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  1. Trophy roadmap from LucasIIGDéus/
  2. Hi, Yes, This game is quite difficult. We design this game to challenge player.
  3. Hi, Tuna belly had provide great VDO for 3-7 fight here PS. I play playstation3-4 for 10 years but just know this forum.
  4. Hi, I understand your point of view If it happen to me, I will feel upset too. Update: The SONY developer support team inform me that that NP error code is not relate to the game development. I have to contact the Network Platform (NP) section get more information. I don't have right to do that, it's seem to be something beyound scope of the game. But I will ask my publisher to coninue to follow this issue as far as we can.
  5. Hi, thanks for reply. If the game trophy data is corrupt and you delete the game. That corrupt trophy data should be deleted and you should able to sync again. I hope that if you play the game again now you will able to unlock and may be sync trophy normally. PS. I still not found any clue what cause that NP-6263-7 error from sony. (Now I'm try to seperate the problem between unlock and sync. Unlock trophy in vita is the task of the game. But sync trophy with server is something beyound scope of the game.) But I will keep checking this issue. Thanks PS. Found someone said that error cause by corrupted date on the memory card. I'm not sure that is official reply from sony or not but I will checking that too.
  6. Hello, I am developer of this game (don't sure you are guy from twitter I chat yesterday or not) Honestly said, we never found this problem before. As far as I check the NP-6263-7 means some problem about trophy data corrupt. Some said that it occur because player turnoff or standby vita while it is sync trophy, Some said that may it because internet connection problem while sync trophy. (ref: So I don't sure what is the cause of the problem. Because normally the game only responsible for unlock trophy, sync trophy will be done by PSVita. Here are some thread i found about this error. There are some solution in there, but don't sure which one can fit with your case. Such as set date time, rebuild database, reinstall the game, etc. Please take look, I will also check up for more detail about this issue.