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  1. I'm going to add this to the first post. @MyNameIs_Rainman - I'm going to add this to the first post, too: "Go to an area you can easily get to with some tough monsters, and spam baits on them. They will eat it and you will get some failed attempts but stronger monsters will yield more points towards your creature capture. Also, make sure to invest in the passive for creature capturing. They help a TON. I didn't catch anything until I had at least one skill invested."
  2. I circled the location in red on the map below. After speaking to the stable owner you need to go through the Hole of Kol. Then, go back to the stables and pay 100,000 gold. After that answer a dumb, meaningless question and the camel is yours.
  3. I started doing the cooking and I was wondering if it meant to craft one of each or to master each. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I hate to see you not platinum this game, but I understand what you mean about the grind... I'm actually in the process of making some spreadsheets and the Hunting Journal alone is the most time consuming. Speaking of the Hunting Journal... does anyone know if the large creatures can eat the small creature bait, or if the small creatures can eat the large creature bait?
  4. Labelled Map. If you need to zoom in here is the link to the image. Unlabelled Map. If you need to zoom in here is the link to the image.
  5. I have been morphing my pet when it reaches level 90. At the moment I've been grinding levels for my pet by killing Dragons and Valchists, but I'm sure any later dungeon with strong enemies will do. As for leveling up Skills there are some enchantments on equipment that increase the experience gained for Skills. They seem to help, but I too am struggling to level up some of the magic Skills in order to unlock abilities. I am unsure with the offensive magic spells if either casting, killing an enemy, or a combination of both levels it up.
  6. I can confirm that the NPCs killed will forget that you killed them. I'm not sure how many times you need to sleep though as I was out gallivanting around the continent doing side-dungeons.
  7. I will try what you mentioned above for the NPCs (my pet accidentally killed an innocent bystander... or maybe he was just killing the witness - who knows? lol). But all kidding aside I will report back with my findings. As for the crafting I noticed I could see the quantities for Cooking, but not for Alchemy. I'm probably being blind. I will look again. I noticed that with Alchemy if I select a recipe it will automatically add the, I'm assuming, best potent ingredients; however, I can only ever use one of those ingredients to create the recipe. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?
  8. I probably should make another thread about these questions I'm about to ask, but since a bulk of our conversations about the game are here it didn't feel right to start a new thread. I should probably just rename this thread. I have a couple questions that I hope someone could answer. Spoilers in the second question. How do I know how many ingredients I require for crafting (example: Alchemy)? I thought that the number usually showed up on the item picture after you selected a recipe, but it doesn't seem to always show up. When it doesn't show up I am assuming I do not have enough of said item because I cannot craft. At the Shadow Guild are
  9. Yes, it is done at the third town (Elmson) at the Jewelers. You need 25 Goblin Blood for the Jeweler to teach you jewelry making.
  10. When you have your menu open for Player 1 hold (Square) over the item you wish to drop. Drag the item to the left edge of the menu and there should be an arrow with the word "Drop". Release (Square). Sometimes, the item you are dragging and dropping will follow the cursor; other times it doesn't. I am assuming it is a glitch. Obviously, at this point when all the items you want to transfer to Nameless are dropped switch to Nameless. You may need to move a little bit with your main character. I've been finding that hitting (Triangle) sometimes doesn't seem to work and if that happens you can always open the menu and scroll on the left menu screen to Nameless to switch characters.
  11. Thanks! Good call! I'm going to add that into the top post.
  12. I thought I'd be generous and share some tips. Sometimes, I find the explanations in this game a bit lacking in crucial information. Decide where you want to allot your Attribute points. There are no character classes in the traditional sense of RPGs. It is imperative to decide which weapon/s to start with and allot your Attributes accordingly as respecing your points is not an option (at least early on). Keep in mind that you will - or should - be using Magic at some point and will need to add some Attribute points into Intelligence and Wisdom. Dual wielding weapons is your best friend. You cannot recollect arrows or bolts on the ground/from enemies when using a bow or crossbow. Try to obtain a Fire or Ice spell. Eventually, obtain the Heal spell (ideally, either during or after Fort Hinuol, which is the dungeon located West of Firlun, the second city you will be going to during the main questline). Do side dungeons if you can for extra experience points and items. You can roll into breakable object, like barrels, with (Square). As an example: I wanted to have my playstyle fit that of a Rogue. A bulk of my stats are in Dexterity (for daggers/bows/crossbows) and Endurance. I have some points in Wisdom and Intelligence for spells. And almost nothing in Strength. I went with a Fire spell (Fire Ball) and was able to eventually get Fire Circle (which does decent damage) and got the Heal spell after Fort Hinuol. In towns talk to all NPCs. They may offer you Quests to complete. Do not waste your gold by purchasing any armor or weapons from the shops. You will find equal or better equipment in the dungeons (Ashwick Sewer, Luppi Ruins, The Snake Pit, etc.). Creatures that have names (bosses excluded) usually drop a Unique item - weapons or armor - which will be better than what you can purchase in shops. In Ashwick, do not select the option to call Foddy “Foody” as he will raise his prices. I find that Foddy is a good person to sell unwanted items to (mostly armor and weapons) as he seems to pay the highest, even if it is just a few coins more. Abilities: Abilities are unlocked by collecting Ability Coins in dungeons. Don't spend points on the Summon Mount ability. I thought it would give you a mount, but all it does is allow you to recall your mount once you have one. (Credit: @TheProjectHate) Rewards: Rewards can be obtained from unlocking a trophy/achievement. Rewards can be obtained from 100% clearing a Dungeon. Personally, I forgo getting gold as a reward and I usually go for experience points or scrolls. Crafting: Crafting is guaranteed to fail numerous times before anything is successful (which can be discouraging). Keep the slider between the two boundaries for Good by tapping (X) when needed. To at least have some success (to get done the Tavern Quests), I find that the best way to quickly level up the Cooking Skill is to unlock the Fried Rat Tail recipe (gained through levelling up the Cooking Skill). You can save the game, exit then reload and you'll be in the same spot with the monsters respawned which is helpful when you find a group of monsters that drop an item you need or for grinding. (Credit: @Killbomb) Creature Capturing: Like Crafting, Creature Capturing will not always work and, for just starting out, it is rather expensive. To capture a creature, you must drop Bait on the ground, making sure to lead the creature over the bait, then lay down a trap and lead it over the trap. Keep doing this until a ton of green hearts are floating out of the creature. Then run over to the creature to capture it. To give an example my first creature captured was the Fungus. It took 5 to 7 pieces of small bait and about 3 small traps before I could run over and capture it. I captured my first creature after I finished Fort Hinuol so I knew that I would have enough coins to purchase supplies. Go to an area you can easily get to with some tough monsters, and spam baits on them. They will eat it and you will get some failed attempts but stronger monsters will yield more points towards your creature capture. Also, make sure to invest in the passive for creature capturing. They help a TON. I didn't catch anything until I had at least one skill invested. (Credit: @MyNameIs_Rainman) Co-Op: Couch co-op only. Turn on the controller and drop right in, more or less. Items and gold are not shared between both characters (meaning if Player 1 grabs all the items in a chest all of those items solely go to Player 1). If either player needs to drop an item for the other player, simply go to that item in your inventory, hold (Square) and drag it to the edge of the menu. Player 2 cannot collect Rewards. Nameless NPC: Near the second town, Firlun, you will come across a Nameless NPC trapped in a collapsed building. Can be controlled by the player and level up the same way. Can get Rewards. Falls into the same category as Player 2 in terms of item sharing. Cannot pick up items when not being controlled. Can have up to 10 creatures. Not quite sure how to make it so Nameless NPC casts spells more often (as it stands now it seems to happen rarely). Until it is explained better or an update is released where the player can adjust the frequency of spell casting for Nameless NPC, take that into consideration when assigning Attribute points. There has been a recent update which fixed some bugs and added some things to make the game's UI a bit easier (for example hitting triangle in a chest to Take All items). I'm sure some of the things mentioned here will not age well.
  13. I laughed so hard at this. Sony sure is starting to make some pretty dumb decisions. I do hope this is false as it makes no sense to alienate users. While I do feel that the store needs a major clean up, removing certain content to purchase is not what I call cleaning up. It's almost like... people I work with are now working at Sony... Huh... 🤔
  14. Nice! Reminds me of Yusuke's Spirit Gun from Yu Yu Hakusho. I hope you find something to draw again soon. I enjoy looking at what PSNPers post. I've been working on a project I have to have due by the 28th, so I haven't had any time to draw. Perhaps when it is finished I will post it on here.
  15. Platinum #136 Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate My favorite Pixeljunk game.