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  1. So thou going play that censored Version . That is sad .
  2. It is a unique question , simple answer , I now play on Xbox , because PlayStation have became a platinum platform to me , and I am not interested in platinum anymore. These type of story are boring in my opinion, I am not a cheerful person but I am a chillful person. Merci Cyberpunk 2077 , like a fictional futuristic version of Hill Valley. May learn some philosophical knowledge. I have answered all question that I want answer This thread have been forced to be ended.
  3. Dragon-Archon invited me join this interview. You should ask Dragon-Archon.
  4. What reward, thou entertained me. And I have confirmed. No need to reply.
  5. Did say I am a Philosopher , I only explan to explanable person , I may know you are which type of person through your post and your self information.
  6. Me like Dragon-Archon and other Gentlemen . This is my Answer of the 20th Basic Question . I am a chillful person
  7. Philosophy make me becomed a chillful person , and this is why I say sympathy is currency of losers , forgiveness is successness of finders . Like someone asked me a Back To The Future question . I have analised , he is not a explanable person to me so I would not answer his pointless question , he just want to test out I watched that movie or not . I not going answer that pointless question , but I can answer another time travel question. You all know, 3D [3 Dimension] is 'real' to us , 4D is more higher, you all know this , but 4D is what thing to 3D , some of you may not know . 4D is like a multiple timeline to us . In Back To The Future , Protagonist Marty McFly travel to 4D first and then travel across different 3D timeline, because he came from a more higher Dimension , so he no need to obey the rules of lower Dimension .
  8. I am a chillful person , I did say I love helping everyone , but I only help helpable people . I only explan to explanable people . I would not feel sad for anyone , because I am a chillful person .
  9. Reply : Sony PlayStation 3 Easy Platinum Games Ratalaika Games Solo , I am a Trophy Hunter . Some multi-player game require co-operation and friend , example Grand Theft Auto Online , Red Dead Online , Need For Speed Takedown , Burnout Paradise Remastered , too hard to me . I prefer plat single player only game.
  10. Reply No It Was My Cousin : Divecomb is my real name.
  11. Bird are right arm , in original Generation One version .
  12. Divecomb Add Friend On Xbox 360 Thou Do Not Need Own A Xbox 360 Console But Thou Need Own A Xbox 360 Game That Contain Online Multiplayer [On Xbox One] First , Add 'Friend' [Actually It Is Following , Not Friend] On Xbox One Second , Join The Same Game Lobby , Use In Game Xbox 360 Add Friend Option , And I Received Thy Xbox 360 Friend Request , Accept And Done .
  13. Watched , Look Like Killzone Crisis Cetera .
  14. Xbox One S is like Xbox 360, 2160p System Resolution , True 720p-1080p Gaming Resolution Upscale To 2160p