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  1. This question is targeted specifically to people who played Monster Hunter game series (1, 1g, 2, 2g, Freedom unite, Portable 3rd, 3g, 3U, 4, 4g, 4U, Stories) older than MH World. Since both the trailers and game play videos show HZD pretty much as a COMPLETE rip-off of Monster Hunter with NO CO-OP Multiplayer (no local via Ad-Hoc nor Online, simply no multiplayer at all) ,but an open world instead - how much of a rip off it really is ? Did you enjoy playing it? How does it compare to Monster Hunter games (game play-wise, I can see the graphics are better)? Did the lack of Multiplayer harm the overall experience ? Edit: Let me explain why I thought this is a rip-off from Monster Hunter after watching the trailer and some gampleay footage. The flag monster shown in HZD Trailer (I guess it;s called Thunderjaws) looks (general features) and acts completely like Devilhjo from MH. The non-agro herds of swift robots act just like MH's Antekas (grazers) or Jagis (Watchers). The flying mechanical monster looks and acts JUST LIKE Rathalos/Rathian (Glinthawks/Stormbirds). It's like their model's skeleton and animations are not based on MH but COPIED directly.
  2. Either you're a superhuman or you didn't play any previous DJ Max games. They are anything but easy.
  3. Borderlands 2 and Pre-sequel for sure. (Bundled in "The handsome collection" for the PS4), Helldivers (PS4, PSV, PS3 version creates copy of 1st player, but can be crossplayed with PS4 or Vita), magicka 2 (probably Magicka too). Possibly Terraria and Rocket league, but not sure. Pretty much any multiplayer game on the PS Vita (but requires 1 PS Vita / Vita TV per player, multiple games have crossplay withPS3 or PS4 - Toukiden Kiwami, Toukiden 2, God Eater Ressurection, God Eater 2 Raging Burst, many more ).
  4. I just finished the platinium. As far as time goes: I played through campaign on Normal then on Master Difficulty (if you start on master then you can save some time). I did the collectibles during the master run. After I finished the Master run I finished some missing campaign challenge trophies - didn't take long. Online trophies took like 15 minutes (1 won match). Ant the last and the hardest - The Gauntlet Time Trial. Pretty much doubled the time on this alone, one of the hardest things I've done so far. How much time it will take you depends strongly on your skill and the will not to give up.
  5. I just got it with a time of 32.9 This was the last trophy I required for the platinum. Bumper Jumper binding , Auto Run, toggle crouch, EPG, EVA, Arc, and pretty much double the time I spent on normal and master run total.
  6. Poll lacks an option of "Depends on the game". When I start to play a new game - and it interests me - I'm usually trying to go for 100% and I feel bad when I'm unable to get it or it's extremely difficult or time consuming while I don't care for the completion of the games I didn't like. There's also a middle ground of games that I did finish (like complete the story or campaign) but the game didn't interest me enough to try to get 100%.
  7. First of all start with the built in Cleaning procedure (For PS3 Fat and Slim (not sure how to trigger it for super slim). PS3 Fat model: Turn your console OFF with the power switch in the back (not the one you usually use in the front). then press and HOLD the front power and eject keys. Turn the back power switch on while holding the front buttons. It will engage in a cleaning cycle where the fan will reach above normal RPM for a little time and then turn off. With the slim model it;s simmilar but it does not have the back power switch, so instead you just unplug/ plug the power cord. PS3 Superslim does not have an eject button, so I don't know how this is performed on it.
  8. Let me sum censorhip in current games for you: One of the biggest reasons (aside from culture, religion etc.) of censorship is LOWERING PEGI RATING in order to (supesedely) legally sell games to a wider (younger) audience. As for why Censorship is completely unnecesary - Modern consoles have sonething called "Parental controls" which could handle the censorship for anyone under the required PEGI and give uncensored content to any adult. As an adult I REALLY hate getting censored or ripped content. I paid for 100% of the game, not 70% of it.
  9. I could list a few I REALLY hate easily, but one I like ? The Dark Adonis (also known as "Mid Boss") from Disgaea. Not much of a challenging antagonist, but definitely a good piece of the plot.
  10. Like the person above mentioned. The trophy data is not recalculated unless you gain at least 1 new trophy and then sync. Until you change privacy settings + earn one trophy + sync - everything will stay displayed the same.
  11. You advised me this. Now it is Done. @ Raigz12 Dynasty Warriors 7 - Hope you will have fun while finishing it. Good luck.
  12. I used to play a game called Stepmania on a 200Hz CRT Monitor at 200 fps as well at a 60Hz LCD. The only thing high framerate on a 60Hz Monitor does is "Screen Tearing" effects - you can read more about them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_tearing You will never get a complete frame rendered unless you use V-Sync.
  13. Same goes for Nier Automata, Final Fantasy 7-9 PC Ports, Metal Gear Solid PC Ports, and many more games ... I'm amazed at how all the people who are so eager to discuss above 60FPS frameratses always use a 60Hz monitor ... usually even without VSync ... Guys - Unless you get yourselves a 200Hz Screen (and I'm not talking about 200 MCI - Motion Clarity index which screen producers substitute for refresh rates to hide that their screens are 50 or 60Hz max) Then it completely does not matter if you have 60 or 60000 FPS. since all you get on screen are 60 refreshes per second.
  14. Real gamers don't discriminate. I got a PC as well as Multiple consoles. I prefer to play some games using Mouse + keyboard while others using a game pad. There are some exclusives for PC as well as some exclusives for consoles that I want to play. Anyone who discriminates either a PC or a console is just a casual player and not a gamer.