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  1. That's exactly what turned me away last year from the trials after having 3 disconnects while being deep into the trials. Dont know if the stability is now better (i guess not) so I will let go of the 100%. Good luck for you!
  2. The same happened to me when I first started the game. I did 3h worth of getting used to the mechanics and doing some side content when I really wondered when those yellow mission will show up. After some digging on steam I found that others have experienced the same glitch. When I started from a fresh save I could only follow the instructions by jumping down the tower. Dont know how I was able to climb it down the first time.
  3. Who the hell told you this? I used to have 100mbit myself and it was perfectly fine. Had to downgrade to 50mbit and still can watch Netflix in 1080p while playing online with the PS4. So, unless you are heavily using all your consoles at the same time and still want to download stuff with 8mb/s then an upgrade is needed. Otherwise stick with your 100mbit and check prices/plans for higher bandwidth. If it is just a few bucks more expensive then go for it. In the end you will only download faster with the PS4/5 (with PS3 there is a cap; at least for me).
  4. Next best thing that come to my mind: the progression needs to be saved ;). So unless you fast-traveled to another location or switched the save state you will loose the scrap you just earned. But yeah, pretty fun game but I understand all the "hate" it gets (from here).
  5. No, I dont think so. The first tier is for collecting 500 scraps. Logging in and getting more than the required 500 scaps wont count towards to the 2000. You will start there freshly. I think you just messed it up in your memory. I am pretty confident it was 500/500 for the first time and now it stays at 429/2000. Just check your completed challenges. There will be one saying "500/500 scarps" by scrap crew.
  6. Great addition! Means, it will be most likely on PSplus within the next 6 months.
  7. 😅
  8. Unbelievable how few non-PS4 titles are on sale. I dont want to read a visual novel on my TV... I was also expecting to see some (more) Neptunia games. When I checked, the vita versions have been on sale the last time on May 2019 (propably on the Big in Japan sale). Raising my concerns that vita titles might vanish silently from future sales pages.
  9. Propably going to be Mary Skelter for the vita. The Nonary bundle is also a good addition to the Dilemma game that was on PS+. But many vita visual novels are way to overpriced. I dont want to read Root Letter on the PS4 😡. There are some decent JRPGs and dungeon crawler. Dont have time for that many games. ^^
  10. It feels like nobody really read the link I have posted earlier in this thread. Basically all the information floating around from this thread are compiled there in a comprehensive fashion. This would at least minimize a lot of questions here from the past few days^^
  11. I had some problems in my first wars as well. Started with the recommended team of paladin, valkyrie, hunter, rogue. If your team has some armaments layed out try to stay in their range and wait for a victim. They will target your enemy and the only thing you have to do is staying out of the impact and trying to kill someone in between. Also, if your team gets wipeout always fully heal with items after the battle (those 30% hp items habe the best price-performance-ratio. This was actually "killing" me not being fully healed at the start of a battle. And you will always get money once the operation is done. the longer you fight the merrier you get out of the battle. Loosing battles/operations doesnt negate your flag reception from the citizens in your capital. But winning obviously will give you some rewards including flags after ~30 battles (on average). Another tip I can give you is dont run directly to your enemies in a battle. In my squad the paladin moves first but I keep him at his starting position and wait until the first enemy gets closer. Either he will hit me for some (light) damage or dont do much at all. Then it is like a 4v1 or 4v2 situation so you can easily take out the melee characters first.
  12. Thanks for this link. I have seen the same content in another thread over at GameFAQs. Now that I have a better understanding of the game I might give this a try. Although this kills the whole experience. But dont know if you can talk of "experience" if the grind is tens of hours.^^ I would like to throw in another useful link which I have found at GameFAQs. Nice compilation for a lot of gameplay mechanics and overviews of information. click me
  13. Nice! So far I have only played the first one on the 3DS and enjoyed it. I even tried to get most of the content out of it. With trophy support it is propably going to be more grindy. Really interested how they will implement the touch mechanic because the touchpad on the dual shock doesnt seem appropiate for that kind of action. I always felt sorry for my touch screen on the 3DS because it involved a lot of rubbing and scratching.^^
  14. Yes, it is. I am still holding off in the hope there might be a surprising driveclub sale (really low expectations). In the end I have to buy them for the regular price which will be roughly the same I paid for driveclub (ebay) + season pass + bike...
  15. Okay, here is my workaround for this problem that I have encountered on my PS3 several times: the idea is to put something (for example a stack of 3-5 PS3 cases) under the front part of your PS3 so it gets tilted towards the back. This usually solves the non-reading of the disc. Of course this is by no means a fix to the problem but works for me. And from time to time you can check by removing the item to see if it still has the issue. But this happens to only some of my discs. Maybe there are some imperfections to certain game discs that gives the PS3 a hard time (especially if the model is getting old and the laser has been used a lot).