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  1. Either way, I've collected over 100 Orichalcumin in the wild, and my stats show I've collected an astounding billion+, and I still haven't earned the 300XP credit for collecting a mere 50 Orichalcum. So something is broken here. It may eventually be revealed that if you do X you encounter the bug, and some people are able to collect 50 and earn the 300XP. That's sort of how it goes. Or, it's broken for all. I would recommend players leave 50+ Orichalcum in the wild just in case an eventual fix requires nabbing an additional 50 to proc credit for the 300XP in Club.
  2. @Pokedude97 OK, so it's a confirmed bug. I'll send Ubisoft a note. I sort of imagine someone there checks PSNProfiles to observe the status of their game anyway, so this might be seen soon.
  3. @Kassandra. Unlikely. Let's imagine that 5,000,000 units of this game have already been sold (unlikely at this point). Let's imagine all 5,000,000 players have already uncovered 50 Orichalcum (extremely unlikely). That would total a mere 250,000,000, far under the billion+ Orichalcum listed in my Club Stats & Leaderboards. @Kassandra I've already collected 50+ in the wild. I'm over 100 collected. But Club tracks over a billion collected in my game. Lol. I have a hard time imagining I'm the only one who has encountered this bug.
  4. Has anyone completed the Club challenge Window Shopping to earn the 300XP for collecting 50 Orichalcum fragments? I’ve collected far more than 50 fragments in the world, and earned many more through completing quests, but still I haven’t earned the check. Then when I look in Stats & Leaderboards in Club, I am seeing a bizarre number of Orichalcum collected: 1,137,282,944. While I’ve put a few hours into Odyssey, I certainly haven’t been farming like that! Lol
  5. @mako-heart I’m a dude. He’s a dude. Lol.
  6. I’ve found that sinking ships is a very efficient way to collect wood. I can farm thousands of wood in no time at sea. My strategy is to sink a few ships...and then a bounty will be placed sending a low-level epic ship. Loot the chests on the epic ship and collect all the wood. Then pay off the bounty and start the cycle over again. You’ll also make a ton of cash to purchase metal from blacksmiths. Metals will also drop from ships. You’ll also collect stray drifting wood at sea quite frequently.
  7. Ha, well in my real-name request situation, he's asked for a photo now, so I think I know where this is going...
  8. @AJ_-_808He's a recent addition to our Destiny 2 clan. It's not like I've been ultra-secretive about my name, as several of my clanmates attended my wedding. And some people have their full names as their gamer-tags. But there is something compelling to what @BlindMangosaid above.
  9. To be clear, in my case, he knows my first name, which is common. He's been asking after my last name, which is uncommon. Reading these responses has been very helpful...So he's followed up on this interest by sending a real-name request today.
  10. I don't see a thread on this issue, but I was wondering how comfortable everyone was with receiving real-name requests on PS4. I received one today from an individual on my friend list who I don't know all that well, and I have mixed feelings about that. Thoughts?
  11. My guess is duplicates will not count. There is a collections badge that counts Forsaken exotics. When you’ve unlocked 10 in the collections inventory, the trophy will pop. Besides Ace of Spades, I’ve had 1 to drop (Fox), and I play daily. As others are, I’m waiting for Xûr... The Seal trophy will take forever. The difficulty to pop that trophy is underestimated. For the Destinations Seal, you have to get the strike-specific loot to drop, and despite blowing out the bonuses on Nightfalls countless times, no one in my clan (97 members/I’m Founder) has ever gotten strike-specific loot to drop. So I’m thinking Gambit is the best way to go. You do have to complete the collections badge for Gambit, however. And that will require resetting your rank twice in Season 4. You will also have to unlock all of the subclasses to complete their associated Gambit Triumphs. I agree with aZombieDictator. Without hyperbole, completing the D2 Forsaken trophies could easily take 1000+ hours depending on your RNG.
  12. Go to the Collections tab. To the right, you will see the badges. Click X to view contents to see what you have...and what you earn the badge.
  13. Trophy popped for me as soon as I changed from my Hunter to my Titan. If anyone else runs into this roadblock, keep changing characters until the trophy pops.
  14. I see people are earning this trophy. Says "Earn 5000 Triumph points." I've earned 8050 points, but the trophy hasn't popped for me. What's the deal? Thanks!
  15. Ha. No worries. I figured you accidentally mistook this for a D2 thread. The platinum is still obtainable.