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  1. Just to take note here since I didn't get a notification (meaning I probably got enough points last season), I'm switching back to my old account since I'm able to access it again, so I'm dropping out of the league. I may come back for a season 21 as BlueFireReaper, should I get into the hang of things since classes just started for me today.
  2. Normal Ending Saw the normal ending. Human Ending Saw the human ending.
  3. Blanc's Vengeance Blanc joined the party. Noire's Revenge Noire joined the party. Vert's Return Vert joined the party.
  4. CFW Brave, Humbled Defeated CFW Brave. The fight in Chapter 3 will always be harder in my eyes.
  5. Dogootastic! View a certain CG Image. I don't know whether the level I'm currently at is sufficient enough, but I just do what I normally do
  6. Borderland Defender You have defeated all bosses and are a powerful force to be reckoned with
  7. Ding! Platinum #23: Borderlands.

    1. evilartifact


      Congrats! Are you going to go for 2 or pre sequel?

    2. MaximumOverdrive
    3. DamagingRob
  8. After looking through, I can tell that Toby Fox didn't want to spoil the players via the trophy list. Honestly, the list gives more incentive to put playing the game at a higher priority than getting the plat.
  9. Ultimate Veteran Complete 10 MUT Games MUT Maniac Complete 20 MUT Games Done with the online trophies. Don't have to worry about the server shutdown now. Just a warning again for those who still have yet to get them, you have until October 24th.
  10. Looks like I'll be going free agent again. Put me on the bench.
  11. This One is Easy Create a MUT team This One is Hard Build an 80 rated MUT team Wheel and Deal Make a MUT Trade For those of you who still have the game, but haven't done the MUT stuff yet, you have until the 24th of October to get it done.
  12. Damn, Madden 12's online is finally getting shut down after all these years. Guess since I know the date, I might as well get those online trophies out of the way. I got the plat on my previous profile, so getting the plat again shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  13. Suicidal Win any match on Suicidal Difficulty God DAMN the Berserker perk is too much fun!
  14. Love Turned Tragic Defeated Melusine. So, just defeated the new boss. Took me two tries since I didn't know that it would disappear should the sun rise while fighting it. And I'd have to say, it was challenging, especially since I was down to the wire in terms of time (you have from 8 pm until 5 am, game time - beat it at 4 am). Made use of the new mechanic that also has a trophy tied to the update, but I only got 3 of them in, I think (when you need 10 for the trophy).