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  1. What kind of sketchbook are you using? I like the paper.
  2. Ratalaika gets the blame because they are the company taking the time to port the games over and testing out the trophy lists. I had read somewhere a while back that someone at Ratalaika is not good a video games so that is part of the reason why the trophy lists are easy. But I cannot confirm that to be true as I do not even recall where I had seen that.
  3. I know they are also coming out on those system. But since I do not own those systems and this is a Playstation-geared topic I didn't bring it up. Nevertheless, there will always be these threads because the amount of indie games pumped out with 6+ stacks raises a few eyebrows, including mine. There is absolutely no thought into some of these games and there is no thought into the trophy lists (and yes, I am aware Ratalaika is, for the most part, a porting company and not the dev that makes these games). I think what bothers me the most now is that some of these games that are indeed decent are getting a bad rap and considered crap because of the sloppy trophy lists.
  4. You have this powerful system that is having mobile games ported to it. These kinds of games are more up the Vita's alley with one stack, or just left on phones. Other than that... You need to chill out. You seem to be trying to pick a fight with anyone who has a differing opinion than yours. I really see no reason for it.
  5. Probably never because Sony. It's rather embarrassing that games like these are coming out on the PS4.
  6. 🤔 I wonder how much this will cost when it comes out. I just hope we are able to speed the game up... or at least port it over to the Vita so I can take it with me, but that's asking for too much.
  7. Eager Beaver Awarded when a player has earned at least 58 medals. I had accidentally deleted my character on MAG, thus losing all of my medals. I think I was about four medals away, too. Just another one of those FML moments.
  8. I also had the 64GB card and it only lasted a month before shit hit the fan. Can start a new game and save it with no problems?
  9. What kind of memory card is in your PS Vita? I had something similar happen - my memory card became corrupted, so I lost everything.
  10. I feel like I need to be on something to fully appreciate the plot. Thanks for the information!
  11. Almost all the links you posted say "503 Service Temporary Unavailable"... I haven't followed any news on this game since the "I-was-in-a-store-in-Iceland-and-heard-this-song interview" that Kojima had. Obviously, I am out of the loop. That being said is there any concrete plot for this game yet?
  12. Most of the games you reviewed (except for two) I haven't played. That being said when I read the reviews for the ones I haven't played I was a little lost: Example: I read your Tales Of Hearts R review and I was lost when you said the game play for Hearts was like Vesperia (for the record I have only played Zestiria and due to PC issues I was unable to get far in that game). It would be beneficial to elaborate briefly why Hearts and Vesperia are similar. Write a sentence or list a couple reasons why they are alike (mainly for people like me who never played those games because it would give us a better understanding). Also, in the same review, I think it would be great if you could elaborate why the character designs were not appealing to you (although, looking up some of the characters I think I can take a guess). Example: I know this was an older review and your writing has grown stronger since then, but I read your Heavy Rain review, and while it was nice in the aspect that it read like a personal blog (I think that's what you are going for), I wanted to see more details. What captivated you about Heavy Rain that made you not want to put it down? What mystery/detective aspect was it that you liked the best? Why was Norman your favorite character? As a reader pretending I don't know Heavy Rain I want to know why the game was good and a brief synopsis what it was about. I thought you had some great strong points as time progressed with your writing that I want to point out: I liked the fact that with your Tales Of Hearts R, Digimon Next Order, and My Time At Portia reviews you gave a brief synopsis and/or back story as to what the game is about. That hooked me in right away. It was fantastic to see you follow an organized writing template: Brief synopsis of plot/backstory > Gameplay > Characters >Combat/Final thoughts. Adding the last paragraph with your personal thoughts on it tied it together and made it more blog-like. Going with my previous points I felt that your Kingdom Hearts III review was the best. I could feel your emotions through the monitor as you described how you felt about particular moments in the game. I thought that the review showed your thoughts clearly (due to separating the paragraphs with headings such as "Gameplay" and "Soundtrack"). From a visual aspect it is appealing, as well as the My Time At Portia review despite not having the headings at the top of each paragraph. I liked your personal thoughts in the reviews (generally the last paragraph) when you mentioned whether you disliked or liked the game, how many hours you put into said game, how difficult trophies may be, and the score you gave the game. Adding pictures, like in your Collar x Malice review, are fantastic! It helps break up the text and gives readers something to look at. As a reader, I got to see what the characters looked like right there without having to pause my reading and look it up in a search engine. As for general tips: I know English is not your first language, but you are very good at it. Just be sure to proof read what you write before publishing as there are some minor grammatical errors (nothing too serious). If you do take something from a source, don't forget to cite it. Writers/artists/creators have a conniption about plagiarism - and for good reason. When I was in high school one of my teacher's gave me the best advice for writing: "Write like your audience is stupid; completely clueless as to what you are writing about." (While she had said something a little more blunt, this gets the point across.) Hope this helps. I am interested in Radiata Stories, as well as Collar x Malice.
  13. No, but I hope to read some discussion here about it.
  14. The reason I didn't particularly care for the season finale is because it felt like I read a book with little to no detail. It was like the writers drew out a writing diagram, wrote the first draft, and went with the first draft. Not only that, but at least halfway through the final episode I felt like the actors/actresses sort of gave up. I didn't sense that they were connected to their characters like how they used to be. It's unfortunate that we waited two years for the finale only to have something rushed (at least comparing this season to the previous seasons).
  15. While I was in bed last night I realized that Tyrion did say he had weeks to think - so weeks had passed lol. Thanks though! I got 11.