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  1. I gotta say I'm so confused right now cause my image in your quote of my post somehow works, but when I click on reveal hidden contents in my original post it doesn't. I don't get it lol Whatever I guess 😅 Well then first off thanks for replying and for the suggestions, appreciate it. Yeah Beidou took really long to get her burst up, it was a bit faster when I had electro traveler in the team, but still really slow compared to the Raiden team (especially since my Raiden has 260 ER and Beidou only 180). I do have Fischl, just haven't built her. She is only C0 and the bows I have are Rust, Favonius, Sacrificial and Stringless. The only one I see listed as an option in her build guides is stringless but as R5, I have R3. I thought I'd wait to get a higher constellation before building her or do you think her at C0 would also be something I should consider to try out? Qiqi was mostly cause of the long time it took me to clear enemies that made me need heals while on the first team everything dies so fast that Bennett heals are just a bonus 😄 I would build Barbara as a bloom dps in that team then right? (Why the heck do all my hydro characters need me to fight that annoying oceanid though 😭) I'm probably gonna try a team like that out next then, thanks. Will definitely keep my eyes out for them, looking at the event history I guess I got good chances Sucrose will be available again soon. I tried to pull Nahida but lost the 50/50, managed to lose every single one thus far lol You're obviously right it's just that if I understand it correctly abyss got/gets harder over time? So I'm just slightly scared it will eventually become impossible for players like me who aren't that great at the game.
  2. I typed that out before you replied, I was just struggling to make the image in the spoiler work which is why by the time I ended up submitting you already had that post up sorry. And the image somehow still isn't working lol I got no clue wtf I'm doing wrong
  3. Since I got lucky and got Dilluc 3 wishes after getting Raiden and am therefore guaranteed the next pull to be the event character I wanted to ask for help choosing who I should pull for next. I kinda want Yelan simply cause I like her the most out of the upcoming 4 banners but I also want to finally go ahead and beat the abyss and I'm not sure if another hydro character is what I should go for as I already have Tartaglia. My main problem is the second team, first team is Raiden, Xiangling, Bennett and Xinqiu and they cleared most stuff easy. But with the second team I kept running out of time in chamber 11-3. (And if I can't even beat 11, then 12 is definitely going to destroy me 😄 ) I tried teams with Tartaglia, Qiqi, Beidou, Traveler(Electro and Dendro), Sara, Rosaria and Dilluc. Some of them are clearly underleveled for this task but I'm just not sure yet who I should build and don't want to waste reisin. My characters: Spoiler I'm grateful for any help. I think what he meant by the comment was the fact that nowadays a decent amount of content creators aren't in it because they enjoy it but simply because of the money and are putting on a persona to maximise their earnings but don't actually care about the games or their viewers, hence the "barely real people" part. I mean just look at the amount of YouTubers and Twitch-Streamers scamming children without remorse. I also think you're reading more animosity into his post than is actually there.
  4. Oh yeah sorry I now realized that you usually post them. It was just that after spending the last few weeks grinding just so that I could get Raiden as soon as I saw the livestream codes giving 300 primos out I thought I have to post them asap for anyone still trying to get her before they expire. After opening all those 2 primogems common chests 300 primogems feels like a lottery win 😄
  5. Livestream codes: NS8TUVJYR4UH 100 Primogems & 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore NSQTVCKYRMDM 100 Primogems & 5 Hero's Wit LB8SDUJYQ4V9 100 Primogems & 50000 Mora
  6. @fenris-lima Thank you! This saved me a ton of time and gave me the push I needed to finish this game at last. I tried for hours to get Pumpkinmon and GroundLocomon back in February but their property cases just wouldn't show up. Downloaded the DLC yesterday from SG store and got them easy. That also motivated me enough to finally try and beat the master cup. Now I'm just missing one trophy for the plat. Thanks a lot @Theatrum95 I also have the EU disc version. DLC from SG store worked without any issues for me.
  7. I really don't understand you criticising and insulting people for playing a game just because its old? I got a dude in my friendlist that whenever I boot up my ps3 and he's online all I see him playing is One Piece Pirate Warriors 1. A real life friend of mine literally only plays on his Nintendo DS. I know at least 3 people that still play on their PSP occasionally. Shit if I still had a SNES I probably would still be playing Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart on it. And the last time I used my PS2 was around 9 months ago. People play what they like and that's fine. If you don't like a game don't play it. But getting mad at other people and throwing insults at them for playing games they enjoy is just weird af to me. It's like back when Fortnite first became popular and you had a bunch of dudes in their twenties insulting literal 10 year old children for playing it.
  8. Oh right that confused me too at first. On PS5 I found no way to take screenshots with my username visible but on PS4 it's possible if you go on your profile and select Games(between Overview and Friends), then go to Final Fantasy VII and take a screenshot from there. Your username is still visible that way. I guess that the people with no special characters in their username could also just change their name to their username for the screenshots and then change it back. I tried that at first but due to the underscore in my username it wasn't possible. I did that in the first email I sent to the german support, I sent screenshots of the trophies and wrote my username in the email, but they wrote back that they wanted a screenshot with my username in it. But maybe that's just for german support or I simply got unlucky.
  9. Still works, just got them. I first sent an email to [email protected] like somone mentioned on the previous page but they responded with: . So yeah turns out that the UK in that adress stands for Ukraine and not for United Kingdom. I then sent an email to [email protected] and they responded with: Then finally I wrote to [email protected], which for whatever reason isn't listed anywhere on the german playstation support website but is instead found at https://www.playstation.com/de-de/corporate/about-us/. They wanted screenshots showing that I had earned the required trophies and that included my username. After I sent them they first told me that I only had the email notifications turned on since September 2020 but earned the platinum for FF7 Remake in April 2020 thus making me ineligible for the rewards. The thing is I already had them turned on way before that I just turned them off and on again after I didn't get an automated email for a reward of another game. I then sent screenshots of my Spider-Man Platinum reward email which I earned in February 2020 and of my Persona 5 Royal first palace reward email which I earned in June 2020 to prove that I definitely had the notifications turned on way before September 2020 and told them I was sure they were turrned on while I was playing FF7. After that they sent me 3 codes for the avatars. TL;DR: Avatars are still available as of March 3, 2022 by contacting support. Apparently it sometimes does matter which support you contact, at least it did in my case. If you turned the email notifications off at any point after playing FF7 you might need to provide proof that they were on while playing it since their system apparently only saves the date you last turned them on.