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  1. if i Can give a 2 cents about this The trophy "Call me Ahab" does not work properly when you are in a custom island or in the ocean, the one that the player generates, it seems to only track properly if you do it on a seed generated island , it goes for a few trophies has well , the planting every type of fruit trophy and the scrap furniture trophy come to mind. So , before crafting the trophies, save and head over to a natural island and craft it there, thats how i got around the trophy triggering
  2. I might Take a shot at these game, looks somewhat fun And ill also take into account what was discussed here, if i do happen to stumble upon something new ill let you guys know
  3. hey guys, i have been managing to get the no death run trophies thanks for all the tips here, i am on the last leg of this journey trying to not die in the 18-19 levels of dark world cotton valley...........its been hard but i might get the plat either today or tomorrow to everyone that pitched in Thank you again for all the tips
  4. Just for a Future Heads up to anyone who is interested in getting the platinum of this game there are some trophies that have some issues unlocking ( the main offenders being Call me Ahab , Who needs the sea anyway? and I hear “industrial” is in fashion . This game for whatever reason will not register the progress for these trophies if your in a custom island ( the island that you can create and replace with a random naturally generated islands) SO when ever you try to get these trophies especially Call me Ahab , backup your save , head over to a natural island ( natural being the one that is generated on map creation ) on this case craft the boss trophies, if doesn't trigger the trophy, reload your save or restore your save and head to a more distant natural island Side notes: -you can replace the tutorial island with a custom island before entering the map, meaning you can have a fully loaded first island from the get-go -you can use custom islands like farms, you can loot the island completely ( loot ships if you added, get all fruits\potatoes , cut down all trees), eliminate the island and put it back in the game, and all resources will be back -all the chests that you find have random loot, meaning you can save the game , open them up to see its content , if you dont need it , reload the save and open it back up and the loot is different ( it was like this when i last played and i dont think it has changed) -stick to 2 custom islands, why? because you still need to find the spawning survivor remnants for the Another one bites the dust ,and A little less lonely. -Forgot to add this, when ever you craft a item,the item gets a red outline(meaning this marks the item has crafted and helps out with the Craft all items in the game trophy " Gotta craft them all! " Hope this helps anyone out And any more tips and corrections of my tips are welcome
  5. I had trouble with this trophy and a few others the best thing you can do, and i had to start the games 4 times until i figured it out , kill the 3 bosses and make a backup of your save, for whatever reason THIS game does not pop certain trophies on custom go to a naturally generated island and try crafting there, and putting it on wall for good measure, I also had to do this with the scrap furniture trophy on a natural island for the trophy to pop.......and i think with the farming plot one has well Hope this helps Also on a side note, once you clear out a custom island, you can delete it and put it back again to get more if you add a island with every possible shipwreck , plants and lots of palm trees you got yourself a farm island
  6. i might be wrong ,but what causes the enemies to not spawn is messing with the date again while the mission is loading, its something along those lines
  7. it could be a time difference or the ps4 and ps5 generate different types of missions im on UTC + 00:00 Lisbon, try changing the time zone to that
  8. I Have been wanting to post this for a while 15-march-2022 at 3:30 AM Crystalline caverns its a POint Extraction with 2 points in mission length and 3 points in cave copmplexity, the modifiers are Double XP and Elite Threat i have been doing 4 mission every day here and the results are pretty good, and by luck managed to get the bittergem and alien artifact on this mission has well , since this zone its easier to spot things
  9. Hey, you could add these has well , if you want 13-03-2022 13:30 \ 7:30 \ 9:30 14-03-2022 15:00 \ 23:00 if i find anymore ill post some here
  10. I would suggest going solo with black knife tiche or the mimic tear with a healing\offensive incantation setup With black knife tiche( i really hope im writhing her name well) she can decimate the boss health with ease while being really evasive , you might need to balance the aggro between you and the summon so it wont go down so fast, for all that is worth these 2 strategies are what worked the best with me Forgot to add i was going with bloodhound dodge for the weapon art and a seal on the left, so i could always dodge the waterfowl dance and just keep throwing random crap at her
  11. I saw the name of the thread and decided to give my 2 cents The skyscrapper and the kid warpzone , never have i had such a horrible time in a platformer , these 2 levels nearly broke me at some point, but got the 100% trophy......onwards to the no death run, wish me luck
  12. Its Kind of grind the Platinum, the pvp where you need 100 players is ok (beating players in the world is ok, but i also recommend doing it in the combat trials to reach lvl 100) the real issue is learning all the moves, i add almost all the moves in the game (needed 2 more) and the dlc dropped and also needed to learn from there has well for the was a real hassle back then with the npcs breaking you in two in seconds flat, i even think at some point the tuned them down, made it easier to fight them, but its a grind all the way You can also join schools to help learn move you dont have, makes it really easy instead of fighting npc to learn from them
  13. Ok Guys , After a period of time i decided to go back to the game, after getting all followers to max trust including Tua , (not visiting the shuttle) the trophy still did not pop..........i remembered that some of the trophies for me took sometime to unlock ( looking at the six wolves trophy)i decided to get Tua into my expedition and WALK ALL THE WAY TO THE LAST OUTPOST ( starting from homebase) ....still no trophy , call the sled and start going to homebase ( hilarious enough the sight of Tua sitting on the sled was gold for me) and the trophy for max trust just pops after a 1 minute of riding the sled............. this is the 4th trophy that popped for me that had the sled involved Then .....the good ending took me a few good tries and a restart soft restart, backing the save before the shuttle) made sure i got re-watched all the memories ( after just blasting throught the map and getting the wood and food resource nodes and all 4 static follower events , just sat on the camp for a while until i looped all memories twice.......(not taking any chances) did a seperate backup and finished the game with the good the trophy for the good ending .......but not the trophy for both ad to go back and get the bad ending 3 times .........3 $%&# times and the trophy popped and the platinum After a litany of insults and retarded levels of stubbornness for not giving up on the platinum.....(which is my fault for not giving up), all i can say is you are Getting any issues with the trophies popping ? go for a ride on the sled, backup before going to the cargo ship and a seperate backup before the shuttle , IF you arent has unlucky has me Cheers Guys and Happy new year
  14. Hey Keyser, yeah i raised all the trust levels to max for all 8 followers the problem is always waiting for Tua to showup, i talk to everyone, get their trust to max (have the talk to them and they reach catharsis) with everyone..........but the trophy simply will not pop. that and the good ending trophy, i only got the bad ending because i couldnt button mash to save my life, then tried to get the good ending but the trophy never popped, i saw someone say to watch the credits to see if i would get it there and nothing, then read up on a post saying that i most likely had to start a new game from scratch , did all the memories and the wolves trophy, since apparently you cant ride the sled with six wolves and hope that all the sled related trophies pop you have to ride the sled with the exact wolf count for each trophy to unlock, but thats another gripe with the game i had i started from zero 2 more times , no previous life upgrade , nothing but these 2 trophies just wont unlock
  15. Hey guys, like the title says, i have been having issues getting the full trus in all followers trophy and the good ending trophy, i have restarted the game from scratch 2 times already ( deleted everything from this game) and these 2 trophies simply will not unlock for me Do you guys have any ideias how to get around this?