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  1. What confuses me is that this is in the PS4 thread so aren't we only talking about what's available as of now...? Also, isn't the PSVR 2 full of speculation and rumors and nothing too concrete yet? I'm not quite sure I agree with this only because of how far we've come from a technological stand-point (in the general sense of technology). I feel that there could be a way to make a wireless VR Headset. I'm just not familiar enough with the technology for it to be possible. Hopefully that makes sense. Correct me if I'm wrong - while the graphics should be mind-boggling for VR weren't the specs for the graphics on the PSVR 2 just speculation and not actually confirmed? I apologize for sounding rather pessimistic. It's just that, as I mentioned, I haven't seen anything earth shattering happen with VR in almost a decade now, so I am a bit skeptical. As for the price point it is foreign to me to pay for, basically, an add-on for a console game system (PC is a whole different story). Let's hope that the semi-conductor shortage sorts itself out within the next five years!
  2. Yes they do. I've seen mixed emotions about the Ultra-Rare cases, but I personally found them useful. You can get some decent weapons from the Ultra-Rare Weapons Cases, but most of the parts can be obtained easily from just playing the game. It's a gamble what you will actually get from these cases, but I suppose if you are just starting out and you wanted to purchase a case it couldn't hurt. I just don't want you to waste your points (for some reason when merged with the Portal site they took away the Login bonus). Keep in mind that the Ultra-Rare weapon cases offer high level weapons and if you are a low level the potential of the weapons may be wasted until you level up your character.
  3. I feel that the PS4 has reached its limitations hence why (other than competition with competitors) there is now a PS5 with 'better' specs. No cables for certain. A lightweight design. I'm sure some people would prefer better graphics. Price point. ~$300 USD is not something I'd shell out for a VR system. Also a bit of an aside but how is the response time on the VR from the controllers? Is there any lag? I second this.
  4. As it stands now I have to say that VR has reached its limitations. I haven't seen anything earth shattering that has progressed VR since 2012 (around when I noticed it first was gaining momentum in the gaming industry). A lot of the complaints people have (clunky to wear, cable nightmares, price, etc.) are still present almost a decade later. For all intents and purposes, I would say that VR falls under the gimmick category. The PSVR is a novelty device added onto an existing product. The PSVR helps make said existing product - the Playstation - stand out from its competitors and tempts potential consumers.
  5. Without knowing what difficulty you are on (I'm assuming you are just starting out) and which weapons you prefer to use it's a bit difficult to recommend which items to purchase. I really wouldn't recommend purchasing weapons from the web store because you could find something much better just playing the game. But if you would like to purchase weapons the two that jump out to me are: Python Level 5, Slot 3 MP5 Level 5, Slot 4 For Parts: Damage 3 Long Magazine 3 Critical 3 Ammo Magnet 1 You could also use Fangs 1 or Giant Rabbit's Foot 1. Alternatively, you could always save up and purchase an Ultra-Rare Weapons Case and/or Parts Case.
  6. Platinum #170 Void Gore Just how I like my shooters - Easy.
  7. Platinum #168 Restless Night Shortly after obtaining the platinum in my last post I fell out of trophy hunting to take care of a family member (and to play Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries on the PS3). That being said, I figured I'd ease myself back into the hunt with some EZ games. (Now I'm just waiting for Hades to come out on the PS4.)
  8. To my knowledge ScourgeBringer (PS Vita) and Pushy And Pully In Blockland (PS Vita) are both physical releases by eastasiasoft. Both games were up for pre-order the first of this month on PlayAsia, but sold out as faster than you could blink. I'm sure the deadline still stands and the trophy lists were not added/synced until now.
  9. Platinum #162 My Aunt Is A Bitch I have never seen a visual novel so broken and glitchy before. I suppose there is a first for everything. Sometimes You is now on my shit list of porters.
  10. I think the average is 3 years. And this website tells you how to replace it.
  11. Platinum #161 Gods Of Almagest I would highly recommend staying away from this Vita game. It holds my personal award of Worst Programmed Games.
  12. Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate has five online trophies. Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD has one, I believe. Dead Nation has one.
  13. You don't need to apologize; I just don't want you feeling down about your artwork! I've been there before plenty of times and I finally got into my head to just draw for myself and if people don't like my artwork, oh well. As long as you enjoy your artwork that's all that matters. I hope for great success with the publisher. If it doesn't pan out try not to get discouraged. Everything is an uphill battle!
  14. You do not draw "like crap". Don't ever say that about your art. If it makes you feel better you are much better at drawing animals than I ever will be able to lol
  15. Confused about Shu... I see that there is DLC with trophies, but I cannot locate the DLC in the store?