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  1. While I have not got that far in the Colosseum yet have you tried using Lucemon SM? His ability reduces damage from magic attacks and converts it to HP and he is also a Virus. Or Lilithmon (also a Virus) for her special attack? Then there's Mastemon for her special attack... but she will probably get decimated by Taomon since she is a Vaccine, I believe. I'm unsure as to who you have in your party. Then there's always UlforceVeedramon (Vaccine) since it always moves first in battle. You could try to buff your party before he, more than likely, dies in battle. Training your Digimon on the farm may help if you haven't done that already.
  2. "The right to bear arms" is the second amendment to the US Constitution.
  3. Thanks for posting the trailer. I have to give a huge facepalm to this game. This looks more like a mobile phone game than a console game (and I personally have grown tired of seeing mobile games/mobile-looking games coming out for the PS4, XBoner1, etc)
  4. It's been so long since I've played it. No need to be a complete asshole ✌️
  5. I have and I cleaned my disc with a little bit of alcohol and a lint free cloth or toilet paper (yeah, shame on me but honestly who cares). Disc worked after that. If that doesn't solve the issue have you tried reinstalling the game?
  6. Yeah.. if they want people to forget about the game lol. I totally forgot about this until I saw notifications that people posted in this thread 😓
  7. I did read your entire post. What I was getting to with the link was to establish that the Valor Grand Cross trophy was indeed glitchy for some people because I felt like some people sort of dismissed what @Phil said (I am highly aware why what he typed would be dismissed). It was also to establish that the second to last post on the thread provided was a similarity to this dispute (as in a higher ranked person on the leaderboard at the time didn't get the trophy but a lower rank did - at least that's I think it is similar given the circumstances). I am aware of the other Valor trophies. Considering that this dispute is for the Valor Grand Cross trophy I am/was focused more on that one.
  8. Unfortunately, I think most people are going to be bringing nothing but their word - including myself. I played this game 8 to 9 years ago and I do remember that some players had issues with the Valor Grand Cross trophy. Some people who met the requirements had the trophy unlock for them; likewise, others who did not meet the requirements had the trophy unlock. There is a thread here shedding some input on how glitchy the Valor Grand Cross trophy is, which is the only proof I can really give considering I have no proof of my own (AKA screen shots of my own ranks). While mathematically it is impossible that the OP is in the top 1% and eligible for the Valor Grand Cross trophy, I have to sway towards what @BlindMango said in his post. Sure, this doesn't explain why the people above OP didn't unlock the trophy. As many tickets as Guerilla Games got about the issue I am not really sure if it was ever looked into or remedied. Anyway, that's my input and I don't expect much to come out of it since it's just my word.
  9. This game is demon-seed. Back when I played it with my friend, he and I had so many issues (mostly what you mentioned). Have you tried to delete the game and reinstall it? My friend had to do that during our play through; however, while it sort of fixed the issue for a little while it went back to its nasty ways. I think eventually we just mustered through the game dealing with all that and praying that each time we started up we could finish the level. Sorry I really can't be of more help.
  10. I second this as I had a very similar experience this morning. The only sites I came across relating to this game had no information - not even a developer.
  11. Yeah these games are certainty unique alright... Anyway, as far as missable trophies go I can't say for sure if there are any with this game since I haven't played it. I only played the second one and I know that one does have missable trophies.
  12. I can answer a few of your questions: 2. I believe you do. I had purchased Flow on the PS3 years ago. When I got my PS Vita I was able to get the game for free because I had already downloaded it for the PS3. Yes, there is a DLC pack and it's quite stupid; the trophies vary between systems. 7. Not too familiar with the games listed (except for Dragon Age). You may like Toukiden 2. Basically, you are a slayer of sorts who has to go around and kill Oni. There are "spirits" called Mitama that you can find that bolster up your weapons, etc. There is an online portion of the game that is still very active, but it is not required for any trophies. You can play the multiplayer missions alone (as in there is a separate "lobby" where you can play without people and have the NPCs help you). Here's a trailer. 8. Wolfenstein is a great military series (WWII). Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is pretty decent, too. I have watched my friend play it on the XBone a lot. I missed a lot of the story, so from what I have gathered you are taking on the drug cartel in Bolivia. 10. I can only speak for one of the games - Ignition. Personally, I found it boring af. If memory serves me right it was a comic-style game and the game play was a bunch of puzzles. Maybe I found it boring because I haven't really played any other Dead Space games (except for one and I didn't get far because I'm a pussy). 11. Cupcakes are gross ✌️ Sorry I can't help out more I live under a boulder.
  13. Yes, I know. My trouble mostly lies with the hit box on the characters. It's like a mind game to me since the characters are huge but the hit box is so small lol I'm pathetic...
  14. I wish I was good at this game. I struggle hardcore with Gundemonium (and Gne for that matter).
  15. What anime (I'm assuming) is this from? She looks familiar.