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  1. I thought it was a fun, inspired by Zelda/ripoff of Zelda, little game I completed the game 100 percent. even though you only need to make it to the 3rd dungeon for the Platinum. Not all their games are garbage.
  2. Optinooby, Thanks for the tip I was able to upload a save file and unlock all the trophies & get the Platinum. FYI you can platinum in one playthrough just leave the last zombie in the bathroom alive so you can upload a save & use the zombie to bite you x8 or how every many you need ( there's 14 first aid kits total ) for the Hypochondriac trophy
  3. 1st location is level 8 2nd location is level 19 3rd location is level 27 4th location is level 40 5th location is level 47 ( not needed for trophies)
  4. FYI for anyone this might of happen too. I was collecting the secret location trophies in order as I was playing through the game when for some reason the 3rd location on level 27 glitched on me (disappeared) so, I had to delete my game and save file than started a new game skipping the secrets until I got to level 27 and there it was & got my platinum, thankfully.
  5. Nope, I beat the whole game and only had 1 boss trophy unlock for me nothing else.
  6. Here's a video to understand the descriptions of the trophies and how to unlock them.
  7. Here's a video for the puzzle solutions and how to unlock the secret level.
  8. Here is a video guide to help fellow Trophy Hunters for this small, decent game.
  9. If you bought it on your PS4 , go to the store on your Vita hit the 3 dots bubble on the bottom right and select download list to find it.
  10. For those that completed the game and 100% the side quests already, just start a new game and complete 1 quest and the Hero of Avantia trophy will pop.
  11. Right now my list is coming up as unknown (18321) ... It's up now.
  12. Here's a playlist of the harder trophies in the game, no commentary track.
  13. Since they fixed the trophies, finally. You can get the Platinum now here's a couple of videos to help... And part 2...
  14. Timespinner Platinum, Was a interesting little game.