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  1. Hey BlindMango. You are responsible for editing the trophy names as well, correct? If so, would it be too time consuming to go through the game with duplicate trophy sets and include their country of origin in the title? So something like: Let's sing {US}, etc. I'm completely blind, so if the country is obvious by looking at the image, then that's totally lost on me. hahaha. Have a good one.
  2. How to acquire this guys? I know Spain PSN has it, but can I use any card? I can't seem to be able to create an account on there at any rate, keep getting an error. Any other way I can get it? thanks
  3. I'm so confused. I see what appears to be 3 versions of the game? Anyone know what countries? I can't find here in the US. Do all versions have same songs? I know at least one person appears to have 2 versions so hopefully they can provide some info. Also, are these games digital, or disc?
  4. Yes, we can. because as you move around in the arena, you can hear sounds panning accordingly. This works for most games, Skullgirls, MK, SF, but there are some like Blazblue that are all mono. This is horrible when it comes to more advanced stuff like footsies, because it's very difficult to calculate ranges and such. There's this blind dude, got sponsored to evo, made it to finals in his pool. Open world is just a nightmare to play, because yes they are very precise. Of course if devs are willing, anything can be improved. Let's say you needed to find an item. Now let's say game had an accessibility setting, and we turn it on. Once we start approaching the item in question, we'll hear the sound of the item get closer and closer to the player. SO if it's a coin or something, it'll make a clinking sound. It'll also be panned accordingly, so we'll know ok, go a little left, right, etc. There are actually many accessible games created for the blind, but due to lack of man-power they can be rather simplistic compared to video games.
  5. lol, that I guess you do, else you wouldn't be here. hahaha. as to how I navigate, easy. I use screen reading software. It's kinda funny to me that people still haven't figured this out. If you guys take a closer look at your iphones settings, you'll find something called voice over in there. turn it on, see what happens. Android has something similar, called talkback. Then there's PS4, did you guys know it now includes partial Text-to-Speech functionality? It only reads party for the most part, still, it's better than what we had before, which was nothing. I guess, in a way, yall are blind as well. I don't actually mind the question, it's just rather interesting to me people don't notice these things. As for the games, Blazblue menu guide would be awesome, whatever menus you can type would be appreciated. BTW there's an example of accessibility done totally wrong. Blazblue has the most annoying character select screen ever created, then there's the audio itself. All mono, which makes tracking your opponent more difficult than it needs to be. then of course you have these games that are randomly accessible due to design choices devs made. Street Fighter X tekken, when you scroll through character select, you can hear the names of the chars spoken as they're highlighted. Another one is Resident Evil 5. I'll let yall figure that one out. hahaha.
  6. Thanks guys! Appreciate the responses. Yup menu guides are definitely the most important for us, without knowing those, it's kinda difficult to do anything else in the game. lol. But it all depends on how much time people have available. Narative-based games is what I'd really love playing independently, but extensive and detailed guides would need to be written for something like that. Close your eyes and try playing something like walking dead, you'll see what I mean. Fighting games are a strong possibility though, we can play those just fine, all we need are actual move and combo lists. Mortal Kombat X is one I'm really playing a ton lately, a guide for that would be awesome, as there aren't any full guides out there yet. I've noticed people are losing interest in Game FAQS, which is a shame, I used that site extensively in the past. I'm also trying to finish Sound Shapes, some of those beats I can't figure out, due to the way they were designed. Death levels will be impossible so I won't even try those. Another fighting game coming out today is Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS4, I'm sure some of those menus changed somewhat, I never played Ultra version of the game. If it were up to me though, I'd play everything. hahaha. I always download the free PS plus games and try them out, but they're rarely playable. BTW, MK X players, if yall wanna get some casual matches going, let me know. I could use the practice and matchup experience, even if I get owned. again, thanks for the interest! Much appreciated.
  7. Hey guys, Ok, I'll get right to the point, and try to make this as simple as possible. I'm a totally blind gamer. In fact, there are tons of us out there, and we love gaming just like the rest of you. However, there's a little problem. Most games are quite difficult for us to play, for obvious reasons. There are some genres we can tackle with little difficulty, such as fighting, and rhythm games. This is because of the amazing sound design these games contain. Take Mortal Kombat x as an example. Devs did an incredible job with that game, just take a listen to the fatalities, with your eyes closed. You can clearly hear everything. haha. One huge problem we face, is lack of game menu guides. There are FAQ sources out there, but few actually contain guides to let us know how to do anything in a game. Again using MK X as an example: there is a lot in that game we were able to piece together through help from sighted gamers, or through trial and error, but there's still a ton of stuff we've yet to figure out in those menus. If people can help out with this, either by owning the actual games in question, or through shareplay, it'd be much appreciated. Sadly, even Game FAQS aren't always the answer. many of them contain tons of ascii art. That's just horrible where screen readers are concerned, it's a pain to figure out what that stuff means. Trophies are yet another issue, even for fighting games, sometimes they require the gamer to access options and settings we've no hope of finding. THen of course there are the tons of unplayable games we'd love to play, I for one love narrative-based games, but can't play many of them successfully due to huge, and inaccessible 3D worlds, or not knowing what to do in certain sections etc. Again, shareplay, and/or walkthrough guides that guide a gamer through the level can greatly help with this. I dunno if anyone would be willing to help, even if yall can't help free, there's no reason why something like this couldn't be monetized in some way, either through some sort of business model, or through donations to contributers based on the project and/or time it takes to complete whatever it is we need done. Most game companies won't help us, they claim they don't have the experience, or that it would be too costly for them to pursue, which are mostly excuses. There are some exceptions, like Skullgirls developer. Those guys did made some amazing accessibility tweaks to PC version of the game, and even this newest PS4 version will include voiced story mode. I can't wait! Making games accessible isn't as difficult as it probably sounds, all that's usually needed are audio cues in the right places. Anyhow, if anyone's even a little interested in such a project, let me know! I know for menus especially, there are tons of blind gamers that'd love, and probably pay, for something like this. Having a menu guide for a game shortly after launch? TO a sighted gaming community, it's something you take for granted. Look at screen, figure out what to do. We don't have that luxerry, so to us, it'd be huge, as we can then open up the text file with screen reading software on our pc, and scroll through it as we make our way through the menus. This probably sounds like a huge chore to you, but hey, we love gaming like the rest of you, and we'd do anything to be part of the experience as much as possible. K that's bout it. hopefully this'll generate some interesting discussion!
  8. Actually the site display trophy list in English, which is interesting. Aren't these official translations? From what I saw, songs are in English too, but is the game itself in German? hahaha.
  9. I love rhythm games. I wanna get this, but no idea where I can buy it. I see not many people have it. Anyone know where this game can be found?
  10. Nope, platted MK VS DC myself. Same with Street fighter games and various others. As I said, fighters are the most playable. And yes, there's technology to read webpages and such for blind people, they're called screen readers. Bet you didn't know your IOS device has one such screen reader. It's called voice over. turn that thing on and check it out, be sure to turn on screen curtain as well so you're actually using it blind. hahahaha.
  11. lol! guys, trust me, I don't have super hearing. Man where do yall get this stuff from? Watch too many movies? I use my hearing a lot more effectively than most of you, simply because I don't exactly have much choice, and I'm not about to let something as silly as blindness stop me now, am I? If you lost your sight tomorrow, you'd adapt as well. I've just had way more experience using my ears, that's all. btw Sound shapes campaign isn't exactly playable, some hazzards do have musical sounds and such, but for the most part a blind person can't play it. A friend actually beat that for me, then we came across beats and I realized hmm, I can totally play this thing. Fighting and rhythm games are usually the most playable for us due to the amount of sounds present, although sometimes there are some exceptions.
  12. Hey guys, Anyone able to help with my remaining Beat School trophies? Only around 5 left, but these 5 are super difficult to do only by ear. Some even do tricky things like having 2 identical sounds on the grid. quite annoying actually as there are no sounds to indicate if sound placement is correct. Then there's the whole sound muting thing, ugh. As a totally blind gamer, doing them by ear is the only way I can complete them. Since Youtube won't help at all for obvious reasons, I figured I'd post on here and see what you guys can come up with. I think numbering the sounds for the ones I'm missing and posting that on here should do the trick, just start on first one and number accordingly. Knowing where to place sounds for the timing is easy to figure out so no need to do anything with that, I just need the sounds themselves. BTW, most of them are DLC beats. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks!
  13. Well guys look at it this way: I'm a totally blind gamer, and blind gamers are more affected by this than anyone else. This is because we can easily look at trophy data using tracking sites with our screen reading programs on our PCs. but we cannot track progress from our consoles as there is no way for us to read such data. Which means I have no ideas what trophies I've earned in the last few days hahaha. If I can be patient, so can everyone else. I am upset with Sony for blocking access though, as I depend on these sites a lot.