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  1. You don't have to be premium to report anymore, you just have to own the game. FYI,
  2. [Collar X Malice] Well, managed to get myself killed in a really weird way in Chapter 1, after ending up in a route I was not intending.  Okay then, let's try this with a guide now.

  3. Code Realize: ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Playstation Vita Difficulty: 2/10 Fun: 7/10 Is the price worth it: On sale Another visual novel/otome game. What can I say, I like them. Was this the best otome game ever? No. It has a few overused tropes and the story seems to drag in a few places but I still love this game. Some of the voice acting is phenomenal. The music is also very good and very thematic for the scenes. I like the art and characters and it is an interesting story. I especially like the final, locked, route as it ties back into everyone else's little individual plots. That was a nice way to wrap up the game. It did crash a few times on me so I learned to save often.
  4. While I attempt to avoid online games as much as possible and this is outside my realm of knowledge, on the whole, I like the idea. Private servers would give people a chance to finish or continue playing a game that was taken away without their input. IN theory, that's great!
  5. Wow, really a nice vita list there...jeeze There are a few I would be somewhat tempted to grab if I was a little more flush with cash. Oh well
  6. A vast majority of the games I play don't have DLC or at least DLC with trophies so for me, they typically go hand in hand. For games where I was planning on getting the DLC anyway, I would 100% it. But for some games, i.e. the Lego Marvel game, well, I liked it. But I also got it from the library. Why buy DLC when I didn't even buy the game?
  7. Oh good, Mary Skelter is on sale. I won't be playing it any time soon, so many other IF games to play, but it's a nice price for me. What about Neptunia PP? Is it as bad as I've heard?
  8. Sometimes this happens to me when there's a long gap between the trophy or two and finishing everything else. For Persona 5, which I absolutely loved, I have basically everything done in one playthrough but some things that required two. So I started another one. I happily rewatched parts of it I wanted too with the Japanese audio but by the time I got to the actual last trophy I was ready to move on to another game. I don't mind the grid, I mind when there's just one "holdout" trophy I'm working on but mentally I'm ready for another game.
  9. Plat 26, Lego Marvel' Avengers.  It wasn't bad.  Played it 2 player on my friend's PS4.  Good times.

  10. As I've said every time a topic like this comes up, I'm all for it. I like to look at my unstarted games trophies and decide what to do and in what order. It would be nice to have a list easily accessible here, since this is the main site I want to use.
  11. But did they get moved around to change the order of the rest? I just want to know why my 1000th trophy moved ~7 trophies
  12. Well...crap. I get it but still, that messed everything up. Thanks.
  13. They've been hidden the whole time, though. I planned it assuming that game, Young Justice Legacy, would be hidden
  14. Did something happen to the trophy milestones? I specifically set up my 1000th trophy and now it's changed to something else.
  15. Well, nothing for me, so time to work on backlog. But man, no vita love ever. So sad