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  1. That's fucking retarded. Remove an entire gameplay mechanic that 99.5% of people used as intended instead of just punishing the 0.5% of people who abuse it?
  2. How is it unobtainable exactly?
  3. Beloved porn actress August Ames passed away on Tuesday, December 5th. It seems like it was a suicide but has not been confirmed. This might seem like a shitpost, but it's not. It's kind of sad considering she was only 23. She was also pretty funny on her Twitter account. It's actually pretty sad to me. If I remember to update this, I will when more info comes to light. EDIT: It was officially ruled a suicide. People, if other people are just being shitbags to you on social media, turn it off and play some vidya. This doesn't need to happen to anyone, even though it happens too often.
  4. pre-patch. She was the ultimate tank.
  5. 3 per planet, 3 for strikes, 3 for Quickplay PVP and 3 for Competitive. EDIT: Also 3 separate ones for the Nightfall.
  6. You don't control the snowmobile. You think you control it, but it has a mind of it's own. Why did they add ramps if when you hit the ground you either 180 or drift into a rock, flinging you in a different direction? Why do they have a light under the shards that makes you think that's the pick up radius for them but you actually have to hit them? Why do whenever you pick one up in midair it throws the front of the snowmobile up, trying to make you backflip? This minigame is infuriating. At least Score Attack had a method with getting a high score, whereas you have to get lucky in this with NOT having your snowmobile ping off in any one direction that it feels like. Rant over. Good luck.
  7. Am I crazy for making a Singapore account just to get PS Plus for it? It's less than 40 US dollars for a year.
  8. That was my concern as well. I was thinking that they would do just one list for the whole collection because how do you make a full trophy list out of the first Crash game? I guess we'll see though.
  9. The guys at Kinda Funny sat down with a Vicarious Visions Dev and at one point they talk about trophies! Timestamp: 10:42 I don't know about you guys, but I'm hyped as hell!
  10. Shit dude, I'm sorry but since posting this, I've fallen off of the game since I really didn't have anyone to play with and I completely forgot about this post. So, the guild isn't running anymore. Sorry about the bad news, I wish you luck in finding one regardless! So, for now this post is closed since I can't find out if I can close it myself. If anyone else wants to make a guild and promote it on here, be my guest.
  11. I beat this game when I was 11 on my PSP. I'm so hyped to play this and platinum it.
  12. So, I've noticed a lack of trophy/dungeon hunting guilds getting posted on here so I thought I could take a crack at making one. The name of it is "Gilga's Dungeon Hunters," is based in the Ebonheart Pact, and any level can join. Just shoot me a PSN message (My username's the same as on here), as well as putting your name in this forum for a kind of archive. If people show interest and I actually get some members, I'll work on making one for the Covenant as well as the Dominion. I hope to see some people join!
  13. Destiny 2 FFXII: The Zodiac Age Crash Bandicoot: The N-Sane Trilogy
  14. So, if you were planning to be the first to get this platinum, or try to grind your heart out for a platinum for this game a couple of weeks from now, it's not going to happen. Why, you may ask? Well, two trophies in particular: For Honor!, which is achieved for playing through a season (not from start to finish, just playing during it) and checking the results afterwards, and A Reservist, which has you manually placing troops once in 5 different rounds. You may ask why again. A season round lasts for 2 weeks. A season lasts for ten. You would have to at least jump on and play every two weeks for A Reservist, which is frankly ridiculous. So consider this a PSA for the uninformed: Have fun grinding out the kills for the first two weeks then booting it up 4 more times to play one match. Edit: And I forgot the Active Duty trophy, which has you manually placing troops for 50 different turns. From my experience, there are 3 turns in a day. Just throwing that one out there to. Good luck.