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  1. No worries I done it now had to delete my save data plus uninstall the game and basically set it to having no patches so my stats went to 0
  2. Ok I finally found all the treasures and used my RPG in the common areas with 5 guys and everytime all 5 dies it doesn't pop :/ anyone else had this problem? Also my stats says I killed 8 with one explosion so the game has fucked me over
  3. Be truthful this has peed me off. Im basically bored of this game now played it enough times with all the runs and now they want us to play the same levels again but even more times as each outfit :/. Shantae and the pirate curse was so much better why couldn't that be the one with all the dlc X^D
  4. Wait is this 'mighty gunvolt burst' but just a different name? Finally found gameplay of it and had the same levels what I seen so far? If so not a bad thing was hoping it come to ps4 anyway
  5. Havn't played this before but I played 'mighty gunvolt burst' on the switch and was a better mighty no 9 game so im excited to try this one out. the trophies looks doable doesn't look to hard.
  6. I think its pretty hard as I can't do it. Been stuck on the motorway boss for the last couple years just can't beat him on 'hyper difficulty' 😬. Havn't even tried beating in 60mins yet plus don't die once. One day maybe one day.
  7. Cheers I did think that was it. Well done it now but got one trophy left I think it glitched on me :/ 'a link between worlds' I have spoken to every ghost also got all those extra collectables and no trophy was it meant to pop when I got the last ghost? EDIT : Never mind didn't realise their was some in the last area as the game said I already had 100%
  8. It first appeared on ps3 I think but played it with PlayStation plus and found it super boring and that was 'Journey'
  9. Nevermind pretty sure I know now as theirs 3 health bars in the corner so don't lose 8 of them im guessing
  10. Literally just bought the game and wondering does this trophy mean don't lose 8+ lifes or don't get hit 8+ times??
  11. If im Jason I just leave the host to last so the changes are slimmer them leaving. Tougher if the host is playing the same counselor as someone else thats when I have to take the risk. Also what I notice the higher the level the host is normally their the ones that don't leave. I swear those gangsters have taken over I hear them every match now 😦 plus like others have said mostly kids which im confused about most of them probably never seen a friday the 13th film 😂. Also with those loud mouths if they leave or you kill them nearly all of them have messager as blocked lmao so many times I tried to send a message and all of them have turned it off
  12. Platinum trophy for 'Zombi' which is also my first ever plat aswell
  13. Thats well annoying I feel for you thier :(. Thanks for warning us so I prob back a save on cloud so I can see if it would glitch on me and if so I just wait for a update. I just done 2 levels but at least theirs not to many as I want I see
  14. I would of said yes but its so short I found it disappointing. They could of done soooo much more with this game when I got into it I already finished it. The plat is sooo easy even the collectables are easy to find as it is a small open world. Im still suck finding the last alien but as a whole very easy plat
  15. Yea nearly all story rated just the hotdogs and improve stats are the collectables which are easy as the world ani't that big. The game is stupidly short I say a 2-3 hours. More if tring to get everything but very disappointing I thought it be much longer and much more to do as it is a tiny open world game