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  1. I should be finishing up Norn9 this coming weekend. Only 4 more routes to go and they all seem pretty short. I MAY try to queue up P5 Dancing but we'll see.
  2. hack//G.U. Last Recode Can't wait to replay this series once I finally get a PS4. I really enjoyed the PS games so I'm excited to see The World again someday
  3. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix I'll admit, this game gives me a lot of nostalgia since it was the first game I ever played on a console. Plus, it's a series that I always really enjoyed, the story (now matter how mind-bending it gets), the characters, the gameplay and just the look of the games. I have a whole lot of keyblade, heartless, nobody and so on themed items and clothes, it's nuts. That all aside, though, I'm going to try to give this game a fair and only semi-biased review. Visuals/Music: As I mentioned above, I've always loved the look of Kingdom Hearts and I think it aged decently well. Not amazing but with the Disney/anime look to everything I think it comes off much better now than a lot of its contemporaries. I'm pretty easy to please with visuals so I think it looked fine, although on the bigger TV a few weird facial expressions did stand out. The music, as ever, is the real star of the show, though. While I still prefer the original music of the opening to the remix version, it's still so enthralling. I love how the music sets the tone and it's all just beautiful to listen too. 20/10 would buy the soundtrack. Gameplay/Trophies: Clunky gameplay continues to be clunky. I'll admit the game is a little awkward in spots and continues to be so. Trying to platform around with a camera that can get stuck and run into walls isn't great but it's also an issue that the game had to begin with. I still really enjoy the game but even I see its flaws. Aiming jumps can be a little bit trial and error and the Proud mode was not balanced well at all. It seemed to be Standard but you took 2x more damage. That is not a well-balanced difficulty level, that's just learning how not to get hit. This leads to my opinion on the trophies: overall I was fine. I disliked the Gummi ship but I understand the missions inclusion for trophies. That I really didn't like was having to play it three times and the Speedster trophy. Kingdom Hearts is a long story-driven game, why would it try to rush me to get everything done! I did use the "over 100 hours" trick since I really didn't want to rush and frustrate myself. Still overall one of my favorite games of all time and I am very proud to finally have it on my profile.
  4. Platinum number 34, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.  I don't think I've ever been so proud of a platinum.  Kingdom Hearts on the PS2 was my first video game ever so it feels nice to have it on my profile.  Had to redo the Proud mode Final Boss since the game glitched out, which was NOT fun, but otherwise, enjoyable!

  5. Well I haven't been playing much of Norn9 recently (I'm SO CLOSE to platting Kingdom Hearts...) but I did pick up and get Access Denied ready to pop. It was a cheap and fun puzzle game, I enjoyed it. One of the puzzles was WAY too obtuse but I enjoyed the other 35.
  6. If I had to pick one...multiplayer. But the close seconds are difficulty related and most of all...speed runs! I will straight up not play games if a speed run is required, such as Shadow of the Colossus. I loved it on PS2 but I am not ever doing that game in a speedrun
  7. I rarely "impulse spend" but Access Denied looks just like the kind of simple puzzle game I need right now~

  8. [Kingdom Hearts Final Mix] Proud mode is so hard.  I feel like the difficulty was fine right up to the End of the World.  The enemies do SO MUCH damage that I can only take a hit or two.  This is nuts...I feel like I'll have to be at level 80 or so to finish this

    1. JaM


      What level are you? I cleared the game around 50+(I grinded the level on Traverse town). If you have time, make sure to get Aerora(or better Aeroga). It will help you a lot in final battle.

    2. Alternatewarning


      I'm right around 50, probably going to grind to 60 or so and see how that goes.  I just feel like I die so much faster it's a bit frustrating

  9. I really like Trails of Cold Steel. I played it on the PS3 but it reminded me of Persona in gameplay/story balance. I had a few issues with it but I think the second one may fix some of that. Enjoy~
  10. [Kingdom Hearts] Only the final multi-stage boss fight left on Proud mode.  Think I'm going to grind some more.  Not sure how hard "Ansem" is going to be on this difficulty level

  11. The Hyperdimention and co games have some of the BEST opening themes so no one can fault you for that. I love that music! Glad you liked it, though, I just picked up up at the last sale since I'm a sucker for that series. I've been seeing a lot of talk about London Detective Mysteria so that's good since it seemed really interesting for me. Personally, still working my way through Norn9. I should have it ready in time, though. 3/9 routes down.
  12. Ah. So I'll just set my expectations low and grind it out. Later. First gotta get back to Norn9! 2/9 routes completed.
  13. Since it is still on my list to play...can I know what's so horrible about Mind Zero? Glitchy or game design or just all of the above?
  14. How come my trophy card won't update?  I tried refreshing it by re-updating my profile and grabbing the code again and it still shows Pyschopass instead of Norn9

    1. Mesopithecus


      It shows Norn9 on your card for me, maybe try refreshing your browser with CTRL + F5

    2. Alternatewarning


      There we go, thanks

  15. Yep. Um, it's short, at least compared to the other's I've played. I finished one route in an afternoon but I paused midway to work on finishing Kingdom Hearts so I can't tell you how long. Longer than 10 hours but much shorter than anything else I've read. Maybe 4 hours/route (with 9 routes)? And that's with me listening to their full dialogue. Only an estimate, though.