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  1. After two days of struggling, I was finally able to extricate the pivot (Epsilon) placed inside of a Boston house. My pivot was located inside of a building in South Boston, the same location featured in many videos posted by other fellow sufferers. (I wanted to attach a screenshot of its location, but I'm not sure how to do that on this site.) A YouTube video posted by Christoph Bast, "Pivot Epsilon Glitch in Boston," shows the location of the pivot. At any rate, this is what I did and why: As recommended by others, I tried closely surrounding the stuck pivot with my 11 other pivots, heading to XMB, signing out of my profile, signing in again, and then quickly selecting the problem pivot in the pivot info menu to force re-sync the pivot. I tried this nearly a hundred times to no avail. Days passed, and I thought I was totally screwed until the person who placed the pivot removed it. However, I noticed that the Boston pivot was not quite on ground level. While walking nearby on the street, the pivot was slightly greyed. When I got on top of a barrel or a street vendor's awning, the pivot turned white on the map. Though not visible to me, the pivot was not on ground level. So, I surrounded the problem pivot with my 11 other pivots by placing them in slightly elevated positions around the stuck pivot. I placed them on awnings, barrels, fences, perches, etc.: In other words, I tried to place them at roughly the same height as the glitched pivot. In short, this worked on my FIRST forced re-sync attempt with this new strategy. This is what I did: 1. I surrounded the problem pivot with my eleven pivots, but I placed them in elevated positions...on barrels, fences, awnings, perches, etc. I did not have all of the pivots on lines, as others say was required. 2. I highlighted the problem pivot in the pivot info menu. 3. I pressed the PS button on my controller, went to XMB, went to Account Management, hit triangle, signed out, waited a few seconds, signed back in, then returned to the game. I did not pull the plug on my Internet, as others say is required. 4. When I returned to the game, I immediately highlighted the problem pivot in the pivot info menu. This caused the forced re-sync. My problem pivot re-appeared in a nearby street in South Boston. Sorry for the long-winded post, but I wanted to journal my experience to provide a possible roadmap for others. So what I'm offering is a modified version of the forced re-sync method circulating in forums. I believe that the 11 surrounding pivots need to be on the same plane as the problematic pivot to force the re-sync in Boston. Given that this technique worked for me on the first attempt, I have some hopes this strategy will help others who, more than likely, inevitably find themselves faced with the Epsilon pivot inside of the South Boston home (Adams Tavern, to be precise).
  2. I've evaluated a few profiles of those who have recently achieved the 100%, but for the sake of certainty, is the 100% still possible for RESOGUN in 2020? I have a few friends who would join.
  3. This was the trophy I was worried about going into the game because so many reported issues. Unfortunately, this trophy didn't pop for me. I've performed the usual in this situation...checked scoreboards to confirm that a score for two players appears on all levels, and I've redone all the required levels for this trophy with friends from beginning to end...Because I knew this trophy didn't pop for many, I kept a checklist of which adventures I played with others, but this didn't save me. Is there a fix? Thanks!
  4. @edk97 Yes, in this game, in many (most?) cases, only the host gets the trophy. While playing multiplayer, we had to take turns as host to pop trophies for everyone.
  5. (1) So to be totally clear, the only achievements impacted by the upcoming multiplayer server closure are Deadly Duo (Himmelstein), Double Trouble (Singapore), and Two for One (Siberia), correct? (2) Also, does the closure of the multiplayer server prevent the obtaining of any useful/necessary upgrades? Thanks!!
  6. I feel that the guide is inaccurate on this count. After I had collected 75 force echoes for the trophy, I still had to revisit many areas to collect more force echoes to "complete all of BD-1's holomaps" (for the A Galaxy Far, Far Away achievement). In some areas that were still not an area would show 91% complete...only by collecting a missing force echo (beyond the 75 for the trophy) would the area check off as 100% explored. I can confirm this was the case for multiple areas on different planets. (I have the plat.)
  7. When someone runs a fan directed towards the mic...
  8. There is another strategy. Pick a fight with Unidad near a road and escalate the skirmish to 4 chevrons. Call in reinforcements. Eventually the roadway will become obstructed by destroyed vehicles. Unidad forces will plow into the vehicles and often mob up in certain spots. Run into the chaos, put a mine down, and pop the trophy.
  9. They won't until 8 PM PST tonight. See above.
  10. Directions for downloading free games contained in in the link above: "Both "Journey" and "Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection" are being offered for free to PlayStation 4 owners starting on April 15 and ending on May 5. You don't have to pay for anything, and the games are "yours to keep" after the games are redeemed through the PlayStation Store. Sony's two game giveaway is approximately three weeks long, starting on April 15 at 8 pm PT and going through to May 5, 2020 at 8 pm PT. If you live anywhere in the world and have a PlayStation 4, you get two free games. In the vast majority of places, you get "Journey" and "Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection." If you're in Germany or China, the latter game is swapped for "Knack 2."
  11. Destiny 2 is the worst game I've ever played on PS4. I finished the 100% rack some time ago, and then stopped out. The best content is in Eververse, the MTX cosmetic shop. The current seasonal format features colossal weapon and armor grinds, and then after 90 days, your hard-earned gear is nerfed into the ground to force players into farming the next season's gear. There isn't any compelling reason to min/max your gear anyway, so the seasonal grinds are busywork leading nowhere. (Unless to show others that you are X-impressive light and have purchased whatever latest cosmetics from Eververse: That is, a "Dress-tiny" flex.)
  12. As a small PSA, when going for Nobel Prize for Destruction on Biolapse, when launching a solo game, set the length to medium (7 waves). One of the levels only has one gold trophy to destroy, so if your RNG gives you that level, you can finish a short length game (4 waves) with only 9/10 gold trophies to destroy, failing to pop the trophy. Happened to me on my first attempt.
  13. Borderlands 2
  14. Thanks!!!
  15. @Xatranaz And when you returned to the game, you immediately highlighted the pivot?
  16. @Xatranaz This is what I did. "I pressed the PS button on my controller, went to XMB, went to Account Management, hit triangle, signed out, waited a few seconds, signed back in, then returned to the game. I did not pull the plug on my Internet, as others say is required." I believe I got lucky at the time because someone else was actively playing the pivot game, so this trolled pivot bounced to their game.
  17. @Xatranaz Most likely. You've likely played the "counter," and your game is currently looking for another unfortunate person to send it to. Since this is deep in the game, there aren't as many people actively playing the pivot game right now. My guess is you will log on at some point and the pivot will be gone, bounced, perhaps, to another trophy hunter's game. (The kind of player likely to make it to the pivot game on PS3.)
  18. Yes. It’s definitely moved to another player’s game now. My guess another trophy hunter’s game. The only way for it to “vanish” is for it be to successfully countered, which no one in this thread is doing. We are merely kicking the can down the road. It’s not on a 24 hour clock. The pivot was waiting for someone else to enter the pivot game.
  19. @hore Yes, give it some time. I believe it will bounce to another player’s game now that you messed around with it. There are probably fewer and fewer people active in endgame now on PS3 for the pivot to travel to.
  20. To have moderator privileges on PSN messaging. I would love the ability to remove certain players from message threads on PSN without having to start new threads.
  21. There may be nothing to this, but I was initially having this issue...I struggled mightily to find social loot (whales, convoys, chests). Then I added my friends who had played the game and others from my friend list as friends in my Club account. I then readily found social loot with my expanded Club friend list. I felt like the game was using social loot as a way to motivate others to join in Black Flag. I had no problem finding 3 chests, and more, afterwards. The difference was stark for me, but others may not have luck with this strategy. This was on the PS3 version, for what that's worth.
  22. @Real_Slink Glad it helped. I've had quite a few contact me about this solution in a positive way. Now you passed the pivot on to another unfortunate gamer. Moral of the story here: Don't allow people to place items in your game...Not everyone will be nice about this. Lol
  23. Nosy Nellie This is a pretty difficult trophy to get, requiring all the secret chests in the High Rift be found before completion of your run. This achievement was added in the Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC for Portal Knights. With a lot of practice, this is doable: It's really a large memorization test with a tight timer. You must recall the location of 66-67 chests, and how to access them. It's best done alone, in my opinion, after practicing with others. Each additional person on your team causes the timer to run faster, making it pretty tough even for teams that know what they're doing. Also, as others join you, there is a very, very high chance of encountering the lag bug which freezes your characters in place while the timer drains, breaking most runs. So, again, this is best done solo after practice and study. Special thanks to @DawningEmpire and @thisghere
  24. I feel pretty confident Destiny 2 will have no further trophies. I don’t see another expansion added being much larger than Shadowkeep due to console limitations (memory). If trophies weren’t created for Shadowkeep, it’s unlikely they’d be created for a similarly-sized release in the future. I’m pretty sure Bungie wants to normalize the achievement system across all platforms with their Triumph system. The difference in investment between their Triumph system (which saw yet another update and polishing with Shadowkeep) and their disinterested regard for PSN trophies is night and day. Let’s face it, the base Destiny 2 trophies were not that inspired (13 lackluster trophies), and many eventually unlocked unrelated to their original intention by simply starting a new DLC (character class trophies popping for simply choosing a character in Shadowkeep) and visiting Xûr to unlock the Trials trophy. My feeling is that trophies sort of commit them to narrative/achievement paths that they later may give up on. For instance, they also changed the original Nightfall/Leviathan trophy to Leviathan Prestige to the chagrin of many. The trophy change from NF Prestige to Leviathan Prestige was made, in part, because some prominent YouTubers at the time, like Datto, complained the base game was too easy. (Ironically he never achieved 100% on PS4.) In further response, Bungie temporarily made pathways to earning many of the Forsaken trophies very grindy/difficult, but later relented and made them easier to earn, like now, where many formerly difficult trophies are essentially auto-popped. Frankly, the achievement history for Destiny 2 has been a mess. Some benefited by getting achievements early (NF/Leviathan before the change), while others benefited by waiting (unlocking classes, Trials, seals, and acquiring 10 Forsaken exotics). This happens from time to time in games, and certainly happened to D2. If anything, in regard to pushback against Eververse disincentiving play, in the future, Bungie may dedicate more desirable loot to unlock with the achievement of certain Triumphs.
  25. @TheMightyImp2 Ha, that may have been part of it for me. First time I had to take Dramamine to get through a game...