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  1. Isn't this game online only, so everything is stored on your online account?
  2. Not sure if you still need the last trophy, but I think that by the time you get to the last island there is only one monster needed. It's been a while since I played, but according to the trophy guide here it says you will need the Quarrister.
  3. According to this link the disc version is not pre-patched up to the Elite AI glitch. I do happen to have a physical copy of WipeOut HD that I could try if need be. But quite frankly I don't see the point. As you said, "this reeks".
  4. This part is what makes me believe that the OP never even uninstalled/reinstalled any patches.
  5. Yes. I can confirm that it works.
  6. Isn't he also flagged in Game Of Thrones?
  7. What power ups did you use??? More importantly, what vehicle(s) did you use for the elite campaign where you didn't have to do barrel rolls, but relied on speed platforms and "power ups"? As far as I have read the AI do not slow down on Elite with the glitch they just lost the ability to use their power ups. While I may be nitpicking I'm also confused about your first post explaining why the flag should be lifted. There is a typo there and it makes me wonder if you even uninstalled any patches. What game type did you play with the turbo controllers, if you can remember? Reason I'm asking is there is only one method that I know of that uses the turbo controllers and it doesn't appear to be the one you used. While this was already said by @IDiivil it also makes zero sense how you unlocked Wipeout Disciple and then 6 seconds later somehow obtained 8000 points for every other vehicle to unlock Livery Liberation. This game is a little glitchy at times, but not in this way.
  8. Probably not the best place to ask this question: The guide on here says that the foxes and wolves scared by dogs do count towards the trophy. On another site it says that it doesn't. Which is it?
  9. Oh wow. I remember watching Fievel on Cartoon Network when they had that movie thing. Anyway, nice drawing!
  10. I agree with you on this. Any sense of interest/intrigue has been gone since he made people rewatch the trailer at that one discussion panel with that music he heard on a speaker in some shop in Iceland... I wish the audience could have seen something that would have answered their questions.
  11. Why people can't have opinions (unless they are positive) about games they haven't played? Any such negative opinions warrant the poster to be attacked. Fantastic. Perhaps I am just speaking out of line, but this thread is slowly turning into the Perils Of Baking thread.
  12. If you haven't obtained the skins yet and you still want them I would try replaying some of the events in Nuked and Aftermath. Perhaps the game didn't properly register that you obtained a medal in the Nuked campaign (I think Nuked is the one before Aftermath).
  13. The second skin in each column is from Fury. I believe they are called the Zone Battle skins (they outline your ship in white). The Harimau and Auricom skins that you need are obtained from Aftermath - the last campaign that is in Fury.
  14. I think for the ones you need they are unlocked by playing the Fury campaign. More specifically, I think you need to unlock the Aftermath campaign and unlock all the events in Aftermath respectively to earn the skins you need. I am not 100% sure and I can't remember. If I have the time when I get home tonight I can take a look on my game and see if it jogs my memory. PS - I love the title of this thread so much.
  15. Disagree (for Metal Gear) and N/A (for Metal Gear Acid) Steins;Gate was one of the worst visual novel games created.