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  1. Here's a video for the puzzle solutions and how to unlock the secret level.
  2. Here is a video guide to help fellow Trophy Hunters for this small, decent game.
  3. If you bought it on your PS4 , go to the store on your Vita hit the 3 dots bubble on the bottom right and select download list to find it.
  4. For those that completed the game and 100% the side quests already, just start a new game and complete 1 quest and the Hero of Avantia trophy will pop.
  5. Right now my list is coming up as unknown (18321) ... It's up now.
  6. Here's a playlist of the harder trophies in the game, no commentary track.
  7. Since they fixed the trophies, finally. You can get the Platinum now here's a couple of videos to help... And part 2...
  8. Timespinner Platinum, Was a interesting little game.
  9. Vampry been wanting to try that one
  10. I thought I would post these video guides for the more challenging trophies to help other trophy hunters. less than 1000 LUCRE(coins) RUN: For the S grade for all levels and the collectibles,in the comment section I have timestamps for the collectibles:
  11. Have you beaten the game yet? It's at the end of the last level after the bridge before the boss fight.
  12. Your welcome Guardian_owl, good job on the trophy guide. I barely have time to post videos let alone write up a guide, much respect for that Guardian_owl.
  13. This game should come with a second controller because your first one will get damaged in the process of getting the platinum. With that in mind here are some video guides for all 4 light worlds,4 dark worlds, so 80 stages in total.
  14. I do not know if this trick/glitch is known, but I found out how to slow the game down to make it easier. 1. On your last life hit,die. 2. Before you die, pause the game. 3. Select restart as it is restarting you should hear youself die. 4. The level should start in slow-mo now. Here's a video guide: