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  1. Finished up the story of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X. I liked it but I know the grind is going to be a nightmare... (B4) With Player-operated Vehicles: TBD (I4) Last Game You Acquired: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (N4) Oldest in Your Backlog: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (G4) Reboot or Spiritual Successor: Hyperdimention Neptunia Re;Birth 1 (O4) Platform Exclusive: NORN9 Var Commons (PS Vita, while other games in the series came out in the PSP, this one is only vita, at least it seems that way)
  2. For the song clouds, do you have to complete every quest? And if so, you need to "green" clear it or just normal clear it? I'm a little confused about what is and is not required.
  3. I'm neutral to the idea. I like the effort that was put into it though, it looks very nice. I just don't really care since it's just going to be another feature that points out that the games I play aren't "good enough" to be considered impressive. So it's not going to affect me either way, although maybe it'll make people look down on my profile anymore. Oh well. The ribbon designs do look nice, though, it's clean and simple, I like the overall idea.
  4. A friend of mine just got a hand-me-down vita that has never been used. So she's going to get up her first PSN account. She does speak decent Japanese but her reading isn't the best. We were going back and forth as to whether she should make an American account or a Japanese one. She mainly will only be using it to play visual novels. She would rather play them with English text but I know there are a lot of Japan exclusives. She does, however, live in Japan and would be able to get at least some of them hardcopy. So...what would be best?
  5. [Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony] Should be finished up with Love Across the Universe mode today as well as unlocking everything in the gallery.  That "just" leaves the Ultimate Talent Development Plan

  6. I didn't look at the profile or at the game but to report a trophy list you must: Have the game on your profile It cannot already be reported Thus, if you cannot report someone either you don't have the game (not sure if it's region specific) and the report option won't show up if someone has already reported the game
  7. Is anyone working on a guide for Death Mark? If not I'll have a go at it as I play through
  8. Plat 42: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f 2nd Overall I really liked this game, as I did the one before it. The grind was excessive but if you just want to play and not to platinum then I would really have no complaints. I liked the new songs and the new costumes, although I would like to see more songs from vocaloids other than Miku. I do like her but the others only have about 2-4 songs each while she had the rest. I know that she has more songs in general, but still I'd like to have about 4 per vocaloid at lease. I enjoyed the level of difficulty even if there are quite a few songs I still haven't passed on extreme. it's a nice challenge that doesn't seem like too much. I do wish that there was a mode where you could practice one area of a song to get it down but oh well.
  9. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f 2nd Playstation Vita Difficulty: 7/10 Fun: 8/10 Is the price worth it: Yes My review for this game isn't really too different from Diva f, see above, as there isn't too much that's different and I mean that in a good way. I really enjoyed the game, I enjoyed the difficulty, and I enjoyed the music. The visible unlocks, see how to unlock different items is nice; although the grind necessary for some items is way too much. 3939 combo notes is beyond excessive. Especially for such a short song. But I digress. Overall fantastic game that is fun with good music. The plat is a little bit too much of a grind though. And I wish the other vocaloids had more songs. I like Miku but the proportion is just completely one sided.
  10. [Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd] So close to the plat.  Just need to unlock 2 more room items and a few more skins.  But the GRIND...  These requests are killing me.  And having to combo 3939 notes in a song I don't even like...

    1. AlchemistWer


      Haha, I still remember the request-grind in Diva F 2. Keep the motivation. :) 

    2. ShonenCat


      3939 combo? Good God.

  11. Ya, that's what I'm thinking. Pick up a PS4 this year for BF or Christmas since I don't really want to wait for November or later for a 5. Plus, PS4 is much cheaper than the 5 will be, even on sale
  12. [Danganronpa V3] Jeeze, I didn't realize I needed so many casino coins.  Too bad I'm absolutely awful at earning them. I supposed to get so many?

    1. madbuk


      Play slots for hours.

  13. [Dangronpa v3] My inner TenniMyu nerd is freaking out doing Ryoma's free time events.  This is great.

  14. I have the exact same thought as you. I heard the vita version was much glitchy-er so I think I'd stick with the PS4 version
  15. Kingdom Hearts: Compared to a lot of the games other people have mentioned, Kingdom Hearts isn't that hard. But it's a game that I really loved and a series I really love. So finally completely finishing it was really fun. And coming back to it, years later with much more patience than I had as a child and beating Sephiroth was fantastic