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  1. Found all 20 but trophy hasnt popped! Even though the one for 100% game completion has.... any advice other than to restart save? stuck on 97% trophies
  2. Has anyone successfully set up and used another emulator other than Genymotion ? I find this one fails constantly when trying to start the emulated devices
  3. Smashed it now Delete the stupid game after i popped plat
  4. Honestly i cant take it anymore! I just want someone to share play and complete it to put me out my misery! ahaha The yacht one was annoying but got there in the end
  5. Any chance you could help a fellow gamer out! im stuck on TTR yo sushi pursuit special event.... i've followed your video and tried and tried its impossible :(

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    2. barakmh
    3. jucinho


      Thanks, its only taken me over a year to do it 🙄

    4. barakmh


      More satisfying that you made it after such a long time...

  6. Someone please help me with this........................
  7. Need help with coop trophies please PSN: Jucinho
  8. Did you complete it yet?
  9. Guess it wont suck as much if we stop getting rubbish indie games through PS+