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  1. so i started playing this a while back. decided to come back to it and no trophies are popping still. must be hella glitched since its sitting at 0.0% still. i thought it would be an easy platinum but seems nothing pops aside from 2-3 trophies
  2. I have found a release date for this. Those of you who are wanting it. 1/29/18 yes thats this coming tuesday!!!
  3. when does this release on vita? i can't find it on the playstation store
  4. i have the mayo plat and the hanna montana plat. i'll be adding this one to the collection as should anyone who is on sonyrewards. 10 platinums is $10 so why not
  5. so is this a reccomended title? i've been going back and forth on buying it. im thinking its gonna be alot like vertical drop heroes which i have played quite a bit.
  6. I see we have a trophy list up for the vita. As the title says though when does it release? really been looking forward to having this on the vita where it belongs
  7. so i'm just gonna say i'm enjoying this game alot. i hate sports games so this awesome. magic powers and beating the shit out of other players. really great game
  8. I'm going to say this is impossible on the vita. Ive been trying for this for several days now and still cant get this to pop. I'm also having trouble with a couple of the minie games as this game tends to glitch a bit at times. Is there a way to keep the game from glitching out in cave chopper and wormageddon?
  9. Anyone else have a problem with the trophies not syncing to the server? I've unlocked several trophies for this but they are not syncing. Is there a work around or just wait till playstation network decides to act right. all my other games sync with no problem its just ones for this game that are an issue
  10. is this gonna get a digital release?
  11. when does it release digital on vita(us) and how much will it cost?
  12. Does anyone know the locations of all the batteries? I'm not seeing any in the first 3 levels. The first one i got was in level 4 and i've found some in other levels along the way. A video or list would be quite helpful. Its the final trophy i need for the platinum. Thanks in advance for any assistance
  13. ah ok. luckily i also use truetrophies
  14. why is it only showing i have 4182 trophies and 38 platinum's? i actually have 4262 trophies and 40 platinum's. seems your updating system needs an update.
  15. so the issue has been fixed then? im seriously thinking about getting this for the easy platinum, if its now obtainable