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  1. Got plat few days back but nah you don't need the new items. Just get sheep rank and 100% campaign, training and challenges . Got lvl 30 before 100% everything.
  2. Uncharted 1,2 & 3 in 'Brutal Mode'
  3. What do you have to do to get this? Read online you just got to get to level 30 and complete all 10 challenge. If that's the case why is it the lowest %? or is there more as the highest online ranks scores you get some items aswell?
  4. Haven't bought the game yet but looking at the list there's a few different endings and some has really rare achievement rate. How do you get all the endings?
  5. Yea it's doing my heading now. Tring to beat the serect final boss and it's broke twice now as it's taking to long to beat them 😣 just needed two more hits than than I would of done it. Blooming crap it's been a couple months they should of fixed it by now
  6. I'm not the only one that struggles alot on the bosses. Monkey Ball and bosses just don't mix. Don't know how I'm going to get the champion medal on some of these not because of the levels just the bosses
  7. More of a rant than topic but a warning there's two really stupid grindy trophies which are painful. 1. Decathlon Champion. They want us to play the worst and basically broken controls 10 mini games in a row 36 TIMES this will take sooooo many hours. These mini games really suck btw if you played monkeyball 1 and 2 you would of thought they be good but nah they control like crap and are just boring. in the fast lane. Why do they want us to play time trail 36 times they basically want us to play casual time trail 34 times basically WHY? Who would come up with these trophies. I so regret buying this game should of listened to the reviews saying it's no where near as good as the originals.
  8. First time playing FF8 and I just got to disc 2 and really realise what's the point on drawing so much magic? I say this as this game you have unlimited summons uses and they always do massive damage for example use a 'fira' magic and does like 300 damage but use a summon and it's about 2500 damage. It seems you only need to use summons really in battle. The only magic which is good is the non attack ones like 'Cure'. I know the magic is good at adding on 'junction' but in battle seems useless.
  9. I never played FF8 so wondering from this list is there alot of trophies which are missable? Don't want to look at guides as it's my first time playing really.
  10. Basically it's the shot button so when there really close to you press the shot button and your character will hit them with their knife
  11. Basically how do you get all the routes. Can't find much details on Google on how to get every route in the game?
  12. Got the bubble ability but can't swim or glide with it. Holding the jump button but no glide and keep pressing jump but no swim aswell is it broken or am I doing something wrong? EDIT: No worries you got to hold circle not the jump button. Tap circle to swim
  13. My fav 4 indie games : 1. Freedom Planet (Sega/sonic 2d type game 2. Hat In Time (Super Mario 64 type game) 3. Shovel Knight 4. Monster Boy and the curse kingdom (metroidvania type game and it's like 20+hours long)
  14. When you find a hfz door save the game right before you go in. After failing DON'T 'save and quit' but turn the game off. When you load your game the hfz door will be there. It's easier than keep trying to find them at least this way you can keep on tring intil you get it that's what I did.
  15. Never played this version played the one on Sega Mega Drive. Defo be picking it up when it comes out