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  1. same here. Bullet train and train surfing did not unlock after installed the latest patch.
  2. Bullet Train is glitched for me in the latest patch.(March 30)
  3. Could you please provide a screenshot to show the exact position?
  4. All my trophies is missing but I didnt change my privacy setting.
  5. I agree that people should be remove from the leaderboard once they cheated.
  6. Also it seems that Developers removed the most difficult trophy of PS4 "Time lord" which require to complete all 36 stages in Trials mode, with a total best time of under 2.5 minutes. What a pity for those who already got this trophy before the update.
  7. never mind 0% trophy~~
  8. More dlc trophies you get, higher average rarity you have...
  9. Have same problem since last 5 hours...
  10. someone invited by you can remote control your game and help to get trophy for you, who even need not have that game. it's a sort of cheat. which make PS4 trophy worthless.
  11. Sony announced that "Share Play" will be phased in PS4 2.0 firmware. PS4 trophy especially ultra rare and very rare trophy will be worthless in the future.
  12. What's the requirement for a streak boost in online mode? I've tried to win 25 games in a low but still didn't get it.
  13. Please explain more details about this award.