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  1. I'm assuming one version is US and the other is EU.
  2. Guess he needs to take a visit to the PS Store and see the graphics indie games have.
  3. Was hoping to see if there was a way to turn off the crazy seizure-inducing graphics to have something a little more.. flat.
  4. What are you trying to post??? Edit: So apparently when I quote you the 503 Error goes away and I can see what you post. Nice.
  5. Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils: 2D Platformer with puzzles. Deadbolt: Stealth-Action side-scroller with an awesome soundtrack. Dragooned: Fighting game that received the "Gem Of The Week" Award on here. Really wasn't that bad of a game - great to pick up and play with no BS. Neurovoider: Rouge-lite/Rouge-like, Twin stick shooter with a kick-ass soundtrack and local co-op (couch co-op). My all-time favorite shooter game. Riddled Corpses EX: Arcade shooter with a great soundtrack and local co-op (couch co-op). Socketeer: Rouge-lite/Rouge-like that isn't that bad, but it does have some frame rate issues on the PS4 (not sure if it was ever fixed).
  6. I took the time to go through your profile @DAVEHUDSON and it appears a game you played - Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (EU) - is missing.
  7. I think it looks fine the way it is. What is the animation doing?
  8. I love the colored ones! They are really vibrant! What colored pencils did you use? I think my favorite one is the last one of Natsu. Never got into Fairy Tail, but that face is priceless.
  9. The one of Link really takes me back to my childhood @Honor_Hand Do you know who the girl in the second drawing is? (Awesome color scheme, by the way)
  10. My final thoughts: You're right about the retailers because depending on what the addiction is it could be the FDA or other organizations/agencies who step in and take responsibility to protect people. In this case it is the FTC. There are laws that can force a minor into rehab called involuntary commitment; however, within the United States the laws vary state-to-state. Yes, it is the addict's choice and their personal responsibility, as you put it. No one can force an addict who is over 18 to go to rehab. The issue here relates to children - minors - becoming addicted to gambling. As I mentioned it takes more than just themselves, especially children/teens, to get through their issues. When problems (addictions), such as gambling, are so wide-spread I do think that certain regulations need to be put in place to help better educate and protect people. I'm not sure why you are being aggressive to everyone here who came to discuss this issue, but it isn't necessary. Everyone will have differing opinions and facts are above feelings.
  11. I think most people tend to forget is that children/young teens are impressionable and some games with loot boxes are targeted towards a young audience. While I do think it is up to the parents/family and school to teach moderation, responsibility, and dangers of addictive behavior, certain measures should to be taken by the government to help regulate a problem when the problem is too great and far-spread. This is not the first time or the last this will happen. And who knows? Perhaps nothing will come of it. A Senator raised the "silly and poorly thought out non-issues" at a hearing in front of the FTC, according to the article provided in the first post. Addictions are a personal problem with individuals. Unfortunately people with addictions need help and support to stop despite the addict's decision to make poor choices. Most of the time their addictions also harm their family and/or friends.
  12. I don't have the time or attention span (thought it was going to be a little different) to sit and play this game as much as I'd like hence why I asked. Anyway, I was able to obtain those two trophies by doing them in one sitting. I'm having trouble with the butterfly one now.
  13. Really diggin' Sandshrew! These are all really good! The shading is phenomenal and really like the contrast in each piece. Pass the message along to her if you can.
  14. Wow, finally, an indie game that looks decent. Just wish they could proofread the trophy list...
  15. NeuroVoider for its art, kick-ass soundtrack, style of game play (twin-stick shooter), and, believe it or not, the RNG. Riddled Corpses EX for the soundtrack, style of game play (twin-stick shooter), and its Survival mode.