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  1. @TheRagingSemi I am convinced that this level is impossible to accomplish without anchors as I have tried multiple times with multiple methods and there was always a plane carrier or a plane that broke through my defenses. My strategy is probably the worst one, but fuck this level. My stats in the Workshop are as follows: I started by using my coins to buy two heavy cannons, two light cannons, and a resource tower (see screenshot for placement), and I also used 8 anchors to purchase the first spot on the bottom left. By the beginning of wave 2 I had upgraded at least one of the light cannons to the slow cannon and upgraded one of the heavy cannons once. Then, as soon as the plane carrier ships began to come near the first intersection I used the Ice Bomb and Enhancer secret weapons and manually clicked on the ships that were stuck behind the Ice Bomb. When some ships were destroyed I paused the level, upgraded one of the heavy cannons to the rapid fire cannon, built another heavy cannon near the top spawn, and built more light cannons going towards the base (upgrading them as I could). And somewhere in all this upgrading I upgraded the Resource Tower. Eventually, my Resource Tower was turned into a Radar Tower (although, now that I think about it a Tesla Tower might have worked since it zaps the ships back to the beginning of the spawn). After the Enhancer and Ice Bomb wore off I used what anchors I had to reset the cool down and I kept doing that until the plane carriers and planes were all destroyed because my towers could not shoot fast enough to counter the repair ships. I also upgraded any towers via pausing the level and manually selecting the plane carrier ships. When the last wave comes I used at least one Ice Bomb and at least one Enhancer (again by resetting the cool down), but more may be needed unfortunately. Just as a side note the ships that spawn on the bottom should not go directly to your base. They should loop around the middle islands and then head for your base.
  2. I don't know about fearing her. He definitely was bitter though, rightfully so. Brienne was there. She was off in the back in one of the scenes when they were at Winterfell. Perhaps she will have more of a presence in the next episode.
  3. Was her drawing depicting a double bladed dagger that could detach? If it is that one side is going to be like holding a toothpick. Unless if she plans to swoop in when the fighting is over and conquer Winterfell I'm not sure. I mean... her boinking Euron caught me off guard.
  4. I didn't realize you were from Canada. As I said the last time I had checked on the Vita the game was "listed" but when you clicked on it, it was empty.
  5. I felt bad for Sam, too, and that whole interaction between him and Dany made me hate Dany even more (I started to hate her last season because of her headstrong attitude). Sam raised a valid point when he asked Jon if and quite frankly I don't think she would do it. While she has saved people in the past, she only seems to care about power now. Jon probably won't say anything, but who knows? I don't think he wants the throne. Not sure about the games. I am assuming most of the history is in the books and I don't think a lot of people, such as myself, have read the books.
  6. ^ Loved this part of the episode and the beginning with the ball jokes. I wonder why Jon wasn't questioning Bran when Bran mentioned the situation; especially when he mentioned the dragon. Also why wasn't there any interactions between Perhaps next episode. I get that this episode had to set everything up, but it really left me unsatisfied.
  7. Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils: A 2D Platformer with puzzles. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase a physical copy of this game to play it on the Vita, and the cost runs $100.00+ USD. The last time I had checked the PS Store it was no longer listed. Deadbolt: A stealth-action side-scroller. The soundtrack is pretty good and I find that the game art fits the game. Dragooned: This game wasn't THAT bad, but if you were around for the bashing it was made by the same company who created Skylight Freerange and Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine. What I liked about the game was it was easy to just pick up and play. No BS. Neurovoider: My all-time favorite game I've played on the Vita; a rouge-like/rouge-lite twin stick shooter with great music. Riddled Corpses EX: Another shooter with decent music. Survival mode was my favorite. Super Robot Wars V: Not entirely sure how much of a hidden gem this is. If you want to play this you will need to purchase a physical copy (I got mine from PlayAsia). This is a TRPG (Tactical Role-Playing Game). It is a cross-over between different mecha anime. To be honest, I found myself skipping huge chunks of the story because the dialogue droned on, but to compare it to Super Robot Wars X*, I prefer V. *You will also need to purchase a physical copy to play this game on the Vita (again, I got mine from PlayAsia). Toukiden 2: Not sure how much of a hidden gem this one is either. An RPG game that, thankfully, you can play a demo of on the PS Store before deciding to purchase. If you do try the demo; then purchase the game, everything from the demo should carry over (which means you can unlock trophies pretty quickly if you put the effort in the demo... if that's your dig). There is an online component, but it is not necessary to play online since you can have the AI play with you. I saw Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and Digimon Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory were mentioned. While I do enjoy Digimon games and I would recommend them for their RPG aspect, the dialogue droned on and there is no way to skip it. Cyber Sleuth easily could have been half the chapters it was, and Hacker's Memory could have been DLC.
  8. Sharing sentiments with others in this thread I'm tired of seeing more than 3+ trophy stacks per game (I chose three because of the three game systems: PS3/PS4/PS Vita). I always check the New Trophy List section on the front page of this site to see new games that may be coming out that I would buy in the future... and instead I am sometimes viewing over 6 stacks of the same game! I have thought for years that there needed to be either an overhaul or an updated system in place for trophies. While I do think that updates need to be implemented to the trophy system (example would be re-implementing stricter guidelines for which games receive a platinum) I think what it comes down to is quality control, which unfortunately, seems to have gone out the window. Unfortunately, almost every indie game that comes to the PS Store reminds me of Steam Greenlight. I also don't understand how some of these EzPz games don't even need to be beaten in order to obtain their platinum. These games should be 100%-types.
  9. For probably the 900th time can we please stick to the topic. If you want to discuss anything else could you do it elsewhere? I keep thinking there are more server closures, but that isn't the case... Thanks!
  10. Haven't played this game, but that frog in the background cracks me up.
  11. Is this the same game as Pic-A-Pix Color only in black and white???
  12. I'm assuming one version is US and the other is EU.
  13. Guess he needs to take a visit to the PS Store and see the graphics indie games have.
  14. Was hoping to see if there was a way to turn off the crazy seizure-inducing graphics to have something a little more.. flat.
  15. What are you trying to post??? Edit: So apparently when I quote you the 503 Error goes away and I can see what you post. Nice.