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  1. That's good to know, thanks. I too am working on 100% in both versions.
  2. I get burned out once in a while from doing grindy games that I do enjoy. I can't imagine what it's doing mentally to some people playing these "games".
  3. This gaming habit reminds me of addiction to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling. Anything for that fix. But I'm not innocent I dabbled some myself but I claim to be sober now going a few years. Instant gratification seems to be the way to go, no patience or will to put in any effort for a trophy list that takes longer than 30 mins to complete. It's all about chasing the leaderboard dragon.
  4. For me it's aloy and the story, i find her extremely boring and annoying with her constant muttering to herself. The gameplay and graphics i can't complain about. I don't know why i bought forbidden west when i wasn't a fan of zero Dawn. Maybe I'm an optimist and I was hoping this would be better but it's just as disappointing.
  5. Yeah I noticed that. Thanks for your reply.
  6. I've had eviction notice come up once i always seem to get moonshine jamboree but it's still kind of rare they pop up. And I've done a ton of server hopping. Edit: so what is the best way to consistently get them to pop up on the hour? I'm bored out of my skull doing the brain dead daily missions for rep. I'm lvl 101 by the way, got the plat only missing siding with foundation in wastelanders and the two rep trophies.
  7. Agreed no need to boost, but you won't be getting the majority of the mp trophies in dogfight as most are tied to fleet battles and fighting the ai in fleet battles. Only a few you can get while going for the 1000 kills.
  8. You wanna use the support ship and equip turret mines and seeker mines with that it's honestly not hard I got my trophy in about 4 hours. A little time consuming but not hard. You wanna wait to begin drifting until your mines turn yellow on your hud and start blinking. And no it has to be done in public dogfight matches.
  9. Trigger happy is hands down the worst trophy in the game.
  10. Prioritize fleet battles, dogfights are more active. Matchmaking is atrocious expect to spend more time searching for a match than actually playing at times i regretted starting it but now im almost done thank god.
  11. This is so irritating I'm trying to find zavian abyss map for my final map win and foster keeps coming up. 4 times it has come up 3 times in a row. Edit: just as I posted it came up again wtf ugh... Zavian abyss It came up one time in 6 hours playtime yesterday and today same thing. I don't get this map rotation thing.
  12. Agreed. Like an assassin in an assassin's creed game you move around like a ton of bricks. What happened since ezio, he was so much more nimble and assassin like. Eivor ditches that and moves along with brute force. So happy it's the end of this horrific piece of trash mode.
  13. You're welcome glad i could help a little.
  14. I made a cloud save when I had the very last challenge left. I recommend the raven one as it's very quick and easy. So just complete that twice and you'll get both trophies. It's very odd that it's a silver for the ps5 and bronze for ps4.
  15. Why was the other thread locked? Yeah I can confirm there's 12 challenges. I thought I was done after 9 and a certain event happening after but was very disappointed and frustrated to see there was 3 more.