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  1. I think it works just fine, but why would you do that. If you boost with someone else, the partner also gets progress. You can help each other out.
  2. If you want to read a bit more about it:
  3. You can find it on three places: 1. On the side of the package (where you can find the title of the game) 2. Usually on the right side of the disc itself 3. Inside the book on the first page The digital free Bundle I got has BCES-00727 and my disc is BCES-00509. The Siege DLC came without an Code and is working but Drake Fortune need to be bought for €2,49 which can be found in the ingame store. Edit: The updated the store bundle and it is all free as promised 🙂
  4. This one? menu%3Astore The Drake Fortune DLC seems to not work. Edit: The updated the store bundle and it is all free as promised 🙂
  5. Ah, ok. Now I understand. I don't know if it's a standard message. But are you still encountering the issue with the freeze ingame? If so you might want to watch the cutscene to prevent the freeze. Edit: Missed the part that the cutscene doesn't even load. Probably still the same issue then. This issue? Same place? Otherwise back to @dj_helyx about the save data.
  6. Ok, are you able to access the Xmb-Menu of the PS3 after restoring the PS3 manually through the safe mode? Or does it prompt ask you to restore it again without any choice? Which would be considered a loop.
  7. Just to clarify: Did you restored the 2nd time on your own decision or the PS3 asked you to? Does the restore process completely go through to the 100% or does it stop somewhere? Personally I got a restore loop which never were able to go past a specific% and I had to 5. "Restore PS3 System". This will delete everything on your PS3! So take this as last option.
  8. Hey, the Hot Pursuit Super Bundle is on sale again (base + all Dlc) 1st-30th May, €5,99: for speed hot pursuit&smcid=psapp%3Alink menu%3Astore Time to go for the remaining trophies 🙂
  9. If you have a wrong date and are offline you will get no timestamps as far I know. Happened by me with Nino Kuni: My PS3 internal battery for the clock was empty and if you shut the PS3 down completely (no standby) it will ask for the date when turned on again. I skipped it sometimes. In addition my auto log in failed and I didn't bother to go online. Other trophy sites can show the correct order in between the trophies were earned (still no timestamp though, the PS3 itself says no date). Now trophy milestones will change this way on PSNP too because it set this trophies as they were earned before everything. Like your 500th trophy will change. If you get an plat with no timestamp it can also change those.
  10. I got Premium (all DLC) BF3 [7,49€] and BF4 [4,99€] some months ago for the PS3. So I am playing BF4 occasionally again. There are still enough people playing but I have not found someone for the DLC stuff yet on normal play. Edit: Playing now with the Server Browser, it is possible to play on specific DLC-Maps. On average 1-2 server are populated.
  11. Interesting to look over once. 16 Games: 4 - Lost Planet 2 3 - Super Street Fighter IV 1 - The King of Fighters XIII 1 - Grand Theft Auto IV 2 - Gran Turismo 5 1 - WipeOut HD 6 - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier 1 - Need For Speed: Shift 2 2 - Moto GP 09/10 2 - Moto GP 10/11 9 - Super Meat Boy [PS4] 9 - Retro/Grade 3 - Dustforce 1 - Darkstalkers Resurrection 3 - The Last Guy 2 - Cloudberry Kingdom
  12. I am not sure in how far this thread is still active but it encouraged me to even start on my first guide Retro/Grade together with TheLastSurvivorD and we finished it today 😊 Official post:
  13. After long time with one huge break, TheLastSurvivorD and me finally were able to publish our Trophy Guide for Retro/Grade. We hope our detailed Guide will help you achieving the rare 100% through the brilliant designed rhythm game. Thanks to @TheLastSurvivorD for the great collaboration who also takes credit for the fluently well written text 😋 Link to first mentioned post (other thread):
  14. Encountered an related issue using links now with my new smartphone. Testing on profile visitors: I can only take the links with the longer usernames. Found a way to bypass the problem in that case, by just leaving the profile with the longer name back to mine and pressing fast onto the others.
  15. You probably have to take it apart. My 10-year old fat PS3 stopped reading discs (long ago) Recently bought and replaced the laser. With it I thought I tried to remove the huge amount of dust which the PS3 collected with compressed air without opening it further. Problem was then that the dust got to wrong places and I couldn't receive the standby of the PS3 but could hear the electricity. After cleaning the dust completely it worked again. Well, I got now problems with overheating :/ Get some good thermalpaste and apply it properly after cleaning the old thermalpaste with >90% alcohol. I have to check my old PS3 later again. So if you can't find an easy solution, clean the dust completely and replace the thermalpaste. Hope this will help you. Edit: PS3 working completely fine now. It kinda sorted it out itself. I only changed the location, also we don't have so hot days at the moment.