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  1. I have been playing Ys VIII so excessively over the last two weeks that my room mate got really angry at me for doing nothing else even though I am currently bound to bed and can't really move at all due to health issues. I now quitted the game out of protest for her anger and now I'm wondering what else I can do besides playing video games.


    Anyway, I finished the true ending yesterday and got the last few trophies out of the way. All that's left is a NG+ on Nightmare for the final trophy. Let's see how fast I can rush through this game. Once my room mate doesn't judge me as an addict anymore, that is

    1. kidson2004


      If I were you, I wouldn’t let her change your mood due to her anger of YOU enjoying something you enjoy. And she needs to keep her opinions to herself. Damn shame that happened to you man. Next time, tell her to go find somewhere to climb and stay there. 

    2. Edunstar84


      I would continue playing things you enjoy. But can you knit or crochet? Maybe use a color book app or buy an adult one?

    3. ResoluteRock


      I don't think your roommate did it out of malice. I don't know you, I don't know your roommate, I don't know what was said/done, but I feel like all of the anger wasn't directed at you because of you. Maybe there's something else going on in your roommate's life? Maybe they're just a really blunt person?


      Maybe your roommate just wants to see you feel better and do more than play video games. Maybe your roommate really cares, but doesn't know how to show it.


      Or maybe your roommate is just a jerk. Who knows?

  2. Well... after collapsing at work because of terrible leg pain and being sent away with an ambulance, I'm now at home and kinda enjoying an early week end.

    Now I can continue playing Ys VIII. That game took my soul but god, it is so beautiful and I love every single bit of it. Really glad, I bought this game :D

    1. Caju_94


      Thank your leg for that! xD

      Have a nice recovery!

    2. lordguwa


      hopefully you get better soon, i regret having that seizure myself. ended up owing about 1.5k dollars for one ambulance trip i'm going to have to invest into a desk fan to cool myself down when things heat up.

    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      @lordguwa That sounds terrible. I'm glad I'm living in Germany, so that trip with the ambulance didn't cost me anything at all. The doctor wanted me to stay in the hospital, but I said no after he explained, that they wouldn't do anything more there than having me lying in a bed and taking the same pain killers I'm already taking. So I decided to go home where I at least have entertainment. But if I had to pay for the trip, I would have outright refused. Can't allow to be in any debt. That must be awful

  3. So, I finally ot to sit down and update the whole Thread. Since I'm not on my PC but instead on such an tiny laptop, I wonder, if I really can call it, I haven't looked if there were any new games. I will try to do that in the following week. But since @yoda6380 mentioned it in this thread, I added a new game: Queens Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past I wonder why they haven't released the first one on console but maybe it will follow. Anyway, this game changed the ranks again. You need 21 games for Artifex Master and 17 games for Alchemist. Everything else stayed the same. So every Artifex Master got a rank down and was moved to Former Master. Apart from that I updated everyone according to their posts. So if anything isn't correct, please say so. I will try to check everyones profile for the correct amount of plats in the near future but I can't promise when that will be. So please, continue to update your games here and I will give my best to do updates more frequently.
  4. Games added to my backlog (0): none (yay) Games started from my backlog (0): none Games storyline finished from my backlog (0): none Games started from my backlog on an alt (0): none Games removed from my backlog (3): - Bioshock 2 (+1 point) - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storms Generations (+1 point) - Project Diva Future Tone (both dlcs, +2 points) A rather succesfull month for me. I added nothing new to my backlog and instead managed to get three titles off of it. Proud of myself. Bioshock was once started by my room mate on my account. The reason was, that I tried Bioshock 1 but couldn't get far and so she offered to get the plat for me. Well, I'm still waiting on that but she promised to get me that one if she also is allowed to get me Bioshock 2. So, that one, she finally fulfilled. Now I have to wait for her to touch the PS3 again Project Diva was terrible. The last two trophies glitched on me in both expansions on two different consoles. I hated it. Internet told me to try simply more videos to take screenshots from. With over 300 songs it was a chore. I then decided to continue said chore in my new PS4 Pro and third time's being the charme, it unlocked the trophies and I finally have those darn 100% Naruto SUNS Generation is one easy plat but very grindy. I decided to work on that while I watched the second and third season of Lemony Snicket on Netflix as the plat didn't require any attention at all. It took me about 20 hours longer than guides are suggesting. Mostly because the Card Collection trophy kinda glitched on me. A lot of cards didn't unlock when I met their requirements such as finishing certain chapters in the tales or playing with a certain character a certain number of times. I spend one whole day with 12 hours only working on that single trophy. Really glad I got it. That's another Naruto game down from my list. Only two games left on my profile, one of them I don't intend to plat. And then I only miss one game overall which I will buy at some point in the distant future.
  5. I know, there was a thread here that lists all (or a lot of) games by their time needed to plat but I can't find it. If anyone has the link, that would be much appreciated.

    1. Mesopithecus


      Was it maybe this thread: 


    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Yeah, that was it. Thanks a lot!

  6. Games added to my backlog (3): - Broken Age (HumbleBundle, -3 points) - Grim Fandango Remastered (HumbleBundle, shares points with BA) - Kingdom Hearts 3 (exception) Games started from my backlog (4): - Broken Age - Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls (PS Vita) - Eventide 3 - Kingdom Hearts 3 Games storyline finished from my backlog (2): - Broken Age (+1 point) - Kingdom Hearts 3 (+1 point) Games started from my backlog on an alt (0): - Games removed from my backlog (1): - Eventide 3 (+1 point) Well, so far only 3 new games. 2 from a humble bundle and one is the big game I expected to kill my wallet this year. Got Kingdom Hearts 3 together with the PS4 Pro bundle and so far, I didn't regret it. The game will be my #75 milestone, so after I finished the story yesterday (and have been left confused af), I won't do any more trophies until I reach #74 plats to then quickly get through the rest and be content with it. The other KH games, I will plat some time after, but since I already planned my #100 milestone as well, I don't think they will make it to any milestones. So, to fill up the numbers towards #75, I try to get some simple games out of the way. I startd with Eventide 3, so I don't have any Artifex games left in my backlog. I will have to wait for another sale before I get the remaining Artifex games. But I don't intend to buy anything for at least half a year to get to all of my current games. It really is terrible how many games I have and never even touched. I really don't want to continue that theme anymore. Currently I'm working on Broken Age. Finished the game and most stories but have the speedrun trophy left. I hate speed run trophies... Not sure what else to tackle. Probably Fairy Fencer and maybe Murdered and Blackwood Crossing for inbetween.
  7. Finally finished Kingdom Hearts 3. now i will wait with the remaining trophies until i can make the game a milestone. I liked the normal Ending a lot. It made me really really happy. The epilogue and secret Ending however confused the heck outa me. What was happening? @[email protected]

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    2. madbuk


      Yeah, 3 has references to stuff in UX that was added to the game so close to release that only the JP players got to play it before the game released lol. Back cover is a good enough coverage of the key events I suppose.


      I wish I could see the reaction of someone playing KH3 for the first time without having played any KH games before it at all tbh lol, they must be so confused.

    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      I guess, you'Re talking about the new quests they just released yesterday or so? Quite interested in the whole stuff and it gives me quite the motivation to go on the mobile game after a few months of dragging it occasionally.

      tbh, it is hilarious. My room mate sat besides me during the beginning of the game up until Twilight Town and from the end of San Fransokyo until the end of the game including epilogue and secret ending. She just was confused without any pause even though she watched a kh series summary beforehand on youtube and got stuff explained by me on the go. I really don't think kh3 is something for newcomers

    4. madbuk


      Yeah it was absolutely designed with the people who have played previous games in mind. The in-game memory archive they had was rather basic too.

      I was expecting 3 to pretty much close off everything other than the mysterious black box, so that newcomers for KH4 may actually have a chance at comprehending it, but nope. It will continue to be a franchise that's hard to get into lol.

  8. So far, 36 Fragments of Midnight for me. Heard of that game here on PSNP and how easy and fast the plat was. It looked cute and I thought it, was nice to have an easy plat. Turned out I was really really bad in this game. It took me weeks and weeks of daily trying to get all trophies. Funnily enough, I got the plat a bit later really fast on PS4, so maybe it was just something with the Vita version itself
  9. I had problems with that one as well. I managed to get it right, when I put the stick down a moment before the ring got to the grinder. somehow that made the timing correct and that 3 times (right, left right) and it got me an excellent. But so far it is the hardest thing to get right regarding the bistro
  10. In Germany and Austria most people with pre orders were able to pick up the game on Saturday. Maybe it's similar elsewhere. Just call them and ask if they do it
  11. Gamestop already have out Kingdom Hearts 3 to all who had it preordered with the ps4 pro. Really happy I was able to spend my weekend diving into the game. Already loving it. The graphics are beautiful, the worlds quite long and it makes a lot of fun so far. But I probably won't finish it until next weekend.

  12. Two months without any internet. Now I have finally time again to update my trophy checklist. I hope I won't overlook something while editing... Games added to my backlog (10): - Midnight Deluxe (-3 points) - Eventide 3 (-3 points) - The Caligula Effect (PS Vita, -3 points) - Blackwood Crossing (-3 points) - Danganronpa 2 (PS Vita, -3 points) - Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls (PS Vita, -3 points) - Zone of the Enders (PS+) - Fallen Legion (PS+) - Portal Knights (PS+) - Amplitude (PS+) Games started from my backlog (5): - Brothers (PS4) - Midnight Deluxe (PS Vita) - Jackbox Party Pack 1 (PS4) - Horizon Zero Dawn - Frozen Wilds DLC - Fairy Fencer F Advent Force (PS4) Games storyline finished from my backlog (2): - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (+1 point) - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PS4) (+1 point) Games started from my backlog on an alt (0): - Games removed from my backlog (5): - Spiderman (#55, +2 points) - Midnight Deluxe (#56, +1 point) - Brothers (+1 point) - Horizon Zero Dawn - Frozen Wilds DLC (+1 point) - Deiland (#57, +2 points) Well, without Internet, there was a lot of time to go back to some backlog games. I had bought Spiderman as physical at the end of November and got to finish and plat it during December. It was a good game and I had a lot of fun with it. I will go back to it sometime for the dlcs but I didn't got them in the January sale so I will have to wait for another sale sometime. I also started Midnight Deluxe and finished it on PS Vita. Some of the levels were quite frustrating for such a short game. I probably won't play it on PS4 as I really can't imagine getting through some timed levels without touch control. I got to play Brothers which was a game I had for quite some time on my list. I must confess, I nearly cried at the end. It was beautifully made and the controls at the end of the game had so much emotional impact, I didn't knew that was possible. I also finally played the Horizon Zero Dawn dlc. Not so good as the main game, I have to say. I didn't like the new map and I hated the new monsters. It took a while to finish it mostly because I lost motivation halfway through but I had not much else to play so I sticked to it. Still don't have 100% on the trophy list as New Game + on ultra hard is quite a challenge even with level 60. And I finally finished Deiland. Sat there and counted every flower and structure and what else to make sure that the trophies didn't glitch on me. Glad they didn't. So another game from my list, yay.
  13. It's been two months without internet but finally I have internet again. It was really a challenge to entertain myself without access to Netflix or online games or what else. I mostly got dvd packages (whole seasons of series') from the local library and binged them while I was doing cross-stitching or trying to play some single player games I already had on my playstation pre-installed. But after two months with maybe 5 games to chose from it got really boring. Well, now that is over.

    Tomorrow I will update the Artifex Mundi PP again but fr today I just wanna chill in the glory of internet access.

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    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Yeah, my room mate teached me how to do it. Made some cross stitches as christmas presents fro my gradnmas. Both of them used to cross stitch as well and they really loved the presents. Now I started a big project which will probably take months to finish but I like to challenge myself :P

    3. Edunstar84


      U have a few patterns that I always mean to start. Have started on a Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro piece that I want to give my niece for her birthday.

    4. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Oh that sounds nice. My room mate plans to do some Ghibli motives in a kind of glass window style. But currently she's stitching the whole Light map from Zelda Link to the Past. And I'm doing a portrait of one of my favourite manga characters but after that I may help her with the Ghibli project. But I'm sure your niece will like the cross stitch. I think, something that is selfmade and took a lot of time is always a much appreciated present.

  14. Sign me up please. So far I only have DDD as a plat. And 358/2 Days and Re:Coded as 100% on PS3 Currently working on BBS (PS4) and only have two worlds left in Kh1 critical. I want to finish BBS before KH3, maybe I will get KH1 as well but who knows. I really can't get through anything in Hollow Bastion and even grinding kills me more than it gives decent exp
  15. I love white mage. It's my main class and the only one on max level so far. I haven't played the astrologian yet but my scholar is in its mid sixties. I didn't quite manage to play him in high level instances. I tried reading through some guides to get better at both classes and what I basically got from those guides is following: - white mage is great for maximum heals. His aspect is healing during and after getting hit from enemies. - scholar is great for a lot of damage dealing. His aspect is mostly healing before getting hit from enemies, meaning buffing the party in a way that the damage is mostly prevented. Utilising the fairy is key to get that right. - astrologian... Ok, I haven't read the guides so far. From what I got from my friends, the main part are the cards and with them the buffing and debuffing. He's kinda the middle man although a lot of people say he is the best healer class among those three. Haven't tested it yet though.