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  1. I would also love to see this. The new site is amazing . Real bummed that the fastest plat isn't a thing. Fastest platinum makes more sense than fastest 100% tbh . I want both, but if I could only have one. Fastest platinum would be better as most people don't buy all the dlc lol.
  2. Nice to see a platinum, I doubt impossible will be that hard overall. it's extremely rare that a single player is too hard even with hours of practice. I'm sure we'll be alright bois.
  3. YAAASSSSSSS PLEEEASE. Very happy, absolutely fucking shit game, I'm buying it twice though because I have superior martial art skills and I know how to get laid. Only pussies are afraid of easy double stacks. /s.
  4. You shouldn't have to tbh. Dawnstar chest is still a thing, game breaking alchemy is still a thing. it's fucking gross. I wish they didn't even bother tbh. I know you could just not use the glitch, but it's extremely hard to justify 50 hours+ grinding, levelling and looting for gold to get trophies and build a good character. When you could literally get the trophies and a much better character in 5-8 hours. Just the glitch being there, renders playing properly a silly way to spend your time. Idk, I'm just rambling. Bethesda have done nothing but disappoint me for the last year so I can't say I'm surprised. They've gone from my favorite dev's to easily one of my most hated. I'm like a bitter ex who loves them deep down, but seeing their face still fuels me with anger and hatred. They didn't even fix the patches... they literally just made it look slightly better and charged us full retail price for it. Oh there's mod support too, they're literally giving free work from fans as a reason to give Bethesda money. Whatever way you look at it, they're scumbags. They're just scumbags with talent so we accept their scummy behaviour. Jokes on them I suppose, I rented the game anyway.
  5. Mods disable trophies. So if you want your shit fixed, say goodbye to the platinum. GG Bethesda.
  6. God forbid someone makes a joke at someone else's expense. How could I? Yes I was 12 once and yes I was retarded, I literally wouldn't have cared then if someone ripped on me for being 12 and certainly wouldn't care now if someone made a joke about me today. There's no need to for you two get all uppity because I'm roasting every 12 year old on the planet. I sound 12 huh? I'm offended. You've killed my self esteem. How will go on, knowing the man who can't detect a joke does not approve of me!
  7. One, grow a thicker skin. It's pretty weak and honestly almost pathetic that you're letting some chubby 12 year fucks stop from doing the shit you love. They're 12 and borderline diabetic due to bad diets, who fucking cares about them? No one, even their parents wish they would die. You're letting those chubby fucks dictate what you play? Come on man. Just reply calling them fat or something and laugh it off. Or block them OR make it so you can't receive messages from people not on your Friends list. Two, it kinda just seems like you want to start again and you're stretching for a reason to justify it. you don't need to justify making a new account dude, you just do it. I wanted to make a new account everyone, so I did. That's all you needed to say man. Have fun.
  8. No one cares about a broken nail when they have cancer pal. It's hard to notice such malicious code when I'm walking down the shit street known as alekhines gun. Honestly, if the team behind AG and the team behind porting Battlemage had no hand in infinite air, I'll give it a shot. You're a producer at Maximum Games though right? What games have you worked on? I'm curious.
  9. Sure, but the dev in this thread, who in his own words worked on the game. Is also a producer at Maximum games according to his about me. So maximum games had at least a small hand in creating this.
  10. You loved him so much you can't remember his name? The "main guy" has a name btw. Pretty sure he's just called main, can't remember his surname, but it definitely wasn't 'guy'. I really cared for John in terminator salvation.
  11. I saw you mention "maximum games" and I thought ohhhh fuck. Here we go again with another terrible game. They have to be the worst dev on PS4, alekhine's gun, wtf was that lmao. it's a 3/10 when you're drunk. They're pretty famous for publishing shit games too. Battlemage I'm looking at you. Almost unplayable due to crashes and drops in frame rate. So given their history, I can't say I'm gonna pick this up. I bet they'll have the audacity to charge the full retail price for it too, like they did with battlemage and alekhine. Maximum games are a small cancer in the games industry. I wish they would just go away or put someone with a modicum of self awareness and intelligence in charge. You can't be charging full price for the shit you put out MG.
  12. Brett "Butt King Situation" Keane was right all along.
  13. Not sure if plat does still be obtainable, to be honesty. .
  14. Who cares man, over 9000.
  15. It's so free, you're asking for strats. GG. It's not free at all. Mind typing like a regular person please? i don't mean to sound like an asshole but I literally had to highlight your text just to read it.