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  1. I've been waiting for this game to come out (and yes I am being serious). I hope that there is a PS Vita list.
  2. This is awesome!! I am getting tarot card vibes from this. Very cool!
  3. Platinum #116 Wizards Of Brandel There was way too much dialogue in this game...
  4. Platinum #115 Aegis Of Earth: Protonovus Assault It's a miracle this game was platted.
  5. Odd. I could have sworn the protests were not just about getting haircuts, but about returning to work. I suppose my local newspaper reported that incorrectly last week. In any case, is it any wonder why most people are freaking out about the COVID-19 virus? Because there are more reports on deaths than recoveries. We're going to agree to disagree, as a majority of the people in this thread are going to with me, and that's fine. I'll voice my concerns elsewhere. Then don't argue. I wasn't even attempting to stir up an argument, but perhaps if you are just going to get angry over the slightest things then you should stay off the internet (which is what I've been telling most people nowadays to do). Not sure what else to tell ya.
  6. Hm. I guess I should be asking for forgiveness for voicing my concerns. I was hoping that people would start thinking about the future and how this virus will impact others/our lives afterwards in an economic and social way. Has anyone stopped to think why some of the people are out protesting? Has anyone but me wondered why media outlets have reported more on deaths instead of recoveries? Our opinions don't seem to align and that's fine. What's not fine is being talked to like I'm, for lack of another word, an idiot.
  7. I don't think people understand anything hence why the future generation will be, blatantly put, fucked... lol... Regardless, I tend not to look at status updates on this site. I cannot believe that a game is more important than essential items. Must be nice to not have to stress about stuff other than games. Of course the virus didn't kill small businesses, but it is speeding it along. Speaking of small businesses it's a miracle that yesterday the company I work for finally got approved for the loan (after hopping to about three or four different banks). In the grand scheme of things that go on around here the loan amount isn't much. I just hope it's spent wisely... 🙄 Still doesn't mean I want things to remain closed. Contrary to a majority of the replies here I'm ready to have things reopen.
  8. Yes, the death toll would have been higher; however, my main concern now is what kind of states, socially and economically in particular, our countries will be in when this is "over". Are people really happy that certain stores have closed??? That is absolutely ludicrous! (I do not have social media anymore) I'll have to check them out whenever I get the time. Not sure when that will be though.
  9. For the people who are against reopening... businesses have already gone under or started to fail because of the shutdown. I'm wondering if when this is "over" if I'm still going to have a job - and I've never stopped working since this crisis began. Hell, I'm working a 40+ work week and only getting paid 32 hours just so the company can stay afloat.
  10. Platinum #112 Reverie I didn't like this game at first; not sure why. By the second dungeon I was hooked and now I want to stack it play it again.
  11. I wonder if the issues with the previous versions will be fixed.
  12. What are you going to do for money?
  13. (Because people need money; people need to get back to work. People need health insurance, too.)
  14. I agree with you about it going past April (I am saying April because that's what the powers-to-be have in place). I am convinced that the hysteria* won't go away until late August/early September. *Hysteria = things such as, but not limited to, grocery hoarding, business reopening, schools reopening - you know... normalcy.
  15. Whether the virus came from the meat in the market or if man made/mutated the virus in a laboratory... the truth of the matter is that if Xi Jinping and his entourage would have not arrested Dr Li Wenliang and associates, and acted accordingly to prevent the spread of the virus, a large majority of what is happening now could have been prevented. I have been saying this to my family, friends, and colleagues to stay off of social media and take what you hear from the news outlets with grains of salt until you can verify their reporting with multiple sources. April 30th cannot come quick enough.