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  1. i even made a guide for the game of me playing the game.
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/oBwh8ZoZjWfP6BH58
  3. jckdnll Finger on the Roof: Go! Rooftop Runner! When I got the Platinum the trophies didn't sync so the next day it the game acted like I didn't unlock the trophies so I had to play the game again and the trophies started popping automatically that's why there out of sync.
  4. Everything can be cleaned up after finishing the story mode. Just be mindful to collect as much nexomons as you go to make the grind a little less at the end of the game.
  5. If you have problems with the trophies popping just remember that when you unlock a achievement just close the game than start it again and the trophy will pop while your playing. Also the 800+ trophy is switched with stylist so, just buy 9 outfits than close the game bring it back up & start playing & Kawai Deathuuu trophy will unlock while your playing.
  6. To unlock the Ninja : Just keep dying & restarting can be done on 1st stage. To unlock Sam : run out of ammo can be done as early as the tutorial stage. To unlock Quack : get to level 4-2
  7. I believe it's unattainable right now because the endings are glitched. After beating the last boss there's supposed to be an choice decision that's not there.
  8. The guy shows up in Umugi Cove
  9. Your gonna want use practice mode even in that mode a couple levels took me a couple of hours to complete.
  10. Lol, heres a video to help
  11. This game is not easy, the difficulty really spikes after level 11. The difficulty can start feeling pretty cheap.
  12. Just start level 2 than hit the touch pad(honk your horn) repeatedly that's the fastest way to grind out the building trophies
  13. I thought it was a fun, inspired by Zelda/ripoff of Zelda, little game I completed the game 100 percent. even though you only need to make it to the 3rd dungeon for the Platinum. Not all their games are garbage.
  14. Optinooby, Thanks for the tip I was able to upload a save file and unlock all the trophies & get the Platinum. FYI you can platinum in one playthrough just leave the last zombie in the bathroom alive so you can upload a save & use the zombie to bite you x8 or how every many you need ( there's 14 first aid kits total ) for the Hypochondriac trophy
  15. 1st location is level 8 2nd location is level 19 3rd location is level 27 4th location is level 40 5th location is level 47 ( not needed for trophies)