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  1. Games added to the backlog (9): - Minesweeper Genius (-3) - Forgotten Anne (-3) - Enigmatis 3 (-3) - Noir Chronicles (-3) - Kingmaker (-3) - Assassin's Creed Odyssey (-3) - Chaos on Deponia (room mate) - Goodby Deponia (room mate) - Deponia Doomsday (room mate) Games started from my backlog (1): - Forgotten Anne Games started from my backlog on an alt (0): - Games removed from my backlog (4) - Minesweeper Genius (+1) - Enigmatis 3 (+1) - Kingmaker (+1) - Noir Chronicles (+1) A PS sale and with it a few small games, especially Artifex. I got a bit of a pay raise, so I thought I could buy a few games. Needed those fillers for my next milestone. Regarding that I already finished Minesweeper and the Artifex games. Minesweeper was more grindy than I thought. Artifex games were average. I liked Enigmatis as I loved the trilogy on PC but the third part wasn't as strong as the previous ones. Kingmaker was average and Noir was outright terrible regarding the plot. Second worst Artifex game. Worst on console so far. My roommate found Red Dead Redemption 2 and AC Odyssey in a gamestop sale for 50% off. She couldn't afford both, I felt generous so I bought AC for her instead. Wanted to try that game at some point anyway. Apart from the games already mentioned I only started Forgotten Anne. Want to make it my #70 but I currently don't have much motivation for point and click. Will be fun to also get through the Deponia games as filler. To take a bit off of my Kingdom Hearts 3 grind for the #75 milestone I already begun with that and finished most trophies already. Only ones are gummiphone and synthesizing related. And this god damn Verum Rex. Just can't seem to reach the 12 million points. Highscore so far is 9 million... That one will probably be one of my last trophies for sure.
  2. Last week I took my old Game Boy, GBA SP, about 10 old GB games and my two broken Vitas to a friend. Said friend changed the good battery from one broken vita to the other to make that one functional again. However some of the buttons were still sticky, making it impossible to play some action games.

    Yesterday, I visited him again. In the course of the weekend, he repaired both GB handhelds, changed the batteries and did some cleaning on all GB cartridges and experimented on the broken Vita I left at his place. He then got to my wokring Vita and was able to open it, get to the buttons and clean them all within an hour. Took him a few tries to get the buttons right again during re-assambling but after that, I left his place with three cleand and functioning handhelds and 10 retro games I can finally play again.

    Maybe, if I have a bit to much money at some point, I can buy new buttons and a new Screen for the other broken Vita and let him go wild :awesome:


    Anyway with changes to my school schedule and commute I will have more time to play Vita again starting next week. Glad to have it repaired in time for that!

    1. dermarx


      How nice. I sometimes wish I can repair stuff like that

    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Watching him, it doesn't seem to be that difficult. You need the right equipment though. For battery changes for cartridges for example, he had to buy a soldering iron set that cost him 60€.
      And you need special screwdrivers for everything and little plastic hooks to safely unclasp certain things. I don't know how much that costs. He owned all this stuff. That's why I went to him. If I had that stff, I would try it myself. Most of the stuff seems really easy.

    3. Squirlruler


      Buy that man a beer. That's awesome.

  3. [KH3] Finished the story months ago but wanted to wait with the plat grind for when I get closer to the milestone. I only have a few easy point & clicks open as filler so I started the KH3 grind a few days ago. Thought I might get to much, so that I can push a quick plat in between trophies but so far I have way to much fun with KH3. Guess, the gummi trophies and whatever ties to them will be the only thing left to do when I actually want to plat it :D 

  4. So, I had one older Vita with a defunct display. I then bought another used Vita but that one had a defunct battery. What to do?

    Luckily a friend of mine started the hobby of collecting and repairing broken consoles, handhelds and games. He had all the equipment, so I brought both Vitas to him.

    He put the good battery in the second Vita and I now have once again a functional Vita! And he has a broken one with which he can test his skills in repairing that one :D

    Also brought him my old GameBoy (the big one), my old GameBoy Advance SP and several GameBoy games. All for him to repair. He's happy and once he has finsihed repairing, I'm happy too. And all I need to pay are the spare parts.

    1. Aurvandils_ta


      Solche Freunde braucht der Mensch. :yay: 

    2. NERVergoproxy


      Give him some cookies!

  5. Updated you back to Master Also updated myself since I got three new plats yesterday and today.
  6. #69 Noir Chronicles

    here once was an Artifex game on PC, that was so bad, I couldn't stop laughing at its horrible story. Noir Chronicles came quite close to that disaster. The story was not good. The gameplay decent like most Artifex games. Still wouldn't really recommend it though.

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    2. DaisyVilla102


      Thanks for posting this; it confirms my first impression of the game.  I played the demo for Noir Chronicles and it seemed terrible.  The story, the dialog, the accents in the voice acting, just... terrible.  I'd already decided I wouldn't buy any Artifex Mundi games at full price after their shady re-pricing move, but this one I won't buy at any discount.

    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      @DaisyVilla102 I wanted to buy all their ps4 games at release for the first achiever list but because of their pricing move I also only buy them at sale. I used to buy them on steam in bulks and have over 50 of them played there. Noir was one I hadn't played beforehand. If I had, I probably wouldn't have bought it for psn.

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  7. #67 Enigmatis 3

    Again an Artifex game, I already had played on PC. I really like the Enigmatis trilogy. Glad, I have finally all three plats


    #68 Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne

    The most surprising thing about this game is, that the protagonist is a male character. I played literally countless Artifex games and all of them had female leads. So it really came unexpected for me to have a male protagonist. The game itself was ok. A bit astray from the typical themes of Artifex games but kinda refreshing.


    So, I now have one Artifex game left from the PS sale. Then I will make Forgotten Anne my number 70 plat and after that will come the remaining three Deponia games. Still have to decided what to make my 74 filler before starting the KH3 grind but I'm sure I will get to that in no time. For now, I'm off to sleep :D 

  8. I don't think you have to be online for a streak. You can get a trophy a day offline and once you can get back online, they will sync the trophies with the dates you got them. Unfortunately, without power, Vita seems to be your only option. Having a simple game, where you can get a trophy daily without having to play much time-wise, is the best option to last for days. But since I don't see any Vita games on your profile... A power generator and some easy point and clicks for PS4 may be also a possibility Really, as long as you can play your consoles, even offline, you are fine with your streak, as long as the date is correct on your system. And according to your trophy log, your streak doesn't seem to be that long anyway. So, personally, I don't think, a loss of the streak is that tragic.
  9. Yesterday I bought 3 Artifex games and Forgotten Anne in the PS sale.

    My roommate also bought 3 Deponia games.

    All in all that makes 7 easy and fast plats I will do in the following days.

    That's great, as I can finally close the gap to my #75 milestone and because of that finally start working on Kingdom Hearts 3 as milestone plat.
    I'm so motivated, if I could I would already start doing KH3 :D

  10. IIRC, all further DLCs were canceled for this game.
  11. I wouldn't mind either way. I guess for the forum, it would be better with the forum name. But honestly, one space doesn't really make such a big difference for me
  12. #66 Minesweeper Genius

    The game was really fun. I love Minesweeper and picross and this game is like a mix between those two.

    I thought I would get 5000 blocks rather fast and maybe during gameplay. Well, seems like I was too good in this game as I had to grind out for about two hours to get those. I guess, I had about 2000 left, when I got all level specific trophies.

    What I knew I had to grind out were the deaths though. I got 50 deaths during campaign. I still had to grind out about 180 more for the 300 deaths. Glad that went rather fast.


    With that I have another short game done. I plan to buy 3 Artifex games once my paycheck came. And I still have some easy ones open where I just need video walkthroughs for collectibles. Mixed with Xillia, I'm only one short for the #74. I want to plat Kingdom Hearts 3 as 75 milestone. Just need to find a few more fillers :D 

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ZoutjeNL


      Awesome job good luck with some hidden object games :) 

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  13. Update again! A new game has released two days ago: Path of Sin: Greed Therefore, the ranks changed yet again. Artifex Master needs 24 games Alchemist needs 19 games Eden's Explorer needs 12 games. Everyone who was Artifex Master was downgraded and put into Former Master. Everyone else changed according to their plat number they have noted down in the OP. I didn't check if anyone here already got the plat.
  14. I just updated the Artifex PP this week. And now there is yet a new game released 😫

    Well, I will update it later at home. That will be 24 games for that PP then...

  15. There are quite a lot of games on sale. Also went through my wishlist and it's hard to decide what to buy once my paycheck comes... I want to buy the Artifex games as I like them as filler material for the next milestone. Minesweeper looks like a perfect quickie. Still unsure between Forgotten Anne, Unfinished Swan and Degrees of Separation...