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  1. Its very common for players of the beta to achieve the prestige 1 trophy before level 15 and level 40 trophies. Here are the top 3 platinum owners: This guy didn't have their level 15 and 40 unlock at the same time, like mine:
  2. ViolentGlitch GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Reason: ViolentGlitch has unlocked "Hall of Heroes" which is for reaching Level 60 and going to the first Prestige on the 4th of December. But then earns Munchkin for reaching level 40 on the 8th of December which is not possible. When Gwent got out of open Beta, all of the progress achieved (levels, current rank, all cards obtained were converted to scraps, ore, meteroite powder) remained. I played a lot of the open beta to the point where I was at level 100 when CDPR released 'Homecoming' Gwent. From the official announcement webpage: "With the launch of the game your current progress will not reset — if you are level 15 now, you will stay level 15. If you’re pass level 60, you will automatically become prestige 1. For example: if you are level 61, you will be level 1 prestige 1. If you are level 100 now, you will become level 40 prestige 1 after the launch." When I started the official release, I was level 40 prestige 1. For some players, if they were above level 40 on start, they would have the level 15 trophy and level 40 trophy unlock at the same time. Mine didn't, I had to grind until I was at level 40 prestige 2. Similarly I had to grind until I was level 15 prestige 2 for the level 15 trophy.