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  1. I second this. I felt so proud about finally getting this done. ANd wrote the dlc guide as my first ever guide on this site. only to find out by some comments later the pyzza suit exists lol. Now with this event it feels like even less of an achievement to have these trophies. But after all these years im glad people dont have to sweat as much as i did back then cuz i wouldnt wish that on anyone. 😄
  2. Honestly, this service needs to grow. Theres a lot of great games on here but I don't see myself shelling out the extra money for what it all offers. Maybe if I had some more time and didn't game on PC also. I feel if you're a diehard PS fan who plays almost daily this is either worth it or not depending on your backlog.
  3. Not entirely sure what you mean but i can say Take Control is the main games final mission. has nothing to do with the foundation DLC.
  4. @IGUnique @Lucas. Thanks for the advice. that certainly is good to know. I love how both replies are fellow Dutchies. We're such a soccer country, haha. As for IGUnique. I'll add you in advance for the 200 matches exploit should I need it. It sounds like a pretty big grind but I'm not sure.
  5. I haven't played Fifa since Fifa 15, which I played on the Wii U, and i think before that is was Fifa street on the original xbox. Fair to say I'm a bit lacking on knowledge, so i got a few questions, some not entirely about FUT. 1. If going for 100%, is there anything I should know or be more warry off to speed up my trophy progression that is not in the guide? (or doesn't have enough emphasis) 2. Since EA are known to be greedy-ass scumbags, how pay-to-win is FUT? I do not plan on dropping any money in this game and I'll get the PS+ pack, but will i be swimming up against a river or a waterfall? 3. How bugged is this game? 'd imagine it's pretty polished considering they have been re-releasing the same game essentially. Do these bugs get frustrating? 4. How anoying is boosting? Thinking of lag/continental servers or worldwide/ other matchmaking issues. I do have great internet myself though. 5. Is there PS5 to PS4 popping? If so i rather play the PS5 version first. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  6. Sounds likea very weird bug. If you still don't have the trophies but have screenshot's of proof. I would recomend contacting ps support. although im not sure they can add trophies to accounts. I have never heard of them having such a tool.
  7. I looked this up but it's from april 3rd and sony has long since cracked down on it.
  8. @suistar7 Any chance you could ask them about the Eyes Peeled trophy becoming available to earn again? It be a shame if this game wasn't 100%table on PS5 Either.
  9. I see, that really sucks. If they are that incompetent I have no faith of it coming back either.
  10. Any chance of those trophies becoming available again? Why are they unobtainable now?
  11. Wasn't this also a PS+ Title for PS3? Also, the game tells me its free but when i click to go to the store page it says it's not available for purchase.
  12. Can confirm that you get the 8 different legends win if you had it already and win a match. At that point you can just pop the class wins in arena's
  13. If its an intentional refresh then why would the game say "a previously incompleted purchase"?
  14. I was checking to see if April's PS+ games are available already and I noticed the 50 Legacy tickets for PS4 and PS5 were available again despite me having "Purchased"(they are free) in January. Tried adding it to my account and it worked. Booted up the PS5 and PS4 version and i got Legacy tickets again on both versions. That's 100 tickets = 200 cards. Game tells you your reward is been added for a previous incompleted purchase. So essentially if you have gotten this in the past you can get it again now. Seems to be a bug. Make use of it while you can!
  15. Haven't had this problem myself. Does it still happen to you? Maybe reinstall the game if so.