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  1. Boo, all the sales are PS4. Oh well
  2. Level grinding in Hyperdimention Neptunia, Hyperdevotion Goddess Black Heart Noire or Mark Skelter.  I've backed myself into a grinding corner!

    1. Fidel


      I'd go with Mary Skelter. Haven't played it, but have heard nothing but good things. Meanwhile, I have not heard such positive feedback for the other two. Lol. I know firsthand how much of a chore Noire is. 

    2. TheVader66


      Hyperdevotion Noire is the worst Neptunia game when it comes to grinding. Especially when you have to Lily Rank everybody with each other for the trophy.

    3. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Nowa-chan is easy :awesome: 

      You just need to be hyper-devoted :awesome: 

  3. That video is really cool! Congrats to the winners
  4. I finally can move up, Zero Time Delima has been platted.
  5. Zero Escape: Zero Time Delima Playstation Vita Difficulty: 4/10 Fun: 8/10 Is the price worth it: Yes The final game in the Zero Escape series, I felt like it was a good conclusion. it brought back the comfortably difficult puzzles of 999 with the branching narrative of 999 and VLR. I liked all of the characters and I was able to follow the plot/timelines much easier, despite all the craziness that was going on. I felt like I was able to follow the flow chart much better. While it didn't have the same "punch" that 999 had it was still better than VLR and I felt like it was a fitting end. My main qualms were the art. While the otherall eart wasn't bad, there was a whole lot of clipping and sometimes when the camera zoomed out edge lines looked very ugly. So good game, I wish the art was a little bit cleaner. (Also, I had no idea Junpei was Junpei, he looked so different).
  6. I feel like I started the wrong two games at one time. I'm slowly dragging myself through both Hyperdevotion Noire and the original Hyperdimention Neptunia, but it's taking awhile. Neptunia in particular
  7. "Now's my chance... I'm going to get stronger...and accept who I am... Strong enough so that when someone says "even though you're a boy" I'll be okay. I'll get better!" -Chihiro, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  8. [Zero Escape: Zero Time Delima] This is the first puzzle where I know what I have to do but I also know I'm missing a step.  I'm in the locker room and I have a general idea of the necessary steps but not what to do net.  I swear I've clicked on every inch of this room.

    1. eigen-space


      Have you tried combining the items yet?

  9. "I've been having these weird thoughts lately... Like, is any of this for real... or not?" -Sora, Kingdom Hearts
  10. I like how this is slowly expanding. No entry yesterday since I was power-less. Entry...don't remember what number I'm on: "Disasterrific" is not a word! Say "disastrous" like the rest of Spira!" -Brother, FF X-2
  11. I wish Danganronpa v3 was just SLIGHTLY cheaper...
  12. I think this is number four? "Umm, well, it's primetime TV, so maybe showing Sadie off to the world isn't wise... It could scar the kiddies for life, and we'll get complains from the PTA or MPAA or whatever." -Neptune, Hyperdimention Neuptina Victory
  13. [Mary Skelter] I'm sure these hearts on the wall are important do I interact with them?

  14. I'm not sure what to play.  I'm taking a break from Zero Escape to fight something.  Should I do more Hyperdevotion Noire, maybe start Mary Skelter or Tokyo Xanadu...

    1. Roxas


      I liked Xanadu. I think you'll enjoy. 

  15. Boo everything's PS4. Oh well, saving some money