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  1. Hey, happy birthday pal! My birthday is the next Tuesday and i'm going to buy the game that day, so thanks for sharing this 😁
  2. Okey people, i have to ask you a favor: i need some views for this video. It's from my radioshow; it doesn't matter really if you actually see it or if you understand it (because it's in Spanish), but i need to raise the number of views because we're applying to Argentina Comic-Con Press Acreditation (and this video is an special progam about a similar event). So please, pleeeaaase, just put the video enough time to count as a view 😬


    1. DaivRules


      Putting together some English subtitles will probably greatly expand your audience and make it much more accessible. You might even get the views naturally at that point.


    2. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      I let it run for awhile. Good luck! :awesome:

    3. matigrosso91


      Thank you lads! And thanks for the advice! 😁

  3. I know it's not the majority opinion, but i'm extremely happy with the no MP thing.
  4. CAPTURE THE KNIGHT A new tweet from WB Games Montreal. I'm already hyped because... well, Batman. I'm all in 😅
  5. It's very cryptic, but after literally years of silence, WB Games Montreal has tweeted a video for the Batman Day... with some mysterious symbols showing up. People related them with Court of Owls and Ra's al Ghul. The tweet: The symbols:
  6. Hi everyone! I wanna share with you my shiny and new radio show about videogames, eSports and everything related with this amazing world: MOMENTO AFK ("Away From Keyboard Moment"). Some specifications: - I'm from Argentina, so, the show is in Spanish. Sorry about that. - Argentina's time is GMT -3. The show starts on October 2nd, and will be on air every Wednesday at 22 pm on, BUT will be also on Youtube, so, time shouldn't be a problem 😬 I wanna ask you all PLEASE, PLEASE follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. With just following us, you'll help us A LOT. It doesn't matter if you don't listen the show later, the follow is crucial for us! Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Thank you all, and hope to meet you soon on Momento AFK 😎
  7. For me it's without a question one of the best games i've ever played. Kinda makes me sad that you didn't enjoyed as much as I do, but well, tastes are tastes.
  8. Restart checkpoints didn't work for me, the time doesn't reset. Anyone knows why? EDIT: Nevermind, i just installed the patches and problem solved.
  9. Agreed. It was so satisfying when i finally beat the bitch down.
  10. I don't have much time to play games, currently. But i want to start with something though. The problem is, i don't know which one: The Witcher 3, Uncharted 2 Remastered, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Metro 2033 are the options. All help to choose will be apreciated 😁

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    2. PooPooBlast


      For a quick game definitely do MWR. Else I recommend the witcher 3 above all

    3. DamagingRob


      I don't think any of the shooters are super long, to be honest. Did all 3 in 2 or 3 days, and Uncharted 2 was the quickest. But I also didn't touch the Brutal difficulty. :P Loved all of them, though, so my recommendation would be the one you haven't played before (If there is one).

    4. matigrosso91


      Thank you all for the help! I'll go with Uncharted 2 because it's short and my favourite Uncharted (i played the ps3 version). Then, when i finish my exams at university, i'll finally start The Witcher 😅

  11. Dude, the same exact thing happened to me. I was so pissed.
  12. Dude, wtf. Just chill man, nobody has the absolute truth. Neither you. We all can have and express our opinions without treat others as stupids.
  13. It feels and seems (trailer included) like a game from 2016 and not like a game who supposedly has years of development.
  14. To fill the void inside me, i guess.
  15. This was disappointing. But well, i'm hoping it would be better, there's still a looong journey until release.