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  1. Xbox One S is like Xbox 360, 2160p System Resolution , True 720p-1080p Gaming Resolution Upscale To 2160p

  2. I have noticed a 2160p (3840*2160) Television/Monitor is the best for playing

    2160p[Next Gen PlayStation 5]

    /1080p[Current Gen PlayStation 4]

    /720p[Previous Gen PlayStation 3] games




  3. I'm not sure if you're still looking for a capture card, but a common card is the Elgato HD60

  4. Currently None PlayStation Exclusive Game Can Interest Me , Only Trophies Can Interest Me . But I Have Been Tired Of Plat Games . 

    Do A Lot Of Work Only For One Bronze Trophy . Now I Am Not Really Interested In These .

  5. I am waiting for the announcement of the newest Forza Series Video Game

    Forza Motorsport 8 and Forza Horizon 4 Expansion 2 and Forza Horizon 5. These all are must buy.

  6. I have to buy a Capture Card to record my PlayStation 3 gameplay

  7. Currently I play games on PlayStation all are for Trophies

  8. Too Late , Microsoft Add Burnout Revenge Into Backward List In 2018 . But Burnout Revenge Online Server Have Been Shutdowned In 2017.

  9. I currently still can not understand my real name. I also has a nick name Cutthreat . It is more easy to understand the meaning.

  10. And Brand New Sony PlayStation 4 Elite Console

  11. I Have Been Waiting For The Electronic Entertainment Expo Of Year 2019

  12. And everyone all know platinum Burnout Fairhaven is really hard because it has a lot online cooperation trophy. And a lot collection trophy.

    I may do these trophy if I play on PlayStation 

    But I would not care any trophy or achievement if I play on Xbox because Xbox has no Platinum . Achievement can not interest me. 

  13. I don't really like coop game example Burnout Paradise Online.

    Burnout Fairhaven Online is much better at least it do not force everyone to complete the event

    It is a classic game, Criterion should remaster this game and release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and PC

  14. Because This Is A Last Gen Game Released In Year 2008 It Is Too Old It Is Like A Person Too Old And It Will Be Eliminated Like Sony PlayStation 3 It Is A Classic Console It Has A Lot Of Classic Game But It Is Too Old So Sony Discontinued It And These Thing Teached Us If You Want To Play Or Plat A Game You Should Play Or Plat It In Time Because These Are Not Belong To Present Generation
  15. Not I Mean I Seen Someone Want To Platinum This Game And This Game Has Online Multiplayer Trophy And He Could Not Get Enough Player To Do That Trophy Thou Never Got It KITTET If You Check My Profile You May Realize I Already Had This Game I Bought This Game In Year 2016 And You May Know That Is Not What I Mean