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  1. Ah thanks everyone for the answers. I got the ps+ version that was free a while back and I hapenned to comeacrosss a thread that pointed out a free ps5 upgrade (that wasnt there for ps+ version owners when it came out). I might hold out a while since I was planning to buy extra somewhere next year. Or ill get the DLC on a sale. But that's good to know.
  2. Heya. I was thinking of playing this game. And I was wondering that if I do everything on the PS4 version, if I will autopop 100% once I do a save file transfer. As a sub-question. I was wondering if that DLC list is part of a free upgrade or a separate DLC you have to purchase. Thanks in advance. ^^
  3. Platinums are nice and all. And it's the first thing people will look at. But for me it's more about the completion itself. Besides. If I have fun with the game, I couldn't care less about a platinum or not.
  4. Customs dont give trophies. Also 100 wins is not too bad. im on 30 right now.
  5. This is accumulative over all your matches. Just a bad trophy description
  6. Season level is actually quite easy as there are 200 levels. 100 wins is the only one that sucks in my opinion.
  7. I'm very skeptical about this program, but there are a few things i don't yet see mentioned in this thread. My biggest concern is entry, they talk about enrollment/enrolled players. What are their requirements for this? On the surface PS stars sounds nice, but a lot of the requirements are so absurd it makes me think this is for selected players. I fear you would need a certain tier of ps+ for example. Some of the requirements for rewards have me thinking. The nr.1 in a timezone would have to be heavily regulated with anything that physical as pointed out by others. If you have something like a digital game then of course there is a timer. But even then theres other factors like the publisher/ developers staff themselfs. small userbase but still. It just takes 1 person. Also what about digital deluxe editions/pre order bonusses. Would be an unfair advantage in some aspects if it helps getting that platinum. What about auto popping from ps4 titles? Like with GTAV for the PS5 for example. You can not beat that time to platinum on a fresh account. They mention tournaments. Are we talking about irl esportts? or in-game? This seems somewhat exploitable if they make it an in-game thing as each game is different. If it goes by rank within a tournament and not a singular winner for example there might be ways to exploit this. I'm also thinking the rewards system as a whole might only apply to certain games or certain studios. that would be a safe bet, boost their sales the most and eliminate all shovelware nonsense. But we have no information on that so its just speculation. I consider the possibilitiy this is PS5 only, but only because it would be easier for them to do and again, help sales. So in short, making this fair is gonna be really tough for Sony, rewards seem very hard to get in some cases. We will have to see what happens before we really know more I supose.
  8. My friend who is from the USA old me he got a message on his PS5 about this. Im in EU andi didnt so i'm skeptical.
  9. Nowhere VR 😄
  10. I'm trying to find this on the JPN store but can't seem to find it. Anyone got a link or knows if its delisted?
  11. Hey y'all. I was wondering if anyone else was really struggling with this. At the very, very end of haunted lodge (first level) you got the option to take the left path. Theres 2 skittles behind this that I'm missing. But in order to get there you have to quickly shoot 4 barricades. (see video below for reference. 12:47) I have done this level a dozen or so times by now but I can't seem to get it, only shooting 2 barricades at most since the timing is tight. Unfortunatly theres no way to die/reset checkpoint so every time you have to go through 10-11 minutes of this boring level to get back to this point. I was wondering if anyone else had issues with this or if its just a skill issue of my own. I've spent over 2 hours on this and its driving me nuts! EDIT: a few days later and about 25 replays later, i finally got it.
  12. PS5, But PSVR2 doesnt exist. So we're al using the same camera. I also had 1 bug in this fight where a fireball would just stay in place in mid-air acting as a shield, causing me to to lose. And also one time where the spiders just kept spawning indefinitely despite it only supose to spawn 4 on normal. This fight is the only bugged part in the game for me.
  13. Had this same bs even on normal, its infuriating. Thanks for your edit. I will keep that tip in mind
  14. Thanks. Heard some things about this game, seems interesting to play sometimes. Even though it's not like most games I ussually play. Nabbed the DLC just in case though. Thanks for your post.
  15. I thought this was a bug too but I think it just happens when you take your VR headset out of camera view too long.