away your curse. Once you have done this twice during different runs of the Hunt mode, it will unlock the Accursed Haunt and the next times you find the Malevolent Bestowal event you will find instead find items rewards (the aforementioned curses) which you can choose to pick-up or not.Finding a curse and then finding the Malevolent Bestowal event in the same run and in the right order requires a certain degree of luck but it should not be too difficult, just keep playing Lich Hunt. If you find the Malevolent Bestowal event and you did not have a curse, or if you reach the boss without finding the event, you can just restart the run right away if you want to save time. Grave Raiser Unlock the Grave Raiser character vessel! To unlock the Grave Raiser, simply play through Lich or Deamon Hunts until you find a Blue Necarch and defeat it. The Blue Necarch is a winged, hovering demon miniboss which is one of two minibosses than can spawn in the third zone (the blue zone). Whether you find a miniboss at all is random, and if you get a miniboss in the blue zone it has a 50% chance of being a Blue Necarch, meaning this requires a certain degree of luck, but just keep playing Hunts and you'll find it eventually. You have to find and kill a Blue Necarch at least once to fill our your bestiary anyways.
  11. Yeah, that's one of the only advantages to the PS4 version being delayed! Also: nothing is missable whatsoever. You can always replay any completed mission anytime.
  12. It's a tactical game, much like Advance Wars. Basically no RPG elements, just pure tactics.
  13. Unlocking all the art is mostly synonymous with (1) completing the story and (2) getting all or most of the stars, from what I can see Getting all stars and S-Ranks is very skill-intensive... but will be absolutely trivial once the best of us put out guides