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  1. Platinum #100 Final Fantasy XIV


    It took me 4 years and about 2000 ingame hours but I finally got the platinum on this monster.

    And since it is a very special game to me, I couldn't resist to make it my no. 100

    So, not only did I plat an mmo, I also reached the 100 milestone. Double-yay!

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    2. MossyOakRcn42
    3. DrBloodmoney


      2000 hours is no joke mate - big congratulations on that one!

    4. MidnightDragon
  2. I went through the PS3 and Vita Store on the PS3 console and surprisingly I only have like 8 games that I still should buy.
    I wonder though if there are Vita games, especially VNs that aren't shown on the PS3 console store but only on the Vita console store...

  3. [Planet Alpha] or [Moonlighter]?

    I'm wondering if I should buy one of those two but I'm so unsure if I will like it.

    May someone give me some insight about the games?

  4. A productive weekend. I got three plats since yesterday, although two of them were more like quick filler for the #75 milestone ^.^


    #73 Pic-a-Pix Color 2

    Fun game. Already played it on the Vita. That game took way less time than I remembered.


    #74 Modern Tales: Age of Invention

    I HATE this game. I had to restart it a whole FOUR times because it glitched on me every single time at the exact same place. And when I finally made use of back up saves it decided that I don't need to be that cautious and just worked with me. Together with the really REALLY bad plotline, I have a new number 1 most hated Artifex game and I played a lot of AM games to top the last number 1...


    #75 Ni no Kuni II

    The game was a lot of fun. I breezed through the story and everything way faster than I imagined. And I didn't think I would have that much fun with it since I still am stuck in the story of the first game. Well, 2 weeks later and I got the plat. I was a bit worried concerning the skirmishes since everybody seemed to hate them. Well, I LOVED them and I had so much fun with them, I kinda was sad, I finished all of them. The level grinding from end of the game until lv. 80 for the last Dreamer's Mazes Boss was terrible though. Nearly took all my energy out of that game. Decided to just try my luck with lv 78 and lo and behold, I finished the boss in less than five minutes. Takes me longer to beat any of the kingmakers and they were only lv 80 bosses. Anyway, milestone, wupp wupp. Now unto the next 25 plats xD 

  5. So, my room mate and I are currently playing Ni no Kuni II and we found something funny:

    I'm playing the game in English and there is Mylas, a child in Hydropolis, which can be recruited as citizen. In the English version, Mylas is a girl and is labeled as such in the wikia.

    HOWEVER, my room mate is playing the game in German. The names are changed in German but as far as I can hear it from the Japanese synchronisation, the German language mostly uses the original names. And there, the same character is called Rochius and is a boy! Clearly labeled as "he" and "a son".

    Now, we are both confused but I guess, it is something that got lost in translation? I know, Japanese can be so ambiguos with genders in language, that you can go ages without ever having to say a clear gender for a person. So, my guess is, that the Japanese language never really defined that character as either gender and the localisations just decided to chose differently regarding pronouns. Would have never noticed, hadn't we not played the game in different settings :D 

  6. So, I bought Dishonored 2. I thought it looked pretty great and I'm really interested in the Dishonored series. So, now I'm motivated to play Dishonored 1 (back on my PS3). Only thing is... I suck at stealth games ö_ö And shooter games. And iirc Dishonored had both, with more weight to the former. So, I know, I won't get the platin in that game. That's why I only want to play it for the story and then play the DLCs and afetrwards hop into Dishonored 2, also only for the story. But Dishonored 1 has two different endings. I presume, with me being terrible at stealth, I probably will end on the High Chaos rout. However, how different are the endings from each other? Which ending is the one that goes best with continuing the story into the DLCs and Dishonored 2? Can anyone answer that for me?

  7. [Modern Age]

    here i thought i hate a good run with my artifex games and then the game glitches on me and i can start a whole new playthrough. *sigh* 😒

  8. My doctor had written me a sick leave for the last week since I wasn't feeling well (and probably have depression. Will know about it in a few weeks). I was written as sick until today. So I originally thought "Since I'm feeling better, I could skip that last day of sick leave and go to school." I decided with no real reason, that I wouldn't got to school and boy am I glad.


    An hour after my room mate left for her school, she messaged me about a panic attack. I phoned her and she was in a fullblown crisis. So i left the house, drove to her school and since it was really really terrible, I brought her to an ER. 5 hours later and we're finally back home. Had to visit two different hospitals to get through all procedures but now, she decided to talk with her mum and possibly her work about going into a therapy because all the stress accumulated throughout the last 10 years really took a toll on her.

    It kinda makes me afraid what would have happened if I hadn't decided to stay home. I wouldn't have been able to help her or even text with her, had I visited school.


    Today we're gonna get comfort pizza and watch a few episodes of Good Omens and hopefully, everything will be a bit better tomorrow.


    But folks, watch out for yourselves and your friends. If someone's at a lot of stress, keep an eye on them and have an ear open. That can mean a lot for someone.

    1. ruffedgz


      The mind can be a bitch sometimes, hope you and your friend feel better

  9. Last week I took my old Game Boy, GBA SP, about 10 old GB games and my two broken Vitas to a friend. Said friend changed the good battery from one broken vita to the other to make that one functional again. However some of the buttons were still sticky, making it impossible to play some action games.

    Yesterday, I visited him again. In the course of the weekend, he repaired both GB handhelds, changed the batteries and did some cleaning on all GB cartridges and experimented on the broken Vita I left at his place. He then got to my wokring Vita and was able to open it, get to the buttons and clean them all within an hour. Took him a few tries to get the buttons right again during re-assambling but after that, I left his place with three cleand and functioning handhelds and 10 retro games I can finally play again.

    Maybe, if I have a bit to much money at some point, I can buy new buttons and a new Screen for the other broken Vita and let him go wild :awesome:


    Anyway with changes to my school schedule and commute I will have more time to play Vita again starting next week. Glad to have it repaired in time for that!

    1. dermarx


      How nice. I sometimes wish I can repair stuff like that

    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Watching him, it doesn't seem to be that difficult. You need the right equipment though. For battery changes for cartridges for example, he had to buy a soldering iron set that cost him 60€.
      And you need special screwdrivers for everything and little plastic hooks to safely unclasp certain things. I don't know how much that costs. He owned all this stuff. That's why I went to him. If I had that stff, I would try it myself. Most of the stuff seems really easy.

    3. Squirlruler


      Buy that man a beer. That's awesome.

  10. [KH3] Finished the story months ago but wanted to wait with the plat grind for when I get closer to the milestone. I only have a few easy point & clicks open as filler so I started the KH3 grind a few days ago. Thought I might get to much, so that I can push a quick plat in between trophies but so far I have way to much fun with KH3. Guess, the gummi trophies and whatever ties to them will be the only thing left to do when I actually want to plat it :D 

  11. So, I had one older Vita with a defunct display. I then bought another used Vita but that one had a defunct battery. What to do?

    Luckily a friend of mine started the hobby of collecting and repairing broken consoles, handhelds and games. He had all the equipment, so I brought both Vitas to him.

    He put the good battery in the second Vita and I now have once again a functional Vita! And he has a broken one with which he can test his skills in repairing that one :D

    Also brought him my old GameBoy (the big one), my old GameBoy Advance SP and several GameBoy games. All for him to repair. He's happy and once he has finsihed repairing, I'm happy too. And all I need to pay are the spare parts.

    1. Aurvandils_ta


      Solche Freunde braucht der Mensch. :yay: 

    2. NERVergoproxy


      Give him some cookies!

  12. #69 Noir Chronicles

    here once was an Artifex game on PC, that was so bad, I couldn't stop laughing at its horrible story. Noir Chronicles came quite close to that disaster. The story was not good. The gameplay decent like most Artifex games. Still wouldn't really recommend it though.

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    2. DaisyVilla102


      Thanks for posting this; it confirms my first impression of the game.  I played the demo for Noir Chronicles and it seemed terrible.  The story, the dialog, the accents in the voice acting, just... terrible.  I'd already decided I wouldn't buy any Artifex Mundi games at full price after their shady re-pricing move, but this one I won't buy at any discount.

    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      @DaisyVilla102 I wanted to buy all their ps4 games at release for the first achiever list but because of their pricing move I also only buy them at sale. I used to buy them on steam in bulks and have over 50 of them played there. Noir was one I hadn't played beforehand. If I had, I probably wouldn't have bought it for psn.

    4. MaximumOverdrive
  13. #67 Enigmatis 3

    Again an Artifex game, I already had played on PC. I really like the Enigmatis trilogy. Glad, I have finally all three plats


    #68 Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne

    The most surprising thing about this game is, that the protagonist is a male character. I played literally countless Artifex games and all of them had female leads. So it really came unexpected for me to have a male protagonist. The game itself was ok. A bit astray from the typical themes of Artifex games but kinda refreshing.


    So, I now have one Artifex game left from the PS sale. Then I will make Forgotten Anne my number 70 plat and after that will come the remaining three Deponia games. Still have to decided what to make my 74 filler before starting the KH3 grind but I'm sure I will get to that in no time. For now, I'm off to sleep :D 

  14. Yesterday I bought 3 Artifex games and Forgotten Anne in the PS sale.

    My roommate also bought 3 Deponia games.

    All in all that makes 7 easy and fast plats I will do in the following days.

    That's great, as I can finally close the gap to my #75 milestone and because of that finally start working on Kingdom Hearts 3 as milestone plat.
    I'm so motivated, if I could I would already start doing KH3 :D

  15. #66 Minesweeper Genius

    The game was really fun. I love Minesweeper and picross and this game is like a mix between those two.

    I thought I would get 5000 blocks rather fast and maybe during gameplay. Well, seems like I was too good in this game as I had to grind out for about two hours to get those. I guess, I had about 2000 left, when I got all level specific trophies.

    What I knew I had to grind out were the deaths though. I got 50 deaths during campaign. I still had to grind out about 180 more for the 300 deaths. Glad that went rather fast.


    With that I have another short game done. I plan to buy 3 Artifex games once my paycheck came. And I still have some easy ones open where I just need video walkthroughs for collectibles. Mixed with Xillia, I'm only one short for the #74. I want to plat Kingdom Hearts 3 as 75 milestone. Just need to find a few more fillers :D 

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ZoutjeNL


      Awesome job good luck with some hidden object games :) 

    4. MaximumOverdrive
  16. I just updated the Artifex PP this week. And now there is yet a new game released 😫

    Well, I will update it later at home. That will be 24 games for that PP then...

  17. I just spend all morning with updating the Artifex Mundi PP thread. It really was a monster to do. I guess that happens if you slack updating for two months xD

    But now everything is up to date and I no longer have a guilty conscience when I visit this site ans see another notification about that thread :D

  18. #65 Akiba's Trip (PS4)

    Fun game although a bit grindy. Still enjoeyed it a lot

  19. Genius cats managed to let a bottle of soda fall unto my Vita. So far everythings okay and I thought I wiped most of it before any damage could have been done. Started the Vita today and when i needed to use the square and triangle button I noticed that they are a bit sticky. they function, but they only can be pressed more slowly. Tried to get inside of the nooks with a screenwipe tissue around a stitching needle but it didn't seem to be effective. Anyone else any ideas?

    1. kingdrake2


      sending it in would be a last resort option. some stores still repair vita consoles.

    2. Kittet3


      I'm an idiot so don't listen to me, but I would try to wash off the sticky parts with a damp wash cloth. The screenwipe tissues I've seen might not be "wet" enough to clean off the soda. I've also went to town with an XO (sp?) knife around the nooks and crannies of my PS3 controller buttons, so if you don't mind some scratches that's an idea as well.

  20. Hm, what exactly happens when you stop your ps+ subscription?

    I know, you can't play ps4 multiplayer anymore (don't play it anyway) and you lose access to cloud save and ps+ games.

    I'm interested int he question what happens if I skip out on it a few months and then get it back again. Will I have then lost all my cloud saves or are they safe but untouchable until I'm subscribed again?

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    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      @ERGOPROXY-DECAY FFXIV doesn't need a PS+ subscription to work. I basically don't need PS+ except for PS+ games which I currently don't play due to the new expansion coming and cloud saves which I technically could do on a usb drive as well. And money's a bit short, so I'm currently thinking of pausing the subscription for the few extra bucks

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Oh really? thats awesome! I never knew that part, I play on PC :P

    4. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Iirc it's a deal Sony has with some subscription based online games. You don't need PS+, if you're already paying a subscription for online games. You need PS+ for free games and for games, where you play only once to buy it or which only have MP as an add-on. It's a bit confusing, but it was one of the first things I looked up when I bought FFXIV.

  21. A colleague at work just asked me what PS4 games would be a good choice to get for her ten year old nephew.

    He plays a lot of fortnight. Since I'm not in this genre, the whole office is brainstorming now.

    We thought about Forza, because he likes cars as well, and Overwatch in the battle royale genre.

    Any other recomendations? Living in Germany and apparently he doesn't even have a Gamestop anywhere near him.

    Budget would be around 40-50 Euro.

    1. Mr_Skirra


      I play a lot of videogames with my clients who are about that age too, and they love the lego game series, fifa, spyro, fortnite of course, and some of the older ones play call of duty as well. 

      Oh, and don't forget about minecraft 

  22. I have been playing Ys VIII so excessively over the last two weeks that my room mate got really angry at me for doing nothing else even though I am currently bound to bed and can't really move at all due to health issues. I now quitted the game out of protest for her anger and now I'm wondering what else I can do besides playing video games.


    Anyway, I finished the true ending yesterday and got the last few trophies out of the way. All that's left is a NG+ on Nightmare for the final trophy. Let's see how fast I can rush through this game. Once my room mate doesn't judge me as an addict anymore, that is

    1. kidson2004


      If I were you, I wouldn’t let her change your mood due to her anger of YOU enjoying something you enjoy. And she needs to keep her opinions to herself. Damn shame that happened to you man. Next time, tell her to go find somewhere to climb and stay there. 

    2. Edunstar84


      I would continue playing things you enjoy. But can you knit or crochet? Maybe use a color book app or buy an adult one?

    3. ResoluteRock


      I don't think your roommate did it out of malice. I don't know you, I don't know your roommate, I don't know what was said/done, but I feel like all of the anger wasn't directed at you because of you. Maybe there's something else going on in your roommate's life? Maybe they're just a really blunt person?


      Maybe your roommate just wants to see you feel better and do more than play video games. Maybe your roommate really cares, but doesn't know how to show it.


      Or maybe your roommate is just a jerk. Who knows?

  23. Well... after collapsing at work because of terrible leg pain and being sent away with an ambulance, I'm now at home and kinda enjoying an early week end.

    Now I can continue playing Ys VIII. That game took my soul but god, it is so beautiful and I love every single bit of it. Really glad, I bought this game :D

    1. Caju_94


      Thank your leg for that! xD

      Have a nice recovery!

    2. kingdrake2


      hopefully you get better soon, i regret having that seizure myself. ended up owing about 1.5k dollars for one ambulance trip i'm going to have to invest into a desk fan to cool myself down when things heat up.

    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      @lordguwa That sounds terrible. I'm glad I'm living in Germany, so that trip with the ambulance didn't cost me anything at all. The doctor wanted me to stay in the hospital, but I said no after he explained, that they wouldn't do anything more there than having me lying in a bed and taking the same pain killers I'm already taking. So I decided to go home where I at least have entertainment. But if I had to pay for the trip, I would have outright refused. Can't allow to be in any debt. That must be awful

  24. I know, there was a thread here that lists all (or a lot of) games by their time needed to plat but I can't find it. If anyone has the link, that would be much appreciated.

    1. Morgana


      Was it maybe this thread: 


    2. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      Yeah, that was it. Thanks a lot!

  25. Finally finished Kingdom Hearts 3. now i will wait with the remaining trophies until i can make the game a milestone. I liked the normal Ending a lot. It made me really really happy. The epilogue and secret Ending however confused the heck outa me. What was happening? @[email protected]

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    2. madbuk


      Yeah, 3 has references to stuff in UX that was added to the game so close to release that only the JP players got to play it before the game released lol. Back cover is a good enough coverage of the key events I suppose.


      I wish I could see the reaction of someone playing KH3 for the first time without having played any KH games before it at all tbh lol, they must be so confused.

    3. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      I guess, you'Re talking about the new quests they just released yesterday or so? Quite interested in the whole stuff and it gives me quite the motivation to go on the mobile game after a few months of dragging it occasionally.

      tbh, it is hilarious. My room mate sat besides me during the beginning of the game up until Twilight Town and from the end of San Fransokyo until the end of the game including epilogue and secret ending. She just was confused without any pause even though she watched a kh series summary beforehand on youtube and got stuff explained by me on the go. I really don't think kh3 is something for newcomers

    4. madbuk


      Yeah it was absolutely designed with the people who have played previous games in mind. The in-game memory archive they had was rather basic too.

      I was expecting 3 to pretty much close off everything other than the mysterious black box, so that newcomers for KH4 may actually have a chance at comprehending it, but nope. It will continue to be a franchise that's hard to get into lol.