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  1. Holy crap, that one with the cherry blossoms is so pretty, what game is it from?
  2. Period: Cube Bad Apple Wars Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ Steins;Gate 0 Chaos;Child Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly Psychedelica of The Ashen Hawk Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Code Realize: Wintertide Miracles Collar×Malice: Unlimited Basically a lot of visual novels... I have quite a few vita games I haven't played yet
  3. Oh, town-building. I haven't played any of the Atelier games on my own system, only with a friend, but this one sounds interesting. We'll see how it goes
  4. Not a physical copy, but I managed to pick up Danganronpa V3 during the flash sale. Would rather have it physical but oh well.
  5. Picked up Danganrompa V3 finally! Good use of my Sony Rewards $10
  6. My friend played Pyschopass on PS4 and she showed me the minigame. I REALLY enjoy it (I used to play 2048 all the time and am actually decent at it) so I'm not that worried. But good idea.
  7. Plat 33: Mary Skelter: Nightmares.  A decent start to a new IP.  I like the designs, battle system isn't bad.  's really all I can say.

  8. I'll be working on Pyscho-pass: Mandatory Happiness, probably NORN9 Var Commons. I may add more, we'll see how long it takes me to get some trophies in these games ready to pop
  9. I'm having to put off starting PS3 controller isn't working anymore >.> Sigh...
  10. Mary Skelter Nightmares Playstation Vita Difficulty: 5/10 Fun: 6/10 Is the price worth it: Depends if you mind the grind Final Verdict: Eh, not made if you like fanservice and a good start to a new IP.
  11. I've made it through my backlog of weird and creepy Youtube videos, now I don't know what to watch while I grind out this final dungeon

    1. Aze


      I’m a YT illiterate, but here are 40 seconds of an illegal immigrant in a Siemens cafeteria...



      ...and a channel filled to the brim with pandas 🐼 (ipanda)

    2. Spawn


      I enjoyed a bunch of episodes of QI and 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown on YouTube the last time I was doing something monotonous (getting back from the galaxy center in Elite Dangerous).

  12. This endgame dungeon in Mary Skelter is HUGE.  I thought I would plat it this weekend but...maybe I'll at least get a floor done

    1. eigen-space


      I intend to play this game within the next month... glad to have the heads up... *sigh*

    2. Alternatewarning


      If you're not like me, who wants to explore every square of every map, it won't take AS much time...

  13. Sadly, no. I was using Ventus (as he was the highest leveled one). I think I tried this fight, oh 50 times already and no such luck. I'm going to go back to it once I finish up Mary Skelter, but it's just...frusting. And I know I'm doing it the "easiest" now since I struggle to play Aqua and Terra is the hardest.
  14. I'd like to join 1. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Guide Difficulty - 7/10 Personal Difficulty - 9/10 Online Necessary - No Scariest Trophy - Time's Teller / The Adventurer: Terra This boss. I'm pretty close to finishing this game and I've done most of the "annoying" parts. All I have left is some decently easy cleanup and one boss (3 times). I faced Unknown Figure so many times and lost. So I shelved the game. But I'm SO CLOSE. So I want to keep trying and beat him. I'm worried, though, since I have to beat him three times... 2. Beyond: Two Souls Guide Difficulty - 3/10 Personal Difficulty - 3/10 Online Necessary - No Scariest Trophy - None This game I just...haven't gotten back too. I also don't own it, I played my friends copy so hopefully I see her within this year so we can clean up the trophies together. Only two for now but I will try to make some progress on Kingdom Hearts as well, just don't think I'm going to intend to plat it just yet.
  15. It's a good day for grinding.  I'm thinking I may be able to finish up the plat for Mary Skelter in the next week or so.  After that I'm not sure.  I think I'll work on Hyperdimention Neptunia some more

    1. KawaiiSlowpoke


      i feel it! Im grinding in p4g right now to make sure i get all the status ailment lines lol

    2. Alternatewarning


      @KawaiiSlowpoke Ah, fond memories of that.  I was super worried about that trophy but after playing status aliment roulette with all the characters I pretty much got it naturally

    3. KawaiiSlowpoke


      Yeah I'm just being extra cautious just in case it doesnt pop LOL but I feel like after getting the status ailment lines it should come naturally (: I just am the type that usually plays without getting status ailments so I need to make sure i get them haha