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  1. The hardest part will be the Raid related trophies. I myslef had to team up with like 5 or 6 different squads for the wrath of the machines wraith. You ussually dont have a very experienced team or their light levels are not as high as ud want because most people have just moved on to destiny 2. on top of that i also had a lot of times where someone left and there was no immediate replacement and the whole session group just died off. The trophy with the bell thing can also be abit anoyign to find peopel for but at least tis easy once u have some people. But for the raids u defenitly need someone with the know-how and a microphone.
  2. Dying Light for me. Weirdly enough i had never heard of it and i was at a friends house who had the game. case looked like just another generic zombie game but it was suprisingly good. And the following DLC is totally worth getting too.
  3. Are the DLCs worth if if you aim to get the trophies? Definitely. Do i think the DLCs are worth their purchase because of the content? No. Destiny has always felt really bland to me no matter the enemies or planets you fight on. It's all the same with a different skin and gets boring quick. The only fun part are the raids assuming u don't have dipshit squad. I had to re-do the last raid with 4 different psnprofile game session groups cuz there were always people dragging the rest down and then eventually 1 guy has to leave and the group never gets back together. Keep the lack of good team mates in mind. Because the enthusiastic/skilled people have all moved on to Destiny 2.
  4. I lucked out getting this rather early but i played this game for like 200 hours on pc and i guess about a hundred on ps4 or so and i can only remember having had it maybe 4 or 5 times. Not sure if thats also just bad luck or if its just that rare.
  5. S-rank is the easy part. doing all the missions tasks sucks. Some are kinda buggy as well. And like a ton of them are listening to X conversation which just takes a long time and has u pretty much follow a YT guide for every mission that has it because you need to be at the right locations at the right times. Overall I wouldn't say the platinum is difficult. But it is very, very time consuming and can be quite tedious. It took me about 300 hours to plat and I hear 150-200 hours as a minimum for most people. So take this into consideration.
  6. Yeah i feel you. I can't explain why but i always get hand cramps with the fat xbox controllers way faster whenever i do use them at like a friends house.Other then that the only thing that botehrs me is that the controller isn't full black (same for the console). White is too noticeably dirty whenever it gets dirty. Gunk build up from dead skins cells and sweat is gonna make all these controllers look hideous and nasty in a few years.
  7. I don't get it. Then whats in it for the scammer?
  8. Thanks. Really helped me out with leveling the Clank zap weapon. then the xp got stuck halfway through and i got scared i had to level all weapons on a new save. Turns out you dont need to level this weapon at all for the trophies. Just have it in ur possession.
  9. I played the whole franchise except secret agent clank and from full-frontal assault I only played the demo. With the exception of R&C 1 Final Drek fight, This game overall is for me the most difficult one in the whole franchise.
  10. @Spaz i meant the social media thing in relationship to videogames. Not social media itself. Sorry, i didn't made that more obvious.
  11. So, I wanted to write this thread because i feel like this game, while being one of the most enjoyable racing games i played is also the most frustrating one I ever played. Before starting, I do want to point out that racing games aren't really a genre I enjoy in general, because there simply isn't enough action and I was never a fan of time contraint. The only racing games i've played are mostly the ones on my psnprofile and every iteration of Mario kart since Mario kart DS. So i might be a bit more critical of things. But i'll do my best to stay professional. Now first of, Split Second is great for what it's trying to achieve, and for a game that released almost a decade ago, I must say the graphics, although notably dated, hold up surprisingly well. What i most liked about Split second is the action-packed way to take down enemies. I don't really keep bussy with racing games, but in how many racing games can you collapse an entire dam and flood away your enemies? Or crash land a plane into them? Not many I presume. The game represents itself as a reality TV show. But since it is released in early 2010 before the explosion of social media there isn't any of that garbage or reputation system with followers or whatnot (looking at you need for speed). The game doesn't have a story, and to be fair it doesn't need one. It's just an arcade racer and what you see is what you get. There's a variety of cars to unlock as you progress, and trophies you earn get added as decals to your car which is a nice way to tie in achievements to your looks. And I haven't checked this but I presume this also appears to other players online, so when you have that decal for that hard achievement, they know you are a serious player. Which is something I really like and I'd wish I would see in a game nowadays. But it can't be helped because todays industry is tailored around loot boxes and paying to look good. But it was a simpler time back then. Anyway, my point is, is that there is plenty to keep you busy. There are 6 different game modes, although i'd technically say there's 5 because 2 are almost identical. But the rest is varied and diverse. And like a lot of racing games there's also a leaderboard system. Which encourages competitiveness. If you aren't a trophy hunter, this game generally is great, and I'd recommend it to anyone. However, and this is where i get into the bad aspects of the game. It has its fair share of flaws. To begin with, as I stated above there is a variety of cars to unlock, you unlock cars by simply completing events that award you points and you get the new cars at a certain threshold. The newer cars have noticeably higher stats then the ones you start out with, which makes you think you are getting better cars and to some extent you do but hear me out. Yeah, the cars get better. But so does the enemy A.I.. I honestly don't know what it is with this game and why I can't seem to find any real critique on it but the rubber banding is absolutely horrendous. It doesn't matter if you are playing the first beginner stages with the best cars in the game, the enemy is always a pain in the ass. And there's numerous reasons why. I'll start with the most annoying reason which is the way enemies drive. I am not 100% certain but it feels like all your enemies drive along a set path depending on what stage you play in. I never feel like enemies are driving to the side of the roads or driving around a certain obstacle out of themselves. And seemingly only do so when flung off course by you or the other enemies attacks. You would think this makes the game a lot easier, knowing exactly where they will be driving, and that would be the case weren't you racing against tanks on nitro. Allow me to explain. You know how in virtually any racing game (or games with cars for that matter) you can just drive against an opponent to push them aside or throw them off course? Well not in split second. The enemies do not budge at all. It's like you are driving up against a grind rail, except the grind rail is pushing back. Even when enemies slow down in a corner you can just come up to them, ram them at full speed and they would only move about maybe the width of their tires if you're lucky. This can actually be used to go trough corners at full speed as you can just use enemies to slingshot you through the corner. It is that bad. The second worst offender ties in with the rubber banding and is their speed. You can be driving the fastest car in the game in the inside of a corner drifting in full speed to absolute perfection and an enemy with a truck (which are the slowest vehicles) will just come up to you on the outside of the curve and pass you by. That doesn't seem fair. And it isn't because it shouldn't be when my speed stat is 4 times higher then that truck is. I get that they have to upscale the enemies to make the races fairer. But this scenario should not be possible. Another problem with their speed is, if they come up to you from behind. the best way to block them from surpassing you is to drive in front of them. But they don't care and ram you like a battering ram with a strength that makes you think they are powered by jet engine turbines. You get propelled forwards as if you were using a Mushroom in Mario kart. Except because of this speed and since their rams are never 100% aligned you will most like be thrown off course and crash or lose control to an extent you will be at least thrown to the side after which you will be surpassed. And this right here is the lucky scenario. Because what will most likely happen is that you can't respond fast enough and they hit your hind wheels from the side. And since they are virtually unstoppable except by using the environmental attacks the game is known for, they will just spin your car making you lose multiple positions and you are even luckier if you were not to crash. All of these negative factors make me actually enjoy the modes that don't feature cars more enjoyable and although hard, feel fair. There's this mode where you have to avoid chopper missiles while racing along a track, and this later upgrades to you reflecting the rockets which makes it all the more challenging. (these are the 2 similar modes i mentioned btw). And there's this other mode where you have to surpass these big-ass trucks that throw dynamite out of the back which is also really hard. But manageable and probably the most unique non-race challenge I've ever seen in a racing video game. I enjoyed these quite a lot. Although the Convoy trophy did took me about an hour to get, which requires surpassing 12 in a row without dying. Lastly, I just want to mention Detonator events real quick. these are fair for the most part. But the ones you have to do on the Power Plant track are a fucking nightmare. there's 2 of them. 1 is part of the main game and is required for the trophies Perfection and Leading the Way since it counts as bonus event as well. It personally took me about 7 hours to get this one. Now I must admit. I am not the best at racing games but this just feels unfair as hell. Even on youtube videos and their comments you will not find a person who even gets close to beating the set time limit by 1 second, if even half a second. This just doesn't seem thought out or tested. Or I'm seriously missing something here. With that out of the way I figured the most difficult challenge for platinum was over. But no, you have to do this same shit again but even 3 seconds faster and it must be in quickplay. So even if you pull off a miracle and beat the normal one with 3 seconds you still won't get the trophy Beat The Team II: The Revenge. I'll give this probably an hour or 2 more tries but I think this platinum is not worth it for me. And don't get me wrong. I have patience and I like a challenge (i have trophies such as GD Parkour Instructor, ...Becomes the Master and Masterminds.) but this!? this just feels like it was made to people rage quit. And I honestly don't get the 5%+ rate on psnprofiles. Maybe I'm just bad but it really doesn't feel that way. But let's end this post on a high note. This game is great for what it's trying to do, and before I booted it up a week ago to clear up trophies my memories of it we're enjoyable which is a good impression if I can remember that 7 years after first playing it. Definitely give this game a try if you can. But just be warry of the trophies. I am very curious to see replies. So please give a reply to this thread because I'm itching to see how other people experienced this game. It is very conflicting for me. Being very fun but also very hard as I said in my opening statement.
  12. This has been requested a lot but the problem with implementing this is that it requires the Site admins to keep track of every single online server for every PlayStation title since the PS#, yes there is a thread for it but even then it still a lot of work to implement this as it has to be done manually for every game. Besides some servers go down temporarily due too bugs, server overload on launch, other unforeseen circumstances, etc. So its not always clear if a server is meant to be down or only down temporarily. Thread for closed servers:
  13. This looks like one of those trophy lists, that isn't necessarily hard, but probably pretty grindy and/or tedious.
  14. Does this game have a physical disc version? or is it digital-only? It would be a shame if its just digital and will be pretty much impossible to find legitimately in a decade from now (without using someone else's account of course.
  15. The GD parkour Instructor trophy For Dying light. You had to do all the parkour challenges at night and beat the fastest times. Took me 6-8 hours. Was sweating with almost all my clothes off at the end but so relieved when i eventually did. They are free DLC trophies though so probably not many people would care for them.