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  1. I am not sure in how far this thread is still active but it encouraged me to even start on my first guide Retro/Grade together with TheLastSurvivorD and we finished it today 😊 Official post:
  2. After long time with one huge break, TheLastSurvivorD and me finally were able to publish our Trophy Guide for Retro/Grade. We hope our detailed Guide will help you achieving the rare 100% through the brilliant designed rhythm game. Thanks to @TheLastSurvivorD for the great collaboration who also takes credit for the fluently well written text 😋 Link to first mentioned post (other thread):
  3. Encountered an related issue using links now with my new smartphone. Testing on profile visitors: I can only take the links with the longer usernames. Found a way to bypass the problem in that case, by just leaving the profile with the longer name back to mine and pressing fast onto the others.
  4. You probably have to take it apart. My 10-year old fat PS3 stopped reading discs (long ago) Recently bought and replaced the laser. With it I thought I tried to remove the huge amount of dust which the PS3 collected with compressed air without opening it further. Problem was then that the dust got to wrong places and I couldn't receive the stanby of the PS3 but could hear the electricity. After cleaning the dust completely it worked again. Well, I got now problems with overheating :/ Get some good thermalpaste and apply it properly after cleaning the old thermalpaste with >90% alcohol. I have to check my old PS3 later again. So if you can't find an easy solution, clean the dust completely and replace the thermalpaste. Hope this will help you.
  5. Here is a great matrix with alot info: Legit way would be the 4 hour race. With the 1.10 Patch-Glitch, it is Suzuka, which can give in about 45 min. 1'236'370 exp. Around 27'000 exp/min. Here how to do the glitch and the laps I am currently doing it myself, this is the info I could bring together. Almost done with it
  6. I want to update [+Oddworld, Vanquish and GTA V] [Changed: NFS to NGS2 and Ghost Recon to KoF XIII] Now I achieved 21/27 A-Z Platinums 😄 I have choosen, in my opinion, the better games as main rather than the rarer ones but I mentioned the other rarer ones in brackets. But I left doubled rare achieved good games out. # Assassin's Creed Syndicate Bloodborne (Battlefield 4 UR) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW3 UR) Dead Space 2 (DS3 UR) E F Grand Theft Auto V (UR) H ICO (VR) J-Stars Victory VS+ Kingdom Hearts II.5 (KH I.5 VR) Lost Planet 2 (UR) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (UR) Ninja Gaiden Σ2 (UR) Oddworld; New 'n' Tasty (UR) Portal 2 (VR) Q Rayman Legends (VR) Super Street Fighter IV (UR) The King of Fighters XIII (UR) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Vanquish (UR) WipEout HD (UR) X Yakuza 3 (UR) Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD Edition
  7. I posted top 13 because I have great games until there, where difficulty plays a role
  8. I am very dissapointed that the leaderboards got hacked now. It destroys portions of the game and also the fun at competing. Most of these couldn't be done easily anyway with expected practice of 100+ hours. If someone actually could beat one at the time they deserved the Worldrecord. It requires a lot of patience to be able to perfect those maps. Honestly only 3-2 advanced was easy with practice of 20+ hours. I don't know why the responsible person/-s think/-s everything needs to be hacked to prevent that others get a platinum or an accomplishment. Hacking is one of the worst options to choose from to solve anything. Right now all advanced maps and eight basics (33/50 overall) are unbeatable to achieve "NUMBER 1" on them. All progress on them for nothing... Edit: All is hacked with 00"00'066 sec. now
  9. i'm still to find any path for lp2 #1 after watching your YT video , thinks for your video :)

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    2. xDLloyd091x


      I can't really say that japanese dominates games like DMC4/NGS2 lol. It's just still the old cliché that people still believes "oh wow he's japanese, so he must be beast" lmao. Ofc they are better than Trophy Hunters without any doubts haha. 


      About Uncharted 4... who knows if you just got carried for them? I'm not here to offend you with this, but heck lol. 


      I wouldn't set up your hopes to much for Nintendo, since they messed up things again very badly. They're basically dead lol. 

    3. Sergen


      Being born a specific way doesn't make you special. Japanese people do have more of a work ethic than most other cultures, but that doesn't make them naturally talented. It's American gamers that are often more famous and making more e-sports money than Japanese gamers and sure it might be for COD, but becoming good at COD isn't a walk in the park since it has way more competition than any other game. Uncharted 4 is a pay-to-win game, you bought a high-powered sniper and go through co-op with it, well done. If you have Uncharted 3, why don't you play co-op arena with me? If you're so good at Uncharted 4 you should be good at Uncharted 3 as well, just for fun <3 

    4. er_campanario


      Of course is a cliché.


      I could, I could not, or maybe it's mixed. Who knows? . 


      About Nintendo, they are doing it great, sales are huge. The only problem is that the console arrived without an online infraestructure, but well... releasing incomplete things and developing them bit a bit is what we have nowadays. Happened the same with PS4 when it was released, having less features than PS3 lol. 


      We'll see what Nintendo has to offer . From what I know. is just great. 



  10. No trophies, no deal 

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    2. Sergen


      Yes and what happened to you wanting to play NGS2 legit after getting the plat? You have the "no trophies, no deal" attitude to that game now :'(

    3. Dennis-nine-five


      But I am still playing the game :/

      I am just not 100% into it of course. I still play UN2 with my friend and we got several times to the Genshins :)

      And I play a little bit with Randoms to see how it is to play with not so experienced players.

      But yea my progress is slower as it supposed to be. Need more friends though to play.

    4. xDLloyd091x


      Dont worry Sergen, he's working towards it :P  He isn't also playing with a pro. ^.-

  11. Too late answer (no e-mail notification) Nice to hear it helped you Yes indeed, it's very tight timing for the two Brutal Impacts and the position need to be right, otherwise it's quite easy if you now what to do. I performed it several times in a row. Congrats for it
  12. nice new avy den san ;)

    1. Dennis-nine-five


      Thanks :D

      (I was some days off)

  13. I have spent alot of time and deaths on some specific maps including 253, which I have beaten now (one of the tougher ones according to the leaderboards). And yes I will use powerups on the next levels. I have 8000 deaths! (I think other mods are included into the death count?). But I also rush everything no wonder We have now 16 people who have beaten all levels.
  14. Just discovered Are here still people trying or is the event over? I am on level 253 without powerups. Maybe I use them soon.
  15. That was just a little safe add with the connecting.I know the PS3 goes off sometimes when attempting to go to the restore/safe mode (actually only on the first try, 2nd time should work). But I guess you already tried it several times to let it show up. Then there is probably sth. else the problem but I hope you can solve it with the help offer from anton