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  1. Are you still maintaining the Artifex Mundi Project Platinum?

    1. Lagoon Aris

      Lagoon Aris

      In theory yes. In praxis I am currently seldom on as I have a shit ton of stuff going on in RL. As far as I know I added all missing games to the game list excluding the latest game. I also started to count plats on all current listed members profiles but as it is very time consuming and I am quite short on time, I can only work on that in brackets. Once I have recounted everyone on the list and moved to the right tiers I will go through the forum posts and add everyone that wanted to join. It may take some time though as it is quite a feast. I am sorry for those delays but I hadn't foreseen such a time shortage for management when I started the PP two years ago >_<

    2. Psy-Tychist


      Did you want some help in updating the Rtifex Mundi PP?

    3. Neocarleen


      Sure, why not?