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  1. New Platinum Has Entered the Mix! #99 Nascar Unleashed Since I played Nascar Heat thanks to now having PS Now, I started to suddenly remember this game and decided to buy it on ebay out of impulse since I remembered it was a pretty fun game. Turns out I was right! It was enjoyable, tho at some points the controls were a little annoying at times since you were going so fast and taking a turn it would flip your car over. But fun nonetheless. Plat #100 will be something similar to how I did Horizon as my 50th, so it will probably take me awhile. Especially since I lost my save for it.
  2. New Platinums Have Entered the Mix! #93 Heavy Fire: Afghanistan Was another one of those games I bought a long time ago and since i'm close to reaching 100 platinums, I figure I do it now. Mediocre on rails shooter that took a few hours to finish for the plat, not much to say here. #94 Chop is Dish Was an interesting SMB clone, but not much to say after that. It's one of those easy platinum games that I told myself I wouldn't do anymore, but I did anyway lol. #95 Funk of Titans Was in my backlog and just like the rest of the games that are in this post, pretty easy platinum. But I enjoyed my time with this game quite a bit. Pretty much an auto runner style of game so if you like those I would give it a try. #96 Murdered: Soul Suspect One of those games that I started years back but never finished, decided to do so now and it was okay. Granted I live in Massachusetts, so seeing it being in my own state plus talking about the salem witch trials was interesting to say the least. Weird and sometimes didn't make sense at some points, but was interesting. #97 Twin Robots Pretty simple puzzle like game that was easy to do, took me a little longer than usual since some of the trophies glitched so I had to reinstall the game again but was able to get the platinum after that pretty quickly. #98 Day of the Tentacle Remastered I'll be honest, I don't see the appeal for this game. It was perfectly okay for me honestly, that's why it took me this long to finally go back to it and finish the game to get the plat. I managed to do it sure but personally I think this game is just overrated lol So that's pretty much all the platinums I have gotten over the past few days! I'm gonna post my PS3 backlog as well since when I went to go and look at what games I owned on there, I realized I had more than I thought, go figure lol.
  3. A New Platinum Has Entered the Mix! #92 Adam's Venture: Origins Since I have PS Now thanks to that sale a few weeks back, I noticed this was one of the games on there and I figured I do it since it was a pretty easy and quick platinum. The game is okay for what it is just really short. Also the controls can be a little finicky as well and it was starting to get annoying at some points. But other than that, it was a pretty simple platinum to get.
  4. A New Platinum Has Entered the Mix! #91 Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL(EU Version) Well, since I lost all my saves on my PS4, thanks to the landlord of the house i'm in shut off the power and my PS4 wouldn't work unless if I deleted everything. So with that, I decided to finally go back to some PS3 games. This was the first of many I finally finished. I did the North American Version of this a long time ago and started this version at the time too but just never finished it. Luckily, I finished it now so I don't have to play this game anymore, unless if I want to do a third stack. Probably not lol.
  5. Well, I lost all my saves on my PS4 thanks to it not shutting down correctly, thanks to our landlord shutting off the power without telling anyone. So now some of the games I was working on(Phoenix Wright, FFVII, DJMAX) I dont have the save for anymore. This sucks lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Edunstar84


      Dude, that sucks! What you're going to do now? I would rage if my FF7Remake save disappeared.

    3. MidnightDragon


      The cloud is your friend 

    4. IzTriicky__


      The cloud didn't have EVERY save which I find a little weird and some of the newer games that I played weren't on there. It sucks but I'm just gonna have to start the games over again. That's fine with me when it comes to Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Phoenix Wright but DJ MAX.........yikes lol.

  6. Sacrifice Risk Your Freedom to protect those you care about This is from Infamous: Second Son. Really enjoyed this game and do want to eventually go back to it and get the platinum for it since I never did.
  7. A New Platinum Has Entered the Mix! #90 Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Was on sale in the Big in Japan sale so I decided to pick up not only for the easy trophies, but the game is also pretty fun as well. Not as many characters to play since it's not a versus title and it was a remake of the 3ds game, but I still enjoyed it. All that is left for me to do is Peach Beach Splash on PS4 and Shinovi Versus on Vita so soon i'll have all the plats for Senran Kagura! Well unless if I want to go for stacks and I don't think I do lol.
  8. Okay well, I manage to get 1 game done so far! That being The Wolf Among Us! Was a really good game and i'm glad I finally played it after all this time. Looking forward to the eventual second game. #COOKWITHME: Persona 5 #DANCEWITHME: Taiko no Tatsujin V Version #CRAFTWITHME: Dead Rising 2 #HANGOUTWITHME: Need for Speed Payback #READWITHME: The Wolf Among Us #LEARNWITHME: Control #GETREADYWITHME: Final Fantasy VII Remake #SOLVEWITHME: Death Squared #STAYHOMEANDWATCH: Everybody's Golf #BONDWITHME: God Of War[2018] #WORKOUTWITHME: The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition #FIGHTWITHME: Granblue Fantasy Versus #TRAVELWITHME: Watch Dogs 2 #GAMEWITHME: Helldivers I've been slowly working through Taiko as well, but Oni difficulty is going to take me some time since it is pretty damn difficult. But I think i'll manage. Don't know what i'm gonna do next from this list, i've been going at just a bunch of random games lately so we will see.
  9. A New Platinum Has Entered the Mix! #89 The Wolf Among Us You know, I was planning on getting this platinum as quick as I did. I was going to play a chapter a day and get the platinum a couple days later, but seeing how chapter 2 ended, I decided to continue....and continue.......and continue lol. This game was great, really interesting story and i'm so glad I played this now knowing that there is a 2nd one coming out in the future. If I played this years a go with the ending we got, let's just say I would've been a little mad lol. If you haven't played this for some reason, give this a try! Great story along with characters, and a easy platinum!
  10. A New Platinum Has Entered the Mix! #88 Wheels of Aurelia(EU Version) Yeah just another stack of a game I played years ago for a contest here on PSNP but just never went back to. I have a different game that has a stack I still have to go back to so doing this gives me more motivation to go back to the other game as well. Not really much to say on this game, it was a pretty simple plat that will take a few hours to do.
  11. Well really haven't posted in the thread since joining the challenge, but I'm doing pretty well so far. I managed to get quite a bit of platinums thanks to going back to some older stuff and I still have quite a bit I can do pretty easily. Also managed to sprinkle some new games in too. Though one game in particular took me awhile and it was very mindless(F##K Bloons TD 5). Managed to already get at least 1 platinum this month too, that being AI:The Somnium Files(Was very good) With my progress, I might be able to reach my goal before the end of the summer, maybe earlier!
  12. Well I haven't played through all of the Nonary Games(still have to do VLR) but it plays somewhat similar. I don't really want to same much about the story since I feel like it should be played to experience it best. But honestly kinda similar when it comes to gameplay just puzzles are done in a much different way.
  13. A New Platinum Has Entered the Mix! #87 AI: The Somnium Files This was a really fun VN/Point and Click to go through. Since it was made by the studio who did Danganronpa, I knew I would enjoy it, and I certainly did. Some of the endings for the game really freaked me out since I was playing at some points until 1 or 2 AM but regardless, really fun time. I would suggest this to anyone really if you like VN's and want a pretty good story out of it.
  14. Yeah I felt the same really. I used pretty much the same strategy every level once I was able to get double cash and just had it running while I was doing other things. The random missions were the worst for me honestly since it felt like they took forever to do. But yeah my backlog is ridiculous so I will tackle it, but it's going to be take me forever to do thanks to these god damn sales lol. EDIT: A New Platinum Has Entered the Mix! #86 SoulCalibur VI Another fighting game I have finished as of late and just like the others, I enjoyed this one as well. Another 3D fighter but it was still fun regardless. Plus, the trophies are alot easier for this version of SoulClaibur than the previous one. So that's a plus, and it didn't take me much time at all. Good 3D fighting game if anyone is interested in these types of games.
  15. PSN: IzTriicky__ Platform: PS3 or PS4 Blank Friend Requests: Nah, just say you're from PSNP and we good Just looking for more trophy hunting friends really. Also if we have any games in common/would like to do co-op I would be more than willing to do them if i'm currently working on them!