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  1. If anyone gets their hands on the PS5 version, can you let us know if the trophies auto pop the moment you transfer your save file or is it after you attempt playing the game using it? I wanna transfer my original save from the PS4 version, but i also want to replay the game and get the trophies again 😄
  2. I just got it a few days ago. Worked fine for me. There are 5 pack-a-punch machines in the map (including the golden one) you might’ve gotten unlucky, Try again
  3. Any tips for way of the demon?
  4. yeah i've already read these and tried them but nothing worked , i'm just unlucky and what drives me insane is knowing the fact that people who played the game after me and now they have the platinum , seriously this is killing me...
  5. god dammit why i can't get this simple piece of shit trophy , god... and i thought the zombies trophies are going to stop me from getting the platinum but nope of course it's the one and only online trophy in the game i don't know why i bothered playing this crap i have over 100 win and i tried alot of things i've read on forums