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  1. Now that I got some stuff out of the way (wanted to play KH2 and Recoded before I got 2.8 for Christmas) back to Amnesia. Going to be jugging that and Horizon, see how much I can get done.
  2. PS4 question.  If I have two PSN/account tied to the same PS4, can they share the same games?  I.e. if I buy a game on one account, can I play it with the other?

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    2. Alternatewarning


      So I can buy them and download them as this account, then swap to another and play them?  Good.

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      Yep, that's how people game share. They let someone active their account onto their console making it so they can use any of the games that person owns, since the main person will still be using that account it won't effect them. It sounds confusing but it makes more sense when you do it yourself. =) 

    4. PermaFox


      Definitely.  And, if you have (2) PS4 consoles, just remember if you want to play MP with a friend or family,  you will need a PS Plus account for each console.

  3. @ladynadiad Thanks for the heads up! In a fictional context I don't really care but a lot of people would be super put off by that so thanks. Also I'm glad to see London Detective Mysteria is good. It's on my wishlist, just haven't picked it up yet! Edit: WOW that quoting messed up the formatting big time...took that out, sorry guys.
  4. Thanks for the giveaway. Pretty much blind votes for me I've never heard of either of those movies and I don't know either of those celebrities
  5. Due to well, lack of skill, I'm changing up my titles. I also may update this as I receive birthday and Christmas games Thanksgiving: Amnesia. It was one of the first visual novels I played (on the PC) and now I absolutely love them Black Friday: - Saint Lucia’s Day: - Las Posadas: Horizon Zero Dawn. Not sure I can get it done in time but I can try Winter Solstice: Psychedelica of The Ashen Hawk. It has snow all over the cover so I assume it has a winter theme Hanukkah: - Christmas: - Kwanzaa: - Boxing Day: - New Years Day: Period: Cube. Might as well!
  6. Hm, one item. That's a hard question, maybe the portal gun. That would be fun to play with.
  7. [Project Diva X] I feel like I've hit a brick wall.  I keep practicing Ultimate Medley and I don't feel like I'm getting any better at it and I still can't do the chance time.

    1. YaoiGod


      Does shareplay work to get that? You could try it if it's the only thing stomping you.

  8. [Project Diva X] Well I'm at the very end.  I just need to master Ultimate Medley.  It's so hard.  I've gotten better at it but I'm really struggling learning the Chance time.  I wish I could just slow the song down slightly 

  9. I'd like to join this one! I haven't done any major trophy hunting recently. My thoughts are going to be: Project Diva X (Thanksgiving), Psychedelica of The Ashen Hawk (Winter Solstice), and something on the PS4 I'm REALLY planning to finally pick up!
  10. Sadly I'm using that to store clothes as my apartment has a tiny closet I can only NOW afford a PS4 (on sale). So as much as I would love too, I won't be able to afford the high price of the PS5.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm planning to (finally) pick up a PS4 soon which means...I'm going to have even more games. I live in a very small apartment so storage space is limited. Does anyone have any good or space-saving tips for how they store their games? Right now I have a very small bookshelf that is too short per shelf for PS4 games to fit and it's full. I can't fit another full bookshelf as there isn't any floor space. So does anyone have any tips?
  12. [Project Diva: X] Well, every module obtained bar one, Dimensional.  Time to grind out some friendship levels/finish the last few extreme songs.  And then...the Ultimate Medley, my nightmare.

  13. Can't get an item to drop in Neptunia (from a hard enemy), can't pass the chance time of a song in Project Diva.  I wish I was better at video games sometimes...

  14. Awesome script. Thanks for working on it. Hopefully it becomes a site feature soon
  15. [Project Diva X] Only a few more Extreme songs to pass.  I'm getting there but MAN some of these require serious skills