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  1. For adept killer trophy if you hook 9 survivors in total a match you'll get Merciless killer, most of the time!
  2. I can confirm you need the classic battle rifle if you didn't own the trophy prior to the update. I just finished my last gun and no trophy.
  3. It's better to just ask the survivors to help. Unless you and your boosting partners are all red ranks, other then that it will take the moon and sun to align just right to meet up with your partners at any other rank. Hope this helps you out!
  4. The proof trophy is hard, what you have to do is beat a AI on all difficulty levels. Not mention you have to do this without the use of hints or redo's itt will be a hard/ rare 100% for sure!
  5. Great guide boss! Helped me out a lot!
  6. Back up the save, I've had the strumillionaire trophy reset on me twice. Someone did mention to me to clear the cache everytime you load into ghlive. Coins, Player Level and in game stuff stays. Just your trophy progress resets.
  7. The game is a 1/10 about a 5 hour plat I'm just missing the 1000 questions trophy! Yes you can change the date on your console for the valentines and sadurday trophy!
  8. PS3

    Thanks for the feedback, so you didn't lose trophy progress towards the 1m notes?
  9. PS3

    So I've mainly played guitar hero live on the ps4 and after having my stats reset twice, once at 400k and at 500k strums! Now my question is does the ps3 version of this game have it where your trophies get reset?
  10. The platinum isn't to bad, i'd give it a 5/10 I'm 7 trophies away from the 100% in only 2 months. 4 trophies left for the platinum! 1) Blood on Your Face 2) Blood in your Mouth 3) No One Gets left Behind 4) Adept Doctor! DLC 1) Man behind the bush 2) Evil Incarnate 3) Adept the Shape!
  11. Just got this trophy so it's 100 heals in one match! Bullshit I know but find a buddy and message the killer through now playing on friends list! Also trophy progress doesn't reset I have the rank 20 glitch and I'm still getting the generator trophies and others so stop blaming it on that, play the game and it will come!
  12. Hey boss, best way to roll it is run solo! I personally used Tommie running the Bomber class, with the Rifle with Bayonet and Trench Club. The reason I say Tommie is because their rifles have the biggest mag clip with 10, which if your shot it good you can clear a wave without reloading! Another tip is don't stay still, always be moving and aware of your surroundings. Now with Artillery you have to hold on to them till wave 10 and then let them have it! With the latest patch it has made the Heavy Gunner class non-usable since they automatically lock on you. Hope this helps!
  13. So playing today I got this trophy knowing I didn't get 50 kills with 3 characters, I have 500+ kills with Bronco, 13 With Johnny, 2 kills with Cyborgula. Now for this to work get one of your characters to 150+ kills then kill a enemy with two other characters of your choosing.
  14. Just got my 100% the trials were a lot more easier then I remembered!
  15. The Co-op XP for this game is based on staying around your NCO, when he/ she press R1- L2 he'll drop a command order, if you kill within this marker you'll get +15xp. Another way to gain XP is to stay in your NCO's blue Aura circle ( which appears on the map) when he kills you'll get XP. You can determine if you gaining Co-op XP if the lettering for you points are green. Hope this helps