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  1. Hm... I think my favourite PS game would be Kingdom Hearts 2. But it cuts it very close with KH birth by Sleep
  2. Hm, I don't have a lot of money, but still I'm thinking about picking up one or two games in the Easter Sale. Thinking about one of the older Lara Croft / Tomb Raider games (although I wouldn't know which one to get into the series...) and either Blackwood Crossing or Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment. I can't have both, so which one would you guys recommend and why?

    1. Jesaya815


      I would say Sherlock Holmes. It's a longer game with a much more interesting story and beautiful setting. If you like crime cases, investigations, riddles, and the Sherlock Holmes characters in general, then you really will enjoy this one.

    2. dermarx


      'Tomb Raider games (although I wouldn't know which one to get into the series...'

      'Tomb Raider' (This one) would be a good start; it's like a revival for the series; you're playing a younger Lara then in the older games.

  3. Finally got the last exam out of my way. With this I'm good to go until the mid of April and can finally play games without feeling bad :D Having said that, I'm back to KH1 on the PS4. I only have two bonus bosses left as well as the lv.100 grind, the speedster trophy and the proud run. And abit of synthesis. Only need to grind out the mushrooms which I'm not really motivated for but oh well, have to do it at some point...

  4. Probably Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. On PC and PS3 together I'm at about 300 hours. After that it's probably Sims 2 but I played it on so many different PCs, I can't even imagine how much hours I spend on that game. It's then followed with Civilization V and Zelda: Breath of the Wild with both at the 120-140s.
  5. Tomorrow, it's off to Scotland for 12 days. Beast from the East I'm coming xD Made some food for the long trip (starting in Germany over the Netherlands to Britain). Now I'm planning which games to download on my Vita so that I have enough to play while I'm away from home. So used to spending all my time on PSNP, it will be kinda difficult to stay away from it for so long xD

    1. Temmie


      We'll be waiting when you get back ;) 

    2. Aurvandils_ta


      Wish you a good Time. Enjoy the Journey.

  6. So, thought to give a little update on my February progress as well. S rank 40 -> 41 A rank 10 -> 12 B rank 5 -> 5 C rank -> 10 -> 10 D rank 10 -> 9 games played 97 -> 99 completion rate 49.41% -> 50.15% So, what did I do this month? (put everything in spoilers so that no one gets hit with a giant wall of text, but I thought I comment a bit on the games I played) I'm really proud of my completion rate. Thanks to my last plat I was able to put it above 50% again. I wish it would stay there but starting Saturday I'm on a field trip with my university for ten days. No Internet, two nights on a ship to get us from Amsterdam to Newcastle and back. So I will take my Vita with me and probably start one new VN on it. That will make the completion rate drop again, but I like how I'm already at one of my 2018 trophy goals (reaching 50% overall completion). 2 or 3 more games finished and I shouldn't be worrying about that anymore
  7. Didn't expect such a fast answer. Yay Gonna start making planes how to divide the games into categories now, haha.
  8. Seeing the 5pb sale on the JP PSN Store made me think again. i studied Japanese for about a year, so I have a bsaic understanding of the grammatical part. Can probably find the rest with the help of the internet. My biggest problem were the Kanjis and nowadays missing vocabulary. Still, I want to get back into the language again as I really love it. Are there any Japanese games (PS3/PS4 digital preferred as shipping is a problem for me) which aren't too long and aren't to challenging language-wise?

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    2. Kurorac


      @Satoshi Ookami I know xD

      But when I see all the Kanji I just get demotivated 😅

    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      @Satoshi Ookami Noo 😭 Well, I already thought so. Guess, I have to buy the JP version once I've got some money next month. But thanks for the clarification

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      @Kurorac Lulz, it's supposed to be gyaku =D You are supposed to be motivated when you read some of kanji =D

      In any case, Hiragana and Katakana is far from enough if you want to play JP games unfortunately :(

  9. Wanted to push this idea again, especially since a few vices said here that they liked it. I'm not sure who is exactly responsible for allowing a PP. If someone can tell me I would PM that person (or these persons in case that it's multiple people)
  10. #35 36 Fragments of Midnight


    Nice little game but personally quite difficult for me. Took a lot of time and even more tries. Glad I'm done with this game. But I won't do the PS4 version. It may be free but it's nothing I want to do a second time

  11. I haven't played this game yet, so I can't offer collaboration, but you might also post this question in the thread posted below. It's the most active thread for current guide writers on this site and maybe you will find someone there, as quite a few writers follow that thread. hope you will find someone
  12. I thought, I wouldn't get that much fun from non-trophy games anymore but I play nothing else than Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on WiiU for about three days and I can't get enough. It's really refreshing to take a break from trophies and enjoying a game without having to plan to go for any of them :D

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    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Got Zelda BotW for WiiU und Stardew on PS4. Skyrim never got to me. But Mario Odyssey is one of the things I'm kinda interested in. And the Xenoblade Chronicles Saga although I first have to start the first game. Bought it but have yet to play it xD But I really like the portability of the Switch. Maybe my room mate and I will be able to buy one in a few months when we managed to save some money for it.

    3. SlimSanta94


      Same I had it for Wii U too but I love Zelda that much that I just bought it for both xD I personally really like it but I see why others don't, it can get pretty repetitive and dull after a while, I always preferred the earlier Elder Scrolls games over it :) They're both very good games! I played the original Xenoblade game to death xD I'm really looking forward to Metroid Prime 4 and i'll be getting Crypt Of The Necrodancer on my switch at some point :) Same here it's handy knowing that you can play it anywhere xD 

    4. Caju_94


      It is what I feel when I grab my PSP... But, I'm feeling something very similar with Horizon Zero Dawn, since the frequency of trophy pops is low. I'm thinking that for games with unmissable trophies, might turn off notificatons so I can simply, enjoy, relax, finish the story then go trophy hunting.

  13. [Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep] So far I finished everything I could with Ventus without playing the other characters first. I finished the story and collected all commands except the friendship ones. I also played almost all Arena missions I currently could get. All that is left with him are the remaining Arena missions, the Unversed Missions as well as all bonus bosses. I will do that eventually after I finished my plays with the other characters.
    I now started my critical playthrough with him. Managed to Reach radiant garden but after being killed multiple times while trying to get an Abounding Crystal, I decided to take a break. Haven't played anything not KH-related for a week or more. I will try to change that now.

  14. Instead of sitting in front of my console, I had friends over today and we started our luck in a classic Pen & paper game. It was really funny although it took ages to create our characters. It's sad we can't continue our adventure for a while since we won't be able to meet up again before I leave the for my field trip with university.

    1. Temmie


      Those feels.  I miss playing Mario Kart 64 with my best friend.

  15. [Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PS4)] Ventus Storyline: I only have th final boss fights left. Managed to get all treasures and stickers. All that is left is finishing the Mirage Arena, some of the Command Boards and the Command Collection. Will do all of that (or at least most of it) before I tackle the final bosses, so that I only have the bonus bosses left afterwards. Thinking about starting the critical playthrough of Ventus right afterwards while I'm fresh in his playstyle. But for today I'm done with everything I wanted to get done :)

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Nice, congrats :yay: . Remember that you can use Fire Dash to reach places that would usually require glide and get OP commands from chests. It works for the other 2 characters as well.