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  1. What do you consider your best accomplishment in gaming in 2018? Or your most satisfying moment or experience in gaming this year? Mine was finally getting the Braytech Osprey to drop in the Strange Terrain Nightfall in Destiny 2 (I farmed that Nightfall over 100 times for it), which will allow me to complete that Seal the Deal trophy in a few weeks for 100% in D2. And yours?
  2. Ubisoft apparently removed that statistic from Club.
  3. Is this suit only available during the holiday? Or has it been permanently added to the game?
  4. @malachi1987That worked in the past...Ubisoft games provided all the Club points you'd need to earn the rewards. However, for games like Creed Odyssey and Origins, you'll need additional Club Units beyond what is available in the game to purchase all of the rewards. This is where hoarding units without expiration from other games helped. It's a bummer to think, for example, that the 200 Club Units you'd earn from completing something very tough--for instance, Far Cry Primal's Classic Challenge "Survival of the Fittest" (finish the game in Survivor mode [expert difficulty] and the Permadeath option activated)--would have an expiration date.
  5. I didn't see a post on this matter, but Ubisoft Club Units will now have expiration dates. What's changed: On March 31, 2019, all unspent units you earned before March 31, 2017, will expire. Beginning April 1, 2019, any unused Club units acquired 2 or more years from their acquisition date will expire. A bummer because I've used Club Points amassed from older games to purchase good loot to enhance my experience in other, later-released games. Thoughts?
  6. Destiny 2 While the game has been improved with the Forsaken expansion this year, D2 never fully recovered from the missteps of Year 1. The player-base is smaller and not as dedicated as in Destiny 1 as a result.
  7. Master Assassin Platinum in Assassin’s Creed 3 at 5.66%. Overcame a nasty glitched pivot someone stuck in a house in Boston to earn the Head in the Clouds trophy. Was worried about that one!
  8. A bit torn. I agree with you to a certain extent. However, he has acknowledged and accepted Bethesda’s punishment yet remains unrepentant. A tossing from PSNProfiles would be a tiny gesture of joining hands with Bethesda and other media outlets to show that this behavior isn’t to be tolerated. I agree with you that little in such a move would be “solved”: However, PSNProfiles would be making a small but significant statement that such behavior isn’t acceptable in the gaming community. I understand there are many chats that, if their content would be exposed to the public, a similar condemnation might result. The author said he was “shocked.” As a long-time gamer, I wasn’t “shocked”...I think that language is melodramatic...Sadly I know this behavior occurs daily in many chats. However, it’s rarely exposed to public light. What is surprising, to a certain extent, is how unremorseful the responsible person is. Losing access to one game obviously failed to shake him into a moral awakening.
  9. The ringleader’s behavior is so unapologetically offensive, that I also think he should be removed from this site, viewing PSNProfiles as a community in the broadest sense. If they do add a system to report players, I hope it’s actually manned and monitored. For instance, in Destiny 2, there is a reporting system, but there’s no sense that anyone is actually held accountable for offenses.
  10. Is there no way to mute the proximity-based chat? Or to mute select players? I ask because, were I to purchase this game at a later date in a patched state, I couldn’t have possible filth broadcast in my home (kids). Case in point: I see where Bethesda issued perma-bans to a group of players brazenly hounding others with homophobic slurs and threats. I won’t mention the gamer’s tag here, but he stands by his behavior as it’s been reported. He’s on this site. In an interview responding to the situation, he states, “I do not regret the incident. I will not apologise given the opportunity.” Situations like these, and milder but still offensive chat, have me concerned about proximity-based chat. This works largley in an idealized, romanticized vision of humankind, I think. I acknowledge there are many who play Fallout 76 who wouldn’t engage in this activity. Thoughts?
  11. I wanted to clarify, to the extent that I can, the server status for AC Brotherhood on PS3. I spoke with a representative today at Ubisoft, who spoke with another team regarding this matter. Currently, the servers are good. If Ubisoft were to shutter servers for games like ACB, AC3, or AC4 on PS3, 60 day notice would be provided on the Masterlist. The confusion about the PS3 server status arises in part because Ubisoft's webpage for Brotherhood simultaneously shows that the servers are active (they are) while a notice has been posted below that the servers were closed at some point. So what happened? We believe that a transcription error occurred. When ONLIVE was closed in 2014 for ACB, someone apparently inadvertently confused ONLIVE for PS3, and mistakenly posted that ACB servers were closed on PS3. This is our collective best guess. This confusion is being evaluated, and it's likely (hopeful?) that this closure notice will be removed to clear this muddiness. Hope this helps!
  12. @Raqiros Yes, many have written back saying my modified method to remove the Adam's Tavern pivot eventually works. Now it has bounced to another player's game, unfortunately. Beyond frustrating. Glad it worked for you, too. 😉 As a tip for future players who end up with the Adam's Tavern pivot in their game, when you place an elevated pivot, be sure that the "glitched" pivot is white and not greyed when placing your pivot. Then you will know you've successfully placed your countering pivot at the correct, matching height. Again, I shouldn't use the word "glitched," because this pivot was intentionally placed by a malicious troll. I hope they address this situation in the upcoming remastered AC3 for PS4...As I mentioned earlier, there is a map exploit that allows for these pivots to be placed inside buildings, hills, or in the sky; if not patched, I don't see what would prevent trolls from placing pivots in inaccessible places in the upcoming, remastered AC3. It's a terrible idea to allow other players to place things in your game: Not everyone is playing nicely...
  13. @Raqiros I’m very sorry to hear the Adam’s Tavern pivot found its way into your game. But others have contacted me since it landed in my game, and they’ve been able to dislodge it...sending it to another player’s game, unfortunately. That pivot has probably been swapped 50 times now since I dealt with it. Keep trying popular strategies, and I believe you’ll have a successful instance to dislodge the pivot. The stars have to align. You’ll have to be persistent.
  14. I second this discussion. I also only have 1 Forsaken drop after countless hours. (I play daily.) The argument for scarcity goes sort of like this: Make things extremely rare and players will continue to grind until they acquire their sought-after drops. However, I’ve found this determinism is overly optimistic. Again, I believe they’ve built the economy partly on a romanticized view of player behavior. While I continue to grind, the majority of my 100 player clan has tapped out, finding the scarcity of rewards unfulfilling. More and more, I’m finding fewer players logging on. Since the Year 2 exotics are fairly underwhelming, I find their rarity unjustified. I can see why, for instance, a game-changing drop like the Norfleet in Borderlands 2 is so rare, but the Two-Tailed Fox in D2? Also, after the patch, I did get an exotic to drop in the Well, but it was a Year 1 exotic I already had.
  15. Those are my thoughts. I think the current take is, We want to honor the exclusivity of the Dory for those who attended the E3 event.