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  1. Platinum #94 Color Slayer Oh how I wish I never bought this game. I ignored the negative reviews thinking it would be a nice arcade game. Instead, it was glitchy and constantly freezing on the PS Vita all with a soundtrack and assets that didn't fit the game at all.
  2. I had checked that site earlier and the PS Store and it was listed at 18USD. Anyway, thanks for the info!
  3. What is with the insane price hike on this game (18USD)? I don't think it cost that much when it came out. When were you able to snag this game for 2USD?
  4. I didn't even notice the trophies were almost all golds... Ah, well, as @Fish613 pointed out for me it's probably a side scoller. Was really hoping for a twin stick shooter.
  5. I have been wanting to pick this game up; however, my main gripe was the dialogue. I was very lost with the story on the second game and the amount of curse words strung together was irritating. I don't know if I would fully be able to enjoy this game.
  6. Anyone have any information on this game? I searched around and couldn't find anything. Is this game a twin stick shooter? Release date? Developer?
  7. About Xenon Valkyrie+ I played the PS Vita version and I had written a trophy guide for it, but I have to edit the guide to meet this sites standards. I have not had the time to do so nor do I think I will. So if you need any help let me know. I can't speak for the PS4 version yet, but the PS Vita version had glitches.
  8. What kind of sketchbook are you using? I like the paper.
  9. Ratalaika gets the blame because they are the company taking the time to port the games over and testing out the trophy lists. I had read somewhere a while back that someone at Ratalaika is not good a video games so that is part of the reason why the trophy lists are easy. But I cannot confirm that to be true as I do not even recall where I had seen that.
  10. I know they are also coming out on those system. But since I do not own those systems and this is a Playstation-geared topic I didn't bring it up. Nevertheless, there will always be these threads because the amount of indie games pumped out with 6+ stacks raises a few eyebrows, including mine. There is absolutely no thought into some of these games and there is no thought into the trophy lists (and yes, I am aware Ratalaika is, for the most part, a porting company and not the dev that makes these games). I think what bothers me the most now is that some of these games that are indeed decent are getting a bad rap and considered crap because of the sloppy trophy lists.
  11. You have this powerful system that is having mobile games ported to it. These kinds of games are more up the Vita's alley with one stack, or just left on phones. Other than that... You need to chill out. You seem to be trying to pick a fight with anyone who has a differing opinion than yours. I really see no reason for it.
  12. Probably never because Sony. It's rather embarrassing that games like these are coming out on the PS4.
  13. 🤔 I wonder how much this will cost when it comes out. I just hope we are able to speed the game up... or at least port it over to the Vita so I can take it with me, but that's asking for too much.
  14. Eager Beaver Awarded when a player has earned at least 58 medals. I had accidentally deleted my character on MAG, thus losing all of my medals. I think I was about four medals away, too. Just another one of those FML moments.
  15. I also had the 64GB card and it only lasted a month before shit hit the fan. Can start a new game and save it with no problems?