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  1. Okey people, i have to ask you a favor: i need some views for this video. It's from my radioshow; it doesn't matter really if you actually see it or if you understand it (because it's in Spanish), but i need to raise the number of views because we're applying to Argentina Comic-Con Press Acreditation (and this video is an special progam about a similar event). So please, pleeeaaase, just put the video enough time to count as a view 😬


    1. DaivRules


      Putting together some English subtitles will probably greatly expand your audience and make it much more accessible. You might even get the views naturally at that point.


    2. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      I let it run for awhile. Good luck! :awesome:

    3. matigrosso91


      Thank you lads! And thanks for the advice! 😁