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  1. The Witcher 3 or Nioh
  2. Quote 8: Chloe: “Oh, is that an ancient Tibetan ritual dagger in your pocket?” Nathan: “Maybe I’m just happy to see you” Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  3. Quote 7: Nathan: Marco. Samuel: Marco what? Nathan: Marco. Samuel: Marco who? Nathan: Nevermind. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
  4. Quote 6: Ellie: [after breaking David's finger] Ellie. David: What? Ellie: Tell them that... Ellie is the little girl that broke your fucking finger. The Last of Us
  5. Agreed. It's Feudal Japan; it would be kinda weird not speak japanese.
  6. Quote 5 Kratos: The truth... I am a god, boy. From another land, far from here. When I came to these shores, I chose to live as a man. But the truth is... I was born a god. And so were you. Atreus: .... Kratos: ...Boy? Have you nothing to say? Atreus: Can I... turn into an animal? God of War (2018)
  7. So, the next Assassin's Creed will let you choose your protagonist, male or female, Alexios or Kassandra. Interesting, without a question. Apparently, the story would be the same, only changes the skin. Who you would choose and why? I will go with Kassandra. She looks pretty amazing and AC have very few female characters as protagonists. It's going to be refreshing. The gameplay walkthrough, Kassandra being badass:
  9. Exactly, and that's all. Evie Frye from Syndicate, Aveline from... Liberation (i think), and AC Chronicles: China (i forget her name). So many games on the saga and only three female protagonist until now.
  10. Quote 4: "Hello... brother". Hercules to Kratos, God of War III
  11. Quote 3: "Bright Lord, Dark Lord, same thing really. End result is me ripping spines out, which I like to do anyway" - Brûz, Middle-earth: Shadow of War
  12. Quote 2: "Do you hear me Mandus? This is what you planned! This world is a machine! A Machine for Pigs! Fit only for the slaughtering of pigs!" - The Engineer, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
  13. Thank you all for this giveaway! Quote 1: "Close your heart to their desperation. Close your heart to their suffering. Do not allow yourself to feel for them. They will not feel for you" - Kratos, God of War (2018)
  14. Honestly i'm not really confident about my country winning the cup, but i'll vote for us anyway lol VAMOS MESSI CARAJO
  15. BOOOOI
  16. Old but good stuff
  17. I can't really understand what is the point of doing this kind of posts. You don't like it? You hated it? Fine. But came here only to say subjective garbage (i don't want to offense but i can't think of another word to express my point) about a game which is loved by many people... I don't know, man. I don't judge you, the world could be a boring place if everyone loved the same games, but again, i can't understand this threads. By the way, i LOVE your trophy cabinet. Amazing work there.
  18. Horizon Zero Dawn.
  19. LOOOOOOOOL. Like Atreus himself said, puny troll
  20. Horizon Zero Dawn
  21. Sorry mate, but Kratos is a god. Half god, half mortal, but with divine blood anyway. He's son of Zeus, like the bloody Hercules. And that's the reason of why he could lift massive structures (not only in this game) or healing himself. That explains two of your five points at least. About the Blades, i've no argue with that. And about the different worlds and mythologies, I understand only partially your point. In this game, . The destruction of the Greek world doesn't mean that the entire world was destroyed. But i admit that i would like a better explanation about how all worlds coexist, especially thinking of future games with new mythologies to explore.
  22. What is the point of calling a game "overhyped"? Maybe you don't liked it, maybe others really loved it. This would be a boring world if everyone likes the same things. For me, i have no doubt about it: it's one of the best games i've ever played, and the best of PS4 so far. And i can't really understand how some people could think that was a bad story or something like that. But then again, everyone can have their own opinion.
  23. Damn man, you're like a superhero. Congratulations. I'm at 43.16%