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  1. Just did it yesterday and wow haven't sweared so much to a boss in a long time was thinking my game was broke at first didn't realise it was a error on the developers part. Only advice I got is really take your time don't go crazy with the sword as most of my deaths was lara hitting herself (which I didn't realise intil I read this post) do a couple than wait and keep doing that.
  2. Im planning on buying it soon but wondering whats peoples feelings of it? Looked everywhere on youtube and like hardly anyone has done a review which is strange.
  3. Their the only ones. Pretty sure online doest count bomb and wall count which sucks. MP is the way to get most of the grindy ones or story mode
  4. Never mind it only pops when your carry 9.999 coins as just got it.
  5. Does this mean have collected 9.999 coins though the whole game OR carrying 9.999 coins. Asking as don't want to buy anything if I did to rebuid the money again
  6. Wasn't expecting this type of list. Lets hope the online is good as the switch sucked at first.
  7. Ah thanks for the reply. 25 faith ..... cause I helped quiet a few people so far as a white phantom would It be 0 faith than as I helped over 5 people
  8. I recently found out you can't redo your stats in dark souls so wondering is their any stats I need to improve to get a item for example 20+magic to learn magic off someone? Asking as ds2 and ds3 you had to improve some stats to get some items?
  9. I just wish their was more trophies for actually completing the games.
  10. This is very lazy was expecting more as it has so many games but nope 90% is just complete each one and the rest are a few online ones. Well we shouldn't expect much anyway when capcom releases collection of old games it never is great for example megaman collections
  11. Didn't expect a platinum so not disappointed. What I realized with the easy plats games only have plats if its over 1000points so I think thats probably Sony's rule it has to be over 1000 which why all the stupid easy plats normally only have mostly gold and sliver trophies so it can add up to it to get the platinum on their game. Thats my guess
  12. Yea the trophies doesn't look to hard. Been interested in this game it reminds me of the old disney games mainly the micky mouse games from super Nintendo
  13. Just wondering as no one so far got 100% when writing this. Getting it soon anyway just want a heads up
  14. If you havn't done it yet what I did as it didn't pop for me so many times when you get to the second steps jump and grab the ledge and it should pop than. it doesn't pop if you make it all three steps so just get half way and jump and grab the ledge.
  15. Theirs Two trophies I don't have a clue how anyone has done them and asking the people who's done it. 1. Challege Mode = just how really its just a complete mess no good design just total mess I can only get to where the first ledge than its just turns to crazy is their any tips you can share? 2. Complete the game without killing any enemies = I think its the 4-5 level is where those fire things dies if they touch you but at one point theirs like 30 in a room and they don't stop chasing you how you get pass them or does them dying going into you not count??