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  1. I honestly hope Hello Games never make another game again There's making a letdown, or an incomplete game Then there's making one of the worst, mostboring,content sparse, repetitive games going Tonnes of false advertising, tonnes of lying They had the gall to release what could have been a £20 Indie game for full price I sold it two days after I brought it as I knew I'd seen everything the game had to offer Watch Dogs etc may have been letdown but at least they contained stuff that came close to what they promised Sean basically shit on a computer screen, called it a masterpiece then fled like a little bitch when people smelt the shit and started to bite
  2. So you'll add a game that doesn't fit what you were going for? But won't add some others If you're wrong, you're wrong Accept it :")
  3. I refuse to buy this remaster due to the removal of multilayer It was always fun Yeah the trophies were hard but platinum weren't made to be the walk I'm the park some people want them to be I know a fair few people who refused to buy it because it had no multiplayer It's just lazy
  4. I just want my Lena Headey
  5. If you put Wanted on this list by proxy you should also add both Ice Age games I mean the title of the film is just Wanted Not "Wanted: Weapons of Fate" so if that counts so should Arctic Games Also the Wanted game isn't even based off the movie Just has characters and a few situations from it Another you may be missing Fast and Furious: Showdown or something
  6. I myself don't understand why the didn't keep the actors and actresses from Kingsglaive on board With how big this game is likely to be it would've added something more to it if they had Lena Headey voicing Luna etc.
  7. Mount and Blade:Warband A niche little ga.e with awful graphics but it's actually a great game However the trophies are atrocious difficult as is the game itself The multilayer ones are hard to even boost and the campaign related ones will leave you tearing your hair out Then they'll fault to unlock
  8. Also reviews site wise IGN is proper gushing over this game Most sites are So I think we have a winner I think the game looks fantastic I look forward to the xploring the world come Tuesday, fingers crossed the Morrison's store I work in decides to stock it Double discount means I'll be getting this on release for like £25
  9. VIII was one of my favourites I enjoyed the battle system and the world Also it had Quistis Who doesn't love a little Quistis? I pitched a fit when she showed up in World of Final Fantasy Also to Griffin; This is based off of people playing Theyre saying the world is large, larger than The Witcher 3 I personally have no clue but it wouldn't surprise me Duscae was large and small part of an entire region and aren't there like three regions?
  10. I've been reading a lot of opinion threads on this game on other sites And I have to say I haven't been this excited for a game in years A fair few are stating that the open world, quest design and open exploration feels heavily like The Witchery 3 only in a much bigger world For me this is amazing news Could this be the first truly well received Final Fantasy in years? I hope so :3
  11. Resident Evil for me Though with VII it looks like this is about to change Its actually devastated me over the years just how bad the games have been getting, most likely due to the success of the films
  12. Not a thing Working in a shop I refuse to support Black Friday Physical or Digital Just an excuse for people to let the twat out full force and make an absolute title of themselves I'll wait for the New Years Saled Not a thing Working in a shop I refuse to support Black Friday Physical or Digital Just an excuse for people to let the twat out full force and make an absolute title of themselves I'll wait for the New Years Sales
  13. Being able to cross from one side of the world to the other in 30 minutes is a little disheartening But I'm guessing that's just a straight line, not taking into account all the stuff db in between A and B Is there loads to do and is it a fun open world?
  14. I get a page filler ad everytime I load something other than the forum on this site Wouldn't mind on a computer but on my phone it can be a real bitch to get them off my screen I get you guys want people to pay for Premium but shoving ads in my face just annoys me and makes me even less likely to go Premium The site however is otherwise perfect when it comes to mobile friendliness so props on that
  15. Seeing as you've it Aexuz could you enlighten us on a few things Is the world big? Does it play better than it looks in still screens? Are the driving mechanics any good? Thanks :3