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  1. Why aren't you good with colors? I'm sure you can't be that bad.
  2. Platinum #99 Broken Age If you like point and click games with insane puzzles this'll be up your alley. On my first (blind) play through I felt like Nancy Drew in the Secrets Can Kill video game for the Windows 98... And by this I mean a young me struggling hardcore trying to figure out some of the puzzles.
  3. Platinum #96 Cosmic Star Heroine The struggle was real... glitches and crashes abound! Asshattery aside, this game was great and if you want a quick RPG I'd recommend this game! Funnily enough, when I verbally told my friend what I was playing he thought it had to do with drugs
  4. I looked at my notes from years ago and went online to back myself up: 80010006 means that there was an issue during start operation. 8001050F causes the PS3 to malfunction when connecting to the PSN, to play games, trophy data and DLC can become corrupted, and the PS3 clock is reset back to January 1, 2000. (Leap year issue on PS3 models) Have you tried updating your console if it isn't updated already?
  5. This is gonna make me sound like some sort of whiteknight-agent for this guy buuuuut... If you are thinking about grabbing the collection I would definitely do it for the simple fact that it is a great deal for all three games (especially on sale). Supposedly, the dev is working on a remake of his first game, which I am anticipating and hoping that it will still be released on the PS Vita.
  6. Platinum #95 Skylight Freerange Even if the story doesn't thrill you (which for me it doesn't) the RPG element does. The one thing I loved about this game (and the second installment) is that even on Impossible difficulty you can make your characters so strong that you can one-punch kill anything. And it makes me feel strong
  7. Someone else brought up what I'm about to say in the comment section of the YouTube video. The dev did reply to the person and I felt that the dev's response inadequately answered the person's feedback. That being said... I am having a very hard time understanding how it is acceptable to publish a video game that is riddled with lag, choppiness, and glitches.
  8. Very nice! I like the colors and the shading.
  9. I think this is the arcade version of Castlevania. The "VS" was a game system by Nintendo which was centered around the arcade aesthetic.
  10. Platinum #94 Color Slayer Oh how I wish I never bought this game. I ignored the negative reviews thinking it would be a nice arcade game. Instead, it was glitchy and constantly freezing on the PS Vita all with a soundtrack and assets that didn't fit the game at all.
  11. I had checked that site earlier and the PS Store and it was listed at 18USD. Anyway, thanks for the info!
  12. What is with the insane price hike on this game (18USD)? I don't think it cost that much when it came out. When were you able to snag this game for 2USD?
  13. I didn't even notice the trophies were almost all golds... Ah, well, as @Fish613 pointed out for me it's probably a side scoller. Was really hoping for a twin stick shooter.
  14. I have been wanting to pick this game up; however, my main gripe was the dialogue. I was very lost with the story on the second game and the amount of curse words strung together was irritating. I don't know if I would fully be able to enjoy this game.