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  1. "Form Devastator" is in MyTeam. You have to exchange cards to get a new one. Easiest right now is Towns Sapphire card.
  2. This is NA not EU
  3. This got tagged wrong. I don't stack and I bought this one in the US store. NA trophy list says EU EU trophy list says NA
  4. It's definitely Twisted Steel. You can check your process on Battlefield 5 tracker website and the map will show as CONQUEST MP_ESCAUT_US no matter what region you play on. (Unless you play it prior)
  5. I just played on every region (7) beginning to end. And still no Globetrotter trophy. So I think it is safe to say it's unattainable for all NEW players. Unless someone has proof otherwise. Been trying to pop it 5 straight days.
  6. Yeah, it's popping up Conquest MP_ESCAUT_US. I really hope they fix this. That's why I asked to save people from starting the game frash like I did.
  7. I did that with some buddies and nothing. I'm trying other regions right now. Im from America and it didn't pop
  8. I've played all the maps for Globetrotter beginning too end. Went on a Battlefield V tracker and it does not show I've played that map (Twisted Steel). Contacted EA nothing yet. Does anyone have a solution or is it bugged for others as well?!? Thanks.
  9. You need to have max players set too 16 but 4 to start. Ohhh, the servers are free on BF V.
  10. I don't know... me and my buddies have tried over and over that does not seem to work.
  11. I'm in the boat!
  12. 😬