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  1. I did not prepare my build for this fight, level 8, went in with what I was using so far. Took me like 50 attempts and quite a time to beat her honestly, like a couple hours. But in the end, this is all about learning and patience. Learn her patterns, and wait for the right opportunities. First I struggled hard, thinking I'd never do it. But when I beat her, I was really calm, had still half my health and did not use a resurrection stone, this last fight it actually felt easy. When I read that some lowered the difficulty after two defeats... man
  2. Bought the game without knowing any of these issues. Started playing, immediately noticed this terrible input lag and dead zone. Extremely annoying, played 20min and have yet to get back to it. This is shameful for such a game from such a studio.
  3. Well that was obvious, but I had no memory about those teleporter, great help, thank you !
  4. Hey, i'm kinda lost too. It's been a while since I played and it seems I missed an area. I'm in the volcanic crater and I would like to get to misty island. I there a map somewhere that I could use to find my way back or do I really need to wander hoping to get the right way ?
  5. Completed the challenges yesterday. This was my first attempt, spent 4h for the whole thing, didn't want to quit and go through it all again. I was so glad to succeed. Good luck to new challengers.
  6. Well Europe got Dynasty Warrior Next on Vita
  7. Hey guys. I'm still missing the multiplayer MVP trophies. Multiplayer isn't very noob friendly but when I look at the latest achievers, people seem to win these trophies in no time, like almost as their first. I don't think these guys are actually winning against people playing for years, right ? Is there maybe a way to make this easier ? Like noob servers or anything ?
  8. Some crazy bastards already got the Excalibur II trophy. Still waiting on 1000 jumps though 😅
  9. I love Final Fantasy, bought FFIX day one, but I really can't remember much past disc 2. Tastes and all.
  10. Nope, don't even own the game. Transformers : Devastation ? So much respect if you do.
  11. Bought. Shit I'm weak 😅
  12. With that kind of trophy list I feel like the devs are trying to appeal to trophy hunters for some easy sells :/
  13. You're making it hard for me to wait for the vita version 😫
  14. I bought it for 2 bucks. Still feel ripped off :/
  15. Not yet, this is actually my current PS4 task ! Kingdom Hearts ?