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  1. I'm not sure on that count. Personally, I didn't advance to the DLC until I resolved the pivot glitch. I believe your pivot will eventually bounce to another player's game.
  2. @ChouShirakawa Hang in there. Follow the steps. You are waiting for someone to pass the pivot to. My guess in 24-48 hours your game will bump the pivot to the next unfortunate soul (likely a hunter). The rest of us in this thread have escaped that situation, so you have that hope in your sails. Keep us posted...
  3. Part of the issue stems from the fact that Grandmaster Nightfalls weren’t originally intended for the consumer player: Bungie’s goal was to create “watchable” (Bungie’s language) content for Streamers to play and their respective audiences to watch. To promote buzz for the game. Except that the content didn’t turn out to be all that “watchable.” The intent was for the general player to be in awe of their favorite streamer overcoming 15 negative modifiers and a 20-light handicap. Those on PCs with loads of assistance from their hardware and fine-grain settings likely have the best chance to complete these events. As pointed out, you need seasonal luck in getting your rare pinnacles to hit the right slots to even make the entrance light. And then finding two others who are willing to do this was designed to be one-and-done...or two others lucky/committed enough to even enter GM Nightfall. Link below regarding objection over Bungie creating GM Nightfalls so streamers can have “watchable” content.
  4. Kingpin in RDR. Fighting off 8 unique players. Getting 9 players successfully into an instance in RDR online is difficult. Often have to fight against crashes to do so. There isn’t anything gameplay wise that’s difficult when boosting this. The challenge is social: Getting nine people into an instance at once. And having those 9 players have the perseverance to overcome the game’s obstacles in doing so. Our LFG was a very frustrated group by then. A few who said they “needed to go first” immediately left after popping the trophy, leaving us hanging. When someone says “I need to go first,” you know what’s next. Unfortunately, members in the group started fighting and unfriending each other, so we had to find new members and try again. Overall the worst LFG experience I’ve ever had, and the worst trophy experience I’ve had as well.
  5. Well this is an interesting bug...characters' genitals are hanging out of their clothes... Not sure how this gets exposed to players day 1. Thought CDPR would've reeled this in before release...
  6. My worry is that since Cyberpunk’s release bridges the PS4/PS5 divide, how many resources will CD Projekt devote to optimizing this game for PS4/PS4 Pro? I am guessing most of the efforts will be channeled to Cyberpunk on the PS5, the next generation machine. I waited several years after Witcher 3’s release before playing, after all the patches were out. But realistically, how long will CD Projekt support this on PS4? Or will they eventually throw in the towel on this like EA did to Mass Effect Andromeda? The ending of support for Gwent also raises some alarms for Cyberpunk's PS4 future. If a game is published for a console, it should be playable and supported on that console. Some people even invested hundreds of dollars in various collector’s editions for PS4.
  7. @Nakqz That's great news!! I'm very happy for you. I figured you'd escape this problem with this strategy. But, as you know, you bounced that trolling pivot to someone else! I wonder if we'll soon see that person in this forum?
  8. @NakqzYes, you have the Adam's Tavern pivot, unfortunately, BUT, the reason you have it is because we've successfully gotten it out of our own games, so you can probably get it out of your own as well. I think if you take the steps here and wait 24+ hours, this will eventually bounce to the next gamer (likely a hunter). You're waiting for an active game to pass this to, so it make take a bit. If a week goes by and the pivot is still in your game, do the technique in this forum AND cut your friend list under 50. (A pain, yes, if you have many friends...)
  9. I don’t. My question was, how can this be popped currently. I think I understand how that happens now. A good chance by a cursory examination shows that population would provide the least credible information.
  10. Completing the Leviathan raid on Prestige. I can see now how some players could be popping the trophy by transferring their old saves from PC to PS4. I think it’s a charitable stretch to think this accounts for the reason these trophies are popping in these 14 or so cases, but without investigating each profile carefully one at a time, I couldn’t definitively say. Even though I’m 100% in D2, I “main” this game. I don’t trophy hunt it. I’m usually on daily. Personally, my intuition prompts me to think most popping this trophy between Nov 10 - Dec 22 have cheated. But without carefully examining what happened for each specific case, I have to tentatively allow someone might have an old save file that is being transferred in from PC to PS4.
  11. Grandmaster is unavailable on PC currently, so the auto-pop would not work in this case.
  12. Hmmmm. But Grandmaster isn't currently available on any platform...
  13. How are players here earning the Prestige achievement currently? Completing a Nightfall on Grandmaster difficulty is required, and that selection is unavailable in game Nov. 10 - Dec. 21. Grandmaster opens Dec. 22. So how are players here earning this? Thanks!
  14. I see that players (roughly 14 now and counting) continue to earn the Prestige trophy even though Grandmaster difficulty will not be accessible for players until Dec 22. How have players earned this trophy since Nov 10 when Beyond Light dropped, when the trophy requirements changed?
  15. Does the Raid have a weekly reset, like Destiny? That is, if I start tonight on a Thursday evening, and don’t finish, would I run into a weekly reset on Friday, requiring our team to redo the first Chapter of the Raid?