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  1. It's just another type of GTA IV: TLAD but can not drive any automobile carriage.
  2. Xbox Two, lmao. Xbox 2 is Xbox 360. And thou think Xbox One is the first Microsoft Xbox console lmao.
  3. Lmao 2 discs look like a Xbox 360 or PC game lmao.
  4. Anyone have tried change id feature.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      I like my name a lot, so I'm not changing it...plus I may lose stuff, so why take a risk? Not sure how it can be done so seamlessly with the XBox line, but not with PS4.

    3. Viper


      I'm part of the Beta...I tried changing to "Viper" but it's taken. It's the only other name I'd use, so since it's taken the feature is useless to me. 

    4. dokkanexpert


      @Viper -- how about V1per? or Vip3r?

  5. Microsoft is going to be like Google

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    2. Sir_Bee


      Then wouldn't it make more sense to say something like "Microsoft is going to be like Bing". Google is leading edge, comparing something to Google sounds more like a complement, at least in my opinion. 

    3. Harley Quinn

      Harley Quinn

      Love my Google!

    4. Divecomb


      Could not play any nonmicrosoftexclusive games.

  6. Be cool, Microsoft have not been fucked.
  7. Cool, I know it is the best Red Dead Redemption games in current gen right.
  8. Cool, I didn't know about that. Thank you.
  9. So what, I do not care because I am watching Forza Horizon 4 videos on Microsoft Mixer.
  10. Thou'rt right.
  11. I can not. But Sony can change my Online ID.
  12. Can I livestream on mixer.

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    2. Divecomb


      Thank ye I have tested I can watch livestreams and videos on Mixer it is bloody good.

    3. ruffedgz


      yea I like mixer as well and has some nice features but Twitch has some as well that I like more right now.

    4. Divecomb
  13. Cyberjap thou have not say thy Xbox GT. Tell us thy Xbox GT then I can send a follow request to thee.
  14. Thou'rt the best Dr Mayus arn't thou.
  15. You collect trophies. Midnight Pony is the best Midnight Pony