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About Me

You can add me on PSN whenever you want. But please mention that you're from PSNP. Otherwise i will ignore you. ID: lagoonaris


There's not much to say about me but whoever is interested in knowing a bit of stuff about me, well here you go:
I'm 24, German, female. I'm a trainee for wholesale at a motorbike firm in my second year. Before that I studied English and Celtic Studies and before that I studied Japanese. Apparently, I'm not good at studying. 

Apart from gaming I like to draw, to write (rps, fanfiction and fantasy stories) and to cosplay. If you want to know more about me in detail, here's my introduction thread


Game-wise, I got a PS4, PS3 and a PS Vita.
Favorite Genres are Visual Novels and (J)RPGs (mostly the J-kind). But I basically play everything that sounds interesting to me and is in my (non existing) budget.
Favorite game series ever is Kingdom Hearts. Could always talk about that one.
Favorite Visual Novel to date: Steins;Gate
Favorite Otome to date: Norn9
If you want to know more about my want-to-play list and my thoughts on my platinums, check out my trophy checklist.


Project Platinums and forum challenges I signed up to:

Artifex Mundi PP (also admin of this one)

Desperate Platinums PP

Let's Play Kingdom Hearts

Bingo Bonanza 2019

The Kings Challenge


My 2019 Trophy Goals:

1. Top 2018 count of platinum (so far: 9)

2. Reach average completion of >65%

3. Reach the 75 Platinum milestone

4. Get my E Ranks below 10 (currently 24)

(5. Get every backlog category below 30)


My own platinum progress through the years:

2016: 4

2017: 20 (average completion: 42,90%)

2018: 32 (average completion: 57,61%)

2019 (so far): 9 (average completion: 62,50%)


My 2018 trophy goals ALL REACHED:

1. Top 2017 count of platinum

2. Reach average completion of >50%

3. Reach the 50 Platinum milestone (reached on Nov 1st)