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  1. Prestige Leviathan is hard-capped at 300. You receive no power level advantages entering Prestige Leviathan beyond 300 light. For instance, a 385 Origin Story will do the same damage as a 300 Origin Story in Prestige Leviathan. BUT, bringing in recently added DLC gear like the Whisper of the Worm, Perfect Paradox, and/or Sleeper, will probably provide an easier path to producing efficient damage for many players.
  2. Ha. Good intentions, but you've only dumped the problem into another gamer's lap. Lol. Until whoever placed that annoying pivot inside the house shows some mercy, it won't be "successfully countered" in the pivot mini-game, and will be passed from unlucky player to unlucky player... 😞
  3. Glad the modified technique helped! (Although the gamer who ended up with your trapped pivot in his/her game now may not be so thankful...) 😉
  4. Heavy Rain. Never got around to it.
  5. I would add to this discussion that on lower difficulty settings, the gameplay and the narrative often get out of whack (ludonarrative dissonance). For example, Witcher 3 played Death March makes the most sense, story-wise. Geralt is old, on the verge of retirement, so combat should feel like a struggle. When you are told by NPCs you're in for mighty battle, one that will require you to draw upon all your various resources, skills, and allies, but then you mow the challenge down on Just a Story mode, for me at least, immersion is broken. This isn't said to judge anyone, but to claim a personal preference that the difficulty match the story, which usually calls upon the hardest setting, so as to make the story correlate with the gameplay, and to make all of the game's various features (like crafting, bestiaries, builds, or economies) actually matter. I get bored just pressing X and watching enemies dissolve effortlessly before me, but not everyone is up for that. But good games also deliver a challenge and are not simply "hard." I see a distinction between challenge/hard.
  6. It's possible. Once I got mid-game, I was getting locked into an infinite save loop, and I could not proceed. I know this was a problem for others, until they logged into Steam. Feel bad for my friends. They had intended to get Professor Portal and Friend List With Benefits, but that looks grim at this point. These games with overlays...that's why I'm rushing to finish AC3, because of the UPlay overlay...
  7. I would be surprised if players could do much of anything on Portal 2 without the Steam overlay. Without signing into Steam, my game would go into an infinite save loop during the campaign.
  8. I might also add that in learning how to force re-sync this meddlesome Boston pivot, I have also come to understand how many of these inaccessible pivots are placed in this mini-game. While I will not document the steps here, as to make widely know this exploit, these pivots, as I understand it, have not "glitched" into bizarre, unreachable places, but were intentionally placed, as a troll. When I or others force re-sync an inassessible pivot, it has not been successfully "countered" in the pivot mini-game, and is therefore still there to land in another unsuspecting person's game, potentially spoiling, say, 60-100 hours of labor. This is partly why the Boston Epsilon pivot repeatedly shows up in players' games in the same location, within that tavern. This is the danger of allowing players to place things in other players' games. Foreseeing possible abuses, this pivot mini-game should not have been implemented in AC3 in its current form. As a fix, Ubisoft might consider auto re-synching uncollected pivots once every 24 hours.
  9. After two days of struggling, I was finally able to extricate the pivot (Epsilon) placed inside of a Boston house. My pivot was located inside of a building in South Boston, the same location featured in many videos posted by other fellow sufferers. (I wanted to attach a screenshot of its location, but I'm not sure how to do that on this site.) A YouTube video posted by Christoph Bast, "Pivot Epsilon Glitch in Boston," shows the location of the pivot. At any rate, this is what I did and why: As recommended by others, I tried closely surrounding the stuck pivot with my 11 other pivots, heading to XMB, signing out of my profile, signing in again, and then quickly selecting the problem pivot in the pivot info menu to force re-sync the pivot. I tried this nearly a hundred times to no avail. Days passed, and I thought I was totally screwed until the person who placed the pivot removed it. However, I noticed that the Boston pivot was not quite on ground level. While walking nearby on the street, the pivot was slightly greyed. When I got on top of a barrel or a street vendor's awning, the pivot turned white on the map. Though not visible to me, the pivot was not on ground level. So, I surrounded the problem pivot with my 11 other pivots by placing them in slightly elevated positions around the stuck pivot. I placed them on awnings, barrels, fences, perches, etc.: In other words, I tried to place them at roughly the same height as the glitched pivot. In short, this worked on my FIRST forced re-sync attempt with this new strategy. This is what I did: 1. I surrounded the problem pivot with my eleven pivots, but I placed them in elevated positions...on barrels, fences, awnings, perches, etc. I did not have all of the pivots on lines, as others say was required. 2. I highlighted the problem pivot in the pivot info menu. 3. I pressed the PS button on my controller, went to XMB, went to Account Management, hit triangle, signed out, waited a few seconds, signed back in, then returned to the game. I did not pull the plug on my Internet, as others say is required. 4. When I returned to the game, I immediately highlighted the problem pivot in the pivot info menu. This caused the forced re-sync. My problem pivot re-appeared in a nearby street in South Boston. Sorry for the long-winded post, but I wanted to journal my experience to provide a possible roadmap for others. So what I'm offering is a modified version of the forced re-sync method circulating in forums. I believe that the 11 surrounding pivots need to be on the same plane as the problematic pivot to force the re-sync in Boston. Given that this technique worked for me on the first attempt, I have some hopes this strategy will help others who, more than likely, inevitably find themselves faced with the Epsilon pivot inside of the South Boston home (Adams Tavern, to be precise).
  10. Yes, I've tried those. There seems to be at least two issues for players: Pivots don't even appear for some...and for others, myself included, a pivot is located in an unreachable location. Yes, Cthulhu, I've read that these inaccessible pivots have actually been placed inside buildings, rocks, etc. by hackers who somehow access regions outside of the playable map, as a troll: Not sure if this is true or not. I've also heard that if you don't touch the game for 24 hours, the pivots will reset for a lucky few. I suppose I'll try that.
  11. So, like many others before me, pivot Epsilon is stuck inside of a Boston building. I have the 11 other pivots, and this is the last thing I need for platinum. I have tried many of the popular remedies found online, but to no avail. Does anyone know of a current fix for this? Is my only resort to gamble on a new game?
  12. I think for the as-yet named Fall comet expansion, which will likely cost between $39 - $49, earning raid trophies will be tough. My clan has 90 members (was 100 until the underwhelming Osiris DLC was released), and most have quit. (When I say most, I mean all but 5 or 6...sometimes weeks pass with no one logged on.) I'm assuming my clan is probably representative of the majority of clans, given the state of the game's population. While some steps have been made to fix the game, D2 is still not in a great spot. It's abandoned the lite RPG elements of D1 to become a pure FPS, turning off a lot of players. Will players purchase the comet expansion, given the current state of D2? No one I know (even these somewhat active players I've mentioned) will: They intend to wait for some sort of complete edition on-the-cheap, if they ever return at all. The Warmind DLC isn't fairing so well with critics and users (currently a 3.2 user average on Metacritic), but is regarded as an improvement over Osiris. D2 will have lots of competition in the Fall, and Destiny as a franchise will likely not die, but have a dramatically smaller base moving forward. Many of the remaining players are part of the new casual base, who enjoy going on patrol and doing public events to blow steam, and not tackling end-game activities like raiding. All this said, I have a feeling earning the inevitable new prestige raid trophy will be very difficult in terms of putting a capable team together. As Kallume mentioned, I could easily imagine players hitting eBay for sherpa carries.
  13. I can confirm it's cumulative. I eventually achieved Greed over Need as I leveled up my different characters. As others have stated, you can check your progress.
  14. Friendly amendment to your comments about the Suited for War achievement in Destiny. You are correct that Taken King DLC (patch is a must: Only way to acquire and equip the purple artifact...and legendary ghost, added requirements in that patch. So, currently, the Destiny platinum is locked behind a paywall. My raid team recently tried to assist someone to get platinum who couldn't afford the Taken King DLC. You will run into a wall with Suited for War. You can equip legendary gear and exotic guns at level 20 (I recently did another platinum run on my alt and got a level 20 Mida, for instance), and you can equip 2 exotic armor pieces (level 25 faction exotic class items and a level 20 exotic). You can farm purple gear from Vault of Glass in vanilla Destiny (will take many runs). But, alas, you will be stuck with no purple artifacts and a blue ghost.
  15. There is a relatively "easy" way to get this achievement. Play Conquest on Somme. There is a bottle in the windmill at B. At the beginning of the match, rush B, grab the bottle, and then run behind the windmill where you'll discover a small shed. Camp in the shed. B is a hotly contested site because the enemies spawn at A. Eventually, an opponent will run past the shed. Sneak up behind and bash in the skull. I use a specialization perk that quietens my steps, so they can probably only hear my approach if wearing a headset. I am well beyond 5 bottle kills with this strategy. I think I have about an 80% success rate with this strategy. If I am killed with the first bottle, I retrieve another bottle, if available, and return to the shed again for another chance.