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  1. It's all done. 278 are displayed instead of 283. So, what's your decision?
  2. Alright thanks
  3. I kinda lost it right there. Is unflagging me still a thing or what is happening? If so you need to tell me how to hide this stuff. But regardless of the outcoming, thanks for a normal discussion
  4. I can hide those games that are already listed, sure. Do I need to hide it via the ps4 option or here on psnprofiles? I don't know how this works. As I said I can't remember any other game, I mean i can look it up in my list but I'm pretty sure it's only Classics, MW2, Infamous, Socom and LBP2
  5. I couldn't remember any other game. At that time I wasn't a hunter that's why I looked for help with these games. Since I dedicated myself to trophy hunt I never did it again. I'm pretty sure that there aren't any other games who could be flagged. Of course I admit it without excuses. I did and I stand up to it I just think it's a bit to much to punish me after 7 years without a chance to get unflagged
  6. Still, I disagree. The discussion is pointless but this stuff was 6-7 years ago on a few games. Never did this ever again on any of the 280 platinums. I think it's kinda hard to get punished because you did like 5 games with a little help and everything else on your profile is legit for 6 years straight. Nah however it's okay
  7. Well alright then. Not gonna hate but some of the rules are kinda dumb, imo you shouldn't be punished if the console itself allows it. Well, I must accept it i guess
  8. I know that LBP2, SOCOM and MW2 are flagged. Nonetheless where wasn't a jailbreak or anything else that did this. My other 280 platinums are clean. To be honest I can't understand why someone gets flagged if the ps3 allowed it without a ha Hack* there*
  9. This still isn't modding. The ps3 wasn't able to make a difference between save files. My ps3 isn't jailbreaked so modding is impossible. It's not my fault that the ps3 was dumb on 2-3 games. I'm not the only one who did this
  10. TheKing51996 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 It was just a savegame trick. The trophies aren't modded. I've never done this before and never will. It was just an savegame glitch like in little big planet 2, which plenty of people abused at that time. My profile is clean. Please consider to unflag my profile. Greetings from germany