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  1. Still wishing they’d add the function to remove individual followers. I would love to clean up that follower list...
  2. That’s what I keep hoping for! However, I’m afraid it’s largely just the hunters who would likely get that deep in the game or ever bother with those pivots, which is why we keep trading the glitched pivot amongst ourselves in the mini-game. 🙄 Glad it’s out of your game. We’ll see who reports it next!!
  3. This happened to me after I popped Common Courtesy. Big trophy lag…and then as you describe….”generic white trophy on blue background.”
  4. I agree. However, the first match, which we won, we sent shade after shade, well more than 5 each, and no trophies popped. So I tried solo as a test.
  5. I’m trying to get clear on what pops this trophy. I’ve tried doing this solo, but I’m capped at 4 shades (one fire shade and 3 regular ones). In Rivals, we’ve sent well more than 5 shades. Nothing pops. What gives?
  6. Far Cry 3: Classic Edition Mastered the Jungle Just wrapped up the Far Cry 3: Classic Edition platinum experience rusting in my backlog. As others have often noted, it’s an enjoyable game, and most of the trophies will pop naturally as you progress through the story. There are only really 3 trophies that require farming outside of the story arc (25 enemies distracted by rocks thrown, 50 enemies torched by the flamethrower, and the collection of 60 relics). The poker trophy can be satisfied by completing a side quest (Father’s Burden). Overall, this is a relaxing Ubisoft map-clearing game. I played on Normal and was only pressed on a few quests and had to make a few adjustments to achieve the 3rd Tier of success on all the Trials of Rakyat. Fall damage can be a nuisance at times. Even with the skill you can acquire later in the game to reduce fall damage by 25%, I found myself constantly getting wounded from random fall damage. Stealthily clearing bases with a sniper, for me, was the best part of the game. The guns are a lot of fun, and the Signature machine gun Ripper sort of breaks the game. Is there an end game? I think end-game challenge could arise by playing on Warrior, opting not to use Signature weapons (essentially the game’s exotics), and by fully completing all of the Handbook tasks. If this game is in your backlog, you can complete this fully (the whole Handbook) in 35-40 hours with casual play. If you just want metal, you can probably blast this game apart in 25 hours with Ripper and Z93 (a suppressed sniper with great zoom).
  7. Thankful there are no new raid-oriented trophies. Chapter 2’s length is very family-unfriendly.
  8. Mass Effect: Andromeda Andromeda's Finest This platinum took me two play-throughs to complete, in addition to the multiplayer. While the game does have a few issues, I certainly did not run into the raft of glitches and bugs reported for this game's rather anger-oriented forums. The many reports and videos of this being "the worst game in history" are certainly overwrought and overly-dramatic, lacking all serious review of the state of the game post-patch 1.10. The guides for this game are woefully out of date, especially in regard to romantic relationships. The final patch for this game, 1.10, reflects a philosophical change in the game towards relationships by BioWare. There is less emphasis on flings, so it's very easy now to lock yourself unintentionally into an early committed relationship that makes the game's trickiest trophy (Matchmaker) unattainable in one run, especially for female Ryder. Male Ryder's facial animation and voicing are far less distracting than female Ryder's, which for me sometimes broke immersion. Male Ryder is far more liable to clinch Matchmaker in one run than female Ryder. To nail down Matchmaker for female Ryder, you'll need save-scumming and frankly some luck, as the moments that lock in a romance and exclude all others on patch 1.10 do not align with posted videos or commentary about how to unlock that trophy, which probably accounts for much of this plat's 5.5% rarity. If you don't want to do an Insanity run, the multiplayer is active in 2021. Even post-platinum, I do several gold APEX clears a day to help randoms in lobbies. A decent player with a well-leveled ultra-rare character can carry an under-leveled lobby to extraction. You can do 5 gold clears in a day without much heartburn in 2021. If you lobby-up with players with APEX scores 9000+, they will likely carry. Just make it to the extraction plate on Wave 7: Randoms are terrible in multiplayer games about meeting even the most basic objectives. (No extraction, no credit.) All this is to say, this is a very doable plat in 2021. I enjoyed the game personally, and feel the hate train for this game was way over-baked. The gun-play is crisp and the UI isn't as bad as players (usually those who don't have the S or even have this title on their card) suggest. However, this game does have several high learning curves.
  9. As someone who recently earned this plat, if EA pulls the plug on the server, I believe this plat is unobtainable. How does one access the online multiplayer tutorial for the achievement? Strikes seem to run from the server as well, as they are accessible on the app (the guide also notes this as an online-required achievement). I also have heard that the stat tracking in the game, especially in regard to tracking relationships, gets wonky offline. If indeed the plat is obtainable somehow with the servers killed (the guide also notes online connectivity to servers is required for a few of the trophies), this plat’s rarity (5.5% and climbing) will definitely get rarer. Currently the multiplayer is active. If you are in a lobby with someone with a rank XX ultra rare character, for instance, they likely can (and generally will) carry a group to Gold APEX extraction if you play the objectives and help just a bit. I've been in random lobbies myself helping players complete Gold extractions beyond my own plat experience.
  10. It did work. You were waiting for another game to send the pivot to. Fewer players that deep into the game means a longer wait time. It will only move by transferring to another person’s game. You were lucky you only had to wait a day at this point! Glad it’s gone from your game.
  11. That is correct, unfortunately....Yes, it's definitely in another person's game now. You did what I did....
  12. Finally updated my profile picture! Glad to get that eyesore off your feed. 

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      So you finally have a profile for your PSNProfiles after all this time!

  13. My two cents about friends in MHW. Having just recently platted this game, I have a few thoughts about this topic. I would recommend going in with (1) other person you really trust, someone who does their homework, and do the plat with a mix of dual and solo play. There are also still plenty of very talented players who invite the public into their sessions that will work for you. For instance, someone ranked 999 may have their gold/silver Teostra investigation open: Join that for a shot at a crown and other things you might need, like XP, materials, and quests completed. You also may learn some good strategies. I recommend crown farming (sniping) solo or with one other. Once you are at three/four players, you lose your Palicoes and their buffs and the delta scale may wipe additional players who are senselessly aggressive. We definitely lost crowns we would have scored with just one/two players. If you are crown sniping, sharing investigations with one other player helps. If you have something close, invite your friend, compare measurements, and go for it. I probably soloed 85% of this. Upgrade your gear and use the right charms. Eventually with practice you’ll be able to kill most of the monsters around 5 minutes or faster without the Iceborne gear others contend is mandatory at this point. I consider myself an average but determined gamer. I did NOT dip into Iceborne for power/gear. I completed the MHW plat with MHW power. I did pop a few ambient Iceborne trophies on my journey towards the MHW plat, but I never started any Iceborne main quest lines until I nailed down plat. A final caution about larger groups: The risks go up dramatically for unfounded pet theories about the best methods to get crowns. Confirmation bias will likely become problematic. I recommend doing your homework, so to speak, and contrast your findings with other various good sources as they relate to the state of play in 2021. Otherwise, you’ll be dragged into such business as bronze/bronze investigations to keep the peace in your group, drawing out the time to plat, and avoiding other good content that can efficiently lead you to plat to make others happy. With two players we were killing the base game elder dragons in minutes with the proper builds. Shout out to @Vtull for his assistance with this plat.
  14. Deleted. Wrong forum.