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  1. If there are missable medals hopefully we can (start a new game and carry over like in CS) skip the dialogue and cutscenes.
  2. Wow I didn't realize that this was for Hacker's Memory... I was about to say something stupid.
  3. Wow. That's better than I can ever do in the 3D art department. Nice job! Since I live under a boulder I don't know which games those are from. I usually make cards (and by cards I mean cards that are like books lol), but since it's so time consuming and I don't think some people appreciate them I don't make them anymore.
  4. Ah, well, that was probably it then. Really? I wasn't aware that the Vita memory cards were hard to get at the moment. I don't want to give you bad advice, but if you have backed up the saves you care about to your computer and you really want to reformat your memory card; then do it.
  5. This probably won't be much help to you but... When I started this thread every game I had on my Vita crashed when opened (with varying error messages). Even if I reinstalled the game it still crashed. If a game did start the game acted like the save did not exist (all of my saves got corrupted; thankfully I wasn't a complete idiot and I had a couple saves on my PS3 that were prior to the corruption). The only time I reformatted a memory card for the Vita was when I had my problem, and reformatting didn't work. So, no I have not had any success reformatting a memory card. What GB memory card do you have?
  6. I'm not particularly interested in digital art either, but in recent years I've been accepting it. As one of my teachers put it, "Digital art is cold; it lacks humanity." In any case I usually paint in acrylic or watercolor. I'm just curious because I'm always interested in seeing what watercolor paints people use: what brand of watercolor paints did you buy? (I myself am using Prang... student grade paints lol. Sometime in my life I should probably invest in something better).
  7. orz You are so much better than I am at oils! I took an oil painting class in college and it was the worst class I ever took. Long story short, the class got combined with the advanced students because the advanced students didn't get enough people in their class to have it that semester, so the painting teacher took them in and favored them over us n00blets. Anyway, I love looking at your paintings! I think by far my favorite one is Sundowner.
  8. Wait... is this Slater's list or the one you linked (supamarki)? I'm a little confused.
  9. Lol... 46 years... Edit: Just as a side note as I know this is for Modern Warfare 2, but his World At War and Black Ops II list seems wacky, too.
  10. Same. 'Cept I also feel really stupid because I panic when I see a monster about to attack so I only spell three or four letter words lol... orz
  11. It's always an inconvenience when stuff like this happens. As far as reformatting your second memory card I don't see a point unless it is giving you trouble with your new Vita.
  12. That came out pretty awesome! (And now I have to find the time to go back and rewatch this series)
  13. I know the scene you are talking about and that was the version on my episode as well. But what I'm confused about is @The_Apex_Badger saying you are basing your deduction on a deleted scene; yet, I don't see in the post he quoted by you where you mentioned such a thing (unless my English has gone to shit). Right below your post, however, @Miles_Warren mentions a deleted scene and @HaSoOoN-MHD also say something about deleted scenes. Basically, what I'm confused about is the conversation right now because I don't see where you (SolarCat) mentioned a deleted scene in the quoted post or prior to the quoted post. It would have made more sense if the conversation started out being quoted with Miles or Hasoon by Apex because Miles and Hasoon mentioned deleted scenes.
  14. I am legitimately confused and I'm not even sure why I am commenting but: @SolarCat02didn't mention a deleted scene, but based his/her reasoning on what happened in the show on Sunday (or whatever day they saw the show). @Miles_Warren mentioned a deleted scene, which is the post below SolarCat's:
  15. User has deleted his account.