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  1. @Helyx Thanks for sharing that. 👍
  2. From what i can tell from the video it doesnt delete any. They will just fail to load. Corrupted just means it can't be loaded. If it were to automatically remove itself then its a matter of self-deleting files. not corrupted ones.
  3. Well thats some good news. I'm just going of what been told here. So i figured I'd just warn y'all, Achievement hunting is an activity of completionism after all so that will no doubt make peoples saves bigger then the average casual.
  4. I've scrolled trough the last few forum threads and haven't seen any report of this so i wanted to warn everyone. Right now, if your save file reaches 8MB in storage it will be corrupted and you will lose all save data for that file. I've been informed by this through the following video which also shows of official CDPR responses. Even if cyberpunk gets patched to allow bigger save files, your data will be corrupted. In some cases, users have had all their saves corrupted. CDPR advises players to actively loot less in the game and don't craft a lot as this quickly adds data. No fix for this has been promised as of now according to that video news report. I'm glad i don't own this game on Playstation but yeah beware if you do. EDIT: Seems it doesn't affect everyone. Some people seem to have 12MB files and it works fine, both from comments here as well as on that youtube vid. It doesn't seem to be completely fixed and some people still seem to suffer from this but better safe than sorry.
  5. Mystic made a good documentary on this a while back.
  6. it's the most recent forum thread though in which i asked about it
  7. I don't have my copy of gta5 anymore, so i hope they don't. Also the doomsday mastermind trophy was annoying to get. it was a fun heist though but frustrating at times. If they do add trophies i hope that gta online will become free to play at least. im not spending anything more on this game.
  8. When i did this years ago i remember checking the leaderboard at the end of the triathlon. This froze the game. Which forced me to re-do the whole thing. My thumb was sore the rest of the day. What were they thinking?
  9. I apreciate the help offerred anyway. Will just wait until there is cross-platform between pc and ps4 to see how auto-popping is gonna work for this game.
  10. Ah okay thanks. Didn't knew it was limitted to certain platforms as the notification on PC didn't mention anything about that. I just assumed it would be ps4/xbox like most cross-platform stuff. I guess it's just a waiting game then huh? As its implemented now, does progress merge between platforms? Like if u have a killer on pc and on ps4, will u have both killers on the account or is it like you override 1 account with the other?
  11. I no longer own a PS4 and haven't played DBD in ages. I booted it up on pc today cuz of the Haloween rewards I was told about. And i got a pop-up saying i could enable cross-save if i made a behavior account on their website. I was wondering that if i were to do this, and made some good progress on PC, would i able to link the platforms and auto-pop the Steam achievements as PS4 trophies?
  12. Guide writer for both guides here with over 4000 hours of experience and still playing to this day. Yep, its pretty much the same. I'd say it has become a tiny bit easier cuz since the release of Tengoku (end game content) because you can get stronger fighters, which will make stuff like the jackals easier, but on the flipside this means TDM is much harder cuz people are gonna have stronger end game fighters and gear. If you are going for the DLC trophy as well u are looking at about 300 hours minimum of time investment. I highly recommend joining the Let It Die discord if u need help with anything. We are a friendly, tight community. If u stream it on twitch theres also a bunch of people giving advice and stuff. I don't mind helping you there either, just look or ask for Gr4de. Almost everyone knows me. im on psnprofiles only once a month or so these days cuz im just waiting for ps5. Also, right now theres the Uncle Death Super Pack DLC for FREE in the store. but this will be removed after October 26th as part of a campaign they are doing. This DLC has a very strong usefull weapon in it though which is immediately granted and can be crafted straight away. This will very easily carry you all the way to 41F. So i recommend grabbing this if you read this comment in time. PS: some people have reported not finding this DLC in the store at all. This is a fault on the publisher's side. but if u use the ps store in-game or search for ''uncle'' on the ps store it pops up. No offense but if you needed a dozen death metals and 3 daily free revives then you are very, very underequipped my friend. Either uncap your fighter with roids more or upgrade your gear. Pale WInd is hard, yes. But you are making him sound way worse then he is. You shouldn't need a single revive on him. Maybe 1, perhaps 2 with shit luck. But not 15. Just raiding people is way faster and way easier. weekly quest will only net you like 50K. can easily do that in 1 or 2 raids (3-5 minutes) in plat or diamond.
  13. I went from lvl 20 13% to lvl 329 58%. Very nice
  14. The hardest part will be the Raid related trophies. I myslef had to team up with like 5 or 6 different squads for the wrath of the machines wraith. You ussually dont have a very experienced team or their light levels are not as high as ud want because most people have just moved on to destiny 2. on top of that i also had a lot of times where someone left and there was no immediate replacement and the whole session group just died off. The trophy with the bell thing can also be abit anoyign to find peopel for but at least tis easy once u have some people. But for the raids u defenitly need someone with the know-how and a microphone.
  15. Dying Light for me. Weirdly enough i had never heard of it and i was at a friends house who had the game. case looked like just another generic zombie game but it was suprisingly good. And the following DLC is totally worth getting too.