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  1. Nosy Nellie This is a pretty difficult trophy to get, requiring all the secret chests in the High Rift be found before completion of your run. This achievement was added in the Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC for Portal Knights. With a lot of practice, this is doable: It's really a large memorization test with a tight timer. You must recall the location of 66-67 chests, and how to access them. It's best done alone, in my opinion, after practicing with others. Each additional person on your team causes the timer to run faster, making it pretty tough even for teams that know what they're doing. Also, as others join you, there is a very, very high chance of encountering the lag bug which freezes your characters in place while the timer drains, breaking most runs. So, again, this is best done solo after practice and study. Special thanks to @DawningEmpire and @thisghere
  2. I feel pretty confident Destiny 2 will have no further trophies. I don’t see another expansion added being much larger than Shadowkeep due to console limitations (memory). If trophies weren’t created for Shadowkeep, it’s unlikely they’d be created for a similarly-sized release in the future. I’m pretty sure Bungie wants to normalize the achievement system across all platforms with their Triumph system. The difference in investment between their Triumph system (which saw yet another update and polishing with Shadowkeep) and their disinterested regard for PSN trophies is night and day. Let’s face it, the base Destiny 2 trophies were not that inspired (13 lackluster trophies), and many eventually unlocked unrelated to their original intention by simply starting a new DLC (character class trophies popping for simply choosing a character in Shadowkeep) and visiting Xûr to unlock the Trials trophy. My feeling is that trophies sort of commit them to narrative/achievement paths that they later may give up on. For instance, they also changed the original Nightfall/Leviathan trophy to Leviathan Prestige to the chagrin of many. The trophy change from NF Prestige to Leviathan Prestige was made, in part, because some prominent YouTubers at the time, like Datto, complained the base game was too easy. (Ironically he never achieved 100% on PS4.) In further response, Bungie temporarily made pathways to earning many of the Forsaken trophies very grindy/difficult, but later relented and made them easier to earn, like now, where many formerly difficult trophies are essentially auto-popped. Frankly, the achievement history for Destiny 2 has been a mess. Some benefited by getting achievements early (NF/Leviathan before the change), while others benefited by waiting (unlocking classes, Trials, seals, and acquiring 10 Forsaken exotics). This happens from time to time in games, and certainly happened to D2. If anything, in regard to pushback against Eververse disincentiving play, in the future, Bungie may dedicate more desirable loot to unlock with the achievement of certain Triumphs.
  3. @TheMightyImp2 Ha, that may have been part of it for me. First time I had to take Dramamine to get through a game...
  4. I'm thinking you have to advance the story. The answer to your question may be in the link below. I'll just post the link to avoid mentioning story spoilers here....Check out Rycyyn's #2 post, which seems to address your concern...
  5. By completing the story, you will earn a relic that will allow you to set whatever is remaining in your game to your level (Mayhem I, II, and III). Mayhem I will suit your needs. So, yes, they can scale that way, so skip them until you finish the main story. Here is an article that discusses the matter, as a PSA.
  6. The scuttlebutt is, Bungie seeks to unify achievements across all platforms by relying on the game’s internal Triumph system. That is, not all platforms offer trophies and achievements that permit D2 play.
  7. #106: The Limits of the Possible My third run now through the World of Witcher 3. My platinum completion clocked in at 230 hours: A lot of rose-smelling. I have really come to appreciate the depth of lore and detail in this game. I wish they had added trophies for brewing all the oils and potions to their superior versions, and added silver trophies for completing the DLCs on Death March.
  8. The Limits of the Possible
  9. How do you govern your PSN friend list as a trophy hunter? I have found some difficulties managing a large friend list as a hunter for a number of reasons. I find that some new friends, who are often not trophy hunters, come to expect assistance in their games. (That is, why can’t you do X for me…You’ve already done that yourself.) To a certain extent, I can understand some of these expectations: Why else are we friends on PSN if not to at least communicate or game with one another once in a while? However, some believe, apparently, that being a PSN friend means owing random aid. I am Founder of a large clan in Destiny 2. So I am friends with a number of players who I do not regularly game with, for clan administration: I will tolerate a lot to keep them on my friend list for the sake of the clan. However, a number of these players, over the years, have sent invites to random games beyond D2, some of which I don’t even own. Some can be quite persistent, blowing apart my account with invites and desperate requests, and even getting angry in some cases. For instance, when the new Borderlands 2 DLC (Fight for Sanctuary) was recently released, quite a few of these random D2 clanmates would jump into my game uninvited while I was farming. Some would still barge into my game even after I told them I was currently unavailable in a message. (Restarting farming instances in BL2 often resets the party settings to open.) At times, I had to play “appear offline” to get peace and quiet. This led to my decision to remove/block the most aggressive randoms from my friend list. I’ve had some pretty salty messages from randoms I’ve declined assistance to for various good reasons. So I ask, what challenges have you faced as a trophy hunter with regard to your friend list? How did you address those challenges? Are you able to keep a large friend list? (My fellow trophy hunter friends nearly all have very small friend lists.) I have personally found it very difficult to manage a friend list over 100. I simply don’t have time to field the random and persistent requests on my schedule (family/job/PhD/newborn). I have a close-knit group of friends that I hunt with, and finding time beyond this group with a family is incredibly difficult. Who makes it onto your friend list in 2019? Why? How does someone get to stay on your friend list? Do you use the block feature? Some of my friends will unfriend but not go so far as to block, thinking it’s mean or overkill. I’d be interested in reading your thoughts on this matter.
  10. Yes, 1 month for sure...2 months possibly.
  11. There is actually a chance trophies are added in September as well, when the discovery tour update is released. Ubisoft added trophies for that aspect of the game for Origins to encourage engagement.
  12. Ubisoft posted on Twitter that the final achievement will be available to earn in August. Their July 8 post reads, in regard to the contents of Patch 1.4.0, that it includes “In-game support for the next Lost Tale of Greece (August)”
  13. @Gumby114 Correct. With the Leviathan in the rear-view mirror, you're just left with grind. You might take a look at the Lore Seal. Rumor is it's currently the "easiest" to earn...Recent patches have taken a good bit of difficulty, grind, and time off the table in regard to the Forsaken trophies.
  14. Castaway Paradise has a progress tracker. Especially helpful considering its variety and quantity of collectibles...
  15. Child of Light. You could add trophies for crafting a Princess Stone, for fully completing all perk trees, and for beating the game on Expert / NG+.