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  1. I did the same kinda shit with Ace Combat Infinity, i'm guessing 2-3k hours on that game. Loved every minute lol.
  2. As someone who picked this up a few years after release, and without any real prior knowledge about the game (I'm just a fan of the original movies) i just jumped straight into the campaign without any real expectations and went from there. Overall i thoroughly enjoyed the game and even had a bit of fun with the mp too. Yeah there's things that could've been done better and it has it's flaws, but it's still fun to play. If you're looking to play it for the trophies, i'd probably recommend against it. There's a fair amount of challenges and mp to contend with. However none are particularly difficult as alot can be done through chapter select in campaign, or much quicker if you can find someone to do them with. If you intend to solo it the platinum can take time.
  3. No, i'd keep everything as is. My profile is a reflection of my casual/lazy style of gaming. I do however wish we could have an option to display trophies in an A-Z format as well as order earned.
  4. You can get Rebecca to heal your wounds for a "free" heal in the medical room and i think on another later occasion also?
  5. It would be nice to see some kind of EA classics collection maybe? Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer : Red Alert, Road Rash, Desert Strike spring to mind. I used to love those games.
  6. Damn that is unfortunate, i feel your disappointment. I've been casually working at this myself over the past year and just needing milage and stage wins now. I'm a little futher on, so this has made me think twice about a backup save file. Thanks for the word of caution and goodluck if you attempt it again.
  7. No, everything has been downloaded to this one console, which i bought new around the same time i purchased the Poker game.
  8. I have tried this a few times, i click it, it looks as if it downloading but i cannot find it anywhere on my ps3 system? So odd!? I'm really not sure wtf is happening tbh.
  9. Can anyone explain how to access Poker Night at the inventory 2? It was removed awhile back and disappeared off my PS3, and when i try to download it again through a browser and UK PS Store, it say's "dowload to all your ps3's blah blah etc. Yet nothingness !? It says there are recent players playing this game. I'm confused?
  10. This trophy can be gained through Practise mode against the A.I. Just select Tournament and don't let them bust each other. I just raised large each hand (roughly 7x the BB) and/or re-raised relentlessly and they tend to fold anything but above average hands. When they do call their hand strength is much more defined making post flop play fairly straight foward. Be prepared to battle the clueless A.I, they tend to bet regardless and bet size usually represents hand strength. The occasional time they check which is usually a stronger hand like an overpair etc. Just let them bluff it off and be willing to call with middle strength hands to the river if you've isolated them to a 1 Vs 1 pot.
  11. A realoy enjoyable platinum. After a few years away from it, i've jumped back in recently to work on a few of the dlcs. Still fun all these years later.
  12. Just keep spinning daily. Took me about 8 months solid. Using all my extra spins. The trophy pops before the reels have have finished spinning and from what It looked like any Kings or combination of wild cards will do.
  13. Looks absolutely amazing. Really looking forward to this.
  14. Horizon Zero Dawn
  15. Nevermind. Wrong topic oops.