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  1. Man, i had an absolute blast playing Elden Ring. In fact, i'm feeling a void now lol. I almost download the PS4 version to play it again 😅

    1. DrBloodmoney


      It can be rough finding something to play after a game that all-consuming, can’t it? 😂

      I wound up doing a bunch of dlc clean up on older games right after Elden Ring, as I knew anything new I tried in the immediate afterglow would end up feeling like a step down, no matter how good it was! 😄

    2. matigrosso91


      I know! i'm waiting for the new PS Plus so i can try Ghost of Tsushima. Until then, everything is a step down 😅

  2. I didn't expect at all the reactions here, but i guess it depends of what everyone expect. For me is a very good initial catalogue. In my country, the top tier es PS Extra, which will cost $77. Comparing with the $70 that cost a full price game, and considering that i already see at least 5-6 games that i wanted to buy, it's an absolutely win for me.
  3. I guess i'm in the minority, but though I admit it's not groundbreaking (and I didn't expect that honestly), i'm... okey. Living in my country, every game at full price is a tough investment. With the Deluxe thing here, $77 is not a crazy price for a catalogue, though i hope they improve it.
  4. Although a new Witcher game was already been confirmed, now CD Projekt Red announced that began the development of it. Very little info so far, but it will be a new saga and use Unreal Engine 5. Here's the link: Any theories or thoughts?
  5. They could have stopped on 'walking around and exploring Hogwarts' and i would buy it anyway. Let's hope it's not one of those cases where their ambition is their doom. Not convinced on the combat yet, but visually looks gorgeous.
  6. How exactly works Ghost of Tsushima: Legends as a PS+ game? Is like the case of Godfall some time ago? Or it is already a standalone? I have no clue.
  7. Wait. What? Spartacus has to be awesome. It has to be. If not, i don't understand what's going on with this last months.
  8. Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler and the notorious Ian Malcolm. Plus, finally feathered raptors. I'm all in.
  9. Personally i don't do autopopping, and i never will. I like to play the games from start to finish, even if i have to make them all again. But i have nothing against it, it's allowed and that's the end. Honestly, I couldn't care less about what other people do with their profiles. Live and let live.
  10. You shouldn't forget Playstation Productions. The movies of Uncharted and Ghost of Tsushima, the series of The Last of Us and Twisted Metal, are all under their umbrella. A Destiny adaptation, to make an example, wouldn't surprise me at all. And obviously, releasing games on PC it's going great for them, so that could be another reading.
  11. People has to see this as an strategic decision. They're not buying them for Destiny, they're buying them because Sony wants their own FPS games, their own games as services. And Bungie can help to that, either developing it themselfs or helping other studios.
  12. It's a good move, but according to Bungie, they will remain multiplatform. We'll see how this evolve, but at least now Sony can use the expertise of Bungie to develop their own FPS.
  13. I wonder how the "Fair to Play" really works.
  14. Thank you! I was hoping a little more of gameplay. But i agree with you: so far, and being free, it's worth a shot i guess.
  15. I was hoping something... different. Very disappointing month for me.