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  1. Really diggin' Sandshrew! These are all really good! The shading is phenomenal and really like the contrast in each piece. Pass the message along to her if you can.
  2. Wow, finally, an indie game that looks decent. Just wish they could proofread the trophy list...
  3. NeuroVoider for its art, kick-ass soundtrack, style of game play (twin-stick shooter), and, believe it or not, the RNG. Riddled Corpses EX for the soundtrack, style of game play (twin-stick shooter), and its Survival mode.
  4. Wow I like the contrast in this one. Is this done with ink? Also, who is this (like, is she a character from an anime)?
  5. Nice! I like the shading. Is this painted with acrylics on canvas?
  6. As always @BG_painter very nice painting! What do you plan to move to after still life? @ReverzerO Is that also an oil painting by your sister-in-law's-twin? It's really good, too!
  7. I don't invest much time into DeviantArt either. It's too weird for me now. Yes, post another painting! Wow I love the sketch! I only know two of the characters - Ichigo and Mega Man. Who is the one on the top left in the cat costume? Awesome! What program do you use to make the bottom two? They are amazing! Diggin' the one on the right - the color scheme and background are nice!
  8. Thank you for the tips! My camera is 8.1mp (let's just say 8 because that .1 is not going to make much of a difference). I do have issues with lighting and I do try my best to restore what is lost in Photoshop. My problem that I've always had is that the graphite drawings I do always reflect back too much light; therefore, causing a huge blow out in the photograph. The black and white drawing is Meier Link from Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust (great movie). I think everyone and their mother's brother has drawn Meier Link in that pose, including me obviously. If you were curious the first one is FLCL (Fooly Cooly) and the last one is Brendon Small from Home Movies (American cartoon). @Johnathan994 - Do you draw? If you do I'd be interested in seeing some art.
  9. Those pieces are much better than what I could do digitally. I don't have much patience when it comes to digital works. I rarely use layers if I ever do digital works, which has got me into some trouble. Anyway, both pieces look good! I'm really diggin' Yufa's color scheme! I do like Naruto bright considering his loud personality. Here are the rest of mine since you were interested:
  10. Yes, that's the Psycho Mantis I speak of. He is my favorite boss from the Metal Gear Solid Series. If I ever decide to take my 3DS out of the box and charge it maybe I could finish it and post it. I can't even find the image that I used online to give you an idea what it looks like. I never understood to reasoning of Ed and Al's mom being Sloth since both of them were far from lazy. Didn't make much sense to me. I only have five more drawings from the "Redraw Project" completed. Only problem with the "Redraw Project" is I do not post the original drawing it is based off of. I did for my close friends and family on Facebook.... when I had a Facebook account. In any case, I can post the drawings at a later date. I am very interested in seeing your Naruto and Yufa drawings.
  11. Thanks for your kind words! I like ColorsLive. It's a cool app. I do have a Psycho Mantis drawing I was working on but never finished (I think that one I traced from an image online so shame on me). I don't use my 3DS anymore; therefore, it will never be finished. To elaborate on the FMA drawing it is part of my "Redraw Project", so the original it is based off of was done back in 2006. In 2006 Brotherhood wasn't in existence yet, Sloth was revealed in the manga but the reader's did not get to see his face (I don't think the reader's got to see Sloth's entire face until about 10 volumes later), and Pride was not exactly revealed until later in the books so I had no idea who he was lol. I could only go off of the anime to draw all of the homunculi.
  12. ^ I drew Tomba in one of my sketchbooks and decided to color it crudely in ColorsLive on the Nintendo 3DS.
  13. This is the link to my DeviantArt. I don't post much; haven't had the time or pieces I've wanted to put on there. You will need to either be signed into your DeviantArt account or make an account to view what I posted. If you don't want to do that I could post some of what is on there in this thread.
  14. I've got no problem posting old drawings. I do it all the time. What I was saying was as a viewer it gets "stale" or old when I see people taking photographs of the things they draw and instead of taking a photograph of the drawing, they spread their tools around the table or drawing. It takes away from the drawings and gets me distracted. It was like that all the time on DeviantArt (not sure how it is now). It was one of those things that after seeing it for the tenth time it got old. I wasn't dissing you.
  15. It has been out of control, but people seem to just pick and choose which games to call it out on.