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  1. Yo thanks man, This is much better. But isn't it just easier to remove my old tag (gamesfourever) entirely and put the guides under my name? Seems more logical.
  2. This is cool. Sign me up as well. Published guides: 13 Most Viewed guide: Metro Exodus, Currently at 61,730 views. My total guide views as of writing this: 206,688. Maybe we can have a category for amount of ratings received ? This could also help encourage people to vote guides!
  3. Not true. Dunno about season 5 but it worked in season 4 for me.
  4. Tried to do this solo. Got the the 5th game finals. It was the soccer one. We went into overtime with 0-0. Then we lost after. Then the big sad hit me.
  5. There is no other way to check this these days other then purchase history, which is an awful way of checking it. The only other option you have is to download the main game and check for the add ons i beleive. which is even worse. I have tried looking for some way to check this because as an avid PS+ user i would always download free ps+ packs and dlcs and stuff. I used to use an extension called PSDLE but it no longer works with the new playstation store. I asked the creator about it and he had no plans to implement it either. I hate this new playstation store that sony gave us. the old one was better in every way in my book.
  6. I meant to say "You're supposed to get the toki alley tales series vol.6 from fishing." I guess i messed up shomehow haha
  7. Got my first page today. This is gonna take a while 😓
  8. The book series trophy is already available. although the description of that is also wrong as there is no ibis street tales series. You're supposed to get the toki alley tales series.
  9. Now that Alloy is here. what do you think of her? I honestly like her playstyle. But i am uncertain how she is with minmaxing and stuff. People are more focussed on baal and kujou atm haha. I like the elemental skill with the bombs. Gives me cryo klee vibes haha. Also the bow that she comes with is one of the best 4 star bows in the game. Too bad it's effect only works on the playstation network. I would love to use it on PC as well.
  10. To be honest. I think it's good that you can't easily do it yourself because of hackers. Genshin is known to get accounts hacked a lot. If they could just wipe your whole account like that it would be a shame.
  11. Its unusual but not super rare for bigger games. I knew Destiny also did this sort of stuff. If you're new on PC, this content will be out long before you even have to worry about it haha.
  12. The required content to get these trophies isn't in the game yet. The other island of inazuma to get these trophies have yet to be released in a future update.
  13. So I still need a lot of collectibles. I know they carry over to new game +, but is it like synced to your overall progress? Or does it really ONLY carry over? I will be playing new game + on Survival 2, which means i won't have a map or anything. Making finding some even harder. Preferably I move on to new game +, just pick up whatever collectibles i happen to find and get the rest on my non-survival 2 main game save where I have a map, fast travel and everything. But I was wondering if that's possible. So does it only carry over or is it shared?
  14. Damn. She looks quite bad honestly. I mean i guess because its a freebie so miHoYo would lose a lot of money if she was too strong but still, this is kind of a letdown.
  15. Been using these and they help a lot. Thanks