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  1. No one seems to read my reviews so do I keep writing them or just give up.  Haven't decided yet

  2. I've been out of trophy hunting almost all this year...time to get back to it!  Slowly, of course.

  3. [NEO: The World Ends With You] For the most part, I love this game.  The WOLVES however make me want to scream

    1. DistantFox


      The wolves, the scorpions, the chameleons... a lot of super annoying enemy types.

  4. I'm working on too many large games at once...I think I'm going to focus on FF: 14, FF:12 and LR: FF13.  I'll come back to Type 0 when some of those are finished...

    1. BSKkayfabe


      Just make sure you KINDA play FF: 13 in a one sitting kinda way, maybe over a few weeks every other day. I haven't played it in 2 years and went back to my end game file and remembered I was working on getting every weapon/accessory and if I was ungodly close but now, since it's been 2 years I can't remember mechanics/ where I left off in the item gathering...I fucked myself with that one....I literally just popped it in today after 2 years and was lost lol.... that sucks. 

    2. Alternatewarning


      Ya...that does NOT sound fun

  5. Ys: Memories of Celceta is on sale.  What do people think?  Good buy?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. mecharobot


      It's what a remake should be and improvement of Ys Seven's mechanics. So in that sense I'd say it's a good game, but imo later improved on in Lacrimosa of Dana


      Wish the PS4 didn't steal one of my few Vita plats, tho

    3. Zassy


      Celceta's middle-of-the-pack for an Ys title. Now, I adore Ys, which makes Celceta superior to a great many other video games to me, but it lacks the further refinements of Lacrimosa and Monstrum as well as the raw thrill of Felghana (that one's landlocked to PC, in terms of modern platforms).


      Fast and quick action RPG, competent plot/cast, bitchin' music as is Falcom's forté - but watch a few gameplay clips, to determine if the game's speed and flow is right for you. ^_^ I played it way back when on Vita (different PSN acct.) and actually might spring for the PS4 release someday, since I greatly prefer big adventurous RPGs on a big-ass TV. :D

    4. Alternatewarning


      I think I'll skip this one since I already have so many games to play.  Thanks for the info everyone

  6. I have such mixed feelings about Lightning Returns.  On one hand, it could have been a really interesting game.  On the other hand, playing it makes me want to scream

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    2. AK-1138


      On the other hand, it's XIII related and thus objectively crap.

    3. Alternatewarning


      @AK-1138 I disagree.  I liked the previous 2 games so it is 'subjectively' crap.  Not objectively.  Hate on it all you want but it's actually not /that/ bad of a game.

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      I think XIII should be sold as cure for insomnia. Just let people that have problem sleeping farm platinum ingots.

  7. We're back!  Took an impromptu hiatus as I got obsessed with FF14.  Still loving it, still playing it, but now it's back to the trophy grind as well

  8. I really want to play FF14, but again no luck getting in

    1. MidnightDragon


      Well, purchases have been suspended.

    2. Alternatewarning


      I have a free trial account, but I can't get in when world's have a Q

  9. [Final Fantasy 14] I know I shouldn't complain since I am on the /free/ trial but man, it's sad that I can't play when the world is full.  Means I can only get on like 1 or 2 times per week right now

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Yeah, imagine you are paying, and you got to wait in line for 2-5hrs to get in on rush hours.

  10. Do I hold onto my 90% completion until the end of the year by only playing games I've started or do I start something new... 

    1. funboy1246


      hang on to it. start the new new with a bang

  11. My goal for the year was to get all of my KH games platted but I know that 1 month isn't going to be long enough for CoM with how much I'll have to grind. But I did reach my 90% completion rate goal. Now I just need to keep it Although FF12 is awfully tempting
  12. Finally done with Beyond Two Souls.  Not sure what to start next since I'd love to keep my 90% but I sort of want to start a new game...

  13. Beyond: Two Souls Playstation 3 Difficulty: 2/10 Fun: 5/10 Is the price worth it: Ehhh My opinion on Beyond Two Souls (BTS) is two-fold. As a game on its own just played for fun (or with a friend) it's a good game. It's a fun game. As a game that I am trying to platinum? All I see are issues. So my recommendation is play it, don't plat it. I'm going to start with the good and move into the bad. First, the graphics. While there were a few popping textures here and there and a carpet obviously above PS3's rendering capability, for the most part, everything looked really good (for a PS3 game). The people were human enough not to fall into the uncomfortable uncanny valley and most of the actions looked enough like they were supposed to. Aside from food, food looked a little weird every time. But considering how old it was and how much it relied on motion capture, I think it worked. I know that a lot of people are a little mixed on this game, but I liked the story. It was weird, it was bombastic but I liked it. I don't really remember my first time through (it was 2016) but I'm neutral on the out-of-order storytelling. It's pretty hard to follow the first time through but it was, well, it was an idea. The second playthrough was much better, in that regard. However, the game is not good enough to want an entire second playthrough. Now, for some of the cons. For one, the controls. Oh boy, the controls. I have never had a game which was so hard to actually play. Moving Jodie around wasn't so bad (most of the time). It wasn't always/ever obvious which way the dot was suggesting but it was functional. However, the fact that instead of having control over the camera, I could more vaguely suggest a direction, sometimes it got hard to aim where I was trying to get her. Aiden was even worse to control. Yes, he has 360 camera control, which I would love to have on Jodie but he was limited where he could go. It made sense in principle but could make it very hard to interact with a specific thing if you couldn't get the angle right. Oh, also motion controls. The PS3 motion controls are...well, every QTE that required them resulted in me just holding the controller over my head and shaking it. That pretty much worked. However, that is very unnatural and sort of ruins a bit of the flow. Just give me normal buttons, please. My final nitpick corner is just going to be a combination of whatever else I want to complain about. First off, the 'healing' minigame. Out of all of Aiden's powers I found that both the weirdest one from a story perspective, but also the hardest to control. Since there's no indication which dot is the right stick and which dot is the left, I found it very, very hard to focus them both in a specific spot. Luckily none of the healing events are timed or I completely would have failed. The next is the save system. I'm under the impression that some later games have a branched path so it's easier to jump around and work on trophies. I would have enjoyed that a lot more than just having one 'active' save in which you have to go back and adjust things if I missed an ending. Oh, and finally? Unskippable credits. Don't give me 8 endings and unskippable credits. My final comment is that Ryan's relationship with Aiden is...really cute? I love the transition from uncomfortable to putting up with him to then working together. I like the transition from seeing Aiden as a useful power to another person on his own. My overall review is listed in the beginning but in case you skipped to the end: decent game, fun with friends but a really tedious and annoying platinum.
  14. Piece of Cake: Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! It's Like Dark Souls: Neptunia Virtual Stars Bada$$ Award: Taking out the Unknown Figure (KH:BBS) with Ventus in one go Grind of the Year: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker's Memory - Just everything Finally Done Award: Beyond Two Souls (will be done in the next few days) - Started October 2016 so over 5 years King of the Internet: - Worst Online Experience: - Best Music: Final Fantasy X-2 Sleeper Hit of the Year: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Biggest Bomb of the Year: Chaos Child Best Trophy Image: Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Worst Trophy Image: Beyond Two Souls Best Female Character: Futaba from Persona 5 (etc. all) Best Male Character: Keitaro Miura from 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Best Plat of the Year: Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Wurst Plat ov teh Yeer: Chaos Child Most Anticipated Plat of 2022: Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III While I did play FFXV this year, I'm excluding it from my list since it was just DLC
  15. This is the first and last David Cage game I am ever platting.  So much rewatching and just...waiting for the scenes to end

    1. XchocomanX


      Detroit: Become Human is so so so much better

    2. Alternatewarning



      I was really looking forward to that one when it came out but now I feel like I've been much too soured

    3. snakebit10


      Agree with @XchocomanX that Detroit is better than Beyond Two Souls. Heavy Rain is still my favorite though. I even platinumed Beyond on PS3 and PS4. Then again I love these type of games.


      Give it a little time than maybe play Detroit.