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  1. So, does anyone already saw this animated anthology? Every chapter it's a different story with a different style of animation. And some are really great, i mean, REALLY. It's hard to me pick a favorite. But also, some of them are kinda videogame alike. Take for example the first one, Sonnie's Edge. A cyberpunk world with brutal battles between creatures mentally linked with the team leader. The atmosphere is excellent, the monsters are awesome, the fights are breathtaking. It's a must watch. Here's a fragment of the battle as spoiler. Another one that could be a videogame is the last one, The Secret War, with hiperrealistic animation. With Metro vibes, it follows a division of the soviet Red Army during the WWII, facing a supernatural menace. I'm not gonna spoil anything else but it's definitely worth of a videogame approach. These are just an example. What's your opinions?
  2. I won't survive this.
  3. It's a nice gesture and a welcome one. Gaming is not exactly an example of gender equality. And as a male, i'm glad to see how the women are obtaining his well deserved space in this beautiful lifestyle, more representation included.
  4. Russia 😍 In fact, I accidentally voted for China in the first poll lol, but Russia all the time.
  5. Recently i'm curious about Hollow Knight, but i'm not very good with that kind of games and i readed it's very challenging. Maybe someday i would try it.
  6. Sadly, already did it. I had to sell the PS3 and kept the PS4 instead. I miss her sometimes.
  7. I'm always considered myself slighty above average on FIFA. I mean, i know i'm not to good, but i've always beat all my friends and until now i won more than i lost online. But this trophy... man, this trophy is tearing me apart. Playing on weekends is truly my last hope, i honestly don't know what to do if that doesn't work. Among the games with platinum in my profile, i only have three without it. I think this will be the fourth.
  8. Sign me up as a Champion of the Gods! All 7 completed. My favourite saga by far!
  9. True, i forgot that one. Edited.
  10. And one of his last cameos so far was in a game... Sad, sad news.
  11. "Added the first story of The Lost Tales of Greece to the game." I wonder if this means that there would be more trophies, or if that trophy The Show Must Go On would need several stories to be achieved.
  12. I can confirm South America has it free too. I got it and i'm from Argentina.
  13. NG+, Ultimate Difficulty and The Heist trophies has been added!
  14. I would love it, but sorry, didn't see the EU thing. And I don't have an EU account.