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  1. Yes there are missions for each club except the thieves. Around 6 or 7 missions per club.
  2. Does anyone know how to craft without recipe? When I looked upon youtube everyone could just do it but I somehow can't. I need to craft stuff like Buttons and Hair accessory for my Delivery Request missions but I don't have any recipes for them. Hope someone can help me out.
  3. I have a question. I want to play a new game+ playthrough with a friend of mine from beginning to end, but I'm no sure if both of us will get the trophy or only the host. I assume both of us but just want to be sure. Hope some can clearify this for me.
  4. That's what I thought, but if you look at this screenshot (https://prnt.sc/lcwmnp) it says I miss one mission. I looked up which one that was and it is suppossed to be A Fork in the Road mission, but I never saw this mission on my map.
  5. So I just finished Chapter 5, but is says I missed one mission and that is A Fork in the Road which belongs to chapter 5. Does anybody else got this problem before and in this mission still playable?
  6. I just found the bastard, I did it your way, standing at the second spawn for around 3-4 minutes. After that I went back to the first spot, and there I saw it crawling between the two spawns. Thanks for the tips and the small guide you guys put together
  7. This didn't work for me unfortunately, thanks for pointing it out anyways. I wil try doing this now, how long did you normally wait?
  8. Hello everyone, I have a problem I guess, I've been searching for the Fer-De-Lance snake for about 2 hours now, but I only found the other snakes. But around the last 20 reload's I haven't seen any snake nowhere, I also tried getting myself killed but I just seems no animals are respawning. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  9. You don't need the same host nor the same facility, you can also do it in multiple runs. For example I did the Act III elite first during the Criminal Mastemrind IV, then Act I and Act II elites apart with different hosts, it all doesn't matter.
  10. I will try to complete these challenges this weekend with four players first, so I hope I can tell you the answer by then. I don't think someone actually attempt these trophy's yet to find this out.
  11. I completed the heist without any problems now, so they fixed it
  12. At the moment I start the last of the three new heists in GTA it will kick me and my friends out and saying there is a error, it happened around ten times so I quit for now. I tried leaving the game and starting up again but nothing worked for me. There aren't probably may people who are this far but if anyone comes at this point and have the same problem could you please let me know?
  13. No the elite challenges are something different then the mastermind challenge. Elite challenges are 3 challenges only achievable in the three heist finales. You will probably need to finish the heist in a very strict time to complete, as it was with the previous elite challenges.
  14. I'm happy there new trophies, and yes the mastermind and especially the elititst trophy will be very difficult.
  15. # 36 ---> Just Cause 3 Finally got this platinum, due a glitch with the 100% trophy that trophy didnt pop-up. After 1 year and a few months I decided to pick up this game again and after some good research I found a way to let the trophy pop-up. Game was amazing a year back but pretty hard with the gear challenges.