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  1. Pure luck, I was on the GAME website to buy PSN credit, When I went to pay I had to join a queue to pay so I thought somethig was happening. I checked the internet and sites were going nuts that GAME had PS5 bundles for sale. I was in the queue for 15 miinutes but social media pages were saying there were queues of over an hour. I found the bundles and put bundle with Miles Morales in my basket and the PSN credit as well went to pay and then the site crashed. After 45 minutes of trying to get back in, it finally happened. PS% was out of stock. I was gutted, so close and yet so far. It was then I noticed the bundle was still in my basket. I kept refreshing just in case but the dreaded "out of stock" kept coming up. After about an hour and a half I tried it again and to my surprise, it went through to the payment screen. I paid, ordered special delivery and waited for the confirmation email. It came through in less than a week and my life returned to normal, no more swearing at scalpers.
  2. I found this game hit a little to close to home. Highly recommend this game even though the motion controls are iffy at times.
  3. Same here, I went into it expecting the greatest game ever but found it dull. I just couldn't get into it so I never even bothered with the second one.
  4. Mine was the Division at 95%, I haven't got three of the trophies from the dark zone. I hate the dark zone.
  5. 300 in January 2013
  6. Mine was F1 race stars. I quite enjoyed it as well.
  7. My quickest ultra rare platinum is Apex predator from Ark: survival evolved. It stands at 3.01% and it took me 4 days, 20 hours, 52 minutes. I will admit to using a guide as I didn't enjoy the game, I just wanted off of my to do pile.
  8. Brilliant, never even thought of that. Thank you
  9. I started this game during the free trial and I got the game recently. How do I achieve this trophy? Do I have to start again and how do I do that?
  10. Brilliant, never even thought of that. Thank you
  11. Mine was the DLC for far cry 5, I loved the Vietnam setting, I even enjoyed Mars (even though I heard people found it dull. The thing that stopped me getting the 100% is the zombie mode. As soon as zombies are mentioned I lose interest. I find zombies boring, I have found you really can't have tactics in zombies when you play solo and I am a predominately solo player. So it is run into an area, shoot one and back pedal whilst aiming for the head. So it is: DLC: Zombies: ReZolution DLC: Zombies: DeceaZed to ExZist DLC: Zombies: Gold MedaliZt DLC: Zombies: Blood Zragon DLC: Zombies: Killer BeeZ
  12. Rise of the Tomb raider platinum number 233
  13. It has to be NieR: Automata foe me. I have been meaning to get it but my backlog and time restrains have stopped me.
  14. Gran Turismo and Resident evil 3. I lost so many days to those 2 games alone, I was 21 and just moved into my own home. I won a playstation through a local pub competition and was hooked with gameplay. I eventually upgraded to a ps2 and dabbled with xbox due to the hard-drive. The only reason I got a 360 was the price of the ps3 when it first came out plus "achievements" but once my 2nd 360 red ringed I gave in and bought a ps3, never looked back at xbox. I love the everything about the playstations from the controller to the vr.
  15. Mine is The Escapists at 5.02%
  16. When I was a lot younger we got a my parents bought a desktop PC which I quite liked. To get some games for it my Dad talked me into trading in my Megadrive and super nintendo and loads of games (about 5 years of Christmas and Birthday presents), me being 11 thought this might be a good idea as my Dad had never steered me wrong before. We got around £180 for it but I was only allowed to buy educational stuff. He also made me buy a clipart set at £70 as I could use it for school. I have never forgiven him for that.
  17. ATM I am getting extremely frustrated with Don't Starve but I also have Diablo 3 on the go as well.
  18. The Last of Us and Injustice: God among us Bring it on
  19. I bet they don't win
  20. Why would She know?