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  1. Batman. All the way. And that doesn't mean Spider-man is a bad game, but Arkham is like others said, a masterpiece.
  2. Though they're not comparables, i still think that GoW is better, a lot. I mean, i love Spider-Man and it's very fun being the friendly neighbour, but i think is not at the same level than GoW.
  3. So, you can't mix languages on audio and text. I'm from Argentina and i want to play with the original english audio and spanish subtitles, but it's impossible. You have to play with all in English, or all in Spanish (in fact, you have to change the PS4 system language if you want to change the game language). Does anyone know if they're gonna fix this? Cause i've seen many complain about the same thing on Insomniac forums, but i don't know what to expect.
  4. I'm just gonna say that having the blood of a god it's often enough to make someone a god, it doesn't matter how "pure" he is. In mythology, Thor himself is half god half giant, and no one question his category. I think that in GoW the gods are just another (very powerful) species, like humans, or giants, or..
  5. I would say Dark Souls (actually, the whole saga)
  6. The Witcher 3 or Nioh
  7. Quote 8: Chloe: “Oh, is that an ancient Tibetan ritual dagger in your pocket?” Nathan: “Maybe I’m just happy to see you” Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  8. Quote 7: Nathan: Marco. Samuel: Marco what? Nathan: Marco. Samuel: Marco who? Nathan: Nevermind. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
  9. Quote 6: Ellie: [after breaking David's finger] Ellie. David: What? Ellie: Tell them that... Ellie is the little girl that broke your fucking finger. The Last of Us
  10. Agreed. It's Feudal Japan; it would be kinda weird not speak japanese.
  11. Quote 5 Kratos: The truth... I am a god, boy. From another land, far from here. When I came to these shores, I chose to live as a man. But the truth is... I was born a god. And so were you. Atreus: .... Kratos: ...Boy? Have you nothing to say? Atreus: Can I... turn into an animal? God of War (2018)
  13. Exactly, and that's all. Evie Frye from Syndicate, Aveline from... Liberation (i think), and AC Chronicles: China (i forget her name). So many games on the saga and only three female protagonist until now.