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  1. Platinum #212 Minecraft Dungeons This game is pretty much a diablo clone but just with a Minecraft Skin on top of it but it was still very fun! Sure it isn't as deep in content as Diablo but I enjoyed the game quite a bit and didn't take long to get the platinum! But now this game just makes me want to go back and play Diablo 3 since I kinda am motivated to go and try to get the platinum in that too.
  2. Update #1! 1.Downwell(4%) 2.The Alto Collection 10%➡️11% 3.Ghost of Tsushima(11%) 4.Granblue Fantasy Versus(7%) 5.Resident Evil 2(9%) 6.Bioshock(0%) 7.The Order 1886 0%➡️100% (Done on 9/4/2020) 8.God of War(11%) *New* 9.Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2(0%) 10.Shadow Warrior(25%) 11.Shadow Warrior 2(0%) 12.Cuphead(0%) Was gonna post yesterday but was grinding levels for Minecraft Dungeons lol. Anyways, I managed to finish one of the games on the list! The Order 1886 honestly wasn't that bad of a game. I remember seeing this during the first years of the PS4 era and I thought it looked really cool, but it got pretty mediocre reviews. But after finally playing it years later, it was a pretty fun game! Sure the story wasn't amazing(especially that BS ending) but I still enjoyed it overall. If they ever do somehow make a sequel to this game I will gladly play it but I highly doubt it will happen. I also managed to get another trophy for The Alto Collection and despite it being an endless runner, it is a very relaxing game and I love it. Don't know what I'm going to work on from this list next probably Bioshock or Granblue but we will see. Also I added 4 new games to the list, one being Tony Hawk which I bought day one just haven't played yet alongside Cuphead and both Shadow Warrior games. Let's keep it goin!
  3. A new Platinum Has Entered the Mix! #212 Minecraft Dungeons This game was really fun! I bought this day one but never got around to playing it since I was moving at the time so I decided to play it now and I had a blast. The game pretty plays like Diablo just with Mincraft weapons and enemies and it was pretty cool to see. Sure it was a little grindy but not as grindy as like Diablo is which by the way, playing this makes me want to play Diablo now lol. I'll probably consider doing the DLC too once it arrives since it was a fun time passing game to play.
  4. 3rd Monster Down from me for The Black Cat Detectives! I'm going to use Minecraft Dungeons for Skeletons since it has a variety of enemies in the game that goes towards killing a bunch on enemies. Think it would be better if I go for a rather difficult one.
  5. Handing in another Bounty for The Black Cat Detectives! Metro 2033 Redux- Platinum trophy for Mutants(From Lurkers, Demons, and much more, they are all a type of mutant which was a few trophies you had to get for the platinum)
  6. New Platinum's added to the Mix! #210 The Order 1886 This game was pretty good honestly, with it being one of the first exclusive games on the PS4. I was expecting this game to be a little underwhelming but besides a few points in the story, plus the pretty bad ending, it was still a good game. If they ever do make a sequel to this, I will gladly buy it. #211 Metro 2033 Redux This game I'll be honest, I found a little boring, I had the redux collection for awhile and since I never played the first game, I was curious how it would be. The gameplay was fine but the story to me was just a little boring and plus I couldn't get over the accent the characters had in this game because it just sounded so out of place for me. Idk why but it kept on reminding me of the beginning of GTA IV when Nico's Cousin just goes "NICO!!!!! COUSIN!!!!" and it just sounded comically bad LOL. I hope Last Light is decent because now i'm more inclined to play that game but probably not anytime soon.
  7. Platinum #210 The Order 1886 You know being one of the first playstation exclusive games for the ps4, It wasn't that bad. Granted the ending of the game sucks imo but the gameplay and some parts of the story wasn't bad. If by any chance we do get a sequel to this game, I would play it.
  8. Wow, just like my teammate I also completed a bounty for The Black Cat Detectives! The Order 1886- Platinum trophy for Hybrid Humans(You have to kill werewolves for a trophy)
  9. Really enjoyed the event! Sure I played a lot of games I never would’ve thought of playing but it was still fun regardless. Thanks to @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko for hosting the event and GGs to everyone who participated!
  10. Well, I updated my platinum wall and while I would usually add a description for every plat I have gotten, there is WAY too many since I pretty much did a rata/powgi like spam on my account this entire month thanks to the Summer Tag Team Challenge. But since it's now over, I will be going back to the I guess "regular platinums" instead of continuing the spam of rata/powgi. To be fair, I don't think i'll ever do it again unless I join another team event where the point of it is scoring alot of points. I did join another team event, however it is a much different format from other events so i'm excited for it. Also joined the upcoming backlog challenge as well! Monster Hunt Fall/Winter Backlog Challenge
  11. I would like to join if possible! Here is my list 1.Downwell(4%) 2.The Alto Collection(10%) 3.Ghost of Tsushima(11%) 4.Granblue Fantasy Versus(7%) 5.Resident Evil 2(9%) 6.Bioshock(0%) 7.The Order 1886(0%) 8.God of War(11%) Will probably add more in the coming months, but for now this will do!
  12. After filling up my entire account with Rata and Powgi games this entire month, I think I won't do these ever again unless I really have to. Only did it for the Summer Tag Team event and saw that some people were a little angry and just want to say i'm sorry about that lol. 

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    2. DamagingRob


      Haha, I noticed you were the last person to play it and had a session up. 

    3. zajac9999


      After looking, I'm pretty sure there's only a couple teams in the top 10 that don't have Rata spammers outscoring others in their team lol. 

    4. Hisuiryu666


      Don't feel bad about it, it's kind of disappointing for those of us that went for rare trophies but if you're playing within the event rules that's that. Future events can be adjusted or run differently, but for this it's perfectly valid.


      Plus it was fun getting ahead of all the Rata spammers while it lasted! 

  13. Would like to join, The Black Cat Detectives is possible
  14. I'll join in for Bench Team 3, hopefully I can do something in this contest lol
  15. A New Platinum Has Entered the Mix! #100 Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated It has been quite a while since I last earned a platinum. Over a month, and that's because I was moving to a different house and now that i'm finally settled in, I can start going for platinums again! Now my 100th was going to be FF7 Remake but I really wanted to play Spongebob so I decided to make this my 100th platinum instead. This was just a pure nostalgia trip and I loved playing it from start to finish. Sure it has quite a bit of problems, but playing this game brought back so many memories from back in the day. I'm glad this was remade and happy to make this my 100th. Now on to 200!