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  1. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
  2. Mafia 3. Otherwise a fine game to 100%, except doing all the rackets twice.
  3. Tuon mämmit! Topic: The Witcher 3
  4. Marvel's Spider-Man
  5. I just got the trophy, and when I checked my stats it read that I had completed 52 skirmishes instead of 50. I am 100% sure that I didn't replay any of the skirmish missions. Any ideas why this could be?
  6. Got this one January 1st in 2009 Mirrors Edge - Still countingAttain a Time Trial star rating of 50 Gold Ultra Rare 3,76%
  7. Top Spin 4. I've heard the online-trophies are a pain and I'm not sure if the servers are even up anymore.
  8. PS4: Alien Isolation Bioshock 2 Call of Duty WW2 Dishonored Definitive Edition Dishonored 2 The Evil Within 2 Final Fantasy XV Ghost Recon Wildlands Nioh Metro 2033 Prey Wolfenstein 2 Wolfenstein the Old Blood PS3: Asuras Wrath The Darkness 2 Far Cry 3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Shadows of the Damned A lot FPS-games now that I think about. Strange since it is one of my favourite genres
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2 Far Cry 5 Ni No Kuni 2 God of War Spider-Man A new Battlefield-game Maybe also Days Gone if it convinces me a little more near launch.
  10. I had recently purchased a 4K-television and the temptation grew intolerable. Haven't regretted for once especially after they launched the boost-option for games like Bloodborne.