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  1. Games added to the backlog (12): - Block-a-Pix Deluxe (PS4 & Vita, -3) - DIshonored 2 (-3) - Modern Tales: Age of Invention (-3) - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Brotuo (-3) - Ni no Kuni II (roommate) - Persian Nights: Sands of Wonder (-3) - Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection (Dancing 3, 4 & 5, -3) - Pic-a-Pix Classic (PS4 & Vita, -3) - Pic-a-Pix Color 2 (PS4 & Vita, -3) - Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past (-3) - Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn (-3) - Thief (-3) Games started from my backlog (8): - Block-a-Pix Deluxe (Vita) - Modern Tales: Age of Invention - Ni no Kuni II - Pic-a-Pix Color 2 (Vita) - Pic-a-Pix Color 2 (PS4) - Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight - Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past - Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn Games started from my backlog on an alt (0): - Games removed from my backlog (6) - Modern Tales: Age of Invention (+1) - Ni no Kuni II (+1) - Pic-a-Pix Color 2 (Vita, +1) - Pic-a-Pix Color 2 (PS4, +1) - Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past (+1) - Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn (+1) Haven't updated in two months. Well, I bought a bunch of games in two sales. My room mate also bought one game of interest for me. Most games I bought were Picross games or Artifex games, so I already worked on getting rid of most of them. I only have one Artifex game left from those that I bought. Three more in my wishlist for some other time. It takes some time to get through some of the picross games but I will get to them sooner or later. More like later regarding the Vita ones. Sure as hell won't start Block-a-Pix on PS4. That one is such a giant drag... I also started Ni no Kuni II. I thought I would try it out and then will take ages for it as I still do with the first game. Welp, two weeks later and I got the plat. I enjoyed the game so much as to make that my milestone. That and because the materia grind in Kingdom Hearts III is terribly slow and frustrating. Didn't do much else during the last two months. Mostly because I am more into PC gaming currently. Just some little indies and point & clicks to relax after work. Well, unto the next 25 plats!
  2. A productive weekend. I got three plats since yesterday, although two of them were more like quick filler for the #75 milestone ^.^


    #73 Pic-a-Pix Color 2

    Fun game. Already played it on the Vita. That game took way less time than I remembered.


    #74 Modern Tales: Age of Invention

    I HATE this game. I had to restart it a whole FOUR times because it glitched on me every single time at the exact same place. And when I finally made use of back up saves it decided that I don't need to be that cautious and just worked with me. Together with the really REALLY bad plotline, I have a new number 1 most hated Artifex game and I played a lot of AM games to top the last number 1...


    #75 Ni no Kuni II

    The game was a lot of fun. I breezed through the story and everything way faster than I imagined. And I didn't think I would have that much fun with it since I still am stuck in the story of the first game. Well, 2 weeks later and I got the plat. I was a bit worried concerning the skirmishes since everybody seemed to hate them. Well, I LOVED them and I had so much fun with them, I kinda was sad, I finished all of them. The level grinding from end of the game until lv. 80 for the last Dreamer's Mazes Boss was terrible though. Nearly took all my energy out of that game. Decided to just try my luck with lv 78 and lo and behold, I finished the boss in less than five minutes. Takes me longer to beat any of the kingmakers and they were only lv 80 bosses. Anyway, milestone, wupp wupp. Now unto the next 25 plats xD 

  3. So, my room mate and I are currently playing Ni no Kuni II and we found something funny:

    I'm playing the game in English and there is Mylas, a child in Hydropolis, which can be recruited as citizen. In the English version, Mylas is a girl and is labeled as such in the wikia.

    HOWEVER, my room mate is playing the game in German. The names are changed in German but as far as I can hear it from the Japanese synchronisation, the German language mostly uses the original names. And there, the same character is called Rochius and is a boy! Clearly labeled as "he" and "a son".

    Now, we are both confused but I guess, it is something that got lost in translation? I know, Japanese can be so ambiguos with genders in language, that you can go ages without ever having to say a clear gender for a person. So, my guess is, that the Japanese language never really defined that character as either gender and the localisations just decided to chose differently regarding pronouns. Would have never noticed, hadn't we not played the game in different settings :D 

  4. It's not Hack n Slash but Magicka 2 can be played with up to 4 players in couch co-op. The more the merrier. The game is funny and it has friendly fire. Most of the time, you kill your team more often than enemies. But that's the best part of the game. All those many ways how to screw up one's own party. Story also is not that long. Can be played through in a couple of hours.
  5. Nightmares from the Deep is a great trilogy as well. Especially since all three stories are connected as well. Though it's more of a major plot that goes on through all three games but apart from that, they still have their own stories each. Wouldn't play the third part without the other two though. But those games are quite old. The first game definitely has no fast travel, so you have a lot to walk and abcktrack. Can't remember if the second already had fast travel or not. And you have to do two playthroughs, since you have trophies for Mah-Jong and Hidden Objects which exclude each other. But I think, thanks to that, you get more playtime for your money. The games regularly go on sales. Just have a bit of patience. I got most of the games through sales. And I only lack the two newest since they haven't seen a sale yet.
  6. So, I bought Dishonored 2. I thought it looked pretty great and I'm really interested in the Dishonored series. So, now I'm motivated to play Dishonored 1 (back on my PS3). Only thing is... I suck at stealth games ö_ö And shooter games. And iirc Dishonored had both, with more weight to the former. So, I know, I won't get the platin in that game. That's why I only want to play it for the story and then play the DLCs and afetrwards hop into Dishonored 2, also only for the story. But Dishonored 1 has two different endings. I presume, with me being terrible at stealth, I probably will end on the High Chaos rout. However, how different are the endings from each other? Which ending is the one that goes best with continuing the story into the DLCs and Dishonored 2? Can anyone answer that for me?

  7. Added and updated everyone. Well, looking at both trilogies at whole, I would say, Enigmatis is definitely the better series. I really liked the first Eventide because it was about slavic folklore and I love folklore a lot but the other two games in the series are only losely connected. They share the same protagonist but there are different antagonists, different plotlines and different myths in focus. Enigmatis however is a connected series. It shares the same antagonist over all three games. It has the same cast throughout all games and it tells a story from its beginning until its proper end and you have to play all three games to know the whole story. It's a really great series and the Enigmatis games are my favourite AM games overall. The only other AM series where the titles are connected by storyline is Nightmares from the Deep. All other series only share the title and sometimes the protagonist at most and that's it which is sad, but no can do.
  8. Story spoiler following for whoever doesn't want to get spoilered. I am a bit confused regarding this game. I played it normally and got up to Switzerland. I got locked up by Zeppelin and managed to escape. After that I finished a Hidden Object Scene at the town plaza with the well and what I only noticed afterwards was, that I didn't get an item from that scene! Well, I used all of my inventory, the tips didn't show me anything at all and I couldn't replay the hidden object scene, making my whole walkthrough useless and I would have to restart all over. I didn't yet, as I was quite pissed about that mess and hadn't any motivation yet. However, my room mate now plays this game. I warned her regarding that bug I encountered, pinpointed a vague place where she should make a backup save in case it glitches for her as well. She gets to the scene, where she gets locked up by Zeppelin. And she can't get out of that room! Her only item is the no. 16 chip. There is nothing she can do in that room. The tips don't show anything. So, she is bugged as well. Her backup save is in exact that moment, which means, it is completely useless and she has to restart the whole game again. We are both not happy with this and I couldn't find anything about that problem on the internet. Is it just that that game hates us both or what could be a problem? She played on a normal PS4, I played on a PS4 Pro. So, different consoles, different places of bugs but still, it stopped as around that part of Switzerland where Zeppelin hates on us.
  9. Why am I even bothering to move you down from that rank? Updated you
  10. added you And to everyone: Queen's Quest 4 is now in the PS Store. For everyone interested
  11. Well apparently it isn't out yet on the store. But the trophy list is already online so it shouldn't take more than a few days for the game to be online as well. I just thought, I could update the thread already accordingly as I never know if I won't slack off with it again once the game really releases 😅
  12. I have the feeling that Artifex games are getting easier these days. Last two I played, Modern Age and Queen's Quest 3, didn't need an expert run. Now they are even dropping the "all HOS without hints" trophy. On one hand, I like it, as Artifex games are just fast filler plats for me. On the other hand, I kinda find it disappointing, as they still had a certain trickiness with no hints and playing on expert without a prior casual run.
  13. Update time! I added everyone according to their comments, but... some of the ranks changed again. A new game was added to the list: Queen's Quest 4: Sacred Truce With this, there are now 25 games in this list and that changed three ranks again: Artifex Master now needs 25 games Alchemist now needs 20 games instead of 19 Eden's Explorer now needs 13 games instead of 12 There weren't many I had to change into new ranks. So, most of you are still in your former ranks. I also added two games to my own count since my last comment. Didn't change my rank though
  14. [Modern Age]

    here i thought i hate a good run with my artifex games and then the game glitches on me and i can start a whole new playthrough. *sigh* 😒

  15. My doctor had written me a sick leave for the last week since I wasn't feeling well (and probably have depression. Will know about it in a few weeks). I was written as sick until today. So I originally thought "Since I'm feeling better, I could skip that last day of sick leave and go to school." I decided with no real reason, that I wouldn't got to school and boy am I glad.


    An hour after my room mate left for her school, she messaged me about a panic attack. I phoned her and she was in a fullblown crisis. So i left the house, drove to her school and since it was really really terrible, I brought her to an ER. 5 hours later and we're finally back home. Had to visit two different hospitals to get through all procedures but now, she decided to talk with her mum and possibly her work about going into a therapy because all the stress accumulated throughout the last 10 years really took a toll on her.

    It kinda makes me afraid what would have happened if I hadn't decided to stay home. I wouldn't have been able to help her or even text with her, had I visited school.


    Today we're gonna get comfort pizza and watch a few episodes of Good Omens and hopefully, everything will be a bit better tomorrow.


    But folks, watch out for yourselves and your friends. If someone's at a lot of stress, keep an eye on them and have an ear open. That can mean a lot for someone.

    1. ruffedgz


      The mind can be a bitch sometimes, hope you and your friend feel better