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  1. Castaway Paradise has a progress tracker. Especially helpful considering its variety and quantity of collectibles...
  2. Child of Light. You could add trophies for crafting a Princess Stone, for fully completing all perk trees, and for beating the game on Expert / NG+.
  3. I have completed Episode 1: Fields of Elysium, and enhanced 4 abilities acquired from a Keeper's Insight, but I did not earn the associated Club XP/Units for completing this challenge. Anyone else run into this issue? A known fix? Thanks!
  4. There isn't a bright line between difficult and easy trophies in many cases. For example, take a rare group of trophies like the weapon assignment trophies in the Battlefield 1 DLCs. Many players...including some who often post in these "trophy purity" threads...cheese these trophies by having a friend drop all the DLC guns on the ground. In this case, these otherwise difficult trophies are no more difficult than what's offered in Iron Snout, a game that's given moral heartburn to most in this thread. In an ideal world, I can understand why many are bothered. These games, in the ideal, are corrosive to the value of platinum and gold trophies. But as one person pointed out recently in another thread, over half the trophies on PSN are above 50% rarity on this site: in other words, most trophies on PSN simply aren't that hard to earn. There isn't much consistency in terms of difficulty from game to game in regard to what it takes to earn trophies. A friend of mine makes pretty good money by earning rare trophies for highly ranked members on this site. Many players also go onto eBay, for instance, and purchase the difficult raid trophies on Destiny 1 and 2: I personally know players who have done this. Sometimes family members play on one account, and it's difficult to know who's playing what titles (I know many who share their accounts with children and/or their wives). There's no way to regulate how trophies are earned, and otherwise difficult trophies are exploited or cheesed constantly, often by those very eager to virtue signal later. It might be best to evaluate each account as one might evaluate a person's résumé, judging for highs and lows by whatever standard you seek to apply, for whatever reasons. While I do understand the moral angst, I also understand the genie is out of the bottle...
  5. If you can obtain Supergirl and Wicked Witch, your ride to 100% will be much smoother. In my opinion, Supergirl is the best character in the game. In addition to the three base mini-figures, having Supergirl, Wicked Witch, Dr. Who, Abby Yates, Ethan Hunt, Newt Scamander, a character that can break rainbow bricks, and the DeLorean available from the start gives you access to most of the game’s hidden areas in the base and expansion sets. Some of the hidden areas where the mini-kits are located are surprisingly creative and well-crafted. While it’s totally fine to pursue just the 100%, having only the base characters makes probably 40% of the level content inaccessible. Sometimes these “hidden” areas have even another additional layer beyond them. The game has a surprising amount of depth locked behind characters with unique abilities, some of whom are available only in the Team and Fun packs.
  6. Considering that a little more than 1500 players out of 255,000 owners of D2 on this site have earned 100%, I think this thread is dismissive of the difficulty of reaching 100% for most players. Being 650 light doesn’t make Leviathan on Prestige easier, per se. Your light is capped at 300 for this event. Those who say your light isn’t capped at 300 have not read Bungie’s patch notes on this matter. What would make this raid easier is the better gear that has been available since Leviathan was released. The Last Wish raid has been cheesed by many with cluster rockets. But cluster rockets are receiving a hefty nerf next week, so this exploit will likely be closed off now, meaning you’ll have to run Last Wish legit, which isn’t “easy” for most. If you have a good crew to work through D2 with, and a really solid raid crew to rely on, it’s probably a 6/10 to get everything. It’s the grind that is “difficult.” The RNG associated with the Seals causes most players to tap out, and the player base has been shrinking, making reliable people to run activities with harder to find. For most players, earning 100% will take quite an investment of time. Some of that investment will be curtailed now that Xûr will sell Forsaken exotics. Those who do find the 100% easy are the outliers, and they may indeed find it easy. (I’ve earned the 100%...it was quite the journey!!)
  7. I think Lego Dimensions is a solid game. Before buying Dimensions, you'll need to understand it's quite a financial investment if you're looking to 100% this title. You'll need all the story and level packs (13 of those) in addition to the base game, and a number of additional characters beyond these packs. If you're looking for the least expensive route to earn 100%, then you can just buy the necessary tag base discs on eBay, for instance. Yes, you need the USB Portal Base to play Dimensions. So, no, it's not too late...
  8. @Viper I like your logical reasoning there. I checked my account. I used the code some time ago that Ubisoft provided for me. I cannot dismantle my Epsilon, or anything else, apparently, that I obtain from Club. (Not that I want to, and we have the ship’s stash, as you’ve noted.)
  9. @dokkanexpert Odd. I didn’t think the Club Rewards could be dismantled...it drops as a very low level item...perhaps it’s at the bottom of that slot’s inventory? Because players sometimes even complain about not being able to dismantle Club rewards because of limited inventory space. https://steamcommunity.com/app/812140/discussions/0/1728711392744833937/
  10. Perhaps using the code will save your 10 Units for another purchase?
  11. What do you consider your best accomplishment in gaming in 2018? Or your most satisfying moment or experience in gaming this year? Mine was finally getting the Braytech Osprey to drop in the Strange Terrain Nightfall in Destiny 2 (I farmed that Nightfall over 100 times for it), which will allow me to complete that Seal the Deal trophy in a few weeks for 100% in D2. And yours?
  12. Ubisoft apparently removed that statistic from Club.
  13. Is this suit only available during the holiday? Or has it been permanently added to the game?
  14. @malachi1987That worked in the past...Ubisoft games provided all the Club points you'd need to earn the rewards. However, for games like Creed Odyssey and Origins, you'll need additional Club Units beyond what is available in the game to purchase all of the rewards. This is where hoarding units without expiration from other games helped. It's a bummer to think, for example, that the 200 Club Units you'd earn from completing something very tough--for instance, Far Cry Primal's Classic Challenge "Survival of the Fittest" (finish the game in Survivor mode [expert difficulty] and the Permadeath option activated)--would have an expiration date.
  15. I didn't see a post on this matter, but Ubisoft Club Units will now have expiration dates. What's changed: On March 31, 2019, all unspent units you earned before March 31, 2017, will expire. Beginning April 1, 2019, any unused Club units acquired 2 or more years from their acquisition date will expire. A bummer because I've used Club Points amassed from older games to purchase good loot to enhance my experience in other, later-released games. https://www.reddit.com/r/uplay/comments/a2rsq7/ubisoft_club_units_will_now_expire/ https://www.pcgamesn.com/uplay-points-expiration Thoughts?