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  1. WTF!? then why did i only got a notification when i booted it up today? ive been playin it like 2 weeks. ive always had an internet conection too. and i jsut booted the game up as normal
  2. So I just got my vita recently including this game. i was about halfway through and i noticed they released a new update. Version 1.03. This version/update increases the frequency at which bounties drop which will make the bounty trophies much easier, as i've read those are a pain. They also added something new entirely: Fight For Fortune, Apparently, you get these cards now for collecting collectibles, getting bounties and maybe for some other stuff but i haven't played enough yet to figure that out, or exactly how these buffs work. I'm not sure if they are passive and they can only be viewed from the collectible menu, but i just wanted to point it out. At least the grindy bounty process has been nerfed. which should make those trophies a lot easier. Suprised to say that the devs are still pushing these generous updates. even though the game is from 2011. And sony pretty much already gave up on the Vita. EDIT: Aparently fight for fortune isn't new. But i've never seen those cards before popping up during gameplay prior to this update.
  3. Hello folks, I'm working on a trophy guide for this game but it is MASSIVE. There's a lot of things going on for these trophies and writing all of it on my own will take ages. I prefer to have someone to work with. Im primarily interested in someone who knows a lot about, or hasn't done a lot of majima encounters, as well as sub stories, as these are the most daunting parts of the guide. Only requirements i have is that you have either written a full game guide of your own before or if you have been a co-writer for at least 3 guides, as I would really like someone with experience for this trophy guide project. If you are interested simply reply to this thread or sent me a forum message if you prefer to keep things private. Thanks in advance. Ps: I'm dutch myself but my English is very good as well, but if you are a fellow dutchie that would make it simpler for us to communicate.
  4. I'm just gonna hop in on this thread and ask a related question. Do you have to be connected in order to do a challenge? i know they pop up only when your online bt 70% of the time i can't even connect to the servers. Can you just do the challenges and then they get completed next time you get a connection?
  5. Cool, now i just need a Switch and I'm all set.
  6. Im up for it. So far i've just added all of them to my favorites in chrome but that's not ideal
  7. @Rusty2366 Why does it say (+ time) behind every trophy? i don't have that. what is it for?
  8. Also 1 thing the guide doesn't mention nor do i see it anywhere. You don't need 1 million at once. Just 1 million total throughout your playthrough. although im not sure if it would reset if you would go into New Game +.
  9. When i first got to play this 4 years ago this was the exact reason i quited. I can still remember not being able to get past the boss fight. But according to my trophies, i also didn't have ultra nanotech or the R.H.Y.N.O. at the time, so that would have made it much more difficult.
  10. I always have troubles starting a new game because of trophies. I can't just start a game without looking at the trophy list, and sometimes the trophy guide first. And if games have unattainable trophies illl probably never start them. although i haven't encountered those yet.
  11. I just did this glitch today. works fine. you must be doing something wrong mate.
  12. Kinda sad to be honest. A trophy not earned yourself is not a trophy worthy to be on your account.
  13. Can you please explain what exactly you did?
  14. I just finished the entire Dressrosa arc. Finished episode 746. Wanted to take a break from the anime since basically binged the entire series to this point in like 14 months. Which kind of takes a toll, especially with the extremely slow pacing these last few arcs have. And of course i also watch other anime nad play games. Now i saw @Toma_Gabriel 's comment that you have to watch till Sanjis familly arc. I know from the show that the Zou arc is next and i heard from a friend of mine that that arc is like 100 episodes long. I assume Sanji's family arc is after that since there's only like 850-860 episodes at this point i think. So basically if i were to play world seeker i would get these 2 arcs spoiled? or is there more that i'm missing?
  15. Are you even suppose to be able to get 950 on simple interjections? because right now i have the entire song with every note on Great! except 1 which is ''Good'' but i only have a score of 890. doesn't seem right to me. Decided to switch up to the higher difficulty and got it after like 30-40 tries.