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  1. I own a little FFXIII Hope figurine which I pinned to the top of my monitor at work.

    Whenever I glance at him he lightnes my mood. But boy does he also give me that urge to tackle the final chapter of that game again as I haven't managed to get through all those fights yet xD

    1. Dragon-Archon


      You should definitely go back and finish the final chapter.

    2. lagoonaris


      @Dragon-Archon I occasionally try to. But I kinda think that I managed to be underleveld for the final chapter as I simply can't get through any of the encounters on my way to the finale. Probably should have fought a bit more in the world below but managed to not do that and now I don't really have that much options to get to an appropriate level u.u

    3. starcrunch061


      I hated that last chapter, too. Really just grated on my nerves. If it's any consolation, when you get through it, you...can kill a bunch of turtles. So, yeah. 😞

  2. The trick is just sticking to it until you got the trophy Well, no shame in admitting if there are any games you can't complete. Fun should be the first priority if it comes to gaming. Welcome to the site
  3. That is an already known bug and even listed in the trophy guide manual here: *Link* Just add the trophies, you want to add and then hit refresh and the real trophies should be shown.
  4. [Mirrors Edge Catalyst]

    Picked the game up again two days ago and finished most of the stuff I missed playing the first time. I collected every collectible from the story missions, made all the stunt trophies, all deliveries and all interventions needed for the plat. Only thing left are the dashes and the free roam collectibles (documents and recordings). Want to do the collectibles last since I want to end with the Story Teller trophy, so no idea when that will happen as the dashes will be a pain and I don't know when I will finish them.

  5. Already had my settings on friends only regarding messages, but good to know. Forwarded the link towards one of my friends which had everything open to everyone and she changed it immediately. Thanks for that info.
  6. Started an alt account where I can play games without worrying about trophies. Started up Uncharted 1 on PS4. I suck at shooter and I would never play it on my main acc because I wouldn't be able to get the plat. But it is quite relaxing to play a game without worrying about trophies and just enjoying the story. Especially regarding games I wanted to play for a long time.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Horribly designed trophies, aka the missable collectible heavy ones where it's nigh impossible to know where everybody single collectible is found are the worst of them all. I mean unless you have x-ray vision and some Spidey senses good luck with that. 


      I love the games though that make you experience everything it has to offer through its trophies. For instance in the Yakuza games you really have to do everything, and I mean everything in the game to get the 100% which feels soo satisfying. 


      Not only that but I think it also makes the devs put effort into every minigame or substory because there'll be a larger portion now who'll experience these if there are trophies anddd in-game completion points which reward you a lot. 

    3. lagoonaris


      @PooPooBlast I know what you mean and I like the concept of trophies as means to experience everything in a game. That's what got me hooked to them in the first place. And I especially love that concept in rpgs and jrpgs. But there are games, where I just reach my limits already by simply playing them on easy. That's a problem I have with every shooter based game which makes me missing out on a lot of games and series' because I don't dare to play them because I know I can't plat them. So games, where I'm only interested in the story, but not in the trophies, I can play on an alt. While most of my games will still be played on my main because I still love trophies.

    4. PooPooBlast


      Definitely not a bad idea :)


      As for me even if there were games I can't 100% I don't bother playing it on an alt because I already have many unobtainables lol. But yea it's good sometimes to just kick back and forget about trophies

  7. That's an interesting concept to go by. And even better, if we don't really have to make updates or bind us to any specific games. I don't know what I want or will play during those months and I'm not a big fan of planning ahead and having to stick to a plan. I think, I just let myself be surprised what numbers I will finish during the event. Maybe I'll get a batch, maybe not. It will surely be a fun thing to see, so sign me up!
  8. Of course I'm still accepting new participants. That's the whole gist of PPs. There is no end date for signing up and there is no end date for finishing Added you right up.
  9. Not sure, if you guys would be up to mmorpgs together, but Final Fantasy XIV is a lot of fun to play together. My room mate and I began to play it together and do it ever since. It has a long story to stick with though and it needs a monthly subscription, so I don't know if the game would be something for you. It's the only game I could think of off my head which isn't already on your profile. (also had Magicka in mind but that one you already have)
  10. Nope. I used the ID I have for basically everything where I have to create accounts. I love and live that name, so I have no need of changing it. But it's nice for people to finally have that chance though I will never have the need of it
  11. Deiland nice little game although the trophies tend to be buggy. But nothing that isn't solvable. After that it will be a hard grind in Kingdom Hearts (PS4) Only have the critical playhtorugh left and I'm already in Hollow Bastion. But I have to grind a few levels before I can move on story-wise
  12. 3 Days without sleep. Just because my meds decided to stop working.

    I really wanted to get a bit progress in a few games this week but it seems like that won't be the case.

    Way too tired to do anything.

  13. [FFXIV Personal Rant]

    "Yay, being in a guild with members I know and can talk to is so much fun! We take it casually, and I love it!"

    *change of guild masters*
    GM: I want to change the name of our guild and I will change it to a name, no non-german will understand but it's funny for Germans and only the minority of our members ever wanted that name
    Me: I would really appreciate it, if you would ask all the members beforehand. And make it a fair vote with more than this name to chose from. I don't want to run around with this name behind my characters name. I don't want any German tags in a game with international player base and which I myself play in English.
    GM: not my problem?
    Me: Then I guess, I leave?
    GM, my bf and one other dude: That's pretty childish from you.

    Guess, that makes me, my room mate and my best friend childish. *shrugs*

    Boy, sometimes guilds are just a pain in the arse. If it weren't for the occasional running dungeons together, I wouldn't be in a guild. Being called childish while my own opinion is being ridiculed... Anyone else having experienced such discussions in the life of mmorpgs? :D

    1. Temmie


      It's pretty childish to just expect people to deal with your bad decisions.  Good for you for sticking up for what you believe in!


      The only guild I was a part of that I really cared about was "Karabuga Racing" in GTA V.  Most of the people in it were close friends and we agreed on any decision made in it.  It was a blast because the name "Karabuga" had a bit of a funny story behind it and we all had fun just hanging out and doing whatever.  There was another one I was in before with some close friends, but due to a falling out, I abandoned it.  Move forward and away from the crappy people in life is a lesson I learned hard in my time of dealing with toxic people.


      I did have a friend who was part of a guild in WoW that was pretty religious about the game.  I felt like they lost perspective on things because devoting yourself that hard to a video game to the point where when you're hanging out with some friends and suddenly go "I GOTTA GET BACK HOME FOR A RAID NOW OMGOMGOMGOMG" and making everyone else leave early.  I love video games a lot, but there's a time when you have to keep it in perspective with the rest of your life.

  14. It totally flew by by me, that there might be a list of known bugs in the Guide Manual. Should have looked there first. So, what did I learn from that? Don't try to start up guide writing if it's 10pm and you should already be in bed Thanks for the answer, will look into it once I'm home. And regarding the Naruto guide, I will send you a message right away. Always happy about potential collaborations.
  15. Since my Naruto UNS2 guide needs a looot of improvement, most of which I don't have the patience or time for currently, I wanted to start with a smaller game to get back into guide writing. So I decided to make a trophy guide for Deiland, as I'm currently going for the plat myself. Thought about starting the guide to make descriptions for a few trophies, I already got, but I encountered the following error message when saving a trophy description: Tried it in Opera and in Chrome. Refreshed the site multiple times. Funnily enough, I was able to make a description for the trophy above. After that it didn't let me save any other trophy description. Any ideas what I could do, to fix that? (tagging @Dragon-Archon since you're one from the Guide team)