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  1. [Kingdom Heats 2 Final Mix] I am so close to the end.  The only thing between me and the plat difficulty wise is...Luxord.  I hate his stupid minigame

    1. Otonio_Bruno


      Hi, nice going on Kingdom Hearts II FM, I still trying to find a decently priced copy of KH 2.5 HD, while that doesn't happen I'm grinding away my file on Kingdom Hearts Final Mix HD, just farming stuff pre-Hollow Bastion.

  2. I got nice Persona 5 Royal themes~  I like them

  3. I saw someone said 2 at a time, and that's a similar suggestion to mine. What I do is something like this. I'll have three games that I'm actively working on: One game that I'm playing through the story One game I'm grinding something repetitive One game with a hard trophy I'm going back and forth on So, for instance, right now I'm playing KH2 Final Mix (synthesis trophy), London Detective Mysteria (story), and Victory (story but mainly grind). And I will sort of flip between them as I feel like working on something. It's not always perfect, sometimes I really just want to sit down and play one game for a long time but for the most part I try not to work on more than 3 at a time.
  4. I know this is an old game so I'm pressing my luck hoping anyone can help. But I'm trying to work on my Good/True ending and I seem to be completely stuck? I can't do any of the 20+ quests I have since they all require items from dungeons that I don't seem to have on my maps. I know that scouts can unlock dungeons but I'm sending them to, Lowee for instance, over and over again and still no new dungeons. I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to do? Enemies are either too strong (i.e. Risky Enemies) or too weak and I can't work on quests so what am I supposed to do? I copied down info for every quest I have open so far and I have NONE of these dungeons available.
  5. Before I played KH3 I went through an played all of the other Kingdom Hearts games (again).  Clearly I FLEW through KH2, there is SO much stuff I didn't do.  Like grinding materials...ehhh

    1. AK-1138


      Have fun with the worst Kingdom Hearts, I guess. 😐

  6. Why does everyone seem to think the KH2 skateboarding trophy is easy?  It's really, really hard.  I keep sliding down the slope after only a few seconds

    1. MidnightDragon


      I get annoyed when people easily get things I struggle with.

    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      I found it fine, sorry! What really screwed with me was the little mushroom bugger outside Yen Sid's tower, took me an hour on both platforms to get him!

    3. Alternatewarning


      I just don't understand how to stay in that 'hoving' spot.  After a few seconds I always fall

  7. Plat #75 - Persona 5 Royal.  I think this is also my 6th Persona platinum.  I loved it, I love Persona

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    2. XchocomanX


      Congrats! If you love Persona, maaaaybe you'll love the main series, too? There's the Nocturne remaster. Have a go and see if you like it? 

    3. Alternatewarning


      @XchocomanX I've been tempted to poke my head into the "main" series but honestly just...haven't looked into it that much

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  8. Almost done with Persona 5 Royal.  Then back to working on my PS3 and Vita games

    1. AJ_Radio


      You ever plan to go back to stuff like Beyond Two Souls?

    2. Alternatewarning


      I don't actually own Beyond Two Souls.  I have a few PS3 games on my list that were borrowed from a friend who now lives many, many miles away from me.  So will I go back to them?  Maybe if she doesn't mind me borrowing them and we can see each other again.

  9. My one and only Ultra Rare trophy is now Very Rare.  Drat.

    1. kingofbattle8174


      I have one that seems to be bipolar. Some days it is an ultra rare, others it is a very rare. I only have 5 myself, and dont like seeing it seesaw back and forth. 

  10. Just platted Spiritfarer, my 74th!  Cute game, it's pretty fun.  I think it's supposed to be updated later this year with free DLC so I would definitely come back to it.

    Now I can steamroll the rest of Persona 5 Royal without worry since I wanted that for #75

  11. Number 74 is not actually a Japanese game. Shocker
  12. Each time my partner has been the one to get the final hit
  13. I'm following the 100% guide and it stats that on 6/7 you should play darts, get bullseye on both your turns and then you will get +2 Proficiency. Well, I can't seem to get the +2 even though I'm getting Bullseye on all 4 of my turns. Is there something more specific that I have to be doing? Edit: I ended up getting it. I"m not sure what's 'required' but in the first game I got all three darts in the bullseye for round one. In the second game I got all three darts in the bullseye again but I finished not my parter (It was Ryuji so he was already at Baton pass level 2)
  14. It doesn't 'bother' me, per say but that is the one issue I have with the Switch. I want one pretty badly, but I know that without the push to get the platinum, there are games that I just won't finish. It's much easier for me to focus and devote my attention to a game if I have a plan laid out ahead of me like a trophy list.
  15. I like to play around with my theme a lot so I'm definitely going to join. FYI for anyone else that just gets looped to the bottom of the page when trying to sign up -- log out and log back in. For some reason, since I was already logged in it didn't seem to realize logged in. A quick log out, log in fixed it.