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  1. Well, i guess i'm done with FIFA. Bullshit list, i hate FUT and there's no way i would try again the Division 4 crap.
  2. This still works?
  3. I remember it's long, kinda tedious and boring, but it's effective. Although i can't find the post on PSNProfiles where some user explain it step by step, so i'm still looking. It need several accounts from both boosters and a lot of patience to match up, but in the end, the goal is to have 4 wins on each side so with a draw in the last match, both boosters will be placed on Division 4.
  4. So, anyone wanna try the boosting method? I don't know if i'm willing to wait for FIFA 21 to try some luck.
  5. Hey, how did you do that? I mean, i can only select missions until Take Control, no endgame option. Stil can't do it but i got the trophy anyway.
  6. I'm full in.
  7. It's very cryptic, but after literally years of silence, WB Games Montreal has tweeted a video for the Batman Day... with some mysterious symbols showing up. People related them with Court of Owls and Ra's al Ghul. The tweet: The symbols:
  8. Apparently, tomorrow we'll have an official reveal or even a trailer. The account they named in the tweet leads to a page ( with a message: "We have been expecting you. 8/18"
  9. Hellblade II. Oh god, it hurts me that it's Xbox exclusive.
  10. The Last of Us (both, Part I and Part II. Part II specially). The Witcher 3 God of War (2018)
  11. This kind of threads are silly. Yes, the first was, is and always will be a classic... and if you stopped right there, it would be fine. The fact that Part I is a classic doesn't mean it's necessarily better than Part II. It's pretencious said "can we all agree". People. Can. Like. Different. Things. EDIT: i edit only to say to @Abby_TheLastofUs: hey Abby, i love you.
  12. I feel you, man. Hellblade 2 being exclusive of Xbox makes me sad and anger because i LOVED the first one.
  13. It's almost like Xbox officially abandoned the "Console Wars". They're focused on games as services and Game Pass, not in the console per se.
  14. I'm just gonna say that the best sequences in the game are with Abby. Some of these are breathtaking. I presume that if you're on this thread you've already played the game, but just in case:
  15. It's nice to see this thread. This game is blowing my mind. I'm near the ending, and i can't wait to see it. And i want more of this universe.
  16. FINALLY GOT IT. I can confirm this stats are accurate. You just need to raise Physical a little bit if the trophy don't pop when you get this stats. I played 30 matches more and got it. Sir, as i said, i owe you a beer.
  17. I already got almost the exact same stats, i'm just a bit shorter with one of the Passing stats. Hope that when i reach that last stat i'll get the trophy. Thanks for your help!
  18. I'm gonna try it. If this works, mate, i'll owe you a beer that someday i'll pay.
  19. Well, i did the first four deliveries with three S and one B, and still didn't fill even the first star. So yeah, i presume that you'll full the five stars anyway because something happens once you do the final delivery.
  20. The first star there barely rise. But when you do the final delivery, all five stars will full up. I did it yesterday.
  21. A giant swamp thing? This can't be serious. I don't judge a game before actually seeing it, but it's hard to picture how this game will gonna be.
  22. I'm so in love with Death Stranding. And i'm only starting the 3rd episode 😅

    1. Jachroth05


      And if you're really into exploring, that chapter is where you'll spend most of your playthrough.

  23. Oh man, this is gonna be very difficult to me. I'm nearly broke, but in my country the dollar's price comparing with the local coin is about to raise a lot and this could be the last chance, for a while, to buy at least one game. And there's so many that are in my wishlist.
  24. Hey, happy birthday pal! My birthday is the next Tuesday and i'm going to buy the game that day, so thanks for sharing this 😁
  25. Okey people, i have to ask you a favor: i need some views for this video. It's from my radioshow; it doesn't matter really if you actually see it or if you understand it (because it's in Spanish), but i need to raise the number of views because we're applying to Argentina Comic-Con Press Acreditation (and this video is an special progam about a similar event). So please, pleeeaaase, just put the video enough time to count as a view 😬


    1. DaivRules


      Putting together some English subtitles will probably greatly expand your audience and make it much more accessible. You might even get the views naturally at that point.


    2. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      I let it run for awhile. Good luck! :awesome:

    3. matigrosso91


      Thank you lads! And thanks for the advice! 😁