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  1. I know, it's a question that gets asked way to often, but where do non-US people buy their PSN gift cards? I often see play-asia but what stops me from getting the cards there is that they want 20€ for a 20$ card, so in the end I would pay more for my games then I should currency-wise. And that's kinda not the thing I want to. I'd like to find a site where I pay the amount of € to get the same worth in $ back or with as minimal of difference as possible. And best with Paypal as payment method as I don't own a credit card :/

    1. xZoneHunter


    2. Eyjabria


      I always buy those physical wallet fund cards from retailers. Many deparment stores and game stores stock them here. And when I buy them from a certain store chain, I get bonus funds which can later be used for paying for stuff.

  2. I'm not really a person for Christmas time. The whole time before and especially Christmas is a really depressive thing for me and I seldom have a Christmas evening without a break down. But I think this year is a new low. I just received news about my dog having a tumor in her nose. I don't know any details yet but I'm clearly not ready to lose a pet.

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    2. Edunstar84


      Hope your dog is okay. 

    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Thank you all for your comments :)


      @Azelais & @Jigglypuff & @Edunstar84 for the time being the dog is okay. She got terrible nosebleed today. That's why my parents went to the animal doctor. But my mom told me the dog has anything between a month and a year left.


      @Spaz I don't like the commerce as well but it's more a problem with "self-hate" and jealousy. I don't have money to buy Nice presents, that's why I make stuff myself but it never is as good for my relatives as what they get from others. And I know my parents don't have a lot of money and I'm not greedy but still seeing my cousin every year with so much extensive Stuff she doesn't appreciate and I would never dare to ask for is really a n emotional challenge for me. But yeah, a Christmas Carol is always nice, no matter which version of the many movies (but the old ones are the best). Might as well watch them this weekend as well :)

    4. Edunstar84


      I've been in that same situation, but I'll let you know that it doesn't last. It all changed when I went to college and had to finance and budget things for myself. It really puts things in perspective. I mean, right now, I had to wait 4 years for a PS4, when others were talking about it. Oh, did I wanted it so bad! But I bought a PS4 Pro recently, and I had to save to buy it.


      It's also about priorities, and what you value in life. It sucks that your cousin doesn't appreciate stuff. But that's on him/her. Anyway, hope you enjoy your Christmas movies!


  3. Hm, originially I wanted to buy the new Artifex Game today and play that to get in the first achievers club. But since I'm still trying to get some money on my US account for some games from the Holiday Sale I might skip the early bird and try to get the new Artifex after Christmas when I know more about how much money I have left for the month :D

  4. Always thought about writing one myself but I still haven't gotten to finish the game yet I wish you lots of fun with the guide. And if you want some help, you can hit me up. I can return to the game anytime to continue it
  5. So, I simply wish to have some clarification:
    I own a EU account with PS+. That is my main account where I hunt for trophies.
    I also own a US account without PS+ and no intention of ever getting PS+
    The PS4 I use mainly is NOT set as my primary. However it is the primary for my US account.
    If I buy games from the US Store, will I be able to play the games on my EU account without having to do anything else?

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    2. dermarx


      So, I checked it and it works just fine like I explayned above (Bought Root Letter in the canadian store and play it on my german account). Hope this help you.

    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      @dermarx Thank you again. Quick question at last, if a game has MP trophies, can I still get them on my main account?

    4. dermarx


      Yeah, check my Dying Light Trophies:

      In particular the "I've got your back" Trophy (Complete 1 quest in a co-op game). And I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I play the austrian version on my german account, since there is no Dying Light in germany (boooh)

  6. Since we both now have PS+, no. But we needed PS+ to overcome this obstacle and exactly that is my worry when purchasing something from another (US) region. Will I need PS+ on the US account as well to play the games on my EU account or not?
  7. That's the joke. Since it was our only PS4, it was her primary as well. Now, I'm really starting to wonder why we had/have that problem. (For a while now we own two PS4 systems, one for each of us. But the one I use mainly is set as her primary, and hers is set as my primary so that we can play the games of each other. A bit of a complicated workaround but yeah...)
  8. I don't exactly have a link. It's more personal experience. My roommate and I used to share a PS4. I had PS+ quite a while before she got hers. Since the PS4 was my primary and I had PS+ she was able to play all my games. But since she didn't have PS+ most of her games, e.g. Bloodborne, Dragon Age Inquisition and Telltale Games were locked. I wasn't able to play them on my account because I didn't buy them. Once she had PS+ herself, I could access the games. But since I don't have the money to have two accounts with PS+ to access all games on one single account, that is my main concern for even buying digitals from another region acc. And since it came up in this thread as well, unfortunately buying physical is not really something I'm able to. I would have to order most stuff by mail to get it cheaper and I have the problem that 50% of the time my mail orders don't reach me because of reasons, so that would be a lot of luck and hassle I don't want to have.
  9. Basically the question stated in the title. I can kinda understand some reasons why people have different accounts for different regions. I myself have an EU account as main one since I live in the EU. But I also have an US account because of one deal I made on Humble Bundle which was US only. I downloaded the games and never really thought about it again. Now I see the Holiday Sale on the US store and it makes me wonder again. What exactly made you make an alt region account? How do you keep track of your games between different accounts? Right now I am a bit of a "everything bought on one account" person, so there's a bit of a line I don't dare to cross. That's why I'm mostly interested in your arguments/reasons why one should spend money on more than one PS account. Also on a side note: As far as I know, some games are account restricted, at least on PS4, so that you can't play a game with another than the account that bought it. How do you handle this problem?
  10. So far my best year in gaming. I started playing consoles in 2015 but didn't care a lot for trophies or anything. I got a bit more interested in it last year but I actively went for trophies this year, so most of my trophy progress was this year: Bronze Trophies: from 409 to 998 (+589) Silver Trophies: from 66 to 278 (+212) Gold Trophies: from 25 to 167 (+142) Platinum Trophies: from 4 to 24 (+20) Total: 963 trophies earned My best games this year were Zelda BotW, Kingdom Hearts (whole of 2.8), Tales from the Borderlands and Danganronpa V3. Especially Danganronpa V3. This game is an emotional roller coaster and it was so well made and I still am invested in it. I haven't earned the plat in that one yet as right now I took some time off it so that my room mate can play it but yeah, besides Zelda this would be my game of the year! Worst games this year... Adam's Venture: Origins. Don't even have to think twice about that. God, this game was terrible. Apart from that maybe Final Fantasy XV. It was okay, I guess, but the more I try to invest in that game the more I loath it. If I would have to say my reasons, it probably wouldn't stop as I would find more and more reasons. I don't really have any favorite trophies, but I think it's kinda funny that Murdered: Soul Suspect's plat is called Moving On and with exactly that trophy I got an level up
  11. I really want to try to reach a very high completion rate in the coming year. I know 100% is impossible for me but at some point I really like to get to 90%... And then there are games like FF XV who can't stop dropping new DLCs and I just can't bring myself to play any of the DLCs as I just don't like any characters in this game. I know games should be about fun and not about trophies or completion but still... I hate the thought of not finishing this game even though it is one of those easily possible for me and yet it seems to be such a pain...

    1. RVMcypress_grave


      Unless you have some bugged trophies on your list I'm sure you could get to 100%.

      I would recommend to 100% the games you like most first and hold off on games you didn't really enjoy since your only motivation would be trophies at that point. For what it is worth I particularly liked Prompto's dlc in FFXV due to the story which made me like him more as a character. When going back to games at a later time, with less stress, you may find yourself enjoying them a lot more.

    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Yeah, unfortunately I really have some bugged trophies on my list. At least bugged for me, but yeah...

      Right now I'm trying to do exactly as you say. I finish the games I like and try to work my way through them slowly. Maybe if I have nothing else to play I can return to those games I didn't like as much and maybe FFXV will be a bit better after that. I already know, it was easier to do most of the cleanup in the base game after I left the game for some weeks after finishing the story as that gave me back a bit of my motivation. However that got sucked out by all this fishing, so still no plat. And with SE always adding new dlcs it is kinda hard to find motivation right now to go for the 100% when they will crush that with a new episode anyway. Hopefully they will be done next year with this game and I find some new enjoyment for it ^^

    3. RVMcypress_grave


      The first game I loaded has glitched (dlc that doesn't exist) trophies. lol
      I am a completionist but I set limits on what I am willing to do both in-game and trophy-wise. There are several games on my list that I had fun with but wouldn't waste time getting 100% on.

      Pretty sure they announced 2 other things for FFXV dlc next year so it won't hurt to wait. I really loved the multiplayer but there are some problems with it that I'm sure they will have fixed by then.

  12. Hm, at the start of the year my answer would have been plat hunter. But in the course of the last few months it changed more to completionist. I set myself a goal of getting a completionr ate as high as possible and managed to get from about 25% up to 41% right now. So right now, I'm on a completionist path and I don't mind returning and completing games without a plat. I don't even mind going to new games without a plat as long as it has trophies at all because the hunt for trophies is a lot of fun. (That being said, I don't mind games without trophies if they are on other platforms such as Nintendo e.g. There I just try to get everything ingame as complete as possible) Funnily enough, my room mate doesn't want to play any games without a plat and totally doesn't care for anything else but plats. We often clash in these point of views
  13. Online games are time suckers :o I only wanted to do a few levequests in Final Fantasy XIV and then move on to some SP games. That was at 10 am. Now it's 5 pm.... Welp, there goes another day hunting some easier trophies xD

    1. Squirlruler


      Hahaha. FF14 is such a time sink. I know I put in a literal buttload of time playing it. It's always "Oh, I will just do one more and then move on. But wait! If I do just one more I will hit the next thing!" lol. At least it will help with all those grinding trophies. ExDee.

    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Yeah, definitely. I play the main story quests only with my room mate so I thought, i wouldn't spend to much time with my side missions and leve quests as that usually gets boring solo, but yeah... apparently not.

  14. Only heard the name of the game before but watching the trailer really got me interested in it. Thanks for the Give away. I always find it nice that people do such things.
  15. [Danganronpa V3] Haven't played the game in a while since I gave my Vita to my room mate so that she can play the game as well, but I just learned of the existence of an epilogue which completely flew by me when I played the game. I now watched the epilogue on YT and I have to say... It changed my view on the ending quite a bit. I didn't like the ending although it was kind of a "going out with a bang" ending for the series. But the epilogue lets me question the whole thing, makes it quite open and even gives leeway for a continuation of the series (even though I would prefer the series to be finished). Yeah, it definitely made the whole game better and I think V3 just got first place on favorite DR game with it.